My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Monday, December 31, 2007

First Birthday Bash - Part 3

Today, Mummy cooked 面线 for my dinner. Mummy prepared the soup using soy bean and chicken. Then mixed it with spinach and ground chicken .... Mummy said this is a traditional food that I must eat on my birthday .... and the 面线 cannot be cut into small pieces... but as you can see, Mummy took such a long time to give me my 面线 that I got fed up waiting .... You know, it is very rare that I actually asked for food !!! In the end, Mummy gave up and cut into small bits to feed me since it became too messy later on. Actually, I quite liked 面线 ... BUT Mummy, please cut it into smaller bits next time before you feed me ....

I weighed myself after food .... I now stand at 73 cm and weigh 8.0 kg.

Daddy Mummy, thank you for giving me such a wonderful first birthday celebration. I really enjoyed it ..... have a teeny weeny birthday wish though ..... can EVERYDAY of the year be my birthday ???


First Birthday Bash - Part 2

The next day (my actual birthday on 31 Dec), the official opening ceremony of my birthday present !!!

I kept tearing the gift wrapper away (see how I shared the gift wrapper between Daddy and Mummy) but still could not see the present completely ... in the end, I got fed up and asked Mummy for help.

My mouth went wide open when I saw the present !!! It is so fun !!! Colourful figures and interesting songs !!! I love it !!! Thank you 秀美姐姐!!!

The excitement continues in Part 3.....

Sunday, December 30, 2007

First Birthday Bash - Part 1

Today is a special day for me .... I celebrated my first birthday at The Melt in the Oriental Hotel. My actual birthday is 31 Dec 2006, but since 30 Dec 07 is a Sunday, Daddy and Mummy decided to celebrate my birthday one day earlier.

I wore my new birthday dress that Daddy bought from the States .... and my new Osh Kosh walking shoes that Mummy bought in Singapore ... They say on my birthday, I must wear new clothes and shoes ... to give a brand new ME !!!

Since I was early for my celebration, I decided to explore the hotel and see what is there in store for me ...

Wow, the hotel is so big and there is a big christmas tree in the middle of the lift lobby .... But isn't christmas already over ???

Soon, everyone came for my birthday celebration ... there were 爷爷, 奶奶, 姑姑, 叔叔, 公公, 舅舅 and 秀美姐姐(舅舅 girl-friend, soon to be my 舅母 next year) !!! Felt so happy with so many of my loved ones coming to my birthday party.

I tried to put on my best behaviour during lunch time and had my pasta fast-fast so that Daddy Mummy can go have their food .... errr .... I try to behave lah .... but you know, Daddy, you still got to be patient when feeding me ....

Photos taken around The Melt ....

Daddy and Mummy fed me some fruits from the buffet .... my favourite dragonfruit and rock melon .... see how I am enjoying the fruits .... especially when I can feed myself

The night before, Mummy made me my very FIRST birthday cake! And it was a special birthday cake ... since I am allergic to milk and eggs, Mummy had to bake my milkless and eggless carrot and apple cake (Mummy found this recipe from the Net). She decorated it nicely .... It's the 1st time Mummy made a fondant cake... everything was made from scratch...

TA DA!! The end result!! Isn't it beautiful? Mummy painstakingly made all the decorations herself... she had wanted to make more roses for the cake.. but the fondant starting to absorb moisture in the air and became too sticky to handle, so Mummy only managed to do these 6... and of course cutting my name out free hand... reminded Mummy of art and craft classes

And the special moment that we are all waiting for ... the cake cutting ....

After 3 hours of celebration, I was walking out of the hotel happily with my ang baos in a bag .... the present from 秀美姐姐 was too big for me to hande alone so Daddy helped me carry it.

And the next moment, I am zzzzzzz in the stroller .... tired from all the excitement !!!

More excitement to come .... in Part 2

Saturday, December 29, 2007

U think I Stupid Or What ???

Sometimes, Daddy really thinks my IQ is so low .... between biscuit and sushi rice ball, of course, eat my favourite biscuit lar .... isn't the choice obvious ??? You think I stupid or what ???

Photo Shoot

This afternoon, Daddy Mummy brought me to this image consulting company near Raffles Place. Daddy Mummy brought 2 outfits for me, one causal type and one formal party dress. This is the first time I have so many lights flashing at me ... at first, I was a bit uncomfortable and kept wanting Daddy Mummy to hold me in their arms .... but after a while, I began to enjoy myself .... really makes me feel like I am a professional model, with all the attention on me ....

See a photo shot of me in my causal oufit ....
This is a family outfit, blue polo shirt and blue jeans ...
Daddy and Mummy also wore the same as me.

Then Mummy and Daddy went to choose their formal outfits to match my pink party dress .... when I saw them, I almost got a BIG shock (you should have seen my eyes almost popped out) !!! Oh my goodness, Mummy is so 漂亮 and Daddy is so 帅. Almost could not recognize them !!! But I thought I also look very 可爱, right ???

Daddy and Mummy wanted to ask the imaging consulting company to make some of the photo shoots into posters and potrait .... but they insisted on us signing up a lifetime package before they do that ... what if the imaging consulting company closes shop next month, then lifetime = one month ??? Out of the question !!!

In the end, we only have these 2 photos for memory sake .... anyway, I did enjoy myself so much, that at the end of the shoot, I fell asleep on Mummy's shoulder .... zzzz.......

Friday, December 28, 2007

Walking - My Fav Past-time

Nowadays, my favourite past-time is walking around the whole house .... especially when I am so bored at home .... my favourite spot is the book cabinet in the study room since the fairy teddy bear is there .... I always take the bear for a walk around the house .... and after the walk, I helped to put it back in place .... so that I do not need to trouble Daddy Mummy later .... see how considerate I am !!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Eating Problem Part VI - Feeding myself

For the first time today, Mummy prepared pasta with pumpkin sauce and decided to let me feed myself, hoping that I can eat more and faster. See, aren't I obedient ???

That is only the prelude .... I only made Mummy happy for 1 minute and then I am up to my mischief again .... throwing the food and spoon everywhere .... luckily Daddy put newspaper underneath my high chair .... otherwise, he is going to make me clean the floor .... What to do, I must live up to my name for being difficult to feed. But I liked pasta better than rice ....told you I'm Princess JingTing.... I like Italian food better hehehe...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Learning to share

Daddy and Mummy always taught me to share things with others ... so I shared my water with the cute little gal in the mirror whom I see everyday, and of course my favorite Winnie the Pooh bear lor ... Then I saw Daddy and Mummy giggling away.... WHY???! Really cannot understand these adults .... *scratch head*

Next time will share my food with them .... then I don't have to eat !!??? Hehehehe

I Love Books !!!

Today, Daddy, Mummy and Gong Gong brought me to the BookFest at Suntec City. There were so many books that I just go giddy looking at them .... I found a very interesting book, so wanted to ask Daddy to buy for me. But there were so many people around, I couldn't find Daddy!! Then I thought I saw Daddy, so I quickly ran towards him.... but its the wrong person!! ... and in the midst of all the chaos, I fell down... *sob* *sob* And when I finally found Daddy, he refused to buy the book for me!!! He said I have too many English books at home already. *WAILS!!!!*

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Paying for groceries

This morning, Daddy Mummy brought me to NTUC to do our usual weekly grocery shopping again. But this time I figured I should pay for the groceries since I am a big girl now. I always see Daddy and Mummy press on the NETS machine then we can leave with the groceries... but don't know why Daddy still had to press on the NETS machine again after I pressed on it?? Hmm.... I didn't press hard enough???

Friday, December 21, 2007

Swimming with Daddy !!!

The last time, I walked around the poolside with Auntie Esther and found it fun. So yesterday, Daddy and Mummy brought me to Auntie Esther's place again. Since mummy does not know how to swim, daddy brought me to the pool ....

I was quite scared in the beginning. It's not as fun as it looks!! So much water looks so scary!!!Daddy tried to comfort me and get me used to the pool ... Poor daddy, the water is so shallow for him ...

Look at me in the float .... and daddy pushing it behind ....

Never know 'swimming' is so tiring ... so I decided to get out of the pool ... ooops, shoulder exposed !!!

In the end, Daddy swam more than me in the adult pool ....

Slept like a log on Auntie Esther's bed after the 'swim' ... zzzzzzz

Thank you Auntie Esther ... can I go to your place again next time to use the pool again ????

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2007 Christmas Lightings

My first christmas since I was born !!! Tonight, I went to Orchard Road to see the lights with Daddy, Mummy, Ye Ye, Ma Ma, Gu Gu and Shu Shu. There were so much dazzling lights and x'mas feel in the air that I went beyond my sleeping time ...

This Santa Claus kept shaking and knocking his his bum into me !!! Daddy Mummy, get me out of this place!!!!!

The 3 wise men, one pretty gu-gu and a little princess (which is me lar !!!)

Why is that red tin soldier so stern ???
Luckily got ma-ma and ye-ye

Daddy and Mummy, can I eat M&Ms next time when I am older ?

Eating Problem Part V - Sushi !!!

Mummy gave up trying to get me to eat my porridge so she cooked me soft rice instead .... Of cos I prefer that to porridge, since I want to be an adult ... but after a few days, I started giving Mummy problems again ... I will only eat a few spoonfuls then I will refuse to eat!!! Its so boring to be fed by the spoon!! Mummy cracked her head to think of ways to make me eat.... and this is what she came up with -- rice balls aka Japanese sushi ??? Now this is YUMMY!! I got high-class taste, OK !!!

But poor mummy, had to spend more time and effort to make me eat....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Act Smart

Mummy said I super act smart .... just barely learnt how to walk on my own 1 week ago and now, I act smart and walk around with toys in both hands ....

Mummy, this is chicken feed ... next time, I walk around with even bigger toys for you to see, OK ?

Potty Time

Yes ... Daddy was trying to train me to use the potty .... I look more like I am constipating, rather than learning

Playing with it beats sitting on it ...

Daddy almost fainted !!!

Yummy Yummy Banana

Daddy got a shock today when I was eating banana .... I took such a big bite that Daddy was afraid I will choke on it .... Daddy is over-reacting lar ... how can I ever choke on my favourite banana ... choke on porridge more likely ... Did you see my satisfied look whenever I took a bite ... When Daddy asked for some banana from me, I had to reluctantly give him a teeny weeny bit to satisfy him ... can't Daddy get his own banana ??? Such a big adult still want to snatch my food !!!!

I overheard Mummy telling Daddy that I inherit my love for banana from him ... hard to mistake me for other parent's baby ... ha ha ... wat to do, I am Daddy's gal

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kenna Sabo

Yah Yah Yah ... Mummy sabo me .... watch on then you will know why I said that ....

U see, when I was younger, Mummy kept raising my hand when she said "谁是小坏蛋" ... so I thought that meant "Who is the good gal and raise your hand" ... I learnt pretty fast and whenever Mummy said that phrase, I raised my hand .... aren't I smart ??? But I realised everyone laughed everytime I did that ... fishy fishy. So I did a bit of investigation and found out that I was being SABO !!!!

*SOB* *SOB* .... how can someone ever think of sabo-ing a sweet gal like me !!??!!!??

Friday, December 14, 2007

Eating Problem Part IV - Hunger Strike

When I was 7 mths, Mummy tried to give me Isomil but it was really yucky... and it made me lose all my appetite.... Daddy and Mummy didn't know that by keep giving me the Isomil, I will refuse to eat anything else... cos I don't know how to talk mah.... so that is the only way I can tell Daddy and Mummy "I HATE SOY MILK!!!" Daddy and Mummy are soooo dense... they took 3 whole months to figure out that my food rejection problem is linked to Isomil... so in the end I lost so much weight cos I keep rejecting all food. Then Mummy suddenly realised that it was the Isomil and totally removed it from my diet. Yeah!! Then from then onwards, I started to eat my food... although I still can't kick the habit of playing when eating, but then I still eat lah.....

Yesterday, Daddy took leave again to take care of me while Mummy went to work. As Mummy's milk supply is dwindling fast, Mummy asked Daddy to give me Nutrisoy to try, cos they thought that I only hate Isomil.... but the fact is I HATE ALL SOY MILK!!! So the only way to tell Daddy Mummy is to go on hunger strike again.... I had only dragon fruit for lunch and banana for dinner.... I saw the anguish on Daddy Mummy's faces.... they finally got the message.... I'd rather starve myself then to take the soy milk... 我很有性格的哦!!! But ok lah... this time my hunger strike is only 1 day since Daddy Mummy has got the message... today I ate 3/4 bowl of porridge for lunch and 1 whole bowl of porridge for dinner...hehehehe.......

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My First Walk By Myself

Today, I did something amazing !! Saw Daddy on the other end of the play yard and I was so eager to get him to bring me gai-gai that I walked towards him by myself, without any support ... actually I have walked by myself before, but this is the 1st time I walked so far by myself .... so fun and fulfilling .... will do that more often next time ... but overheard Daddy telling Mummy that I walk like a crab !!! So angry :< Daddy, a crab walk sideways ok??! I think I walk more like a penguin... and penguins are cute, just like me!! :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Home Alone with Daddy

Today was a strange day. In the morning, Daddy asked me to say bye bye to Mummy... Hmm this is strange... normally Mummy is the one who will ask me to say bye bye to Daddy.. or if Mummy is working, Daddy will bring me to Ma-Ma's house.... then Daddy told me that Ma-Ma is not feeling well, so Daddy took leave to take care of me while Mummy went to work. I was so bored at home that I asked Daddy to let me call Mummy when she was at work. Daddy said OK but told me to call Mummy by myself ... he thinks I am too stupid to do that, so I decided to show Daddy what I can do ...

See, am I smart ??.... ha ha ... but after a while, then I realised that I can't call Mummy.... not only because Daddy was so afraid that I might call 999 instead so he unplugged the phone earlier on .. but also because she never told me what her phone number is!!! Ok lah... give up, go and play with something else....

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Outing @ Ikea Tampines Part II

Today, daddy and mummy brought me to Tampines Ikea again ... they wanted to buy a new standing lamp for the living room since the old one was broken.

We went to the children's department and Mummy saw this cute rocking horse.... she thought I'll like it, but when she put me on it, I kept trying to escape... What's so fun about the rocking horse anyway? Can only rock and rock, cannot move one.... I want to walk around to explore things!!!

Then I saw this station with some toys for children... there's this big steering wheel there... COOL!! Looks like the steering wheel in the car which Daddy and Mummy never allow me to touch... Oooh... this is so much better!!

Oh.. and then when we were in a lift, an auntie gave me a red ballon!! YEAH!! My very 1st balloon... I love it!! :) Forgot to thank that auntie... Thank you auntie!!!

Just as we were leaving and I thought my adventure at Ikea has ended, I saw this big green tree ... Daddy told me this is the Christmas season and the tree is called a christmas tree .... I thought it looked so harmless so I went to touch it ....
OUCH !!! I took my finger away immediately and looked at Daddy .... Daddy, you sabo me .... so prickly ... no matter how brave I was (oops, did I say I was brave??! ha ha ... usually I am more timid than brave), ok.. no matter what Daddy and Mummy said....I still did not like the christmas tree ..... I don't like prickly things....
Heard Uncle Shaolin and Auntie Siling got a christmas tree at their house ... when I go over to their place on Christmas Eve, I shall destroy their tree ... HA HA !!! Beware !!! Jing Ting, the destroyer, will come s....o....o....n..

Friday, December 7, 2007

Talking to Winnie the Pooh

Really loved Winnie the Pooh that Auntie Peilin gave me .... whenever daddy and mummy have their meals and dump me at the play yard, I will talk to Winnie and play with him ... but strange enough that Winnie does not want to talk to me .... so I end up getting bored and find some other stuff to play ....

Feeding Daddy

Because I missed Daddy so much ... so when he came back from his trip today, I decided to pamper him a bit .... I sat in the new portable booster seat that Daddy bought for me and feed him dragonfruit ....

See how we feed each other .... so 温馨 right !!!

Eating Problem Part III - Trouble Maker for Daddy

I decided since Daddy has not fed me for a long time, I need to make Daddy work a little bit harder this evening .... it's all intentional, you know *wink*

See how I kept throwing things down the high chair so that Daddy can pick them up for me .... if he doesn't pick up for me, I will refuse to open my mouth!!! Notice my famous " 没有了" action... that's my signature ok??

Groceries Shopping Again

Time of the week to go groceries shopping again, except this time it is at the NTUC in Jurong Point (no longer Lot 1 since Daddy is back). It is so big that I get so confused ... as usual, I sat in the trolley while daddy pushed me around to get groceries ... Wow, what a sight .... so many people and so many things ...

Err ... where should I start looking from ....

Should I look from my left or right ...


Then I saw something familiar .... my diapers !!! Mummy wanted to buy Huggies for me since it was on offer ... but I tot I never tried Drypers before and the packaging looks nicer ... but Mummy say I tried Drypers before when I was a newborn and it gave me very red markings... really?? I don't quite remember.... but nevermind lah...

And I saw something even interesting !!! MILO !!! I want MILO ... see how fascinated I was!!

But Daddy said NO !! Because I am allergic to milk, MILO is NO-NO for me .... Argh, when will I ever grow out of this ... GRRRRRR ......

Or maybe I can try HORLICKS over there ???? Daddy, P...L....E....A....S....E....

Daddy is Back !!!

I woke up in the morning and saw this "stranger" smiling and waving at me .... was thinking how this "stranger" look so different from mummy ... then I realized Daddy is back from the States ... (ok, I was a bit slow, but cannot blame me, since I just woke up from my beauty sleep). HOORAY !!! Got daddy to help me change diapers, pyjamas and read morning story to me ... started to bug daddy and see what presents he bought for me ... Daddy bought me my birthday dress, which cost only US$ 8 !!! Will parade in it when I post my birthday celebration photos later ... also had new toys, sesame street story books, toddler food and other clothes !!! Heard daddy telling mummy that his free time in the States was spent all on looking for my things ... what to do ... I am the Princess of the house !!! Ha ha

Since Daddy missed his chinese food when he was in the States, we went out for lunch with Mummy and Ma-Ma today at Crystal Jade. I was so excited that Daddy is back, that I missed my normal morning nap and had to sleep in the restaurant. So daddy, mummy and ma-ma had their lunch while I was sleeping ... had spinach, carrot and pork in my porridge ... but because there was nothing much for me to see, I only managed to finish half of my porridge before daddy gave up on me ... as usual ... ha ha. Took some photos there ...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outing @ Ikea Tampines

Today Gong Gong brought me out again :) As we were going to Ikea Tampines which is very far, Mummy decided to take the risk to feed me lunch there.... Well... why is it a risk you might ask? Refer to my earlier postings on my eating problem and you'll understand why Mummy feels its a risk to feed me outside alone... BUT... I was a good girl today... I ate my lunch with only playing 1 thing - a packet of wipes... cos I was so KPO looking around at other babies and children... I finished my lunch in less than 30 min hehehe... Mummy is so proud of me!!

After feeding me lunch, Gong Gong and Mummy had their lunch... Mummy fed me with boiled potatoes from her plate... which I was very happy cos I always enjoy sharing food with Mummy.... but the air-con at Ikea was so strong, after my second bite, the potato was ice-cold already... yucks!! I hate ice-cold I didn't want anymore... and blur mummy forgot to bring my biscuits!! So she didn't have anything to keep me occupied... luckily there were a few children at the next table, so I kept KPO looking at them.... but Gong gong and Mummy still had a hard time trying to prevent me from grabbing their food... hehehehe...

Look how cold it was !!! And I was trying to grab Gong Gong's chicken wing :P

Tell you something that I overheard during lunch... there was this English speaking family who sat next to us. There was a lady who suddenly asked her hubby "Ask Mummy is she is calling salmon and chicken wing?" Mummy nearly burst out laughing... I was wondering what is so funny.... when I realised that salmon and chicken wing are not people... she was not going to call them using the phone.... what the lady meant was ORDER salmon and chicken wing.... BWAHAHAHAHAHA..... to think that her English pronounciation sounds quite good.... but her Singlish is actually so bad... Wah... she has a toddler son leh.... dunno what her son will learn :P

As usual, I was in a happy mood in the evening... so I also finished my dinner playing with 3 things only.... that's a record ok??! Mummy is soooooo proud of me :) Mummy, I'll try to be a good girl from now onwards :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Daddy is coming home!!

Mummy just told me that Daddy will be coming home earlier... He'll be home this Fri instead of Sun!!! YEAH!!! YIPEEEEEEE!!! I miss Daddy so much... Can't wait to see him!! Daddy I love you!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Winnie the Pooh

After the wedding lunch, Mummy gave a ride to Uncle Shucheng and Auntie Peilin cos Auntie Peilin stays opposite us. They also wanted to come over to see our house renovations cos they just bought a new flat.... Oh they are getting married on 14 Sep 08.... how exciting!! When they were here, they continued playing with me... I was walking with my walkie all around the house and they were chasing me all over hehehe....Anyway, Auntie Peilin went home for a while cos she said she wanted to get me a gift.... she works for Disney marketing.... see what she got me??!

YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Thank you Auntie Peilin!! MUACK MUACK!! I love it!! It's bigger than me!!! THANK YOU!!!

Wedding Lunch

Today is Uncle Dunman and Auntie Lingru's wedding. Uncle Dunman was in the same JC band as Daddy & Mummy, so they had been good friends for 10+ years. Uncle Dunman even has the same birthday as Daddy!!

Anyway, Daddy is still in US so mummy has to bring me there alone. Mummy was so worried that I'll take forever to take my lunch again then we'll end up being late for the wedding lunch.... but luckily I co-operated so we reached there in time for their solemnization. The wedding is held at Novotel Clarke Quay... that's where Jiu Jiu and Aunite Xiumei will be having their wedding next Mar....

I sat next to Yunshen Gor-Gor.... I kept disturbing him hehehe.... Oh look at my pretty party dress? Mummy didn't dare to take photo of me standing, cos the dress is soooo short, indecent exposure :P

But this baby chair is sooooo huge, and there's no safety belt, I kept slipping to the front. I felt so uncomfortable so I refused to sit in there.... I need to clarify, I'm usually very guai and sit in the baby chair while mummy has her meals ... but this chair is really uncomfy... poor Mummy got to hold me with 1 hand while she has her meal .... but the auntie and uncles are really nice... they took turns to carry me so that mummy can have her meal...

Uncle Shucheng......

Auntie Peilin (Uncle Shucheng's Girlfriend) .....

Uncle Solomon (he was the Chinese MC for the event)......

Auntie Yanzhu (Yunshen Gor-gor's Mummy) .......

I enjoyed myself so much... but Mummy had to nurse me in the toilet, cos there's no nursing room.... luckily the toilet doesn't smell bad... but the thought of having your meal in the toilet is quite revolting isn't it?? But no choice lor since they have no nursing room... I actually fell asleep for 1 minute after drinking my milk... that is until the next table started to shout "YUM SENG!!" That's it lor... I decided I don't want my afternoon nap... so all the aunties and uncles have to start entertaining me.... but I was so tired I fell asleep in the car on the way home... but woke up 30 min later when we reached home...