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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Compliment Well Deserved

Daddy and Mummy had to compliment me.

Mummy has been hospitalized for a minor surgery, and at the same time Daddy had food poisoning (had frequent diaherrea and vomitting). So that night, when Daddy brought me home, he bought dinner for me and told me to eat by myself, while he took a nap at the sofa.

And I did finish dinner all by myself. Ate 3/4 of the duck rice, with pieces of duck meat and half an egg. Then told Daddy that I had finished my dinner. Daddy told me to play by myself and will bathe me after that at about 8 pm. So I took out my little red chair, and my little table from my room to the living room, just to be close to Daddy, then played with my jigsaw puzzles. Then drew pictures by myself, without disturbing Daddy ... when Daddy finally woke up from his rest, he was pleasantly surprised that I could entertain myself throughout .... without disturbing him at all

Daddy bathed me, and then put me to bed at about 9 pm. But Daddy really felt that I have grown up tremendously ... I really understood instructions well and knew that Mummy was not at home and Daddy was really sick. I did not keep asking / screaming for Mummy to be at home, neither did I want Daddy to feed me, read bedtime story to me (like any other nights) or fuss over me for little things.

Compared to other kids of the same age, Daddy and Mummy felt I am a lot more sensible and had to compliment me .... they promised to bring me to the zoo / bird park when Mummy is well again !!!

And thank you 奶奶,爷爷 and 姑姑 for taking care of me on Fri and Sat so that Daddy and Mummy can have some good rest

Sunday, October 24, 2010

表妹 First Attempt in Swimming

Today, 舅舅 and 舅母 decided to bring 表妹 to swim for the first time. And of course, I volunteered to swim with 表妹 and show her how to swim (haha, I consider myself expert already)

表妹 was so excited when she went into the water for the first time. Unlike me, during my first attempt at swimming, I was practically screaming and kept wanting to go out of the pool and dip my legs inside the water only

Then 舅舅 and 舅母 decided to get her to sit in the baby float. However, she kept screaming and wanted to get out of the float. 表妹 wanted to walk and swim around, rather than sit in the float.

Since the baby pool (only 0.5 m deep) was too easy for me, I played with my water gun instead of really swimming. Ha ha. But after that, I wanted Daddy to bring me to the adult pool, which was 1.2 m deep. And there, I really swam !!! Not kidding. I held onto my swimming board and kicked my legs. Refused to let Daddy support me at all, just wanted him to stay beside me just in case.

And after 3 laps, I even told Daddy to swim to the other end and wait for me over there, while I took my own time to reach to the other end. And in total, I did about 7 laps or so ..... I am a BIG GAL now .... haha.

Hope 表妹 will learn to swim soon and we can go swimming together

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Mystery Revealed ...

Remembered I mentioned about the new poem that I learnt in school ? Daddy and Mummy went to the library and found out what it was



A poem by 骆宾王, about a beautiful white swan looking towards the sky, as if it was singing to the sky and swimming in the clear lake, in a carefree manner.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shower Cap

Fri evening, we went down for dinner at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place as usual. Then at about 9 pm, when it was time to go home, I told Daddy and Mummy I want to stay over at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place and sleep with 姑姑 AGAIN !!!!

So 奶奶 helped to bathe me before I went to sleep ... and 姑姑 bought me this shower cap, so that my hair will not get wet ... and the size fit me perfectly !!!

A clearer picture of my new shower cap .... with a cute bear bear on it

Always had to trouble 姑姑 and made her share her room with me ... haha. But I really enjoyed staying over at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place. Can sleep late at night (not like Daddy and Mummy, who always send me to bed at 830 pm latest) and then the following day, wake up early at 7+ for breakfast

Thank you 爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Chinese Poem

Learnt another Chinese poem from 宋老师 ... one that even Mummy also does not know. And when I told Daddy and Mummy that I learnt that while waiting to go toilet, they laughed. But that is true wah ....

Friday, October 15, 2010

Japan Trip - Day 7 (Back Home)

On the last day, we made a trip down to the Tsukiji Wholesale and Fish Market. Since the weather was turning colder slowly, I was wrapped up like an eskimo, as I drank milk and made my way to the train station

However, we were too late, because when we reached there, the wholesale market was already closed. So we took a walk along the shops there. Saw a super long queue in front of this sushi stop. Must be really delicious

And we saw fresh wasabi, each stick only cost S$24. Really taste different from the normal wasabi we ate in Singapore restaurant.

And BIG BIG crabs ...!!!

And believe it or not, their salmon fish was so CHEAP !!! 5 slices for only S$16, compared to one tiny slice in Singapore for the same price. I should just migrate to Japan

And 1 big octopus for only S$16 as well

We bought a stick of BBQ salmon to eat ... they helped to BBQ for us on the spot

Time for some Japanese equivalent of Yong Tau Foo .... saw that store in Singapore as well

Bought one pack to eat as well .

Big lobsters and oysters !!! And they looked so fresh as well

All sorts of Japanese mushrooms, in all sizes

Beef .... 1 kg cost about S$40

And guess what that is ??? Fresh tuna !! And there was this Japanese uncle who bought the piece on the extreme top right corner. Guess how much that was ??? It cost him 20,300 yen, ie S$325 !!! Gosh, no wonder they say in Japan, salmon is the cheapest, compared to tuna and swordfish etc.

Then we found one nice restaurant and went in. Mummy wanted to try their sashimi, since they must be really fresh, near the fish market. I ordered my favourite egg and salmon roe sushi

And Daddy ordered his crab miso soup !!! The soup really tasted nice, absorbing all the freshness of the crab meat.

And came the main course .... sashimi with fresh wasabi. Mummy said she is not going to eat sashimi in Singapore anymore .... cannot compare with the real Japanese grade

And I tried the crab meat from the miso soup. Although it tasted rather bland (since the essence went to the miso soup), I still enjoyed that

Went back to our hotel to get our luggage and prepare to set off for the airport. Daddy managed to take a photo of the Hard Rock Cafe at our train station, near our hotel. The price of the food there is about the same as that in Singapore.

We reached the airport early at about 130 pm although our flight was only 550 pm. Reason is Daddy and Mummy wanted to shower me and then let me catch a nap in the airport lounge before we board the plane. However, the Japanese folks at the airport were pretty strict. They only allowed Daddy to bring onboard one guest to the lounge, even though I am only less than 4 years old (they allowed toddlers less than 2 years old into the lounge free). In the end, Daddy paid S$50 to get me a Red Carpet pass to the lounge. Seems like Singapore folks are less strict.

Anyway, I munched on the food there before I take my shower and nap

See both Mummy and me catching a nap at the lounge, while Daddy continued with his food ... haha

On board the plane, since I was so wide awake, I decided to play a fool using the blanket provided

And I made Daddy play along with me as well, otherwise, how could I endure a 6.5 hrs flight ....

Of course, I watched Madagascar as well on Mummy's laptop. After my dinner was served and eaten, I fell asleep at about 730 pm. Slept till 1130 pm and woke up, only when the plane has landed in Singapore. 爷爷 and 姑姑 came and fetch us home ....

That concluded my one week trip to Japan .... really enjoyed myself so much, that I am looking forward to my next holiday. Thank you Mummy for all the planning she made before the trip and Daddy for sponsoring the trip ... haha.
Where shall my next trip be ?? Mummy has said no more Disneyland adventures, otherwise it would be 3 consecutive years .... haha

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Japan Trip - Day 6 (DisneyLand - Part 2)

Day 6 - another day at the DisneyLand. This time, we made sure we go a little earlier so that we can join the queue earlier and get to play all the rides that we missed yesterday. We passed by the disney merchandise shop and looked what I got when I came out of it ???

Yes, a small Minnie pouch that Mummy said I can use it to collect angbaos next year ....

And comparing my pouch with Mummy pouch

When the gate opened, Daddy went to get the fast pass for Buzz Lightyear, Astro Blaster game first. And we managed to get that which we were allowed to use at 10 am. In the meantime, we went to watch the 3D movie Captain EO, featuring Michael Jackson and his dance

Me and my special 3D glasses. But because the show was too long, my eyes could not take it and I had to take off for quite a while. Wonder how people can endure a 3D movie for 2 plus hours

Taking a photo at the Cinderalla castle

This time, I took the racing car ride with Mummy

Went back to the Astro Blasters game.

The instructions on how to use the Astro Blaster gun to shoot the ZZZZ monsters

The rule of the game was to shoot at all the ZZZ tags on the monsters. Different shapes have different points. And at the end of the game, I managed to score 5700 points

Next station was the Alice Party Tea Cup. For this station, I thought it was so fun to keep turning the handle in the middle so that our cup can whirl the fastest. And in the end, I got so giddy before the ride ended and I had to rest in the cup

The ever popular "Its a Small World" ride. I took that in HK DisneyLand before, but this one in Japan is much bigger than the one in HK.

We then went to the Toon Town to take photos. This is where Minnie Mouse stays

And then I went to Chip and Dale's treehouse. There was this machine that can test how strong you are. So I tried pulling the handle

And I had to stabilize myself firmly on the ground and use all my strength - and the verdict was I am super strong !!! With a little of Daddy's help lar

This is Chip and Dale's treehouse

We did not manage to ballot for the One Man's Dream II yesterday, so this time, we tried again and was successful ... otherwise, we would have missed a great show

Took the 1315 hrs show, but realized that the effects of the show at night were better ..well, better than nothing

Some song singing before the show

Peter Pan and his ... err .... fairy galfriend up in the sky

Then we went to watch the Stitch's performance. We had a little translator in our hands, which showed English subtitles as the performance went on. Unfortuntately, only this show had English subtitles

Taking a rest while waiting for the performance to start ... see what I was doing to Mummy's legs ... helping to ease her soreness

Next stop was the hot favourite ... Winnie the Pooh ride. Luckily, we had a fast pass for this. But compared to the one in HK, this was really MUCH BETTER. Was bigger and the effects were excellent, we twisted and turned, instead of just moving forward

Since Peter Pan Flight was not that crowded, we went for it as well. In fact, just 5 minutes into the queue, I fell asleep. And I did not wake up until towards the end of the ride, where it got a little jerky. So I missed most of the ride

Then it was time for an afternoon break, to enjoy some Mickey Mouse waffle. The traditional honey waffle

And the green tea ice-cream waffle

We went back to the Astro Blasters to play another round of shooting game and this time, Daddy, Mummy and I each had a gun to shoot. And Daddy had the highest score : 14400, me was second in place at 11500 (better than my first attempt) and Mummy got 9600.

With that, it concluded my 3 day fun at DisneySea and DisneyLand. We took the train back to Ueno for dinner. And we ended up at Watami. Think this is a different establish from Watami in Singapore.

Taking a photo of Daddy and Mummy

And the great spread of food

And gosh, they actually had 4 different types of horse sashimi .... we were not that adventurous

After dinner, we went back to the same hotel that we stayed during the first 2 days. But this time, we got upgraded to a much bigger room (at the same price). Had a good sleep that night, since we had 2 twin beds ... haha

Some photos from the meet and greet session