My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is how I draw a crab ... after Mummy showed me once. Not bad for my first attempt right ??

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sesame Street 2010

Daddy and Mummy brought me to Sembawang Shopping Centre this morning ... and the reason is to let me watch my favourite Sesame Street show. I watched the Sesame Street Show in 2008 and 2009 (looks like I never fail to miss it), and although the stage was similar to that in 2009 (recycling is a good thing), the show was slightly different. Since we were early, I took a photo in front of the stage

Had lunch at SSC and bought some fruits at Giant, so that we can have receipts at least $30 and above to exchange for a pass to take photos with Sesame Street characters later.

Sitting comfortably in front of the stage, waiting for the show to start

And an ang moh gor-gor came out on stage to do some warm-up with us

And the show started, with all the cartoon characters out on stage !!! Singing and dancing

And Cookie Monster with the letter C, which stands for Cookies and Christmas

Elmo dancing on stage, but did not have my favourite Elmo Song .... they had that last year

And it was time for photo taking session with my favourite characters .... so up on stage ...

In front of my favourite Elmo

Bidded good bye to them ....

And down the stage, feeling very satisfied

And guess what I got as a present ?? Marigold milk (but made of constituted milk, instead of fresh milk .... Mummy said once in a while, it's OK, as long as I dun drink that everyday) !!! All the kids who went up stage had one .... that shall be for tea-milk (errr ... milk-break), after I have taken my afternoon nap

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This Time, It's Eggs !!!

Since I make a good helper in the kitchen, Mummy decided to let me try my skills again. This time, to prepare steamed egg. Gave me one egg so that I can break the egg in the bowl and beat it well. Ooops, dropped the egg on the floor the first time

Luckily, I was given a second chance, and I did a good job .... broke the egg in a bowl and beat the egg.

Because I did not have enough strength, I beat the egg rather slowly (compared to an adult), and the steamed egg turned out pretty good .... not so much cavities due to excessive air bubbles !!

Time to try out other chores in the kitchen

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Performance

My first 追偶像 target is the Strawberry Shortcake show since it is held at Yew Tee point, walking distance from where I stay.

So after lunch, it was just in time to catch the show. I am not that familiar with Strawberry Shortcake, so was not able to answer most of the questions, like

1. Where does Strawberry Shortcake stay at ?

2. What are the names of her friends and her pet

Nevertheless, everytime the question was asked, I raised my hand high up in the sky ... haha. Enjoyed myself even by learning the dance steps and learning how to make cupcakes

Because Yew Tee Point is pretty small, the stage was also small. Not much of a performance, but just have Strawberry Shortcake and her friends sang a song on stage for about 5 minutes, then it was time for photo taking session.

Looking forward to more 偶像 shows at other places, where the shows can be longer.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

姑姑 Birthday Celebration

Celebrated 姑姑 birthday ... and since it was a buffet dinner, I was the happiest of all. Reason is, I get to eat a bit of everything. Had main course with noodles, chicken, fish, satay, brocolli soup, vegetable. Then I went to my favourite bread with butter. Total 3 slices, with a thick layer of butter on top. Yummy. And since I grew to love ice-cream from my Japan trip, I had 2 servings of ice-cream - the first on a cone, and the second in a bowl

Had chocolate fondue as well, and fruits !!!! By then, my tummy has grew into a mini balloon. Mummy said it was like Pooh Bear's tummy ... haha.

And cake-cutting ceremony .... brownie !!!

Singing the birthday song

And blowing out the candle !!! I asked 姑姑 whether she is 1 year old .... since only one candle. 姑姑 said cannot reveal her age, so ....

Ate a slice of cake and then I asked for a piece of nonya kueh, before I left the restaurant .... in fact, 叔叔 ate a lot as well .... guess he is still a growing boy. Ha ha

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Chinese Song : 手指歌

Really learnt quite a lot in school .... another Chinese song taught by 宋老师. Heard that she might not be teaching me next year, as I progress to K1 class. So sad ..... will definitely miss her during class time, if that is true

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleep Time Can Be Fun

Everynight, Daddy and Mummy will try to get me into my room at about 830 - 845 pm, so that I can prepare to go and sleep by myself. They know I will take some time before I will fall asleep. I prefer to call it : 培养睡觉的情绪

Today, they finally understood what happened in my room, from the time I went into the room and the time I finally slept ....

This was what Daddy saw when he went into my room the following morning. There was this yellow bag on my bed, and the pillow case turned into white in colour overnight

Bed was clean and tidy, not full of toys clustered all around (first photo) compared to the night before, when all my toys were nicely placed on my bed (second photo)

So where did all the toys go ??? Kicked them underneath the bed ???

Of course not .... I pulled out the pillow case, and stuffed all my toys inside it ... there is where all the toys went to !!!

Daddy and Mummy did not know whether they should laugh or scold me .....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Babies Proms 2010 : I Conducted The SSO !!!

I missed the Babies Proms last year, since it was too late to get tickets (all tickets were sold out when it was opened to public for booking). This year, Daddy managed to get his colleague, Auntie Rena, to get the tickets earlier. She is a Friends of SSO and can get the tickets much earlier, before the public can buy (otherwise, it would be the same as last year).

Since the Victoria Concert Hall is under renovation, so this year's Babies Proms is going to be held in the Esplanade !!! And therefore the ticket price is also more expensive. Daddy spent a total of $75 for a family of 3 ... but it is worth it, based on the experience 2 years back. The conductor is Uncle Peter Moore again and he is really funny and entertaining.

We had a slightly heavier breakfast since lunch would be a little later than usual. Reached the Esplanade at about 1130 hrs, so that we can join the pre-concert activities. Took some photos at the Esplanade, outside the concert hall.

Free balloons given out to the kids, and of course I requested for my favourite pink flower.

The concert program for the day

Took a family photo, before we went into the concert hall

The concert hall was really beautifully decorated with balloons of all colours and shapes (of musical instruments and notes) !!! Kind of similar decoration as 2 years back.

Only difference is this year, I have my own seat (which also meant that I need a ticket), with a booster seat so that I can watch the concert easily.

Daddy brought me to the front of the stage to take a photo.

Then, the pre-concert story telling started, with this jie-jie on stage. She told a story about a bear, who ventured into a cave and heard echoes everywhere. The story was interactive with the audience, where she told us to repeat after her, to sound like an echo .... although it was a rather short time for the story telling session, but I enjoyed myself a lot.

Auntie Ling Ling and her family came after the pre-concert activities, but just in time for the concert. Phew !!! And thanks to Auntie Rena who bought the tickets for us, we managed to sit together, close to the stage

Then, Uncle Peter Moore, the conductor appeared on stage, and everyone applauded !!! The concert formally started with the introduction of the various sections of the orchestra (woodwinds, brass, percussion and the strings). As the orchestra played an excerpt from a musical piece, Uncle Peter interacted with us, either telling us a story which depicted the mood of the music piece, or some interactive actions that blended in well with the rhythm.

And my favourite musical instrument went solo !!! The Trumpet. I told Daddy and Mummy that I want to play the trumpet when I grow up, since Daddy plays the clarinet and Mummy plays the french horn.

And the magical moment that I have been waiting for .... the moment that I conduct the SSO !!! What happened was that, while we were waiting outside the concert hall, waiting to go in, one jie-jie came up to us and asked Mummy how old I was. Then she asked me if I want to go up to conduct the orchestra later on. Of course I said YES. In fact, 2 years back when I saw all the older kids go up to conduct, I have always wanted to do the same. So early in the morning, I did in fact ask Daddy and Mummy whether I can conduct during the concert. So it was a wish came true !!!

The orchestra was supposed to play "Can-Can from Overture to Orpheus in the Underworld" and I were going to conduct that piece (think this was the same piece that was used 2 years back). So Uncle Peter told me to bow to the audience first

Then brought me up on the conductor stand, where I stood on a stool

Gave me the baton and told me how to conduct

And there I was to conduct the orchestra all by myself !!! I did OK initially, then I decided to see if the SSO can do better by going a little faster, and a little faster ... and faster .... and faster ... and gosh, the SSO played like a speeding train !!! Everyone laughed and I enjoyed myself so much

Now that I have conducted the SSO, wonder when can I conduct the finest and famous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra .... heard they are coming to Singapore on 23 / 24 Nov .... so does that mean I have a chance ???

For the last piece, Uncle Peter invited all the children up on stage to be close to the orchestra members and stand beside their favourite instruments, while the orchestra played the piece. So I went to my trumpet section ....

The concert ended at 130 pm right on time, and I was really reluctant to go off .... but since it was past my lunch time, no choice but to go for lunch. On the way to lunch, I told Daddy I need to be carried, since conducting made me tired just now ... haha

Looking forward to next year Babies Proms 2011, and hope I can still have the chance to conduct the orchestra again