My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun at IMM Playground

Since Daddy needs to send his car for servicing at Toh Guan area, so we decided to go to IMM in the meantime while waiting for the car to be ready. And of course, I am the happiest since I get to go to the huge IMM playground !!!

Daddy was sitting at the side watching me from far (since this was not the first time I have been there. Mummy went into the shopping area to do something). He was meddling with his handphone and when he looked out, he panicked when he could not see me in the playground. Actually, I was doing rock climbing, which was out of his view .... and Daddy was pleasantly surprised that I could manage this all by myself (because I used to ask Daddy and Mummy for help when it comes to such things) .... and considering the rock was relatively tall and steep (had done a similar one but only half the height), Daddy thought it was quite an achievement for me !!!

The water play area started function at about 1030 hrs ... so I changed into my swimming costume and started my water fun !!! Daddy and Mummy were laughing out loud when they saw me washing my hair at the water jet area .... free hair wash wah, save water at home ... ha ha. Better still if there was shampoo !!! They knew I must have copied this action from some other kids

Finally after 45 mins of warm-up, I got the courage to stand near the water spinwheel to enjoy the water mist .... sigh, imagine such a long time for warm-up !!!

Enjoyed myself so much that I got tired and hungry ... ate 3/4 bowl of fish porridge and one piece of red bean 面煎糕 for lunch. Slept for almost 1.5 hrs in the afternoon !!!

Looking forward to Daddy's next car servicing .... ha ha

Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY Celebration in School

This year CNY celebration in school, all parents were invited to the celebration ... so the school booked a small function room next door for the event

Performance item by the playgroup .... see Trisha 妹妹 in the first row second from the left .... she is able to do every action (guess she is the oldest) with expression ... and Issac 弟弟 on the extreme left. He could also do most action, but without expressions ... ha ha. He looked quite lost in front of the audience. But the outer red jacket that he wore was really nice, suited him a lot. And Cherelle 妹妹 behind kept crying the moment she stepped into the function room .... think she must have stage fright, with all the eyes looking at her

Then came my class' (nursery) performance. We were supposed to do a skit on the story of Chinese New Year "年的故事" .... so Joel was acting the creature 年 and Kai Kai was the wise old man who would advise all of us (villagers) how to get rid of the creature. But Kai Kai had stage fright so he forgot all that he was supposed to say so 宋老师 had to say the lines for him (considering that we are only 4 years old, never cry in front of a big crowd was considered very good already. Ha ha). So all of us took out our drums and cymbals and started to 敲锣打鼓 to chase away the creature. And we also ran around the function room to scare away the creature .... Elise was the leader for one of the lions ... at least she knew what to do. Ha ha. And the creature was 舞狮...finally chased away and everyone cheered !! And that is the reason why people say "恭喜恭喜" when they meet one another, to congratulate them for not being eaten up by the creature .....

宋老师 was telling Mummy that during one of the rehearsal, Joel threw tantrums and did not want to act the creature 年 so 宋老师 asked who wanted to act that role. So I volunteered. Managed to say all the lines, but in the end 宋老师 said I was too 清声细语 to be a monster :P

Then the older K1 and K2 performance. Really more coordinated than the younger ones ... even the boys are not too bad

After the performance, there were games for the adult (parents) and us as well .... and Daddy volunteered with Nana's Mummy to form a team to play pictionary ....

And the finale ... mass singing by all children and teachers !!!! And the song that I have been practising for a long long time ....

This year's CNY celebration in school is really fun, especially when all parents are invited to the celebration. Hope they have this every year !!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Improvised Fun

Taking F&B vouchers that Daddy had and improvising fun with them .... what about taking food orders using the vouchers ???

In Mandarin, even though nothing on the vouchers were in Mandarin at all.

And how do I look in this ???

Sunday, February 21, 2010

'Reading' By Myself

Yes, I can take a story book and read by myself ... Daddy would prefer to rephrase that as taking a story book and inventing the story by myself .... ha ha

(taken at KK Hospital where I went for a follow-up appointment to see how my allergy condition is)

Not too bad right ???

Anyway, the doctor said my allergy has improved quite a bit, but still not totally out grown yet. Need to wait for the blood test results (since they are more accurate) and compare with the skin prick test results. If the blood test results also showed that my allergy has improved, then would need to go back for a "food challenge" test in the clinic and see what is my reaction to the allergens, ie. eat the food bit by bit up to the defined dosage and see if how bad my allergic reaction is to the food .... hope one day (soon ??), I will out grow my allergy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reflections ....

Daddy and Mummy decided to look back at some of my photos and see how much have I grown over the 3 years ....

One Year Old. Still having a chubby face, with baby look. Figured out that I have milk, egg and nuts allergy so food selection has been the emphasis since young. Hated Isomil that I went on a hunger strike for almost 3 months !!!! Luckily, my heavy weight at birth provided the "ammunition" during the hunger strike .... Weight at 25th percentile, height at 50th percentile...... a far cry from the 90th percentile for weight and height at birth. Started to walk at 11 months and on my birthday, I was ready to walk all around. Hated soft and mushy food like porridge and ready to munch rice (like what people normally say : 还没学走就想学飞). Feeding me is an absolute nightmare...... Speech was still lacking .... daa daa dee dee, only confused Daddy and Mummy. Ha ha Two Years Old. Speech improved tremendously one month after I joined full day child care .... even managed to drink Isomil, with the encouragement from my teachers and friends ... and I really meant lots of encouragement since they had to clap hands for every SPOONFUL of Isomil that I drank (big applause for my patient teachers) !!! Peer pressure have me eating by myself .... My eating habits have greatly improved.... weight finally hitting 50th percentile, height 75th percentile..... my baby features seemed to have disappeared slightly ... no more baby soon .... except still sucking my little thumb when I was bored and sleepy

Three Years Old. Standing and hopping on one leg, running everywhere and anywhere. Can hold a conversation with everyone and become the 反对党 is the way to go .... kept using phrases like "But .... 可是 ..... No lar .... you said wrongly lar ....". Sent to reflection corner more often to reflect on my actions so that I can learn from my mistakes. Eating habits is more defined: I will eat loads when its my favourite food. Will feed myself and guai guai finish my food when I am alone with Mummy.... With daddy, I'm still a baby!! I expect to be fed and will start running around!!!WAHAHAHA!!! Weight is finally slightly above 50th percentile, height is 75th percentile. Oh by the way, I refuse to sit on baby chairs anymore!!! On the whole, definitely no more a baby, since I considered myself as 大人 (favourite phrase being : Nursery 是大人了, 只有 playgroup 和 toddler 是 baby). The only consistent feature that showed that I am still a baby is that I like sucking my delicious thumb !!!

Time really flies .... 3 years have gone by, with my allergy slowly getting better, although not fully out grown of the allergy yet (will provide an update on my allergy in Mar). Daddy keep counting down to the age when I turn 21 .... and that means 18 more years to go .... big sigh from Daddy, ha ha (wonder if he has anymore hair to lose or any more black hair to turn grey).

Till then, I shall continue to be a happy little gal (or rather 小大人).... with Daddy, Mummy and all my loved ones watching over me .... and sucking my little delicious thumb !!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


大年初三, we went to 姑婆 and 丈公 place for CNY gathering, has always been an annual event. And for this year, I managed to 捞鱼生 3 times !!!! So definitely a lot of good luck this year, ha ha.

The 3 days of CNY are finally over ... and that means I will have to go back to school, no more going gai-gai during weekdays and no more Daddy and Mummy by my side all the time !!! But at least, I get to see all my best friends back in school and definitely looking forward to my school celebration where we are going to invite all parents to join in the CNY celebration. HOORAY !!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gathering at Great Granduncle's Place

初二 evening, we went to great granduncle's place for CNY gathering. His place is really big, but the important thing is that, there were a lot of toys around .... thanks to Auntie Maegan and Uncle Joshua ... dun assume they are real old, because they are NOT .... Uncle Joshua is only 5 years old and in fact Auntie Maegan is 3.5 months younger than me .... ha ha. So better call them 哥哥 and 妹妹 instead.

Maegan 妹妹, Me and Joshua 哥哥 together playing with Wii ... Daddy never knew playing Wii can be so tiring .... really need to use all the strength from your arms and legs !!!

Happily eating keropok together ... Mummy reserved some for us from the 鱼生 dish. See how un-lady-like I was when sitting down (can see my panties ... ha ha)

See how small we were 2 years ago at the CNY gathering (first picture where we sat side by side)

See how much we have changed ... 真是女大十八变 .... actually, dun need 18 years, 3 years already sufficient to transform us into pretty gals !!! 真是不要脸. Ha ha

Monday, February 15, 2010


By tradition, the second day of CNY is the day that we 开年 ... ie. the start of the new year. And to celebrate this day, we always prepare a feast. So same as last year, we had it in our house, with everyone coming over : 爷爷, 奶奶, 姑姑, 叔叔, 公公, 舅舅, 舅母 and this year, we also have 表妹 and Earle 姐姐 joining us !!!

A big feast awaiting. Mummy woke up early to prepare for the lunch. There is spinach with abalone slices, fried calamari and ebi (prawns), pig's trotters with sea cucumber (prepared by 奶奶), soy sauce chicken and fish maw soup ... yummy yummy !!!

Of course, must have Mummy's signature dish every CNY .... home-made 鱼生
Preparing to 捞鱼生, saying all the auspicious phrases while adding in the condiments

I helped to distribute the chopsticks to everyone ... dun say I never do my part

And the ACTION BEGINS !!!! 捞个风生水起, 学业进步 (refers to 叔叔), 快高长大 (refers to 表妹 and me), 大家身体健康 , 工作顺心, 横财正财马上来 !!!! It was the first time for Earle Jie Jie

Everyone tucked in for lunch around the long table .... we only extended this table during festive seasons when we have everyone around .... good chance for interaction as well. Mummy's first attempt at fish maw soup turned out well, delicious ....

After lunch, it is play-time !!! I shared all my toys with 表妹 and we played together .... more like I am 'forcing' 表妹 to play with me .... ha ha

Photo time !!!
See how happy 表妹 is when Mummy lifted her up in the air ....

And then came 姑姑's turn to carry 表妹. But poor Daddy, whenever he tried to carry 表妹, she will soon cry after a while ... think she is at this stage whereby she has a phobia of guys .... ha ha, just like me when I was at this age . Daddy, try harder, OK ??

Oops ... kenna caught drinking packet green tea again !!!

Guess what is inside the red box ??? My favourite : muai chee

And came dessert time. 姑姑 made this almond longan dessert ... see the chinese character 福 imprinted on the jelly

So while everyone was enjoying the jelly, I ate only the longan (since I am allergic to almond) and 表妹 ate her apple

I finally slept at 3 pm, so that I can be fresh again to join the evening celebration at my great granduncle's house !!!

Lion Dance

Heard a commotion at the next block so asked Daddy to let me get up on the chair so that I can watch the lion dance ....

And I want to learn how to lion dance as well ... see how my legs move with the drum beats

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Since on 初一 evening, we still have some free time, we decided to drop by 春到河畔 to take a look. This year, the entire carnival was organized by the ChengDu troupe.

The entrance of the carnival ... daytime

And contrast this to night-time ..... and the place got more crowded as the night fell

Since it is the year of the Tiger, how can I miss the chance to take a photo with Mr Tiger ??

The enclosure with all the tigers ... just that some of the tigers looked rather skinny and seemed to suffer from malnutrition .....

So would the hungry tigers eat me up when I stand in front of them to take a photo ??? Who cares ... I have my magic wand (straw) with me to make them disappear anytime

As usual, the various Chinese zodiac signs ....

公公 is born in the Year of Goat ....

See my 蛇形刁手 stance .... Mummy belongs to the Year of Snake .... so guess her age ....

Can you hear my dragon roar ??? And Daddy is born in the Year of Dragon !!!! Age not a secret for guys .... ha ha

And of course me in the Year of Dog .... hoof hoof !!!

And I wanted to take a photo with all the other animals (almost all).

Year of the Rat .... and trying to make my mouth look like a rat's mouth

Year of Rooster .... Daddy wondered why I must pull up one side of my skirt

Year of the Monkey ... do I look cheeky enough ???

Year of the Rabbit .... hop hop hopping away

Then I moved on to the Panda mascot series .... so I insisted on taking photos with each and every one

See how I also skated .... in the air, with Daddy's help

Why did Daddy kiss me on my hair ??? Nobody kissed the panda leh !!!

Using my straw as the badminton racket .... the next female version of Lin Dan
And again using my multi-purpose straw as the guitar ... me strumming away happily

And the giant lazy Panda wins all the other pandas !!!!

Errr ... Fairys ???

财神爷 arrives !!!! Hope Daddy and Mummy win TOTO this year !!!! Then I can have more toys !!!

Impressive !!! A dragon and a pheonix on each side of the vase .... and guess what were they made of ???

And the answer is .... cutlery .... nicely designed spoons and saucers and cups ....
A dragon made of candy !!! Must be a really SWEET dragon ....

See how skilful the uncle was .... making different designs from the melted candy

A traditional skill ... 皮影戏 but not done by professionals ... ha ha. Kids trying to put up a show behind the screen ....

Since the show at the centre stage was scheduled to start only at 8 pm, we left the place before that so that I can have an early rest that night. Tired but enjoyable