My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yummy Food

Last year for my birthday, Mummy baked me a milk-less, egg-less cake using a recipe on the Net ... but hor, really taste like 发糕 .... so for this year, Mummy went to search the Net and see if there is any cake mix that is milk-less and egg-less .... and HOORAY !!!

Here is the link :

And it really suits me ... I am allergic to milk, egg and peanuts !!!

So when Daddy went to the States for his business trip, Mummy asked him to bring back as much Cherrybrook Kitchen products as possible, meaning a full suitcase of my food !!!!

Poor Daddy, because the products are only sold any designated places, he had to go to a lot supermarts to find them ... either they are past expiry date, 2 months due for expiry or the shops do not carry them !!! Seems like not so popular after all .... In the end, Daddy had to go to almost 10 different shops before he managed to get all that he needed ... and also bought some back for my other friends who have the same allergies as me.

So over the weekend, Mummy tried making the whole grain pancake for me for breakfast ... see the finished product. Looks like any other type of 'normal' pancake ....

And see how I enjoy eating the pancake .... Daddy tried it and it tasted no different from 'normal' pancake ... not so sweet also.

If only Daddy has another spare suitcase, he woud definitely pack it full of my food !!! So for this year birthday, I will have a nice chocolate cake ... no more 发糕. Yummy, yummy

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gifts from Daddy

Everytime Daddy disappears for a period of time, he will come back with lots of gifts for me.... see what he got for me this time.....

Clothes, clothes and more clothes.... Daddy bought a lot more clothes than what you see here... but this little model tried so many clothes that I forgot to smile.... even in my pretty OshKosh dress.... looks like I can't be a professional model :P

Err... Daddy, why is this dress sooooooo BIG??!!! I'm exposed!!

A bouncy ball with texture.....

Jumbo building blocks from Lakeshore Learning (its actually like Lego!)

See how I enjoy building the blocks.....

Guess which is my Master Piece?? I did it all by myself, I received no help from Daddy or Mummy at all.

Obviously the one on the left was built by me. Daddy built the one on the right... he claims its a robot... both Mummy and I looked hard at it.... errr...... it looks like a robot meh??

Say Please

After going to school for 2 months, Daddy and Mummy noticed that I have learnt my manners. I will now say "Please" whenever I want something....

English Lesson

When Daddy was away for 2 weeks, I was so bored, so Mummy read to me every evening. I love to read books and follow the actions in them..... but I can only manage 3/4 of the book for now....





Saturday, June 21, 2008

Uncle Yuan Dong and Auntie Liu Li

Daddy and Mummy arranged to meet up with Uncle Yuan Dong and his wife, Auntie Liu Li. Uncle Yuan Dong used to be Daddy's colleague but now moved on to join Shell. Auntie Liu Li is now working in Shanghai and came back for a visit ....

Because I need to sleep early, so we decided to have dinner at the pathetic Lot 1 at CCK ... chose Siam Kitchen and tried out their buffet dinner ...

Daddy and Mummy fed me at the foodcourt and I finished my dinner within 25 mins. Then I went shopping within Lot 1. At Siam Kitchen, while waiting for Uncle Yuan Dong and Auntie Liu Li, I had to pretend to read the menu and feed Mummy to entertain myself ....

Then Uncle Yuan Dong and Auntie Liu Li came .... the adults had their dinner ... while I stuffed myself with my favourite Cheerios and rice cakes, with lots of water in-between (almost 2.5 cups of warm water altogether ... in the end my diaper leaked during the dinner). I was so hungry after all the shopping !!!

Some photos with Uncle Yuan Dong and Auntie Liu Li

Wonder whether Uncle Yuan Dong and Auntie Liu Li are now tempted to have a kid soon .... or maybe I frightened them off ... ha ha.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My 1st Master Pieces

Yesterday was the last day of the Pat's Schoolhouse Olympics, which is also the end of term for our school. So today, I brought home all the art and craft I made in school so far. There are a couple few more, but Mummy thought these 3 are the best so she put them here. As to how much help I got from my teacher, I'll leave that to your imagination hehehehe. Enjoy the Master Pieces by Kuan Jing Ting :)

As part of the Olympic Theme, I made an Olympic Torch. Mummy thought it was quite well done. Not bad hor??

Feather Painting. Basically I was supposed to stick the feathers on the bird. But as you can see here, my aiming is still not very good lah :P

Mixing Blue and Yellow to get Green (my fav colour!)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This post is not about the drama serial. It's about my new hairdo.... Now what do you think?? Mummy thinks I look like 阿旺.

奶奶 decided to cut my hair this afternoon cos it has been very hot....It's not because she's a bad hairdresser, its because I'm a bad customer!! I kept moving around and crying... everytime I see hair on any part of me, I'll cry... I even pointed at the hair around on the floor and cried. I was so upset that a part of me has been snipped off. And because 奶奶 speaks cantonese to me.... I was so desperate to ask her to stop, I finally figured out how to say 不要 in cantonese. Throughout the whole session, I kept crying and saying 不要 in cantonese ..... I'm officially trilingual now. Even with my favourite Barney show, I kept crying and moving around. So 奶奶 gave up and let my go outside on the corridor to run around, and 姑姑 let me play with the lift button, then I forgot about the hair on me.... so this is the end result lor....

Father's Day Celebration with 公公

Today we had lunch with 公公 to celebrate Father's Day at Jack's Place Causeway Point. I was very guai today, finished my minced beef with broccoli and rice even before the rest arrived.
Mummy then gave me slices of apples and I finished half the small apple. Mummy enjoyed her ribeye steak and shared her baked potato, carrot and corn with me. See how happy I am eating Mummy's food by myself... although I was already very very full.... I was a good girl today, guai guai ate my own food and didn't disturb Mummy.

Posing with 舅舅and 舅母

Posing with 公公 as we left the restaurant.... pardon my 臭脸, it was pass my nap time.... after the photo was taken, Mummy put me into my stroller and I fell asleep within 2 minutes.

Mummy said the lunch set meal at Jack's place is good value for money, so you'll be sure we will be back soon!!

BUT, today is Father's day, yet Daddy is not with me. Can only send my wishes to him from here. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY!! I'll always love you!!!!

Breakfast Time

I can now eat my 馒头 on my own, and drink nutrisoy with brown rice from a normal cup. I declare INDEPENDENCE (yeah right.... )

Folding Hanky

Mummy taught me to fold clothes. I thought I should try it out with my hanky 1st, which is the easiest.

1. Lay out the hanky so that its flat and without creases - expertly executed.

2. Hold one corner of the hanky and fold it over - this is strange, how come the hanky just keep flipping over... go back to step 1.

3. Argh... give up.... think its easier to wipe the table.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dinner Date with Pin Heng

Today, I went with a dinner date with Pin Heng gor gor, cos his daddy is also travelling, so we're both very bored (actually its Mummy and Auntie Shihui who are bored lah, use us as excuse only!!!)

We went Ichiban Sushi at IMM for dinner. Mummy cooked me cod fish porridge but I refused to eat!!! This is the first time I am eating the frozen cod fish from NTUC, yucks smells terrible!!! I want my usual cod fish from the market (which is more expensive hehehe!!)

Mummy tried for 30min, until Pin Heng gor gor finished his porridge liao I still refuse to open my mouth. So mummy gave up and ordered Saba fish and Jap rice, with the intention of sharing with me. Wah by that time I was so hungry, I gobbled down 3/4 bowl of Jap rice and 2/3 of the saba fish!!! Mummy also didn't expect me to eat so much, luckily she ate some sushi earlier on, if not she'll be so hungry!! Wah that was an expensive dinner I had... the saba fish + rice set is abt $11, I ate most of it leaving 3 spoonfuls of rice, the miso soup and the fish stomach portion for Mummy only. Auntie Shihui was so amazed that I can eat so much when I refused to eat just now... and I ate so much more than Pin Heng gor gor...I'm MISS PICKY ok!!!

After that we went Giant to do a bit of grocery shopping, and Pin Heng gor-gor fell asleep in his stroller!!! Auntie Shihui was a bit upset cos that means he will wake up later on and refuse to sleep early.... Actually I also fell asleep in the car on the way home, and slept at 930pm instead of my usual 8pm. Mummy and Auntie Shihui are both very perplexed... is eating dinner so tiring for us??!

Mummy was so desperate trying to get me to have my dinner that she forgot to take pictures.... so only managed to take 1 when we were outside the restaurant. See the handsome Pin Heng gor-gor??

The Sleeping Daddy

Daddy is so funny ....

After my dinner, Daddy and Mummy will stay inside the play-pen with me and play with me ... sometimes when Daddy is a little tired after work, he will just close his eyes a little and rest for a while ... and one day, I went up to him and kiss him on the lips. Remember those fairy tales like

1. Snow White and the 7 Dwarves when the evil witch gave Snow White a poison apple and she slept forever until a prince came along and kissed her before she woke up
2. Sleeping Beauty when the she pricked herself while spinning on the spindle and she slept forever until a prince came along and kissed her before she woke up
3. The Frog Prince when a princess kissed the frog and turned him into a handsome prince.

Daddy was so shocked that he 'woke up' and opened his eyes wide (looks like fairy tales are partially true ... a kiss on the lips really wake people up ... but then hor, according to the 3rd fairy tale, Daddy is supposed to transform !!! But how come still the same Daddy leh ... never transform into Brad Pitt !!!! Ooops, did I just said Daddy was a frog ???)

Then Daddy got into the habit of pretending to sleep now ... to get me to kiss him ... and then he will pretend to wake up all of a sudden and I will laugh very loudly ..... Daddy loves seeing me laugh out loud .....

Then the next few times, Daddy tried something different. He pretended to sleep and when he saw me approaching him, he tried to move his face around and prevent me from kissing him ... Hello, I am a smart kid OK !! I used both of my hands and held his face firmly (ok lar, not enough strength to hold his face firmly but you know, one hand on the left cheek, one hand on the right cheek to prevent Daddy's face from moving) and kissed him ... and Daddy was so shocked again ... you should have seen his expression on his face !!! And again I laughed out loud !!!

So now whenever Daddy wants me to kiss him and see me laugh out loud, he will pretend to sleep or to be dead .... but after a while, I got sick of this juvenile game and gave up .... Adults hor, forever think kids can be bluffed always ... *sigh*

Unfortunately, Daddy and Mummy never take video, otherwise can post it here ....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Olympics 2008

Since the Beijing Olympics is coming soon, my school also started the Olympics 2008 program in Jun ....

See the program on the left, starting 04-17 Jun 08 ... a bit blur hor ... blame it on Daddy's lousy handphone camera lar

I listened to a story on "This is soccer" by Margaret Blackstone and 'learnt' all the various symbols used by the Olympics games. Then comes the games and races portion - my favourite !!! We played a game of putting balloons between the knees and walked with it. And I WAS ABLE TO DO IT with the rest of the older kids !!!!

Daddy and Mummy could not believe what Ms Thye Tai said so they decided to try it at home .... got evidence ok, dun 'pray pray' .....

For the art and craft portion, I did a red and yellow Olympics torch with glitters on it. So fun ...

Now, I look forward to next week with a whole new set of Olympic program .... Mummy also looks forward to next week because I slept quite early each day after the Olympic program at the school (imagine running up and down ... of course tired lar) !!! Ha ha

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Daddy is gone again

Starting next week, Daddy will be gone to the States again ... and this time, for 2 full weeks !!! I am left alone with Mummy ... so I better behave myself for the next 2 weeks and not tire Mummy out .... that means, eat my meals properly, sleep early and most importantly, dun get sick (of cos, not just for the next 2 weeks lar).

Daddy wonders, this time, whether I will miss him, since I have grown up slightly and understands things better.

This time, Daddy got a long shopping list with him, from friends, colleagues and family members ... but most of the stuffs on the shopping list are my things : books, toys, food, clothes .... u name it, u have it. Going to burn a hole in Daddy's pocket again. Ha ha ....

I am going to miss you, Daddy .... must remember to call back home !!!

I will ask Mummy to update the blog regularly so that Daddy knows how I have been doing, especially what I have been doing over the weekends ...

Speech Development

By now, here is my vocab of words :

Bye bye
Car (pronounced as 'gar')
Clock (pronounced as 'glock')
No more (whenever I finished my food, water, cheerios !!!!)
奶奶 (as in milk milk)

As you noticed, I still cannot sound the 'c' consonent ....

I also understand simple sentences, by either shaking my head (if I dun want) or nodding my head (if I want) ... like

"Do you want water ?" - I now insist on drinking from a cup, instead of straw cup, if possible
"Do you want soup ?" - my favourite, always nodding my head unless I am too full
"Do you want to walk walk ?" etc ....

"Put your toys back in the basket" - and I followed instructions
"Help Daddy and Mummy put the clothes into the laundry basket" - and that is my favourite activity every evening
"Give me your cup / toy etc" - and I followed instructions

Mummy said, must enjoy this golden period because it is the time that I am more responsive but yet dunno how to argue back ....

Err .... what is argue back har ??? Must try tat next time.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Specially for Auntie Kei

Auntie Kei is Mandy-Jie Jie's Mummy. Mummy, Auntie Kei and Auntie CF used to go shopping together very often (of cos with me, Mandy Jie Jie and Philson Gor Gor lah). But ever since Mummy went back to work 1+month ago, we haven't met each other .... so Auntie Kei requested that Mummy post a BIG photo of me..... so that she can see if I have grown chubbier since she knows I have put on some weight....

So Auntie Kei, do I look chubbier than before??

A big smile for Auntie Kei!! :)

Daddy asked me to stand properly to pose... see how guai I am... stand so straight... Hmmm.... but I think I'm still skinny leh... Mummy says I look like Hello Kitty cos my head looks too big for my body :P :P