My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sleeping Beauties

表妹 sleeping on the bed on a lazy afternoon ...
Me sleeping on the bed on a lazy afternoon

I insisted to sleep along side 表妹 on a lazy afternoon .... similar sleeping posture, right ??

Funny Faces

Funny faces ... aren't I cute ???

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Road Trip to Melaka

Daddy decided to take a break from work so over the weekend, we decided to drive up to Melaka .... we left the house at 7 am to beat the traffic. Took about 3 hrs, before we reach great grand aunt and uncle house.

The moment I stepped inside the house, I went ga-ga ... because there were so many cats !!!! Wanted to touch and sayang them, but the moment they saw me, they ran away .... one even hid under the table and refused to come out ....

So in the end, great grand aunt had to hold on to the cats so that I can "traumatise" them !!! Ha ha

We went for lunch before we checked into Mahkota Hotel.

Daddy, I want to take care of my own luggage ....

Are we ready to go up to our room ?

Daddy, dun put your face so close to mine ....

Finally, we reached our room ... a one bedroom apartment. The living area so that Daddy and Mummy can watch TV, eat tidbits in the living room after I have slept in the bedroom

The kitchenette, complete with stove and washing area ... a small dining table also. But since we were staying only for one night, we did not intend to cook. But actually, the hotel is pretty run down .... pity that they did not maintain it, otherwise the apartment will really be fantastic.

After my nap, we went to the nearby Pahlawan megamall ... the place is really BIG. Because next week is the Malaysia National Day, so there were some patriotic Malaysians giving out free national flags to the shoppers .... I took two and kept waving them about happily. People can easily mistake me for a Malaysian .... ha ha

Singing the Singapore national day song while flying the Malaysian flag .... ha ha

Then the ABC song ... I was really in a happy mood

Next stop was the Eye on Malaysia .... similar to the Singapore Flyer but smaller in size. One would have thought that this will really be a great tourist attraction, but the road signs to the Eye is really pathetic : small !!! If you do not open your eyes while you drive, you can just miss all the signs.

Upon reaching the place, there is really NOTHING there, except the Eye itself .... no proper shops and restaurants, just 3 tents selling local food and merchandise ....

Anyway, took a photo in front of the cubicle

The Eye on Malaysia from far .....

Tickets priced at RM20 each for adult. 50% discount for Malaysians .... much cheaper than the Singapore Flyer. Each cubicle can accomodate 4 persons comfortably but could squeeze 6 maximum.

The Eye on Malaysia turned faster than the Singapore Flyer .... and think the Eye made a total of 6 rounds before it stopped .... actually, Daddy and Mummy could not remember how many rounds exactly because after the first 2 rounds, it became monotonus .... the place was still under construction and the scenario was not really great.

We met great grand uncle for dinner at a Hakka restaurant .... the restaurant is a family owned business and the food was really great. Simple but yet great taste. After dinner, we took a walk down Jonker Street, where they have a parsa malam.

The next day, we had buffet breakfast in the hotel ..... took my milk before that, but I just cannot resist the food at the buffet spread ... so took a bit of lasi lemak with chicken sausage (great for Daddy since they do not serve pork .... Daddy has no affinity to pork. Ha ha). Then Mummy gave me some corn flakes and I got addicted to them ....
Daddy, dun disturb me .... I want to concentrate on eating my corn flakes

After breakfast, we wanted to go to the town centre to visit the St Paul's cathedral. However, it was drizzling so we went to Tesco for some shopping. Daddy and Mummy bought 9 Sebamed shower oil for me because each bottle is less than 50% of Singapore's sales price !!!
After that, we met up with great grand aunt and uncle for lunch. But before that, great grand aunt brought us to a Peranakan food fair organized by the Peranakan association

And we witnessed a couple doing the traditional peranakan dance ... really like the dance in the show "Little Nonya".

Had lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
After lunch, we drove back to Singapore to avoid the evening crowd .... really tired but just thinking of the cats was sufficient to give me sweet dreams !!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

十万个为什么 ?

The phase has come ...

I am now "problem kid", because I started my "十万个为什么 ?"


One evening, I told Daddy and Mummy that I want to eat sushi, so we went to a Sushi restaurant,

Mummy :"Ting, what sushi do you want ?"

Me :" Mummy, I want chicken "

Mummy : "Ting, they dun have chicken sushi. You want crab stick sushi ?"

Me :"Why no chicken ?"

Mummy :Because they dun sell chicken

Me :Why ?

Mummy :Because this is a sushi restaurant.... they normally have fish or prawns with the sushi....

Me : Why ?

Mummy : Just eat lah!!!!!


Mummy: *_*


Daddy went out to have dinner with friends one evening

我: 爸爸为什么没有吃饭?





妈妈:因为爸爸要去 gai gai

我:爸爸没有和婷婷一起去。。。。then tears started to swell in my eyes..... Mummy had to call Daddy to talk to me before I got pacified.... aiyo....


Whenever the part-time cleaner 姐姐 is here, Mummy will ask me to stay inside my play yard and cannot play balloon or ball so that I won't run around when she is mopping the floor. So far, I would comply without protesting. This week, I still complied and went inside the play yard as usual.

But I started to ask Mummy: 为什么姐姐来我不能玩球?

妈妈:因为姐姐要抹地, 地很湿,很滑。


On a Friday evening (normally the day to go to 爷爷 and 奶奶 place for dinner)

Me :"Today go 奶奶 and 爷爷 place"
Daddy :"Today, we are not going there"
Me :"Why ?"
Daddy :"Because we need to go home early today"
Me :"Why ?"
Daddy :"Because we need to wake up early tomorrow and drive to Malacca. So you need to sleep early tonight."
Me :"Why go Malacca ?"
Daddy :"Because we can go and visit your grand-aunt and play with her cats"
Me :"Hooray ... I like cats ... and dogs also"
Daddy *phew*

Looks like Daddy and Mummy are in trouble .... I'm really a 问题儿童

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Singapore Bay Run 2009

Congrats to Daddy for completing his first 10 km run (Singapore Bay Run)

EVENT: 10 Km Run Men
DATE: Sunday, August 16, 2009
TIME: 1h:1m:35s (gun) / 59m:20s (net)

See more details below ...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

National Day Celebration at Uncle Wilson's Place

Uncle Wilson and Auntie Peijin invited the Gessians (students from Gan Eng Seng School) to their house to celebrate National Day and of course, a class reunion / gathering ... Daddy and the other gessians have left the school since 17 years ago and still kept in contact with one another ...

Daddy met quite a number of gessians that he has not met since graduation ... here is Uncle Zhijie and his wife .... they stayed the next block to Uncle Wilson

Uncle Guochao .... he and Uncle Yaohui set up a music school ... so talented right ??? Err, can I go join for free ???? Ha ha

Err .... Daddy does not know how to take photos, only managed to catpure Uncle Yaohui's hair and his girlfriend.

See, the house is packed with gessians and their families ... Auntie Jiawei (in red blouse) is expected to deliver a little princess end Aug. In fact, she also stays in the next block to Uncle Wilson
Uncle Weiming, Uncle Shucheng (congrats to him and Auntie Peilin .... they are expected to have their first kid around Feb next year) and of course the host, Uncle Wilson

Uncle Wilson and Auntie Peijin have a dog at home ... so 'havoc' began with Joel and me, starting from the kitchen !!!!

Poor doggy, he must be wondering what are the 2 of us doing .... (Auntie Peijin was just amazed at how we can enjoy such simple fun)

From the kitchen, we proceeded to the living room .... See me and Joel running around the house, like 2 little 'monsters' .... hope we did not frighten Auntie Jiawei / Uncle Eng Kiat and Uncle Shucheng (Auntie Peilin did not go since she was not feeling well due to her morning sickness) that kids are really scary ... ha ha. In fact, kids are really harmless !!!!

Even the rattan resting chair at the balcony became a slide for Joel and myself .... .... see how innovative kids can get. In the end, I got some abrasion on my buttock for sliding down the rattan chair .... ha ha. Serves me right

A big thank you to Uncle Wilson and Auntie Peijin for inviting the Gessians to their house on National Day ... and accomodating Joel and me for messing up their house !!!


Today is Sunday, so we went to visit 公公 as usual. I spent most of my time trying to play with 表妹。

When Mummy was carrying her, I insisted on carrying her too.... but as I am too small, Mummy asked me to sit on her lap so that I can "carry" baby as well. I was soooo happy to be able to carry a baby!! WOW!

When Daddy carried 表妹, I got jealous so Daddy ended up carrying 表妹 in one arm and me in the other arm !!! Easy feat for Daddy

表妹 kept sleeping in the daytime but when night time comes, she kept waking up ... so I was tasked to keep 表妹 awake in the day .... therefore, I decided to put my nice vocals to good use .... SING to 表妹 so that she can wake up .... but no matter what I sang, still no use leh

After 表妹 has taken her milk, she was wide awake ... so I decided to sing to her again since she missed my singing earlier on ... ha ha

我爱表妹 !!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Outing with Joel !!!

Sat morning, Daddy and Mummy arranged with Uncle Telang and Auntie Winnie so that Joel, Camille (Joel's sister) and me can have an outing to the Animal Resort farm at Seletar West Farmway 5.

Daddy and Mummy had brought me there before, but since the place is FOC (other than buying food for the animals), we do not mind going again. Went to have breakfast at Kovan hawker centre, before proceeding to the farm

As usual, the very old pelican is still alone in his enclosure ....

Peacock walking here and there .... looks old as well

Uncle, are you taking my photo AGAIN ???? I want to feed the fishes, do not disturb me !!!

Joel's little sister, Camille .... maybe the weather was too hot and humid .... Camille just refused to smile for Daddy ....

Time to feed the rabbits .... at least Joel agreed to feed the rabbits .... most of the time, he refused to feed the animals or go near them (other than the fishes, ducks and geese)
I just loved feeding the rabbits ... but the way they nibbled the carrot, really use a lot of force ... tried to hold the carrot tightly but always failed .... even a rabbit has more strength than me ... ha ha

See me and Joel both in action ....

Saw 3 mummy rabbit gave birth to baby rabbits .... and some of them do not even have any fur on them .... really small and fragile !!!!

Next station, the ducks and geese. This time, we used bread as food .... threw the bread into the water, while we watched intensely how the ducks gobbled up the food

The geese were pretty violent when it comes to snatching food from us .... in fact, both the geese had to fight for the single piece of bread

Feeding the goat. Since Joel refused to go near, so I had to feed it alone

A new addition to the farm .... the last time Daddy and Mummy brought me there, the horse was not there. Daddy bought some hay to feed the horse. When the horse nibbled on my palm for the food, the touch was quite good, feels soft and no saliva from the mouth at all ....
Daddy decided to have a go at it also

After the animal farm, we went to the mushroom farm, which is just less than a minute drive down the road. This time, we managed to take a look at how the mushrooms are grown and cultured. Best thing is, the place is air-conditioned !!!! See rows and rows of mushroom ...

Shitake mushroom .... but from China. The person in charge explained that the shitake mushroom grows on sawdust logs. Preparing the logs takes 12 weeks since they have to be fortified with nutrients .... the shitake mushroom typically takes a week to grow and then can be harvested.

See the white spots on the mushroom head ?? They symbolize freshness ....

Temperature and humidity has to be right ....

Taking a family photo for remembrance sake ....

And for the first time, Joel FINALLY smiled !! And the reason is the place is air-conditioned and clean, unlike the animal farm ... ha ha.

The 3 kids together .... dun worry, the mushroom farm is still intact ....