My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Improvise ...

Today I just found a new hobby at 爷爷 house : pushing stools around in the house, not just one, but TWO !!!

Everyone looked at me and gave up. Daddy used his new handphone to video it down ... but because he still has not figured out how to really use the video function, in the end, the video looks funny .... watch it and u will know .... Next time, no need buy me toys .... I am easily contented with just stools and tables.

P.S : Blame Daddy if you have a stiff neck after watching :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guess Guess Guess .....

Make a guess : What are the 2 most comfortable locations to sit in the house ?

(a) On the high chair ...................(b) On the sofa

c) In my cot ..................................(d) In my play-yard

And the answer is ......

1. The tiny space between the sofa bed and study table ... perfect for my slim build

2. Under my high-chair .... so that I dun have to eat. Ha ha

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gathering at Pin Heng's Place

Auntie Shihui (Pin Heng Gor Gor's mummy) is so nice to invite all Dec 06 babies to her place for a gathering today. Got a chance to meet a lot of my friends, of course, must go lar.

A photo of the little host (the cute boy in orange) .... isn't he handsome ???

As usual, Daddy and Mummy took many photos at the gathering ....

I thought I am the famous hurricane Jing Ting, who will go and mess up the entire place .... but compared to Kate Jie Jie, I really 甘拜下风 .... see what Kate Jie Jie has done .... No wonder Auntie Sau Woon (Kate Jie Jie's mummy) is so slim and Mummy has yet to slim down. Looks like to help Mummy, I got to follow Kate Jie Jie's footsteps. Heh Heh

Daddy tried to take a video of everyone at the gathering ....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Love Soft Toys

I realized I love soft toys ... the softer they are, the better .... and I will hug them as close to me as possible .... no wonder 姑姑 soft toys smell of my saliva ...

Look at what I did to Barney at Kiddy Palace ....

And when someone plays with my toys, look what I did to him ....

Ha ha, actually, I never hit him hard lar. I only sayang him with a bit more strength ... ha ha. I never eat enough, where got strength to fight with others ???? More likely, kanna smashed by others

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eating Problem Part VII - Teething Again ???

Starting late last week, my eating problem came back AGAIN !!! I was happily eating my rice, mixed with soup, meat and vege. Then suddenly, I drove Daddy and Mummy crazy by refusing to eat from the spoon (Mummy still could not understand why I reject spoon so much, except to speculate she used to feed me my hatred Isomil using a spoon in the past).

Mummy cooked pan-fried potato-meat-vege patties for me and fed me using chopsticks .... I loved it for a while and then .... I rejected the patties.

Then Mummy thought maybe I wanted to be an adult and let me feed myself (at the expense of dirtying the whole place) .... I enjoyed it for a while before I decided that's it.

When Daddy showed me my favourite biscuits and cookies, my eyes brightened up .... but when I put it in my mouth, I spat it out ...

Mummy is so stressed over my eating problem ... since I am already very much under-weight. She suspects that my pre-molar and some front teeth are starting to grow, making my gums so uncomfortable .... wonder how long this episode is going to last ..... sigh. Poor me, I cannot even eat my favourite cookies !!!

Daddy and Mummy are now at a loss .... how har ??? Can someone advise please????

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Remote Controlled Stroller

Finally, the greatest invention of the year ... a fully remote controlled stroller for all parents .... no need to push, just use the remote control and steer in the direction that you want .... all parents will be so grateful for the invention !!!

See demo below ....

Ha ha, kenna conned right .... u wait long long, OK .... remote controlled stroller ??? Wait till I grow up and invent this new thingy .... meanwhile, use your hands to push lor ....

P.S : Luckily, not yet 7th month, otherwise this will really scare people out of their minds !!! Ha ha

Friday, February 15, 2008

Candid Shots

Daddy and Mummy are so bored today so they decided to use me as a model and entertain themselves ... like that also can ??

Shot 1 : How do I look with Mummy's hair band ?? Of cos ugly lar, that's why my "buay song" look in the second shot ...

Shot 2 : Don't I look like a model ??? I always have weird poses ... The pink outfit is actually a dress but it became too short so Daddy converted it to a blouse.

Shot 3 : OH NO!!!

Shot 4 : Kissing Mummy ... Awwwwww... so sweet....Daddy got so jealous ...hehehehe

Shot 5 : Waving goodbye to everyone in the shopping mall AGAIN !!!


Finally .... I get a chance to 捞鱼生 on 初九. Actually the normal practice is to do it on 初七, which is also called 人日 (每个人的生日). But that day we were not free so we postponed it 2 days later. 奶奶 said 初九 also good day since that means 长长久久. Mummy prepared the 鱼生 as usual.

This time, 姑姑 let me sit on the table (because I am too short to stand up and reach for the plate) and gave me a pair of chopstick ... see how I held the chopsticks !!! Looks professional right ... even daddy cannot hold the chopstick like me (tell you a secret, Daddy holds his chopsticks like holding 毛笔 !! But surprisingly, he still can pick food up with them. Ha ha).

Then everyone tossed the 鱼生 up in the air and said all the auspicious words : 身体健康 事业顺利 大家发正财横财 etc .... then Daddy said 要吃多多不要挑食.... ha ha, obviously that one is meant for me !!!Mummy was more direct... she said "婷婷天天吃饭!" Hahahaha!!! Wonder if that will make any difference.
Then in all the excitement, I pushed some of the 鱼生off the plate.. oops!! :P Then everyone started to eat the 鱼生, but Mummy said I can't eat!! NOT FAIR!!! How come everyone can eat except me?? Boo Hoo!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My New Toy

Today, I got another new toy !!! That is my stroller !!! I just realized that I can stand behind the stroller and push it forward, just like how I push my walker when I was 10 months old. So now, Daddy and Mummy got another headache ... they have problem getting me to sit in the stroller ....

See, even when I played with my new toy, I did not forget to make funnny faces to people who walked past .... so small can multi-task already !!! Dun play play lor, small brain but huge materials inside. Cheeky me !!!

Mummy said, if people look at from the front, they must be thinking "Why is this mummy so idiotic, pushing an empty stroller so slowly" ??? Ha ha ...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY 2008 - Part 2

On 初二, I went to my grand-aunt Verity's house. And believe it or not, my grand-aunt is only 1 year older than Mummy .... and the most unbelieveable thing is I have an auntie Maegan, who is 3.5 months younger than me !!!! See how we both sat together and auntie Maegan is bigger in size than me (but must remember hor, she is only 10 months old). Faint liao .... what to do, who call me to be so picky about food ... only eat what I like to eat ....

Daddy took a video of what I did at the gathering ....

Some photos Daddy took at the gathering (but Daddy missed the 鱼生 that Mummy made since he was feeding me dinner)

On 初三, Daddy and Mummy brought me to 姑婆 place for the annual new year gathering. Of all the cousins, this time, I am not the youngest. Cousin Remus is 1 week younger than me. BUT, as you all would have guessed by now, his size is of course much bigger than me !!! See when we sat side by side, I am 2 sizes smaller .... He is over 10 kg at 90th percentile !!! But he still does not know how to walk .... so I had to chase after him while he crawled on the floor ... ha ha.

Then everyone in the room suddenly laughed ..... because I cheekily planted a kiss on cousin Remus' cheek when he turned his face towards my direction ... Remus was caught by surprise (even his daddy at the back was caught by surprise .... see his surpised look) .... everyone said I am such a friendly and lovely baby !!!

This year, my two 表叔 brought their girlfriends to the gathering .... wonder when will I attend their wedding .... maybe I will have a chance to be the flower girl ???

Some pics at the gathering (this time, Daddy managed to capture some 捞鱼生 photos)

P.S. Although I wore the same red 旗袍 for all 3 days, Mummy did wash it every night hor .... Mummy said must make sure this red 旗袍 is worth the $$$ because it can only be worn once a year ..... ha ha.

CNY 2008 - Part 1

Hooray, this is my second CNY .... not much recollection of my first CNY because I just had my first month celebration then .... still blur blur as a baby lying and sleeping in Daddy and Mummy's arms when they went house-visiting last year. BUT this year is different !!! I am a toddler now .... nicknamed 'hurricane' Jing Ting

This year, Mummy bought me this red modern 旗袍 for CNY. She said since I know how to walk around, I will surely look cute in this red dress ....

In the morning, Daddy and Mummy brought me to 爷爷and 奶奶 house to 拜年 . I saw so much new year goodies on the table so I decided to help myself to them .... but all of them are covered, so I asked 奶奶 to open for me ... but she said I cannot eat them *sob* *sob*. Then I saw a green pomelo on the table and decided to carry the pomelo around the house !!! Mummy was so amazed since I only weighed 8.3 kg but yet carried a pomelo about 1 kg+ !!!! Ha ha .... 不要小看我 , 我可是大力士. In the afternoon, I then went to 公公 house to 拜年. See how I used the 小橘子 to 拜年. Daddy said I looked so cute !!!! Ha ha

Some of my cute photos ....

In the evening, I went to Auntie Esther's place to 拜年. The 2 weeks of training that Mummy gave me paid off !!! See how I 恭喜恭喜 Auntie Esther in return for 红包. Everyone laughed !!! Besides my Joshua gor-gor and Jonathan gor-gor, I also saw many of my cousins .... but all of them are so much older than me. Even the youngest Mark gor-gor over there is already in Primary school (the oldest 表哥 Calvin is already 26 years old) !!! Mummy said it was the same for her when she was young ... all her 表姐 were much older than her .... ha ha .... but that also means, I will have the chance to bully all my cousins .... Aren't I 聪明 ???

When it was time to 捞鱼生, something funny happened !!! Look at the photo on the left and you will know why ..... When all the people gathered around the table to 捞鱼生, then Mummy said "Cannot Lar" !!! Of course lar, the plate was empty with no raw carrot and radish, how to 捞鱼生 !!! Ha ha, in the end, we had to leave it to some other time to do it. But I still enjoyed myself a lot that day.

Photos at the gathering ...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Talented Artist at Work

Ta-Da ... Finally, the masterpiece of the year is out !!!! And to know who drew the great masterpiece ..... see below (actually it would be a perfect masterpiece if Daddy and Mummy had not drawn the sun, angbao, flower and the outline of both my legs and buttocks on the paper .... ha ha)

The great master at work ....

Green is my favourite colour. Auntie Esther noticed the same thing because when I was at her place, I always took my favourite green block and walked around.

See what happens when I could not find my favourite green crayon initially (later then I realised naughty Daddy hid my green crayon) .... and when Daddy tried to take the green crayon away from me, I practically screamed at him and threw tantrums .... Mummy said my terrible 2 started one year earlier .... ha ha ... Mummy is going to faint already.

No wonder Daddy said I will love nature a lot next time .... just like Uncle Shucheng, who loves the nature and the environment (so much so that Uncle Shucheng went to study Environmental Engineering, ha ha)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby Einstein DVDs

I really loved watching Baby Einstein DVDs .... now that Mummy allows me to watch for maximum half hr each day .... everytime, Daddy or Mummy puts me on the sofa or the high chair, in front of the TV set, my eyes will glow and I wait eagerly for my favorite Baby Einstein "caterpillar" to appear ....

Me in the high-chair, enjoying my favorite show ....

See what happens when Daddy tries to block my view ....

Today, I borrowed another 3 more Baby Einstein DVDs from the library .... next time, must really get Philson gor-gor, Mandy jie-jie and Kate jie-jie to go with me .... then we can re-arrange all the DVDs on the shelves !!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

RotaVirus Part III - I AM OK AGAIN !!

As of today, I am certified to have fully recovered from Rotavirus by Drs. Daddy and Mummy !!! Because I no longer "lao sai" at all !!! Hooray !!! From now on, I must watch my hygiene and make sure I dun get this Rotavirus thingy again ... otherwise, I will end up in the bathroom 20 times a day with Daddy and Mummy cleaning my dirty backside .... (to tell the truth, I quite like going to the bathroom because I can play with water from the shower head .... and enjoy the little massage when the shower head water sprays on my backside .... I actually tried going to the bathroom myself a few times but was stopped by Mummy ... :p).

So Daddy decided to look at my mass balance (ie. take my weight lar .... simple English also must use chemical engineering terms !!!) after all the "lao sai" ....

Let me write down an excerpt of the interesting dialogue between Daddy and Mummy :

============ Start of Dialogue ==============

Daddy : Dear, let me take out the weighing scale and see Ting's weight
Mummy : OH NO !! 没眼看 (translates in Cantonese)
(Mummy then rushes off to the toilet. After 5 minutes, in my bedroom with Daddy cleaning me up for bed-time)
Mummy : So what is Ting's weight ?
Daddy : Thought you dun want to know ?? Dun tell u leh ....
Mummy : Tell me lar ....
Daddy : You make a guess lor ...
Mummy : 7.8 kg. Up or down ?
Daddy : Nope ... errr .... up
Mummy : 7.9 kg lor ....
Daddy : Nope ... errr .... up
Mummy : (looking suspiciously) 8.0 kg ????!!!
Daddy : Nope ... errr .... up
Mummy : (give Daddy a "u sure or not" look) 8.1 kg ???
Daddy : Nope ... errr .... up
Mummy : Ya right, that day at the PD, she was only 8.2 kg. With so much "lao sai", how can she remain 8.2 kg .... bluff me one .... dun friend you already
Daddy : Ha ha ha ha ha .....

(In the end, Daddy brought me to the weighing scale and showed Mummy my real weight .... it was ...... *drum roll* .....)

8.3 KG !!!!

Mummy : It must be the 0.2 kg of water that Ting drank before bed-time !!!!
Daddy and Me : *sigh* (shaking head)

=========== End of Dialogue =============

Looks like I must weigh myself again tomorrow to convince Mummy.....