My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Read By Myself

Learning to read a storybook by myself ....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

三字经 Revisited

When Mummy came back from her business trip, she decided to see if I have made improvement to my 三字经 ... and she was surprised that I have made really good progress ... efforts of 宋老师 !!!

But there is still quite a long way before I can recite the entire 三字经

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Evening Out At RWS / Sentosa

In the evening, I wanted to go and watch the Crane Dance, so we set off to RWS. When we reached RWS, we realized that the two cranes were under maintenance, so the show was cancelled. So we decided to explore the Sentosa island after dinner at Ramen Play.

Introducing the Merlion !!!!

Doesn't the Merlion look errie at night ???

We all tried holding the Merlion in our hands

I tried as well .... but somehow, I failed. Haha ...

Taking photos at the water feature

We saw the enclosure with lots of huge birds ... and this was where the various parrots had their performance in the daytime

As we moved up the escalator, we saw this nice place with huge flowers (not real of course) !!! And it was a perfect spot for photo taking again

We finally reached the top where the Images of Singapore museum is. Posing with the trishaw

And suddenly we heard loud bangs from afar, and then we realized it was the fireworks from Universal Studio !!!

And my mouth went wide open !!!

After watching the fireworks, we decided to take the monorail back to where we park our cars ... although it was just one station away. Haha

In the end, we left at about 945 pm. Since it is a Sunday the next day, I can sleep till later.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Learning New Words

I brought bread to school for breakfast and I shared with some of my classmates who were early. Unfortunately, the bread was limited so those who came later did not have any ... so on the way home, I told Daddy about this. And Daddy taught me 2 new words

Mummy, let me show you what I have learnt :

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just For Mummy

Mummy, this is just for you, in case you miss me ....

And Daddy was wrong about the gloves. That night, I had my gloves and socks on all throughout my sleep !!!! Haha

Dun have to worry about me .... I am fine with Daddy taking care of me ...

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Smurfs Movie

I told Daddy and Mummy that I wanted to watch The Smurfs movie some time back. So Daddy decided to bring me to the cinema on Sunday ... just him and me !!!

Daddy wanted to buy the 4:20 pm show so that I can watch the movie after my afternoon nap. But the counter guy gave Daddy the 2:10 pm show instead and Daddy only realized that when he left Jurong Point. So we decided to postpone my nap time

Daddy bought me barley water and a packet of Pokey so that I can have them during the movie. When the movie started, I was stil happily sitting in my big chair, laughing away and enjoying my Pokey. Even when the bad guy Gargamel appeared, I was still laughing away, especially when he was such a silly guy, always kenna injured by his own actions.

But after 30 mins or so, when Gargamel wanted to catch the little smurfs, then I did not like the show anymore and wanted to leave the cinema. Daddy had to sit me on his lap and tried to distract me with my snacks .... and in fact, I really wanted to watch the show as well. When only the smurfs appeared, I looked at the screen, but once Gargamel appeared, I started to whine and wanted to leave the cinema again .... haha

But Daddy managed to keep me throughout the movie until Gargamel got booted out of the Smurf Village by the smurfs ....

Conclusion ??? I do not like bad guys at all ... especially when they bully good guys .... like me !!!

After the show, we went back home so that I can catch my afternoon nap. And for dinner time, Daddy decided to go along with my suggestion .... and I told him I wanted to go to Jurong Point to eat at Moo Moo Cow, aka Lai Lai. Haha. Daddy wanted to persuade me out of going to Jurong Point. Reason is that would be his third time going to Jurong Point in a single day (1st time - to buy tickets, 2nd time - to watch the movie, and 3rd time - to have dinner).

But Daddy's persuasion skills were not too good (Daddy was trying to be really nice to me, I know) so we ended up in Jurong Point again. Placed my order with the waitress by myself.

And see how I enjoyed my favourite kid's meal !!!

Enjoyed myself that day !!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

叔叔 Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, we went to celebrate 叔叔 birthday. Saw the Groupon deal for BBQ at Shiu Yakiniku. So Daddy bought 3 sets of BBQ, while 爷爷 and 奶奶 will order ala-carte. Too much meat and also heaty, so 爷爷 and 奶奶 do not eat much of the BBQ stuff.

On the actual day, I drew a birthday card for 叔叔 ....

And the card presentation ceremony at the restaurant !!! Haha

And indeed there was really quite a lot of meat for the BBQ set, so we all shared

And I had a go at doing the BBQ myself

Had some difficulty manipulating the tongs; would need quite some strength at times ....

Happy Birthday 叔叔 !!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Charity Run 2011

Daddy went for his company's charity run for the second year. Same place in Chinese Garden. But this year, many of his colleagues did not join compared to last year. Nevertheless, for charity (since his company will match any contribution the employees make and match total distance the employees run), Daddy still formed a team of 3 with another 2 colleagues, Uncle Chester and Auntie Heng Nan.

When he arrived at the event, the turnout was really poor .... only a third of a crowd compared to the previous year. And Daddy made a comment saying that his team might stand a chance to be one of the winning teams .... haha.

Talking to Auntie Heng Nan while waiting for the flag-off

And the flag-off !!!

And indeed, Daddy was right. His team turned out to be the first in the 5 km team category !!!! Daddy thinks that this was a fluke result, because there were some colleagues who ran faster than his team .... but anyway, well done to Daddy, Uncle Chester and Auntie Heng Nan. So each of them got a medal. So this became Daddy's second ESRC run medal (first one was a bronze individual 5 km medal in 2006)

And some Takashimaya vouchers !!! Definitely worth the morning run. Daddy must buy 4D with the bib number. Who cares if that was a fluke result ... as long as Daddy spends the taka voucher on me !!! Haha

Taking a group photo together

Unfortunately, none of them won the top lucky draw prize, which was an iPad2. Next year, Daddy shall bring me along to join the kids run category ... a 1.2 km run. Will I ever reach the Finish Line ??? Haha

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My 全家福 : Daddy


And me (Daddy drew this picture while I drew the other 2)

Daddy needs to go for art class together with me ???

Monday, September 12, 2011


Since 爷爷,奶奶 and 姑姑 are in HK now, 叔叔 came over to my place for dinner on the actual day of 中秋节.

After dinner, I ate a teeny weeny piece of mooncake before I went downstairs with Daddy and 叔叔 (Mummy's sensitive nose acted up again due to the stupid Sumatran haze so she did not join us) to walk around with my new lantern. And this lantern was from 太姨婆. Different from the angry bird lantern that I had .... this one needed a candle to light up !!!! First time in my life that I have such a lantern.

So 叔叔 ended up carrying my angry bird lantern

And 叔叔 showing funny poses

And I tried to follow suit .... haha

And the serious Daddy and me

Then Daddy cautioned me that if my lantern ever go into flames, I was supposed to throw it away and not try to put out the fire. Then I went quiet for a while and told Daddy that I want to go back home. And I wanted to blow out the candle immediately. Was so afraid that my lantern would be burnt .... haha. So now it is 'resting' at home .... in a single piece

中秋节快乐 !!!