My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Monday, June 28, 2010

First Attempt at Kite Flying

Saturday morning, we went to West Coast Park for some outdoor activities. Set off for breakfast at West Coast Park MacDonald's. Ate my Pancake Happy Meal, with a free toy.

After breakfast, I cycled around the park with Daddy, while Mummy set up the kite for me. It was a BIG Tiger kite that we bought from the neighbourhood ... and it was relatively cheap (< $5) !!!

When the kite was ready, Daddy tried flying it .... but because the kite was too big and the wind was not strong enough, the kite could not really fly up in the air. Mummy suspected that the kite was too cheap so was not good enough ....

So I pestered Daddy to let me have a go at it ... maybe I would have better luck !! Daddy said .... hold the kite tight and at the count of 3, Daddy will release the kite and I shall run ....

First attempt ... failed, since not much wind

Second attempt ... this time I managed to keep the kite off the ground for a little while .... ha ha

After many unsuccessful attempts of kite flying, we gave up and hit the playground instead. Stayed at the park till 1130 am before we went to 爷爷 and 奶奶 place to have a nice shower.

Saw my classmate Nana and her mum at the park when we were about to leave. They were there for MacDonald's breakfast as well !!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

YOG at Yew Tee Point

Mummy noticed that there were some sports stations set up by the Singapore Sports Council at Yew Tee Point, in line with the upcoming YOG. The intention is to promote sports events and encourage people to enjoy sports activities.

And the best thing is that the sports stations are designed for kids, like my age !!! So on Tuesday, after dinner, we went down to Yew Tee Point to try out some of the stations.

Having a go at table tennis ... people must be wondering why I am rolling the ball instead of hitting it initially

Try boxing !!! But I am too short to even reach it, so have to get Mummy to do some exercise with me, by lifting me up

And my favourite stations are the soccer and handball stations !!! Could not score any goals for soccer, but managed to get some goals for the handball station (with some cheating !!!)

And I danced along with JJ Lin Jun Jie YOG MV ...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swimming By Myself

Daddy brought me to swim again over the weekends ... and this time, I was more daring and receptive to the water. Even told Daddy that I can swim by myself, without Daddy supporting me .... just that I cannot seem to float at all. Why ???

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Story of the Broken Tree Branch

On the way home while Daddy was driving the car, I saw a broken tree branch at the side of the road, so I asked Daddy why the tree branch dropped off

Me : Daddy, why the tree drop off?

Daddy : Because that tree branch was too weak so when the wind was too strong, it dropped off

Me : (pointing to the other intact trees) Why the other trees never drop off

Daddy : Because the other trees grow very strong, while that tree branch was too weak. (Then Daddy decided to make an analogy about my eating habits). Do you know why the branch was so weak ?

Me : Dunno

Daddy : Because the branch never eat food so not as strong as the other trees. Just like Jing Ting, never eat a lot of food, so cannot grow strong

Me : No, Daddy you said wrongly

Daddy : Why ?

Me : Because trees dun have mouth, how to eat food ???

Daddy : Tree have roots so they get their food from the roots

Me : No lar, not roots lar. You pour water on the trees, then the trees drink water and grow strong lar

Daddy : So you bathe a tree, like Daddy "bong bong" you ...

Me : Ya ..... (laugh out loud)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun at Changi T3

Daddy read Mandy Jie-Jie's blog and realised that there are children car rides at T3, so he decided to bring me there for some fun, since I liked to drive the children bumper car at Genting so much.

See the decoration at the circuit

I chose the motorbike...... so I became the Harley Davidson gal.... Chio or not?

But it was really slow.... I think I can cycle faster than that. After a while, I got soooooo bored I lost concentration and wasn't looking at where I was going.... I actually fell down (on a 3 wheeled motorbike!!) But luckily it was sooooo slow so no damage done.

Then I requested to go to the next circuit to try my hands on a faster car. So I got the F1.... well its faster than the motorbike.....爷爷 commented that I can control the car very well, even better than the older kids on the track. Mummy said it's because I played the bumper car 8 times in a day, and that one is a lot more difficult than this as its a lot faster and there's no fixed track, I basically just had to survive. With so much practice, of course I am better than the rest. After a while I got bored from going round and round the circuit, so I became complacent and looked all around the track, wave at my family, and then lost concentration and rammed into the barrier a few times and had to be "rescued".

Although the rides are not as exciting as the Genting bumper cars, but its still one of the better ones in Singapore.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I love doing homework!

Mummy was busy in the kitchen, and Daddy came out of the study, wondering what I was doing...... and he found me alone in my room doing this......

See, I really enjoy my lessons in school, taking out my workbook by myself, and singing the Letterland song while practising my writing.... Mummy wonders if I can continue this love of homework when I am in Primary School.....

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Template

Mummy decided to change the template design, since this blog is already more than 2.5 years old...... this time she picked a more cheerful looking template to reflect my cheerful personality.... nice or not??

Youth Olympic Games 2010

Since Singapore is hosting the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Aug this year, my school has been teaching us lots of things about Olympics, with lots of fun filled activities. I even represented my class to be the torch bearer!

Of course, we learn how to sing the official YOG 2010 song.... Here's my edition.....

Here's the actual version....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Am Going To The Zoo ... Zoo ... Zoo

As Daddy and Mummy promised, after my last Night Safari visit, we went to the Zoo last Saturday morning. My last visit was in Jan 2010, so that was quite a while ago (at least to me)

After breakfast, we reached the zoo at about 910 am, ready to explore the zoo. Mummy took the map of the zoo and saw that there was an elephant bathing and feeding session at 915 am, so we rushed to the elephant bathing area immediately. Managed to get there just before the two elephants came out

Everyone was crowding near the elephants initially, but once the elephants used their trunks to spray water onto their bodies, everyone backed off ... because the water splashed quite a distance and wetted a lot of people. I was not too interested in the elephants bathing, but once we were allowed to feed the elephants, Daddy went to buy 2 baskets of food for me to feed the elephants !!! And of course, I had a fun time feeding them

Along the way, insisted on taking photos with the seals....

See a baby Orang Utan clinging onto Mummy Orang Utan ....

Because of the Youth Olympic Games in Aug this year, the zoo also came up with the Zoolympix !!! Just $2, Daddy bought the 2010 Zoolympix game book so that I can go around the zoo at various stations to complete the obstacles and collect stamps. At the end of it, I qualify for the lucky draw and lucky dip.

My first station for the Zoolympix game at the Giraffe enclosure. I am supposed to imitate the giraffe to drink water ... spread my legs wide and then drink without using my hands .... after a while, I got tired and squatted to drink, instead of spreading my legs .... wonder why the giraffe does not get tired so easily ??? Managed to finish the bottle of water in 65 secs !!! And after that, to the toilet I went ..... before I wet my pants

Second station was "Scale the wall at reptile house". I was supposed to be like a lizard, scaling the wall from one end to the other .... with some help, I managed to complete the obstacle !!!

We then proceeded to the Rainforest Kidzworld to take part in the Animal Yoga, which is part of the Jun holiday programme.... See so many mini exercise mats prepared for the yoga session. But I was the only kid there and Daddy had to take part to keep me company.

We did basic poses such as half lotus, and then proceeded to animal yoga poses like lion, monkey, giraffe, tiger and elephant. Followed by parachute game and a hanky throwing game. Actually it was very fun, and I really enjoyed it. If only there were more kids taking part with me.

Then, we had lunch at KFC when it started to rain cats and dogs!!! After lunch, we braved a short distance of rain to the Kidzworld Amphitheatre to watch the Animal Friends show. This show had ceased for 1.5 years and they only resumed 2 weeks ago with new animal programme.

Started off with an introductory dance, and an American boy /audience participating in the dance

There were mice, cats and dogs. (Can you spot the 2 small little white mice in the photo?) As explained by the presenters, the actors and animals are still not very experienced, so there were quite a few misses during the show.

German shepard trying to catch the frisbee thrown by an audience

And a dog jumping through the man-made hula hoop

At the end of the show, with all the dogs and trainers on stage. And everyone applauded even though it was not that perfect

And of course bubbles everywhere at the stage to entertain the kids

I liked the last part the best, where we were allowed to pat the dogs

Fortunately the rained stopped by then and we proceeded to the 3rd Zoolypix station, which was "Horses Sniff" at the Rainforest Kidzworld. Horses are known to remember different scents and in this station, I was supposed to take a sniff at the various containers and then classify them accordingly based on the smell .... Daddy had to complete this station for me, since I could neither recognise the smell nor the wordings on the chart ....

Of course, I insisted on water fun at the water play area. And this time, I was quite adventurous. Did not take that much time to warm up to the water play stations, and even agreed to go with Daddy to have the BIG pail of water (aka the ELEPHANT!) splashing onto me !!! And I went for a total of 3 rounds !!! Played for about 45 mins and I went to shower (since the sky started to turn dark by then)

Then we proceeded to the 4th station .... fruit 'fishing' game near the Chimpanzee enclosure. Tried to 'fish' the fruits by myself but failed, so in the end, asked Daddy to help me. So I managed to 'fish' one fruit after the 60 secs timing ....

Because of the water fun, I was so tired that I fell asleep in my stroller within 5min. Then it started to rain so Daddy and Mummy decided to go to the Shaw Amphitheatre to take shelter since later on, there will be a special show called "Dora Explores Singapore Zoo with Diego" just for the Jun holiday weekends !!! And it so happens that I love Dora the Explorer a lot !!! I even have a Dora water bottle that I bring to school everyday.

At 3 pm, the Dora show started and I also woke up (more like I was woken up by the music) !!!

I did not know that Dora also loves the Chicken Dance that Miss Daphne had taught me in school the other day ... so I was quite familiar with the dance

Daddy managed to get the priority card for me to take a photo with Dora and Diego so at the end of the show, I joined the queue for photo taking .... I even gave Dora a big hug before I left the stage.

After the Dora show, we proceeded to finish the zoolympics. Fifth station: Hurdling at Hamadryas Baboons station ... leap as fast as I can, over the poles. And the jie jies and gor gor were kind enough to re-set the game for me, since they were about to pack up for the day !!!! Managed to overcome the obstacles in 4.53 secs !!! Not bad for a 3.5 yrs old kid

Last station before I complete the Zoolympix. Jie jie teaching me how to jump far.

And the result of my first jump ... if you consider that a jump

So, I was given a second chance and this time, the result was .... 63 cm !!! Is this considered far ???

We left the zoo at about 430 pm and gosh, I was so tired that after dinner, I did some colouring for a while and then I told Mummy I went to sleep (instead of Mummy asking me to go to bed!) Off to bed at about 8 pm !!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Logical Thinking

After dinner, Daddy was talking on the phone in the study room. I was with Mummy in the living room and being inquisitive, I asked Mummy who Daddy was talking to.

Mummy : "Daddy is talking to 奶奶"
Me :"OK" ... then listened intensely to Daddy's conversation. After a while....

Me : "Mummy is English! 奶奶 is Chinese, It's 姑姑, not 奶奶!!!" (meaning, Daddy is speaking English so cannot be 奶奶 cos she doesn't speak English, must be 姑姑)

Mummy thought that was funny ...

When Mummy said 奶奶, I can associate to someone else in the family, ie. 姑姑, not some other friend of Daddy

And I can associate Chinese to 奶奶 since 奶奶 doesn't speak English, and 姑姑 speaks English. Ha ha

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2010

I woke up early this morning and could not find Daddy in the house ... went to ask Mummy and realized that Daddy went for his first 10 km run of the year .... the Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2010. The race started at 0730 hrs. Part of the race included the route up to Mount Faber and down and that was quite a distance ... and along the roads, there were quite some upslopes as well. Because Daddy has not been training that frequently and definitely, never trained for lots of upslope and downslope .... Daddy had to stop intermittently (especially during the upslope portions) during the race, and that slowed him down

Nevertheless, Daddy managed to clock a timing of 61 mins for the race .... not bad right (although he did slightly better last year).... He was position 431, out of about 4700+ participants ... so that makes him about 10% percentile ... Ha ha ... and he got a finisher medal at the end of it. Daddy's lucky bib number is 3307 ... so quickly go buy 4D !!! Ha ha

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Night Safari Experience

Daddy was involved in a network meeting in Singapore this whole week. And part of the network meeting routine, would be a social evening with the network members. Since Singapore is hosting this year's network meeting, the Singapore folks decided to treat the network group to the Night Safari experience. And family of network members were also invited to join the experience. So Daddy decided to bring Mummy and me along to the social event.

Daddy and Mummy told me about the Night Safari outing and when I asked what is the difference between the zoo (that I have been so many times) and the Night Safari, I got the impression that the place is really dark with all animals around me ... so I told Daddy and Mummy I was afraid of the dark, but part of me still wanted to go and see the animals (I have a passion to see animals) .... in the end, I agreed to go, with Daddy and Mummy protecting me from the darkness, ie. I sit in the middle of Daddy and Mummy on the tram ride

While waiting for the folks to gather, I took a photo at the entrance.

We were treated to the Gourmet Safari Express, ie. a feast on board a moving tram in the drama and mystery of the jungle at night (words taken directly from the website). And when Daddy checked out the price, he was SHOCKED !!! Per adult was $190+GST and child was $135+GST !!! Includes admission tickets and free flow of beverages .... the admission ticket alone is only $22 and the tram ride is $10, so that means the dinner costs $158 !!! And frankly speaking, it was just a 3 course dinner and nothing fantastic !!! Luckily it was on company account and therefore an experience .... would not have paid for this Gourmet Safari Express if we were to go by ourselves (see my main course .... something similar to fish and chips, but fanciful name ....)

I did enjoy myself during the tram ride .... was looking out for all the nocturnal animals on the left and right .... and playing with the stuffed giraffe (soft toy)

The tram ride lasted about 1 hr+ and by the time we completed the dinner and the ride, it was close to 930 pm .... so we decided to skip the Creatures of the Night Show so that I can get to bed and wake up in time for school the next day.

And once I reached home, I proudly placed all the 3 soft toy giraffe on my bed and made it into a mini zoo .... 1 monkey, 1 tiger and 3 giraffeS happily living together .... ha ha

And since Daddy bought cheap zoo tickets from his company again, I might be going to the zoo over the weekend !!! Hooray !!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Jazz Performance

We chanced upon this free jazz performance at the Paragon shopping centre over the weekend ... been a long time since Daddy and Mummy listened to or saw a jazz performance .... or as a matter of fact, classical / orchestra performance since I was born .... ha ha

Unfortunately, I wanted to go to the indoor playground at the top level so Daddy and Mummy got to leave before the jazz performance was over. Haha !!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday

Early in the morning, I went with Mummy to choose a cake for Daddy. I shortlisted a Hello Kitty Cake, Princess Cake and a Choo-choo train cake.... Mummy told me that it's Daddy's birthday, not mine, so I should choose something that Daddy likes, not what I like. So in the end I chose a chocolate cake cos that's my favourite.....

Back at home, I asked Daddy " Daddy, what did you like when you were young?" Daddy pondered for a while... then I asked again.... " Daddy, when we went 云顶,you liked the 鬼show, so I buy you a 鬼cake ok??" Daddy and Mummy laughed non stop..... very funny meh.... Mummy say must buy a cake that Daddy like mah..... I like Princess so I want to buy princess cake, Daddy like to watch 鬼show, so I buy him a 鬼 cake lor..... Daddy figured out that cake must be specially made instead of getting it off the shelf, and if he were to tell it to the chef, he must be thinking whether Daddy is trying to play a prank on him ....

We went to Tung Lok seafood restaurant at Orchard Central for ala carte buffet. And to help food digestion, we went off in the middle of lunch to do some photo taking

How about a pose with an attitude ???

Tada ... The mini birthday cake, since Daddy does not like too much of sweet cakes .... and yes, it is not a 鬼 cake .... ha ha. To protect Daddy's age, a single candle is sufficient. 男人的年龄也是秘密

Family photo before we sing the birthday song

Blowing the candle .... needs 3 people to blow out the teeny weeny flame ...

And it is time to cut the birthday cake

Hmm ... what is this ??? Chocolate ???

Let me take a (BIG) bite just to confirm it is my favourite chocolate ... yummy yummy

The 2 brothers .... do they look alike ??? Wear specs, slim and tall .... except one has little hair and the other has messy hair .... ha ha. Oops

And 爷爷和奶奶

爸爸,生日快乐 !!!