My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Art and Craft Masterpiece

Finally brought back some of my art and craft masterpieces from my school.

See the little shaker that I made for National Day performance .... using a plastic bottle, some coloured strips and paper .... filled with beans to make sounds when I shake it

See me performing for Daddy at home since he missed my performance when he was on business trip

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Messing Around

This morning, I was supposed to go to Auntie Esther's place for a swim ....but the weather turned out to be real bad .... raining heavily ....

So I got so bored at home ... that I decided to do a bit of messing around on Daddy and Mummy's bed .... and lent a 'helping' hand to Mummy.

Using Daddy's singlet as my pants ...

See how well Daddy's socks fit my tiny legs .....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Little Kaypoh

Today is shopping day with Daddy and Mummy again .... and this time, at IMM Daiso. As usual, my 'auntie' personality comes again.
Helping Mummy to carry the basket .... 小儿科 !!!

Errr .... how come getting a bit heavy .... *sweat* (note distortion on facial expression)

Let me take a rest and do some adjustment .... cannot give up so easily

Use both hands to spread the weight ... aren't I smart

Who cares about the basket when I have something more interesting to play with ...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

HortPark Adventure

After hearing so much about HortPark, Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me to there today.

Arrival at HortPark .... see my pouting expression (and more to come)

Before the adventure starts, Little Kaypo Ting helping Mummy to buy a drink from the vending machine and pass to Daddy ...

While Daddy and Mummy were having breakfast, I decided to explore the surrounding on my own ... with both hands in my tiny pockets (pouting expression still there) .... Dun I look more like a boy with this short hairstyle ???

The place was very crowded because of a company family day going on there ...

Daddy brought me into the air-con room, while waiting for Mummy to finish her breakfast (notice my pouting expression again)

Errr .... am I supposed to go up the slide from this direction (pouting again) ???

My first time on a see-saw, with Mummy on the other end of it (still pouting) ...

'Pole' dancing, using a rope as substitue ....

Unfortunately, the rain came and my adventure ended ..... no time to explore the other areas. Will ask Daddy and Mummy to bring me there again next time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rudolph the Red Nose Jing Ting ?

Guess what happened in my childcare today ???

I was bitten .... by ..... a toddler boy older than me called Jun Rui .... and guess where .... ON MY NOSE (of all places !!!!)

This morning, Mummy received a call from my childcare saying I have been 'attacked' ... Jun Rui wanted to kiss me, so when he came towards me, he opened his mouth and sank his teeth on my nose instead .... you should have seen how I cried !!!

The teachers immediately separated Jun Rui from the rest of the kids and put ice pack on my nose to heal the bruise before applying antiseptic lotion on my nose ....

Now I look like Rudolph ... with a big red bruise on my nose, and some red blood wound at the lower part of my nose .... can imagine how much strength Jun Rui used ...

Daddy and Mummy were so shocked to see how bad the damage was, when they went to fetch me home. They only heard of kids biting others on hands and legs .... never imagine biting on nose and ears !!! (Daddy said this sounds like Mike Tyson in boxing competition) !!!! According to 宋老师, Jun Rui has a past history of biting people on the ears and over the weekend, his mother just gave birth to a newborn so the teachers suspected that must have provided the trigger for him to bite his frens again .....

Daddy, Mummy and all my family members were so upset ..... dunno whether the bite has hurt the bone cartridge on my nose, whether the wound would be infected, whether there will be scars left behind, whether I will get phobia of going close to frens and interacting with other people etc .... 宋老师 said the school has informed Jun Rui's parents that they need to send him to some other childcare instead to avoid further occurence ....

After school, back at home, I behaved pretty normal, except for my ugly appearance ... so Daddy and Mummy wanted to make sure I am not affected by the incident so they sang my favourite song and see if I can follow the actions ....

I passed with flying colours (of cos lar, my favourite song)

Then they decided to test me with familiar words and see if I can perform the actions ....

Flying colours again .... Daddy and Mummy concluded that I am still my usual self, forever a happy and cheerful toddler .... just hope that no infection, no damage to bone cartridge, no scar left behind ....

爷爷,奶奶,姑姑,叔叔,公公,舅舅,舅母, dun worry, I am alright .... still happy-go-lucky !!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"So 小姐"

Today, Mummy said I am "so 小姐" that she sees me also buay tahan !! Ha ha.

Really "so 小姐" meh ? Just one hairclip, some flowery blouse, a skirt, a lacey pair of socks and pink handbag only mah ... Once in a while must show the demure side of me wah ... otherwise, how to find boyfriend in future ??? What to do, Daddy is my fashion consultant today ...

Mummy said I really look so "so 小姐" in this photo ... pretending to look down and shy of camera ...

Perfect Slide for the Mini Me

I just loved going down the slide .... Daddy and Mummy brought me to many different playgrounds for me to try out the slides ....

Finally found one perfect slide that suits me ... one that I can climb up the slide by myself and go down the slide without hurting myself !!! And this is on Paragon top level !!!!

Went down the slide for almost 10+ times today ...

Was so tired yet exciting that I missed my afternoon nap ... in the end, conked out at 730 pm in the car on the way home

My Best Friend

Remembered my previous post on "Daddy vs Barney" .....

With Barney around, Daddy 得靠边站 !!! Ultimate proof of Barney as my best friend !!!


Daddy bought a pair of mini sunglasses for me .... but then, this is still too big for me .... took off the sunglassess within 5 seconds cos everything looked so dark with them on ....

Wasted Daddy's $$$. Ha ha. But Mummy managed to take a photo of me with the sunglasses on.

你在拍我吗?要收广告费的喔 !!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Crabs and Fishes

Daddy pushed me in a trolley down NTUC and I saw lots of seafood ...

So I showed Daddy what I learnt about crabs and fishes (鱼) !!!!


Daddy wanted to test my counting skills .... of the numbers 1 to 10, I managed to 'say' the last 4 numbers (Must really listen carefully) !!!

SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, TEN (the loudest of all)

Whoever said must start learning from 1 ....

Changi Airport Terminal 3

Today is the BIG day !!! The day that Daddy is returning from his business trip after 2 weeks ...

So early this morning (even earlier than my normal school day), Mummy woke me up so that we can prepare and go to Changi Airport Terminal 3 to fetch Daddy .... 奶奶,爷爷 and 姑姑 decided to come along since they were free at home.

We reached Terminal 3 before the plane landed, so I started my little adventure around T3. Wow, the place is so big and bright, perfect place for me to roam about and wander without knocking into people or structures.

爷爷 just changed his handphone so he still has not figured out how to do a proper video recording ... so sorry, you have to slant your head while watching it. See how I was trying so hard to chase after 姑姑 ... and to live up to my name as Little Miss Vain, I have decided to have my hairclip on .... just one head accessory not enough ... so here came my little pink handbag (thank you Auntie Esther !!!!).

Wanna make a guess what is inside that ??? Money ?? Cosmetic ?? Stickers ??? Correct answer is ... AIR !!! Meaning empty inside lar !!! But look cute carrying it, can already. With one hand holding my sippy cup and the other holding my pink bag, look Auntie or not ????

My favourite corner is where the metal railings are ... where I can take a rest, look over to the lower level and have a bird's eye view. Mummy said I am so noisy when I run about .... err ... got it from Kate Jie Jie ??? Ha ha

Then Daddy appeared !!! He missed me so much that he carried me all the way and refused to let anybody go near me, not even my favourite 姑姑. Anyway, I missed him also ... we went for breakfast .... since Daddy had his breakfast on the plane, he brought me around T3 for adventure No 2 ....

But Daddy was so bad !! Wanted to check me in as a luggage !!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Covergirl II

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Credits: These 2 nice pictures were taken by Uncle Bernard. Thank you!


Fake Magazine CoversVote for this MagazineEmail this to peopleNovelty Gift

My First Performance

Today, we celebrated National Days in my childcare. All the children put up a performance and parents were invited to join in the fun. Mummy rushed down from work to watch my 1st ever performance. Mummy was late, so when she reached, I was already getting all ready to perform.

This morning, I woke up early to prepare for the big day. Everyone is supposed to wear red and white, so I wore my red qipao with white pants, like Vietnamese dress.. I even wore matching shoes!! nice or not??

OK, the video quality is really bad, cos Mummy was using her hp. And because she was late, she couldn't get a good position to video my performance... so you just have to bear with it lor... All the children in this item are in the toddler class (19-24months). Since I just turned 19mth last week, I'm one of the youngest in the class. But there was also Jolene 妹妹 who is from the infant class who just joined in the fun. In case you can't make out which one is me, I'm the one who kept moving front and back, and was repositioned twice by the teacher :P Mummy say I really like to 抢风头, stepped in front of everyone.

Although it was just a short and simple performance, Mummy was really very touched while watching my performance. Her Baby has grown up... she's so proud of me :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My first sentence

For quite a few weeks, Daddy and Mummy could not decipher all the jibberish sounds that I made ... until when Mummy brought me to Auntie Esther's place for some fun .... And Auntie Esther really lives up to her name as an expert in childcare education !!!

When I was there, I started my usual jibberish sounds and then Auntie Esther pointed out to Mummy :

Did you hear that ??? Ting said :"Wow ! What's that ?"

Mummy was so shocked that I had to repeat what I said .... Mummy wondered where I learnt that from .... err ... I also dunno .... luckily, not some vulgar words, otherwise Mummy sure faint. But this signify a new phase in my language. I am able to link words to form a sentence. But now I still say single or 2 words most of the time.

Here're the words that I can say:

Wow! What's that?
Daddy is here
Thye Tai is here (Ms Thye Tai is my form teacher)
Daddy 的
Yee Ya Yee Ya O! (Old MacDonald has a farm....)
奶奶(milk milk)
Ma-Ma (grandma in cantonese)


鱼(complete with actions!)
不要 (in cantonese!)
美美 (refering to the hairclip on my head!)
再见 (not very good yet)
meow meow
woor woor (woof woof)
mum mum (food)
car car
Bye Bye
No more
Beep Beep
Wet Wet
Star (pronounced as Ssss Tar)
Recognise and read Alphabets B & C ( I just can't pronounce A properly!)
6,7,8,9,10 in English. I just can't count from 1-5... :P

Little Miss Vain

When I was still a little baby, Daddy and Mummy liked to put hairpin on my hair so that I can look cute and pretty, more like a gal .... since I was still blur blur, so I let them do whatever they want with my hair .... how to have any sense of fashion when you were only 1 year old !!!

Then I grew up and decided no accessories on my hair ... everytime they tried to put one on, I took it off .... still no sense of fashion, but at least got character.

As of today, Mummy officially labelled me as Little Miss Vain. WHY ??? Because this morning, as usual when Mummy dress me up, ready to go to my childcare, I saw the hairclip on the table and refused to get out of the house, until Mummy put one on my hair !!! Mummy almost fainted .... only go childcare, still must wear hairclip. Really a Little Miss Vain.

And now whenever Mummy wants me to wear clothes I don't like, I will cry and scream my head off, and I will point to the one that I want to wear. But sometimes Mummy will win cos she'll force me to wear it...... haiz... I thought Singapore is a democratic society mah... I have human rights one leh.... I want to choose my own clothes!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Daddy vs Barney

I have really grown up .... this time while Daddy is on business trip, I really missed Daddy a lot ....

The first night without Daddy, whenever I heard the noises outside the house door (cos our neighbour returned home), I would point to the door and said "Daddy". Then I would wake up in the middle of the night and asked for Daddy. Even my childcare teacher, Ms Thye Tai told Mummy that I called out for "Daddy" in the middle of classes ....

So Daddy called home every night before I tucked into bed so that he can hear me say "Daddy" .... and I was so happy .... but then there is "someone" more important than Daddy that I will devote 100% attention.


If Mummy plays the Barney DVD, nothing can distract me from the show, not even Daddy !!! Barney is still more important !!! Ha ha. Daddy, dun get jealous OK .....

Up till now, Auntie Esther still could not figure out why I like an ugly purple creature so much !!! Sigh !!!

Daddy, I will see you in 4 more days !!! Hooray !!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I made this when Mummy was preparing my lunch today.... Mummy was wondering why I was so quiet and didn't go and disturb her. Earlier, Mummy made the 1st and 2nd layer for me... then left me to play on my own.... When she came out after she finished cooking my lunch, she was pleasantly surprised to see my creation. Before today, I would only stack the same type of blocks up..... but now I can create different shapes and definitely much more complex.... Mummy suddenly felt that I've grown up.... She's so proud of me :)

Contrast this to the one that I made last month (the one on the left).

Barry's 1st month celebration

Today, Mummy brought me to Mandy Jie Jie's house. It's her brother, Barry's 1st month celebration. But the "star" was either sleeping or drinking milk the whole time leh... so it felt more like a toddler's gathering instead. Mummy say new borns are like tat one... last time I also eat sleep eat sleep... she had more peace.... really meh?? You mean all I did was eat and sleep? I never played??! Dun remember liao! And this Mummy hor, was so busy yakking and eating, she actually forgot to take a photo of Barry!!! But he is really cute doesn't look like he came out early at all!

I was playing with Mandy Jie Jie's toys.... hehehe... I was so guai, actually left Mummy to yak and eat while I play....

Drawing with Natalie Jie Jie

Playing with the drums.... Auntie CF says it sounds like Malay wedding WAHAHAHA!!!

Daddy, I know you're going to complain that there are so few pictures. Uncle Bernard (Mandy's Daddy) took lots of pics... you patiently wait for him to update Mandy's blog lah.... Mummy was too busy yakking and eating :P

Edited: Look at Mandy's blog for more pics here

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Visit to Auntie Esther's House

Since Daddy is travelling, Mummy brought me to Auntie Esther's house for some fun this morning. Auntie Esther renovated her house recently. so when I was there, I was a little confused as the place looked so familiar yet different. But I only took 10min to warm up, especially when Auntie Esther took out my toys that she bought me when she was looking after me 6mths ago. Ah..... what sweet memories.....

I also had my lunch there. Auntie June cooked me drumstick and spinach with soup and rice. Yummy!! I fed myself and finished one big portion. Auntie Esther was so impressed with me and said I was a smart girl. And Auntie Esther gave me a shower as I was so sweaty after running around the house...

Now what was I doing the whole day?? Auntie Esther has 3 dogs - Pebbles and Sugar are small, and Waffle who is soooooo huge!! My best friend is still Pebbles.... I kept running around her.... and I think she likes me too!!

Daddy, when you're back, can I go Auntie Esther's house every week? I want to go swimming and play with Pebbles.