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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicken Dance

Miss Daphne taught all of us the Chicken Dance in school. So Daddy wanted me to show 爷爷,奶奶,姑姑 and 叔叔 what this Chicken Dance is all about ....

But think I danced better with someone guiding me .... this video was taken some time back with 叔叔 showing me how to do a Korean dance .... nice or not ???

New Toy Again

We went to Waraku Japanese restaurant again for lunch ... and needless to say, I ordered the kid's meal that came with a toy .... and needless to say, the toy was different from all others that I got from Waraku in the past

In fact, this toy (made in China) does not look cheap leh .... ha ha.

You screw the top of Doraemon's head and then release the catch ... and the Doraemon's head spins like a top, with laser lights and music !!! When we tested it in the dark, the laser lights looked fabulous !!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trip to Genting - Day 3

Day 3 ... since we slept late last night, we woke up at 9 am for late breakfast. Since we need to board the bus at 3 pm, so we decided not to buy the unlimited day passes (and anyway, we played what we wanted to play for the past 2 days).

So we decided to take the Genting Skytrain

Malaysian rainforest ....

Then we had a really long lunch till about 130 pm, before we walked around to see what food we can buy back to eat during the bus journey .... in the end, we bought chicken nuggets, muffins, bread and Mummy prepared chocolate milk for Joel and me !!!
On board the bus, again Joel and I insisted to sit together .... just that this time round, we were quite tired ... and the downhill journey made us (including Daddy) feel giddy so we slept for 1.5 hrs !!! Daddy and Mummy were surprised that we (especially Joel since he always refused to sleep) slept so readily, so they suspected we must have been knocked out by the giddiness. ha ha

Was so bored that I played with balloon ....

And I figured out how to make a little pony tail at the end of the balloon and then make it disappear .... Daddy was so afraid that I will burst the balloon. Ha ha

The journey back only took 6 hrs since the driver was quite aggressive ... drove pretty fast. So by the time we reached home, it was close to 930 pm. After a nice warm shower, I went to bed, ready to go to school tomorrow and tell my teachers about my Genting trip ....
And the following day, I told Daddy that I want to go Genting on Saturday again !!! Daddy fainted, ha ha
Hope to go on a trip with Joel again. Although we had our kiddish squabbles, we still enjoyed the trip

Trip to Genting - Day 2

Second day, Daddy, Mummy and I woke up at 7+am.....have arranged with Joel and family to meet for breakfast at the First World Cafe.

Since Uncle Telang and Auntie Winnie were still trying to settle Camille, we decided to take a walk around the shopping plaza. As we walked to the plaza, the outdoor scenary was fantastic .... see how high up we were standing with respect to sea level .....

After breakfast at the First World Cafe, we bought the unlimited day passes and the first ride. Joel wanted to take the monorail again, I refused to go cos it was so boring, so I took was the Toot Toot train again !!! Luckily I took it the 1st thing in the morning cos after that it was down for maintenance throughout the rest of the trip!!

Then the carousel ... this time, with Daddy. We managed to get the horses that rocked to and fro, instead of those up and down ..... felt more like riding a horse

Then we proceeded to the outdoor adventure rides. Taking a picture with Mr Clown

And requested Mr Clown to make a puppy for me

Then came the flying car ride with Mummy ...

Daddy took a close picture of me on the flying dumbo...

We went to explore the Chocolate Wonderland, describing how chocolate are made

I really look small standing in front of this BIG clock !!!

Then we went to this Science Lab place ... quite a stupid show (Daddy and Mummy could not figure out what the video was all about, except seeing the hideous green creature in the middle raising its head up and down and our seats rocked throughout) standard ... ha ha

Then came Dinosaur Land .... nothing special at all ....

There was also a carousel in the outdoors, so Joel and I took a ride as well.... but this outdoor one was super boring.... don't even have music.... faintz....

And could you see Camille behind me ??? Adults were not allowed to sit in the grandola, so in the middle of the ride, Camille started to cry and the ride was stopped prematurely to allow Uncle Telang to pick up Camille.

There was this really big playground in the outdoors. So we spent quite some time (almost 45 mins) there, enjoying all the facilities

Climbing up and down

My first attempt at this rope maze ... and got stuck in the middle. Had to get Daddy to rescue me !!!

Halfway, Daddy and Mummy sneaked out to the 4D movie theatre so that they can enjoy a 10 mins show. I could not tag along since there was a height restriction (need to be at least 107 cm to enter the theatre, and I was short of 7 cm !!!). Uncle Telang and Auntie Winnie offered to take care of me since they've seen it before. But the 4D movie was pretty good ....

After all the outdoor fun, we went back to the rooms so that Joel and I can have our afternoon nap. Because of all the exhaustion at the playground, I slept for a full 2 hrs !!!

And after nap, came my favorite ride of all - Bumper Car !!! After the first day experience, I became more expert at this and I could drive the car, not just move in circles .... and after a while, I got yaya (smart aleck) and drove with only one hand on the wheel !!!

Of course expert lar, because I took consecutive 7 rounds of bumper car rides !!! Everytime the ride ended, I rushed out and rejoined the queue !! So Daddy and Mummy were like stuck outside, looking through the glass panels, while I enjoyed my rides !!!
Daddy decided to have a go at the adult bumper car ....... can't let me have all the fun....

After dinner, we took the indoor train

And did you see Camille smile .... finally ???

Took the indoor cruise again, and this time I sang "Row Row Row Your Boat" as we enjoyed the cruise ....

This time, I slept at almost 11 pm ....

Trip to Genting - Day 1

Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me for a holiday to Genting Highlands ... and the best thing is, we are going with Joel, Camille, Uncle Telang and Auntie Winnie as well !!! It all happened when Joel and family came over to my place for fun, and the adults started to discuss holiday plans ... and then decided to have a trip together, for Joel and me to enjoy !!! Hooray

So on Sat early morning, we went to Boon Lay shopping centre to wait for the bus .... once Joel and I saw each other, we held hands and became inseparable .... ha ha

Cute or not ??? People actually mistook us as twins !!! We look so different wah

Waiting for the bus to set off .... the kids insisted to sit by ourselves and have the adults sitting behind us

The bus moved off at about 8 am to Tuas checkpoint. After which, we stopped over at Yong Peng for a 30 mins break for some food. Daddy and Mummy prepared bread, biscuits and milk for us in case the food in Malaysia was not that hygienic. Throughout the bus journey, Joel and I entertained each other, while Camille was glued to Uncle Telang and Auntie Winnie. Since I woke up quite early, I took my afternoon nap at about 1230 pm, for almost 2 hrs !!!

By the time we reached Genting, it was close to 230 pm. Upon reaching First World Hotel, we saw 2 clowns entertaining the crowd at the lobby

And gosh, I thought we reached a hospital where all these people wer waiting for a queue number to see a doctor !!! Actually they were waiting for a queue number to get a room. Luckily, we booked the superior deluxe room (to accommodate an additional single bed), instead of the standard room, so we only waited 10 mins (about 4 people in queue). But for those who booked the standard room, there were 50+ people in queue !!!

After checking in and settling down in the room, we took a walk around the shopping complex (First World Plaza). There were many boutique shops and eateries (food courts, fast food and restaurants), but there were also quite a number of indoor rides stations. Each ride cost RM8 or we could get an unlimited day pass. Since shopping was out for us, the adults decided to buy the day pass so that they can entertain us with the rides.

First station - the monorail. See how attentive Joel and I were, while Mummy was explaining the monorail route ....

Inside the monorail cabin ....

The monorail circled around the plaza, both indoor and outdoor .... Outdoor adventure will be the second day activity

Next ride : Toot toot train. This was one of my favourite ride .... but on the second day, it was under maintenance!!!!

Then came the carousel, with Joel sitting on the horse beside me. Think the adults must be really bored watching us enjoying these kiddy rides

Then came the ferris wheel .... see how I slump on Uncle Telang while Daddy took a photo of us. Since Joel refused to take this ride, Auntie Winnie had to forgo the ride and Mummy decided to accompany her.

And then this freaked me out !!! A ghost inside the shopping plaza !!! HELP !!!!

The ghost was just promoting the haunted house adventure, but throughout the 3 days, whenever I saw the haunted house from far, I would insist on Daddy or Mummy to carry me and I refused to lift my head up

Then came the Float Rio ... pretty well decorated and that was what attracted me to it at first

And the boat ride. A replica of the famous Venice gondola ... of course the feeling is totally different (according to Mummy)

See the wishing well between the sea horses ... Daddy tried to throw a coin to hit the bell, but failed. I thought I could do better, but ...... sigh

But the best ride on the first day has to be this Bumper Car adventure. My first attempt was quite pathetic ... kept getting stuck or moving in circles .... but things were completely different on the second day .... so stay tuned !!!

After dinner and more rides, we went back to our hotel rooms to end the day. I slept at about 10 pm, dreaming of all the adventure rides !!!