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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Ballet

After dinner today, Mummy played the free CD that came with the SSO concert goodie bag : the Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Ballet.

And of course I have to show Daddy and Mummy how a ballet should be danced !!!

Even roped Mummy in to dance with me .... but she confused me with the Tchaikovsky Swan Lake ballet instead ... ha ha

Sunday, August 29, 2010

SSO Concert at the Race Course

There was a free SSO concert at the race course (kranji turf club) on Sun evening, so we decided to go for that (this is the second time I attended this concert). Since the concert starts at 7 pm, Daddy, Mummy and myself went to Causeway Point early to tapao our dinner and eat there, as we listen to the music. On the way to the grandstand (where the concert was held), we passed by this horse carriage ....

Reached there at about 640 pm, and the place was pretty full ... all the hot seats were occupied, so we had to sit at the side of the orchestra. Luckily, there was a screen so we could still see the members of the orchestra playing. We were each given a concert program. And on the front page of the program was a musical note. Only then did we know that this special concert program (with the musical note in front) would entitle us to a free goodie bag !!! So we have 3 bags in all.

Since Kate Jie Jie could not make it to the concert, I shall reserve one goodie bag for her and ask Mummy to pass to her mummy next time

At the end of the concert program was a "name the musical instrument" quiz. Since Daddy and Mummy were from the symphonic band during their school days, the quiz was too simple for them. Daddy filled in the answers and dropped the quiz at the collection box. At the end of the concert, 10 lucky winners with the correct answers would have a customized SSO goodie bag.

The concert started at 7 pm sharp, with Maestro Lim Yau as the conductor. Since the concert was an outdoor concert, the pieces played were the more popular music, like "Bizet Carmen Suite, Rossini William Tell Overture" etc ...

Throughout the concert, as I were eating, I was happily enjoying the music .... even conducted along with Maestro Lim Yau (he on stage and I in my little seat) .... and at the end of each piece, I clapped out loud for the orchestra !!! In fact, when the orchestra played the last piece (William Tell Overture), I shouted that was my favourite music. Daddy was kind of surprised and thought I just said it for fun ... then Mummy told Daddy that the Barney CD (Barney Plays the Tuba) that I have been watching has this piece in it .... Daddy was impressed with me ... ha ha. He watched that CD before but did not remember that piece ... so Barney had a big part in getting me to appreciate music ... haha

The concert ended at about 8 pm, and then it was time to announce the 10 lucky winners ... Daddy and Mummy thought they have never been lucky ... but when the 3rd winner was announced, Daddy's name was called out !!! Yes, we were one of the 1o lucky winners !!! And when we went to collect our prize, it turned out to be pretty good ... Daddy should have bought 4D today !!!

Two CDs : Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite and the other was "Open Your Door to Music", a CD on how to introduce your child to classical music.

There was also a box of coloured pencils, and a small jigsaw puzzle.

But the best part was the 2 story books related to music !!! Hooray, another 2 books to my collection. Shall ask Daddy and Mummy to read them to me as my night time reading

Looking forward to the Babies' Prom concert by SSO in Nov 2010 !!! This year will be held at the Esplanade, instead of the Victoria Concert Hall, so the tickets were also more expensive than before ... and this year, I will have to get a ticket too .... See if Daddy and Mummy want to "smuggle" 表妹 in, since she does not need a ticket at all

Finally ... I Succeeded

Yes, Daddy's and Mummy's efforts finally paid off ... every night at about 1115 pm, Daddy will bring me to the toilet to pee. And for the past 3 weeks, my diapers the next day was totally dry !!!

In fact, there was a few times that I woke up in the middle of the night, called for Daddy / Mummy to bring me to pee, instead of peeing in my diapers.

So yes, I am toilet trained now, even at night. So after finishing my pack of diapers, Daddy and Mummy will let me go diaperless ...

Time to save more money for Daddy !!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My PlaySchool.Net

Daddy and Mummy read this from Trisha's blog and thought it would be a good idea to let all the daddies and mummies know ....

So click on this link to bring you to explore My PlaySchool.Net

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Masterpiece

Since I'm sick so Daddy and Mummy can't bring me out. So on Sun afternoon, they left me with 姑姑 while they go to Giant to do some quick shopping. When they came back, they saw what I did during their absence.... I drew this all by myself, and also wrote my name at the bottom of the picture. Can you figure out what I drew? Scroll down for answers.....

I proudly told Mummy that they are:(From right) A girl, a boy and a mouse inside a house.
奶奶 gave me 3 stars for my effort :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Viral Fever

Went to school on Friday as usual, but Daddy had to fetch me back home before lunch, since I developed a high fever. Went to see a doctor and it was viral fever again ... in fact, my class had this viral fever spreadng around after the HFMD episode. Almost all my classmates (about 70%) were down with this viral fever and out of school since starting end of last week .... and I was the one of the few who were last to catch the virus.

Daddy and Mummy think my immune system is getting stronger (managed to get away with the recent HFMD virus) .... but still not strong enough to escape from this virus ... looks like the cod liver oil supplement does help a little

Did not have a good night sleep on Fri night / Sat morning since my fever went as high as 39 degC, despite taking a combination of paracetemol and ibuprofen every 3 hourly. So Mummy started me on antibiotics on Sat morning and I got a little better. At least my fever was not that high and I behaved normally ... was more alert and played around

Taking my temperature ....

Reporting the temperature to Daddy ....

奶奶 and 爷爷 dropped by in the afternoon to visit me and bought me my favourite sushi !!!! Still had appetite to eat 3 of them ....

Hopefully, I will get better tomorrow ... and by the 4th day, my fever will be gone ... and then I can go back to school !!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

佳莹表妹 Learns to Stand

This is the new past-time for 佳莹表妹 ...

And before long, she will be able to walk on her own ... and then I can hold her little hand and go shopping together !!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Picnic Time

On Sat morning, we had a date with Joel and family to the Marina at Keppel Bay for a picnic !!! Daddy's colleagues told him that the place is really nice for picnic and kite flying, so without much consideration, we made it our Sat morning adventure

Early morning (night before), we prepared our picnic food ... bread, orange juice, fruit punch, grapes, snacks. And before going to Keppel Bay, we bought nasi lemak breakfast from O Chang Kee and some fishballs, curry puffs. Well prepared !!!

Reached the place at about 0930 hrs, so that the sun is not that strong for a picnic. Joel and family reached about 10 mins later. Before Joel came, I rode my bicycle for a while to explore the place.

See not too many people at sight .... really a nice quiet place. Just saw some occasional joggers, who must live near that place

Overlook the Sentosa Underwater World

And of course the cable car station to the new RWS

Carpet grass with sprinkler system !!! Could easily have had our picnic on the carpet grass, but we opted to have it at a pavilion, in case the weather gets too hot

And me enjoying my fishball .... must eat with a nice pose

Some artefact in the park .... the little things turned when there was wind

And overlooking Shell's Bukom plant ... I think

See Uncle Telang serious at work ... working hard to get his kite up in the sky, while Daddy tried to prepare the bigger kite for flight

And Auntie Winnie finishing up her breakfast (after feeding Camille). And guess who took all these photos ??? ME !!! Not bad right ???

Once our Toy Story kite has taken flight up in the sky, Daddy tied the other end to a railing so that it can fly by itself .... really lazy hor

Then I took over ... must do a nice pose, as if I flew the kite myself !!

Joel was interested in something else more than kites ... hmm ...

Daddy wanted to try his luck at a bigger kite, but the security officer at the Keppel Bay came to us and told us that we might get fined by the marine guards, if they caught us flying kites. Reason is, the place is near to the cable car station and therefore kite flying is not allowed. Fine would be $2000 !!!

So in the end, we decided not to take the risk and went to the nearby Labrador park to continue with our kite flying adventure. When we reached Labrador park, the air was quite still, with not much wind as in Keppel Bay. Moreover, there were too many trees around and kites might get entangled up there. So we abandoned our kite flying adventure and opted for our bubble blowing fun (Daddy and Mummy prepared lots of backup plan ... haha).

So the 3 kids took turn to play with bubbles, while the adults continued to indulge in food and drinks !!! The light breeze from the sea was really nice, making the picnic really enjoyable

At about 12 pm, we decided to pack up and go for lunch at Vivo City. But not before we had our fun rides in HarbourFront ....

After lunch, we went to Toys R Us to buy more bubble solution, then went home. That afternoon, I was totally knocked out, and had a 2 hrs nap till 5 pm !!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

YOG In Action

On Thursday, my school was invited by SAFTI MI to go over to witness the YOG torch lighting ceremony. Those interested had to reach school before 7 am. So when Daddy brought me to school, there were quite some younger kids who were crying when their parents left. Guess the timing was really too early for them

Saw Lyo and Merlyn and got a bag of souvenirs back. But the freebie that I liked best has to be the horn .... it was really loud when I blew the horn !!!

Apparently, after the torch lighting ceremony, they started their journey around Singapore. And this time, they came to CCK, near our place. Mummy managed to catch videos of YOG in action

Lots of school children along the road watching the event ... seemed like a school activity, but pity the kids since they had to stand under the hot sun (abt 3 pm) for almost an hr before we saw the torch bearers

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy 45th Birthday, Singapore

This year's national day, besides the parade at the Padang, there are 5 other locations in the heartlands where celebrations are held. Therefore, we decided to join the celebration by going to the nearby Choa Chu Kang celebration.

The celebration started at 5 pm, and we reached there at about 540 pm. See the big stage in front of the HDB flats ... and there were 2 big screens on either side of the stage so that people at the back can still see what was happening on the stage

And the place was super crowded ...

Man basket crane was used for the production / filming crew ... tough work

And yes, you got it. The block of flat just behind the stage had all the Singapore flags fully displayed for all to see ... of course lar, otherwise the MPs will lose face

And a big banner wishing Singapore 45th birthday, peaceful and secure

I saw everyone had a Singapore flag in their hands, so I wanted one as well. Since we did not have any coupon, we were not entitled for the goodie bag (which contained the flag). Daddy and Mummy had to go around asking the organizers if they have any spare flag for me, but to no avail. Luckily, Mummy saw one flag stuck to one of the scaffold, so the organizer agreed to take that out and give it to me. Although it was a little spoilt, I was totally happy, waving the flag around with the others.

Since it was near dinner time, we went to Lot 1 shopping centre for a quick dinner. Long John Silver has this Ramadan special meal promotion. Two sets of grilled salmon and chicken (with rice and 2 sides) only cost $9.90. And the salmon was larger than those you ordered from the food court Japanese bento set !!! Yummy !!!

After dinner, we wanted to go back to the celebration, but realized that I could also catch a good view by watching it from the other side of the road (just outside Lot 1 shopping centre). So we watched from there for quite 20 mins, before Daddy and Mummy decided that we can watch the telecast of the parade in our comfortable home.

We took the MRT home (just one stop away) ... saw the parade just now, with all the soldiers smartly dressed .... and I followed suit

Immediately when I reached home, I switched on the TV and glued to it .... Daddy and Mummy were right .... best way to enjoy the celebration is to eat grapes while watching the parade on the sofa !!!

And finally, I heard my "Five Stars Arising" national day song. That is the song the school taught us this year to celebrate the national day. But because of the high number of HFMD cases in school, the celebration in school was cancelled

And how can we complete the celebration, without any dance ???

And of course, I need a dance partner .... who else, but Daddy !!!

Happy Birthday, Singapore .... and more to come

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

National Museum of Singapore Adventure

Since 9 Aug is Singapore's 45th birthday and also a public holiday, Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me out to have fun and also celebrate the nation's birthday. Mummy checked on the internet the night before that the National Museum of Singapore will be having free admission on 9 Aug, so we decided to make that our destination

So early in the morning, we changed into our clothes ... and to join in the spirit of the nation's birthday, we dressed ourselves in the national colours : red and white !!!

Tada, see the matching colours. Daddy decided to wear the red polo tee that 叔叔 gave to Daddy as a present, but Daddy never had the courage to wear till now. Ha ha

And see Daddy and Mummy in matching colours also .... just that Mummy did not have white bottoms, so had to substitute with jeans.

We had breakfast at the Bukit Timah Food Centre, before going to the National Museum of Singapore (NMS). Parked our car at the Atrium, since it was $2 per entry. So we had to walk over to the NMS. On the way there, we passed by a big field with different Olympic designs, so I insisted on taking photos.

Lifted my care bear with ease !!!

And I know how to cycle as well !!!

Finally, the NMS in sight !!! Has been a long long time since Daddy and Mummy stepped inside the museum. And of course, my first time

So have to take a family photo outside the NMS, dressed in the national colours

The main reason why we went to the NMS was that it was free today !!! And at the same time, there were going to be activities for the kids, so that would be the best way to keep me entertained !!! The game card, which at the end of all the activities, would entitle us to 1 tikam-tikam (the old version of toto)

And we had to complete all 7 activities, with no time limit

One of the activities : Fishing. Mummy and me gave the first try, but in the end, caught nothing. Daddy and me gave it a second try, and we came in first !!! Hooray !!!

We went to the badge making counter after that. Each of us chose a design and we did our own colouring ... look how serious I was, making sure I did not colour outside of the lines.

Once we have added our colours, we gave it to the helpers to transform the designs into badges !!!

And tada, Mummy helping to put the badge on my blouse

And how did I look ? Nice right ? I made the badge all by myself

And Mummy also had one. She chose a hopscotch design while Daddy chose a trishaw design.

Daddy and I went to try our luck at the shooting game, but failed to hit any targets (only one trial allowed, so how to hit target ???)

We went to the face / body painting section on second level. And yes, I want my Leo to be painted on my hand, since this is the YOG season now

Err ... doesn't look like Leo leh .... Guess what picture did I choose in the end ???

Should be more obvious now ...

And yes, the final product .... Thomas the Train !!! Did a ast minute change, from Leo to Thomas

And the most interesting part has to be this Dress Yourself Up activity. The theme was Back to the Sixties, so of course, we had to dress ourselves up in that era

With the accessories on, can you still recognise me ??? That was the in-thing in the sixties !!!

And with the costumes on, can we pass of as folks from the 60s ??? But to take this photo, we had to queue up for quite a long time .... Mummy said I looked more like a doll, while Daddy looked like his hair got electrocuted.

And while waiting in queue, we saw this interesting mechanism at the ceiling. Not driven by electricity, but by wind power

After all the games, we went to the museum exhibit proper. Since it was close to lunch time, we had to zoom through the exhibits. Saw this exhibit on how tailors worked in the past ... and Daddy told me 奶奶 had these at home .... she used to make clothes for Daddy, 姑姑 and 叔叔

And the antique sewing machine ....

While Daddy and Mummy looked at the exhibits, I just loved to take the headphones available to listen to what was played ... and Daddy wondered whether my ears or my cheeks were listening to the recording.

After all the fun, we went to redeem our completed game card at the tikam-tikam counter. See the old style game. The rule was each person will try his luck and peel off one pink stub. Open the pink stub to look at the number hidden underneath. Match the number to the blue stub provided. Peel off the blue stub and match the picture underneath to the dinosaurs provided in the yellow section. That will give the points I won !!! Sounds complicated right ??? ha ha

So a picture tells a thousand words ???

The prizes for the tikam-tikam are as follows

And in the end, I won the Apollo Chocolate Wafer Cream, ie. 20 points only. Admiring my prize, since I have not seen this before

And being innovative, I took that to be my camera. Ha ha. Say cheeze ....

Since Plaza Singapura was nearby, we walked over for lunch and then had my afternoon nap there ... and the evening celebration would have to be Part 2 ... to be continued