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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Friday, December 31, 2010

4th Birthday Celebration - Round 4 (Science Centre)

On my birthday, Daddy and Mummy brought me to the Science Centre in the morning. This was the second time I went to the Science Centre. My first trip was in Jun 09 (when I was 2.5 years old)

I was immediately fascinated by the huge mechanical display outside the Science Centre.

Once inside, all the exhibits looked greek to me ... looks like I would really appreciate the exhibits only when I go to Primary School. So that day, I kept moving from exhibit to exhibit without really looking much at them ...

Wow ... smoke coming out of the hole ....

I can hear my own echo !!! And I shouted "Happy Birthday Jing Ting" !!! Haha

We went outdoors to the Eco-Garden, and saw a huge iguana in a cage !!!

And a big treehouse !!!

Went back indoors and saw this Rice Art Rangoli (Indian floor art).

Can somebody save me ??? And Daddy made fun of me by pretending to walk away and leave me there .... :(

And the polar bears habitat ....

I wore the skiing shoes (so as not to damage the white balls) and went into the supposedly polar bear habitat

Astro Boy (aka Kuan Jing Ting) to the rescue !!!

And there was this machine which can show how people look like at different stages in life. So this is how Daddy look like when he gets old

Mummy's turn .... when she gets old

And this is how I look like when I turn into 姑娘十八一朵花. Looks a bit like Mummy, right ?

And when I grow much older into an old woman ....

We also went to the Dinosaur Exhibition. Paid $2 each, and we should have guessed that the exhibition hall is quite small. Luckily, since at 1130 hrs, there was some kid's activities, so it was not tat bad ... did some colouring and some moulding

Since we have yet to play at the Waterworks, we had lunch at the nearby MacDonalds before I went to the play area. Of course the play area was not as huge as that at the zoo, but it was definitely the most interesting 'exhibit' at the Science Centre .... haha

Deciding whether I want to get near the water

And after much deliberation, I went into the water

And see how the green ball floated on the water , using the water forces to stay in place ... this is what I would have called "Magic" !!!

Taking a shower ....

And then I started to pick up all the pink balls (as much as my little hands can hold), and refused to let go of them

Only when the sky started to turn dark, then I discarded all the pink balls and went to bathe. Looks like I still have not gotten sick of the colour pink ....

After my shower, we went to 爷爷 and 奶奶 place so that I can catch my afternoon nap. While Daddy and Mummy went back to the Science Centre to go to the CSI : The Experience Exhibit. Think most people were on vacation, so the place was a little crowded. Had to queue up to look at the crime scenes and lab specimens. But it was a pretty good experience. In fact, after the main exhibit, when Daddy and Mummy exited the hall, there was another 4th crime scene that they can solve. This is supposed to be a local competition and Daddy and Mummy had to go to the website to solve the mystery, ie. find out the killer. There were also quite a lot of other puzzles and interesting booths outside the main exhibition hall for people to solve. If Daddy and Mummy were not rushed for time (was close to dinner time), they would have stayed longer to look at the puzzles. Verdict : worth going !!!

After so much activities in the past few days, my birthday celebration ended .... and I am officially 4 years old !!! And in a few days time, I am going to start school, attending K1 !!! No more playtime, but real study already .... sob sob

Thursday, December 30, 2010

4th Birthday Celebration - Round 3 (Zoo)

Since Daddy and Uncle Telang were on leave, so we arranged to go to the zoo together on 30 Dec. The night before, we checked the weather forecast and it predicted that day would have thunderstorm in the afternoon. Daddy and Mummy were debating whether we should go to the zoo or just go to cycle and fly kite at West Coast (so as not to waste the zoo tickets for half day adventure). In the end, we decided to give it a try and go to the zoo.

We reached the zoo at about 915 am, all ready to start our little adventure for the day, hoping that the thunderstorm would not come too early

As we stepped into the zoo, we heard this howler monkey from far ... their howling sounds were really loud and Joel tried to imitate them ....

We went to look at every animal enclosure (well, almost ..). And Daddy discovered this Growie giraffe, which was born on the same day as him .... haha, he never noticed this for the past few times that we went there.

Saw these beautiful flowers on the ground ....

Since the sky was pretty cloudy (but no sign of thunderstorm yet), we decided to go to the Fragile Forest in the morning, instead of after lunch. Maybe the butterflies were able to sense that rain is coming soon, so there were not a lot of butterflies around flying in the open (unlike normal days).

And we saw these lemur which were all curled up in their tiny home, not really moving around.

After the fragile forest, we headed straight to the Kidz World to watch the Animal Friend's Show at 11 am. See the 3 of us (kids) sitting in the same row

And Camille gave me a tickling sensation on my arm ....

Since tomorrow is my birthday, Daddy went to talk to organizers of the show and see if they could have me up on stage as a volunteer. And they were kind enough to agree.

When the show started, the gor-gor invited all the kids up on stage to do a dance. As always, I quickly went on stage. Asked Joel to join me, but he rejected me ...

And after the dance, every kid was given a pair of spectacle !!!

And when Jie-Jie asked for volunteers, she selected 3 kids, and for the 4th kid, she invited me up on stage !!! Hooray !!! And I did not know I will definitely be selected and was raising my hand up in the sky and jumping up and down to be chosen .... wasted my energy, haha.

Round 1 : See who can turn the hula hoop the longest, and the gal in pink won !!!

Round 2 : Holding the hula hoop in front and have the dog jump through them.

And this Jonathon gor-gor was so cheeky. When the Jie-Jie in green said lift the hoops higher, he really lifted it HIGH !!!

After the fun with the hula hoops, all of us were given spectacles as consolation prizes while the winner of the hula hoop dance got a stuffed toy (a white parrot). And surprisingly, since I am the birthday gal-to-be, I was also given a white parrot stuffed toy !!!

Proudly showing the white parrot to Daddy and Mummy ... another addition to my family of friends in bed

We continued to watch the Animal Show

And after the show, time to touch the dogs !!!

And this time, Joel joined me

We went for lunch at about 12 pm and the rain came !!! Really accurate weather forecast ... rain started exactly noon time. Luckily, the rain came to a drizzle and eventually stopped by the time we finished lunch, so we decided to go for animal feeding sessions

First stop was the rhino feeding area. Camille did not want to feed the rhino, but Joel agreed to feed the rhino with me .... Told Joel that the bananas were for the rhinos, not for him, just in case

And with some help from Uncle Telang, Joel did it !!!

And of course, I was an expert in animal feeding. No help needed, haha
Next was giraffe feeding time. This giraffe knew feeding time was near and kicked off the bar blocking him from the feeding area. Was ready anytime to eat the carrot

Joel did not want to feed the giraffe this time, so I did it by myself. In fact, I did not have to look at the giraffe, but kept looking at Daddy so tat he can take good photos of me. There was this Auntie who said I seemed not to be afraid of the giraffe at all, able to feed the giraffe without looking at him to make sure he did not attack me. Of course lar, seasoned animal feeder .... haha

After the animal feeding, we went to the water play area. Camille was too tired and slept in her stroller. So Joel and I went with Daddy to play the water slide, water fountains and water guns !!! Played for almost 45 mins, then the sky turned a little dark, so we went to bathe and change.

Since it was close to 330 pm, we decided to go home so that I can catch my afternoon nap at home. Slept from 415 pm till 530 pm, and then we were ready to go for BUFFET !!!

We made our way to the Grand Park Hotel City Hall for buffet, as a form of informal birthday celebration, just the 3 of us (Daddy, Mummy and myself). See I put on the hair clips that Uncle Qingrui bought for me from the States

Taking a photo with Daddy

And Mummy ....

And this time, with Daddy and Mummy together

I just loved chocolate fountain

And ice-cream !!! Especially those in pink

And as usual, I was like the Pooh Bear at the end of the buffet, with a mini tummy in front.

Took a photo of the big christmas tree in the hotel lobby

So we decided to take a little stroll to Raffles City Robinson to digest the food. Reached home at about 1015 pm, and by the time I was in bed, it was close to 11 pm .... really went past my normal bed time, but since I woke up late from my afternoon nap, it was OK.

And that night, the toy which accompanied me to bed was not my usual pink care bear, but my new white parrot toy !!! 喜新厌旧