My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival Dance Preview

Mid Autumn Festival is round the corner and I have been practising hard for the performance on Thursday (unfortunately my school did not invite parents to come and see). So Daddy and Mummy wanted me to give them a sneak preview of the performance .....

So how did I fare ??? Notice how my extra large Barney singlet turned into a 'dress' for me at home ...

After that, I improvised my dance with a gadget ....

Will see if Daddy and Mummy managed to get a video of my actual performance in school tomorrow. Will be bringing my Xiao Ding Tang lantern to school for the celebration

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all ... and enjoy all the different types of mooncakes ..... I had my first taste of the little piggy mooncake ... yummy !!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

Today, I went with everyone to celebrate shu-shu's belated birthday and also Mid Autumn Festival. Was early for tunch so went Robinson for some toy "window shopping".

Daddy, can I relive my baby days and take a ride on this little car ???

I just loved buffet !!! Lots of variety .... and I definitely enjoyed feeding myself.

Funny poses ....

Errrr, how do I do that sign using my fingers ???

Huh ??? Taking my photo again ????

Yippee !!!

Taking photos outside Coleman's Cafe ....

Guess what am I engrossed with ????

The answer is .... playing the Spiderman game ....
Taking a photo next to the National Flower ....

Went to the Central to have dinner so that I can play with my lantern at the Singapore River at night. Saw a puppet show, featuring the story of Hou Yi and Chang E.

Playing with gu-gu while Mummy went to get my food

Was in a really happy mood that I ate my dinner pretty fast .... but of course, was running around while eating dinner .... ha ha.

But the main reason why I ate my dinner so fast was because of my after dinner snack .... see how happily Mummy was feeding me my snack ....

The healthy snack bar !!!!

After dinner, taking my lantern for a little walk .... in fact, I was the only one holding a little lantern (with an obiang music) walking happily down the riverside.
I was too shocked at first when Daddy used the camera and flashed at me ....

See how fast the bungie thingy went ..... gone in a flash up into the sky .... see until I became blur !!!

Enjoyed myself so much so hope I dun keep waking up in the middle of the night

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Colouring Fun

When Daddy was away on business trip, Mummy will keep me occupied by drawing pictures for me on waste papers and let me colour them ....

As usual, my favourite colour is green ... still needs practice to make sure I do not colour beyond the lines

But I got this picture correct for all its colour !!!!

Hooray, Daddy is back over the weekend, so Mummy does not have to draw too many pictures now !!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

On Sat, Mummy brought me to Auntie Esther's house. We stayed there the whole day as Uncle Johnson is also on business trip, so I went there to help keep Auntie Esther company (or is the other way round hee hee hee!)

She gave me some coloured ice-cream sticks and this is what I did with it.... I also did painting that's why I was wearing the apron... I was a good girl, I kept all the sticks into the original container by myself when Mummy asked me to....

Auntie June cooked yummy macaroni soup for me... and I ate the whole bowl of macaroni by myself.... followed by 3/4 of an apple... I fed the 1/4 apple to the dog hee hee....

After my afternoon nap, we went to Tampines Ikea. When they were shopping, Mummy kept me occupied the the trolley by giving me a brush to clean the trolley.... and I was real happy doing that!!

Then we had dinner at the ikea restaurant. The place was so crowded, took very long to find a seat, then after that the food queue was super long... I was so bored waiting for Auntie Esther to buy the food, I started to make funny faces....

I told Mummy I wanted pasta, but in the end I ate up the entire adult portion of Mummy's chicken rice ( 2 pc of fried boneless chicken thigh) and 1 whole bowl of rice and some veg... Mummy ate my kiddy portion of pasta :P And she agrees with me the pasta is not nice... no wonder I dun wan.... Mummy thinks I will grow up to be a food critic....

Mummy got me to wear the ikea disposable bib since I was going to have tomato sauce wearing white blouse... I actually willingly wore it!!! For the record, this is the 1st time that i wore a bib ever since I was 8 mths old... err... I think I dun even know what is a bib liao...

After Mummy cleaned me up and changed me into my pyjamas in Auntie Esther's house, I actually told Mummy that I dun wan to go home, want to sleep on Auntie Esther's bed. Auntie Esther actually wanted me to stay since Uncle Johnson is travelling, but Mummy is worried that I will cause Auntie Esther to have sleepless night, so still brought me home :( Nonetheless, thank you Auntie Esther for a fun-filled day!

The next day, I woke up very late, from all the fun the day before.... then went to Gong-gong's house as usual.... Had fun fussing around biao-mei.... then Mummy went out with jiu-jiu to buy something, and when she came back, she bought this - a vegetarian mooncake piglet that has no egg-glaze!! Mummy had been wanting to buy me one, but all the rest have eggs glaze, only this is vegetarian. As mummy was not sure if I like it, she only bought one for me to try .... Look at my happy face when I saw it!!!
After my afternoon milk, I quickly gobbled it down... could even tell gong gong that I ate the piggy's nose, no more nose already!! After I finished, I asked Mummy for more. She said she only bought one. I actually asked her " why you buy one only??!" (Actual words) Mummy was so amused with me.... Mummy promised that she'll buy more for me since I love it.... YEAH!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello Daddy!!

Daddy, this post is especially for you..... I've gotten used to you not being around in the house, although I still ask Mummy for Daddy everyday. But I'm eating, playing and sleeping like normal.... in fact I'm eating a lot better cos I don't bully Mummy... I eat my dinner all by myself..... Ok, enough words already, I'm sure you miss my cheeky face rt? Mummy took the pictures during dinner just now when I was eating my yummy chicken stew.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Daddy take aeroplane - 3rd Day

Starting Monday (3rd day that Daddy's gone), I started to miss Daddy more .... as usual went to school in the morning so my little mind was occupied with all the fun at school. Then came evening when Mummy brought me home. When I helped Mummy to lay out the table, I asked Mummy "Where is Daddy's rice?". When Mummy told me Daddy is not coming home today, I was initially ok. I was still happily eating my rice, but half way through the dinner, I suddenly refused to eat, not even my favourite pork floss can work on me. Mummy tried to coax me to eat my dinner and she finally succeeded by promising me that I can eat Jambu after dinner .... so managed to finish feeding myself dinner.

After dinner, Mummy tried to distract me from Daddy by wanting to do painting with me. I said OK but when Mummy brought all the painting materials out, I suddenly refused to do painting. When Mummy asked me what I wanted to do, I just stood there and refused to do anything (not even play with my toys). Then I started to cry .... Mummy knew it must be I missed Daddy .... so she told me to wait until 7pm Singapore time to call Daddy. I told Mummy that I dun want to talk to Daddy on the phone, I just want Daddy to come home .... Mummy feels I really have grown up and understands everything.

After I have talked to Daddy, I told Mummy that I want to drink milk !!! Imagine me asking for Isomil myself !!! Mummy was surprised but later realized why I wanted to drink milk so early .... because I thought the faster I drink milk, the faster I can go to sleep and the faster I can wake up the next day and see Daddy at home !!! After I slept, I kept waking up every hour, to check if Daddy has come home. Mummy was so tired explaining to me and coaxing me back to bed, so she gave up and just dumped me on her bed... I think I felt more secure and slept without waking up till the next day....

When Daddy heard that from Mummy, Daddy was so touched and felt so sorry for leaving me behind .... imagine such innocent thoughts coming from a little gal not even 3 years old .... how he wish he can fly home immediately ....

Daddy and Mummy hope that I will feel better the next few days ....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Daddy take aeroplane - 1st Day

Daddy is gone for his business trip again for 2 weeks. So for 2 days before Daddy flys off, he had a little chat with me (condition me) everyday, telling me that he will be taking the airplane to the US for work, cos he needs to earn money to buy books, toys etc for me. Told me to listen to Mummy and he will be back soon .... of course, I said "OK Daddy, I big gal now".

Daddy flew off on Saturday early morning. When I woke up, I did not see Daddy and asked Mummy "Where is Daddy ?". Mummy asked me back the same question and I replied "Daddy on airplane, go work (in Chinese)". Mummy brought me to NTUC for grocery shopping (sat in the trolley beating the Isomil milk tin like playing the drum .... and everyone laughed) and then to the library to read books. "Read" a total of 10 books !!! Ha ha. Then Mummy brought me to lunch and I really listened to Daddy, fed myself 3/4 bowl of rice, with chicken and vege.

Came back after lunch for a nap at home. After my nap and milk, Mummy brought me downstairs to blow bubbles. When we reached home, Mummy and I prepared ourselves to go to Auntie Verity's house for a gathering in the evening (since Auntie Dini was back from the States for a visit). When Mummy changed out of her dirty clothes, she passed them to me to throw into the laundry basket. I just love doing that. Then I saw Daddy's dirty clothes on the door knob.

Me : "Mummy, put Daddy's shirt there ?" (pointing to laundry basket)

Mummy :" Yes, please"

Me :"Cannot, wait Daddy come back cannot wear"

Mummy : "Daddy not coming back today"

Then I turned emotional all of a sudden and refused to put Daddy's clothes into the basket. Instead I hanged them back onto the door knob. I started to throw tantrums when Mummy repeatedly asked me to throw Daddy's clothes in the laundry basket. And I was so protective of Daddy's clothes, refused to give them to Mummy. So Mummy had to change tactic.

Mummy :"Shall we wash Daddy's clothes so that when he comes back, he will get clean clothes to wear ?"

Me : "OK" .... (happily)

I suddenly changed emotions and readily put the clothes into the basket. Mummy thinks I am now very sensitive with Daddy's things during this period, cos she thinks I am worried that Daddy will not come back ....

At the gathering, I enjoyed myself so much there, playing with all my cousins and forgot all about Daddy even when we went back home. Slept on my own without crying and did not ask for Daddy ..... think the excitement at the gathering put my thoughts on Daddy at the back of my mind.

Did not miss Daddy too much on Sunday as well since I went out with gong-gong and kai-po-po (just asked where Daddy was and then said OK)

When Mummy told Daddy over the phone on the dirty clothes incident, Daddy felt that I am grown up and can relate things easily. Can put 1+1 together to piece 2.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New "Maid"

Introducing the new "maid" of the house..... Mummy is still looking forward to the day that she can sit comfortably on the sofa reading the newspaper while I do the housework hahahaha....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Uncle Yuan Dong and Auntie Liu Li

Yesterday, Daddy and Mummy met up with Uncle Yuan Dong and his wife, Auntie Liu Li. Uncle Yuan Dong used to be Daddy's colleague in the past. And Auntie Liu Li just relocated back to Singapore from Shanghai. So Daddy and Mummy are happy for them that they do not need to be separated. Auntie Liu Li played a good host to Mummy when she went to Shanghai for her business trip ....

We went to Hanabi Japanese restaurant for lunch .... Daddy chose Japanese food because I just love Japanese food .... in fact, I took 4 sushi, 6 pieces of teriyaki salmon and 1 piece of grilled saba ... took some chicken also

Actually I met Uncle Yuan Dong and Auntie Liu Li a year back, but that time, I was still small so could not remember much .... Uncle Yuan Dong remembered that time I need to be fed by Daddy and Mummy, but this time round, he was impressed that I fed myself and left Daddy and Mummy to chat ....

I was eating my grapes after lunch and refused to give Uncle Yuan Dong when he asked for my grapes (never give face to him) .... in fact, gave to Auntie Liu Li ... ha ha ... so Uncle Yuan Dong had to "trick" me. Hope I did not scare Uncle Yuan Dong and Auntie Liu Li into not having kids ... ha ha.

Uncle Yuan Dong and Auntie Liu Li, 加油 !!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hide and Seek

As usual, Friday evening is the day I go down to 奶奶 and 爷爷 place for dinner .... and I always love to go down because I have 姑姑 to play with me after dinner !!!

So 姑姑 played a new game with me today : Hide and Seek !!! We used a small giraffe toy for the game. So 姑姑 closed her eyes, counted to 10 while I went to hide the giraffe. Then she will seek. But 姑姑 played cheat everytime. She will ask me where I hid the giraffe and I, being the innocent, gullible and honest gal ended up telling 姑姑 the location .... so she always found the giraffe with little effort ....

Everyone laughed at me and said I dun know the rules of the game .... in fact Daddy told me to lie to 姑姑 BUT how can ??? Kids must be honest right .... ha ha.

When my turn comes to seek the giraffe, 姑姑 never tells me the location and I have to find the giraffe myself .... but really fun tonight.

Look forward to next week

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I kept telling Daddy and Mummy that I am an adult (my favourite phrase now is 我是大人了) and no longer a kid anymore .... so when it comes to food, I want to eat like an adult.

No more meat, vege etc mixed into the bowl of rice .... I want to eat the dishes and rice separately .... and I want to use chopsticks to eat my rice (after several attempts with the chopsticks, I gave up and went back to using spoon to eat my rice .... only managed to eat few grains of rice everytime with chopsticks. Ha ha).

In fact, I finish my food faster using the adult way !!!

See the remains of the salmon fish after my dinner .... finished all by myself .... I can now compete with 爷爷 to see who can eat more salmon !!!!