My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

唐诗 Song ???

This is how I learnt my 唐诗

And I invented the rap version by adding a "hey" behind every verse !!!

Felt that it sounded better but think 公公 will faint if he hears that ... ha ha

Monday, March 29, 2010

Celebrate 爷爷 and 奶奶 Birthday

On Sunday, we went to celebrate 爷爷 and 奶奶 birthday at Waraku Marina Square. Japanese food is my favourite and also healthy for 爷爷 .... since 奶奶 kept nagging 爷爷 to eat more healthily

As usual, I ordered the kid's meal and it came with a free toy ... different from all those that I got before. This time, it was 2 bottles (milk and orange juice). And when I inverted the bottle, the contents inside the bottle just disappeared ... just like MAGIC !!! Of late, I grew to love magic, especially since I watched the magic shows in 综艺大哥大 .... now I can also perform magic tricks !!

Since Daddy has some reward points that were going to expire, so he used the points to exchange for a carrot cake from Shangrila Hotel, the Line Shop. No cream on top so that I can eat as well ....

Time to sing the birthday song

And after that, blowing out the candles !!! See all the strength that I used to blow out the candles
Cake cutting ceremony with 爷爷 and 奶奶

Eyeing the cake while Mummy took over to get everyone a piece of cake .... I want my share to be a big one, since now I can eat cakes that are specially made by Mummy

Err ... how come everyone has a piece of cake and I am still waiting for mine ????

Finally got to eat the cake !!!! See what was in my mouth !!! Yummy yummy

And the best thing is I get an angbao from 爷爷 and 奶奶 even though it was not my birthday !!! Ha ha
Playing with the cinnamon stick that came with the cake as decoration .... simple fun yet enjoyable !!!
爷爷 and 奶奶, happy birthday !!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Swimming

Daddy brought me for swimming over the weekend again .... to reinforce what I have learnt in school. Only did he realize that I prefer 'walking' in the waters, instead of swimming in the waters .... looks like the school fees that he paid for my swimming classes has not earned any returns yet .... ha ha

So for the half hr that I spent in water, 20 mins of the time I spent walking and the precious 10 mins, Mummy managed to capture me actually 'swimming' on video

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Simply Atrocious

Some people really shouldn't drive a Mercedes if he can't bear to pay $1.07 .... or as a matter of fact, shouldn't drive any car.

We went to IMM Daiso to get some stuff. After getting all the stuff, we went to the carpark to pick up the car to go home. IMM has 3 hours free parking for first time entry. However, for subsequent entries, even within 3 hrs, people will have to pay accordingly. This rule was changed quite sometime back last year and notices were placed at the entrance to remind all shoppers of this change.

So when Daddy was waiting at the exit point to get out, there was this black Mercedes in front of him. Sitting inside the car was this middle aged couple, with the man behind the wheels. The LED display board showed he was charged $1.07 parking fee, telling him to insert cash card in the IU. However, he was having an argument with the security guard. Since he has not paid up, the barrier remained down. Cars started to pile up behind .... 5 mins passed and he was still arguing with the security guard .... more cars piled up .... and more honking sounds from the back

The first security guard called for help and 2 more security guards came .... one of them helped to get all the cars behind him to reverse so that the Mercedes can reverse and park some place to settle, but the stupid driver refused to reverse and carried on arguing with the security guards .... and the reason for the argument was that he refused to pay the $1.07 parking fee since he parked less than 3 hours. The security guard told him that it was his second entry so the 3 hours free parking was no longer valid. But the stupid driver kept insisting that he only went to pick up his medicine at some pharmacy and was only for a short while and kept insisting that he was well within the 3 hours grace period. After 10 mins, the security manager came along, with a piece of paper. Apparently, he printed out the records, showing the driver that it was his second entry and therefore the 3 hours grace period cannot not hold. But the stupid driver still refused to drive his car away and stood there arguing ..... and more cars piled up, and more honking at the back. He simply refused to drive his car away !!! And there was this good delivery driver, who was so fed up (bet he must be rushing to deliver his goods from IMM) that he told the security guard that he will pay the $1.07 so that the stupid driver can just drive away.

Then finally the 'saviour' came (in fact this 'saviour' should have come much earlier) .... His wife got out of the car, got into the driver seat and inserted the cash card into the IU. Parking fee was paid and the barrier lifted. Think the driver knew he can do nothing now and told his wife to get back to the passenger seat and drove off finally. The security manager took out his handphone and took a photo of the car, particularly the car plate before the driver took off ....

All in all, 15 mins episode !!!! Imagine someone who can afford a Mercedes, but yet refused to pay $1.07. And this driver was at fault in the first place, not a mistake at all. He should have seen the sign at the entrance twice .... and even if he has missed that, it was his fault and should just pay up, instead of arguing with the security guard. Even if he insisted to argue until the cows come home, he should have reverse and park his car elsewhere, instead of blocking the exit !!! And his stupid wife can tolerate her husband's behaviour for 15 mins before she decided to do something. Daddy was so pissed off with the driver and would be more pissed off if that 15 mins delay would cause him to exceed the 3 hours grace period (think he would just run down that stupid driver) !!!

Did I mention that the Mercedes carplate was SCJ93XX, E220 series. Unfortunately Daddy and Mummy could not remember the last 2 digits .... otherwise, sure write to the newspaper and publicize this incident !!!

Daddy repeated :

Some people really shouldn't drive a Mercedes if he can't bear to pay $1.07 .... or as a matter of fact, shouldn't drive any car.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New Play Area

Since I am a big gal now, Mummy decided that I do not need to be 'locked up' in my play yard. So she decided to pass my previous play yard to 舅母 since 表妹 just learnt how to crawl so she can be safe in the 'locked up' play area. Ha ha ....
See my previous play area

So Mummy replaced my play area with a TENT from IKEA !!! She got the idea from Meagan when we went to her place during CNY. Here you go ....

A tent with my little kitchen next to it ... and that is where I cook

All my BIG friends nicely seated in the tent. Every evening when I come back from school, I will cook in my little kitchen for my BIG friends

And all my little friends cooped up in the drawer (sorry to all my little friends). During big gatherings, the little ones will then join the BIG friends in the tent. Ha ha

See how neat are my cooking utensils .... I keep them in the drawer once I am done cooking

I just love my new play area !!! And thanks Maegan for the great idea !!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bored ...

No, I am not referring to me .... it is Daddy and Mummy who are so BORED, that they decided to use me as a model again and try out different hair styles for me

Daddy did this .... a tiny pony tail at the back. Don't I look like a little Japanese gal ?

Then Mummy tried out 2 tails at the side .... she said I look cuter with this hair style ....

So while Daddy is taking a photo of me, I also take a photo of Mummy

Looks like this fun can entertain all of us for quite a while. Ha ha
So how, single pony tail or 2 ???

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hair Cut by Mummy

My hair is getting longer, especially the front portion. Kept getting in the way of my eyes ... so Mummy decided to trim my hair herself and save some money

Hair cutting 'ceremony' starts ....

Err .... Daddy, why you take my photo har ???

Close up shot ....

Eeee .... hair on my face and eyes !!!!

Making sure my mouth is super tight to avoid hair in my mouth

Mummy getting stressed while Daddy was filming .... luckily it was almost done

Monday, March 22, 2010

My New Bed

I have fully recovered from my HFMD .... went back to school when it reopened after the voluntary break. I was so excited to go back to school again and play with all my friends. Of course, my favourite teachers as well. Unfortunately, I will have to miss my swimming lesson this week since the school only reopened on Tues while the swimming lesson was every Monday. Anyway, it has been raining in the afternoon for the past few days so would not have been able to swim also. Never mind, ask Daddy to bring me for a swim on Sat morning !!!

Daddy measured my height recently and I have grown taller AGAIN !!! I was only 98 cm two weeks back but now, I have grown another cm within 2 weeks and stand at 99 cm !!! At this rate, I am going to burst the 100 cm mark soon (will look like bamboo stick soon since I keep growing in height but not in weight) ....

So Daddy and Mummy changed my cot and replaced it with a kiddy bed (from Ikea) that is good for 160 cm !!! So now, I have a normal bed like the adults, with more leg space. In order to make sure I dun fall off the bed, there is bed rail / guard at one side and Mummy placed soft mats on the floor, just in case.

See my new bed ... doesn't it make me look like I am now a little adult. Even have my quilt (came with my previous cot), and I folded the quilt myself in the morning after I woke up !!! Daddy taught me that the night before, saying that I must cultivate good habits and make my own bed in the morning. And I had to remind Daddy the next day that I need to fold my quilt before going to school. Daddy really has poor memory ..... ha ha !!!

See my Little Monkey sleeping with me at night as well.

Daddy and Mummy were so afraid that I will refuse to sleep at night, but keep getting off my bed for fun (since I sleep alone in my own bedroom). But their worries were unfounded. The first night, I slept soundly on my own in my new bed and only woke up the next morning (other than the one time when Daddy / Mummy brought me to toilet for my night toilet training) !!!

More stories to come as I slowly grow up ......

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Better .... Slowly

Finally, I got a little better .... ulcers in my mouth are not as painful as few days back. Started to eat rice that is cooked real soft (literally 吃软饭) .... ate leafy spinach and steamed fish .... after a few mouthfuls, I will complain that my mouth is painful, and refused to eat anymore ... but when Mummy said if I dun eat my rice, then she will make baby cereal for me, I changed my mind andd finished my rice eventually. Really hate mushy baby food .... and realized that throwing tantrums and 撒娇 really cannot work on Mummy. ha ha

Tomorrow, I will be spending the evening at 奶奶 and 爷爷 place .... and get to play with 姑姑 and 叔叔 again .... hope I dun bully them and refuse to eat my dinner ... ha ha

My school decided to voluntarily close for 5 days from Thursday to Monday since the number of HFMD cases has increased to about 10+. They will disinfect the entire school and hopefully this break will stop the spread of HFMD.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Confirmed HFMD

My friends in school have been down with HFMD, started with one each in K2 and nursery. So Mummy decided to keep me at home on Thurs and Fri. Thought it would be safe but when one of my good friends, Olivia, was also down with HFMD, then Daddy and Mummy started to worry, since we always hang out together, including swimming.

Then starting Sunday morning, I started to have a fever ... no red spots yet, hopefully it is the common flu ... then on Monday, I complained to "pain pain" in my mouth. And the doctor confirmed that I got HFMD ... more spots in my mouth, rather than my hands and legs. So I am back to being a baby .... Mummy cooked porridge, and had to mash it through the sieve to make it really smooth .... Daddy bought Heinz baby banana cereals as well. I had to be spoon fed milk and water as well.

Poor Joel, he also developed rashes on Monday. Looks like more than half of my nursery class is down with HFMD.

Hope I will get well soon and resume my normal diet.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


公公 bought a CD of Chinese songs and instead of my English nursery rhymes, I told Daddy to keep playing the chinese songs in the car. And surprisingly, there were a lot of chinese songs that 宋老师 taught me in school !!!

So before I go to bed, I decided to perform the song 咪咪小花猫 for Daddy !!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I can eat eggs now

Finally went for my Food Challenge at KK hospital. The blood test showed negative for my eggs, milk and peanut allergy, but the doctor said it was more prudent to do only the egg challenge first, then come back for milk challenge. The peanut challenge will only be done when I am 4-5 years old as reactions from peanuts can be very severe and the doctor feels there's no need to take the chance since peanuts has no real nutrition value anyway.

So Mummy prepared 2 hard boiled eggs, some steamed rice and my favourite pork floss for the food challenge. Did not have my Isomil nor any breakfast since the nurse told Mummy that I should be hungry and eat my eggs readily. Ha ha. So we arrived at 9.30 am and started the challenge. There was a dietian (who cut up the egg into small defined portions), a nurse who monitored my reaction as I ate the eggs and the doctor, in case there are complications .... and I was doing colouring, playing with toys etc, as I ate the entire hard boiled eggs over 2 hours (started with only egg yolk first) ....

No reaction from the eggs, except for some red spots around my mouth. But the doctor felt it was due to my bad habit of using my tongue to lick my mouth constantly, not due to the egg allergy. So after waiting another 1 hour after finishing the whole egg, the doctor declared that I AM READY TO EAT EGGS ANYTIME !!! The doctor told Mummy that she will schedule the milk challenge 2 months later and see my response. When I heard that, I asked Mummy to bring me back to KK hospital tomorrow, because once I pass the milk challenge, I CAN EAT CHEESE ALSO !! Ha ha

So after the food challenge, I went back to school in the afternoon. And the first thing I did was to go around telling everyone that I can eat eggs .... the principale, cook auntie and all the teachers were so happy for me, they came to hug me to congratulate me.

And now, I am happily eating omelette and CAKES .... catching up on lost time. Ha ha