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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Allergic ?

Remembered I mentioned that we went to buy goat's milk from Hay's Dairies over the weekend ... and I enjoyed my bottle of chocolate goat's milk .... that was on Sunday afternoon. And that night, I developed a slight fever of 38 degC. Took panadol and the fever came down, but the next morning I had diarrhea. Fever came back again, but not high (not like the viral type).

Took lacteol fort to help in reducing diarrhea and panadol as well. Had to skip school on Monday. In the evening, my fever went away, and only had slight diarrhea.

Daddy and Mummy wondered if I am allergic to goat's milk since milk protein is different from cow's milk protein.

So no more goat's milk for me and Daddy shall finish the stock that we bought ....

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kranji Farm Tour

Since the weather on Sunday was pretty good, we set off to the Kranji Countryside in the morning for a quick adventure

Our first stop was the Hausmann Marketing Aquarium. And there are really many different species of fishes that we have not seen before.

See the albino eel

And not sure what is the name of this species .... but look like some dragon-like fish

The electric catfish !!!

And the famous Arapaima !!! Really BIG !!!

The Pacu ... big as well

The children novice fishing pond. Maybe will try that the next time when we have more time to spare

Feeding the turtles .... and see how they rushed to get the food

And this baby turtle was struggling really hard to climb up the rock .... and persistence finally paid off

Feeding the koi next

Next stop was the Jurong Frog Farm. As we entered the farm, there were very nice paintings on the walls

Errr ... why do frogs need a swimming float ??? Thought even tadpoles can swim even without any aid ???

Daddy and Mummy tried to explain to me what this proverb means ... but I just catch no ball

Princess and the Frog Prince .....

Yeeks !!! I don't want to be kissed by the frog prince !!!
After visiting the Jurong Frog Farm, we went to the Fireflies Health Farm, which grows and sells organic vegetables. Yes, you got that right ... organic watermelon. Just that they are really tiny !!! Diameter about 15-20 cm at the most

Organic brinjal. Tiny as well

See how other organic vegetables are grown here ... and I can vouch they are indeed organic .... many holes on some of the leaves !!!!
My favourite 小白菜
Daddy and Mummy bought some organic vegetables home. And they are really not that expensive (unless you buy those organic vegetables that they import from overseas). For those that they grow in their farm, they are just say 20-30% more expensive (eg. a big packet of no-organic Yili 小白菜 costs about $1.40 in NTUC, while the same size organic 小白菜 cost about $2)

We moved on to our last destination, which is the Hay's Dairies (Goat Farm). Wanted so much to touch the goats .... but why don't they allow us to touch the goats now ?? They allowed that many many years back, when I was still a little toddler !!!

Goat drinking water ....

Scientifically proven .... and the person in-charge said we cannot mix goat's milk and cow's milk together, otherwise will result in diarrhea. This is because goat's milk is alkaline (similar to mother's milk) while cow's milk is acidic. Hmmm ... so if I mix the 2 together, what kind of salts do I form in my tummy

Process used to milk the goats !!!

All the milk is pumped to this container, to be further processed and sterilized

Bought some goat's milk back .... nicely packed in a styrofoam box filled with ice to ensure that the milk is chilled. Tried the chocolate flavoured goat's milk after my afternoon nap and I simply love it !!!

Guess we will visit the Fireflies and Hay Dairies more often in future

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Play-Doh Time

Went to Takashimaya Toy Fair before the GSS ends on Sunday. And while Daddy and Mummy shopped around the toy fair, I enjoyed myself in the Playdoh corner ...

Improving on my Mandarin

宋老师 recommended Daddy and Mummy to buy this Mandarin book from Popular Bookshop. Has various levels of difficulties. And the beauty of this book is that the words are simple enough that I can read most of them, and learn the new words. And as I move on to the next Chapter, the new words that I learnt in the previous chapters were repeated to reinforce learning.

And the book is pretty cheap ... worth it !!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Art Attack !!!

Art Attack - the theme for the Jun school holiday programme. Aims to provide hours of fun and creative play, giving varied active experiences including drawing, painting , collage work and pattern creation.

The art work was pasted outside the school corridor, and Daddy took some pictures of them .... enjoy !!

My work :

Nana's work :

Joel's work :

And lastly Camille's work :

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


牛有四个胃。妈妈说我有两个胃。一个胃是装正餐(如:早餐,午餐,晚餐和茶点)。那个胃比较小,因为正餐吃不多(除非我超饿)。第二个胃是装零食和我爱吃的东西。那个胃比较大,因为正餐过后,我还可以吃很多块肉松面包,饼干等等 。。。。


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Practise Swimming Again

On Sunday, Daddy brought me to swim again since I wanted to practise what I have learnt in school. So after breakfast, we hit the pool

Doing the breaststroke .... or something similar ....

And finally reaching the other side of the pool, after starting and stopping for a few times to catch my breath

But the backstroke is easier ... can breathe easily

Taking a rest and a little massage

Hooray !!! I just love swimming !!!

And after about an hr of swimming in the pool, Daddy had to get me out of the water. And I ate quite a lot and pretty fast during lunch ! And slept for almost 2.5 hrs for my afternoon nap. Haha ... the beauty of swimming

Fun Afternoon with Joel and Family

Has been quite a while since Joel and family came to our place. So when I told Daddy and Mummy early last week that I want Joel and Camille to come to our place for some fun, they told me to ask Auntie Winnie myself when I saw her in school. And so I did.

And Joel and family came to our place on Saturday afternoon at about 4 pm. So the first thing that we did, was to go and change into our swimming attire and go for a swim in the pool !!! We each took a swimming float. Daddy and Mummy wanted me to show them what I have learnt in school swimming lessons (have been quite a while since they saw me swim at home).

And I must say, they were pleasantly suprised. I did not need to use the float, but could swim for a short distance, with my head inside the water.

And then backstroke / floating on the back without float as well !!! That was quite different from the last time when Daddy brought me to swim, and I insisted on using my float. And so we swam for about an hr, while all the adults were happily chatting away. Since Camille did not want to swim, Auntie Winnie brought her to the playground.

We showered and changed, and by that time, I was quite hungry. So we went to Sakae Sushi at Lot 1 for dinner. Luckily, we reached there just slightly after 6 pm, where the queue has not really formed. Another 10 mins later, the queue was apparent.Ordered my Hamtaro kiddy meal, where the food came in the bento box below

And Joel and me happily drinking our apple juice !!!

While Camille enjoying her ramen

I ate quite a lot during dinner, since the swim had exhausted me completely and made me a hungry pooh bear. After dinner, we went to the top level open air playground for some after-dinner exercise and fun. And since at the small TV room (meant for kids, Lot 1 management played kiddy videos), Power Rangers show was screening, we went to the TV room to watch the show.

Left Lot 1 at about 8+pm ..... looking forward to fun with Joel and Camille again

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Celebrate Father's Day at West Coast Plaza

Went to celebrate Father's Day with 爷爷,奶奶,姑姑 and 叔叔 at West Coast Plaza on Saturday. Since my CMA class ended at 11 am, and we were supposed to meet at 12 pm, we went to West Coast Plaza early to walk around.

And we saw sand sculptures inside the shopping mall. The mall was having this event running through the school holidays.

We had lunch at 店小二, and after lunch, we went to the redemption counter to redeem for free parking, and a free pass to take photo with the sand sculptures !!!

And also free passes to have free animal rides !!! Without the free pass, each ride costs $2, which is a lot more worthwhile compared to those stationary kiddy rides (costs $2 as well). That day, I had 3 rides in total (first one with 爷爷, second time with 叔叔 and Daddy accompanied me for the third ride)

And when the ride ended, 叔叔 had to push me back to the starting point