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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fidgets At Turf City

Remember I mentioned previously that my school was closed on Monday, and that I will be going out for some fun with Joel and Camille ???

So on Monday, Mummy and Auntie Winnie brought us to The Fidgets at Turf City. Its a big indoor playground and we can stay there the whole day with an entrance fee of $15 for each child.

So once we entered, we wasted no time at all!

There's this very tall slide. When this video was taken, it is the first time that I took it, and I manage to hold back my tears, although you can hear from the video that I said "i am like going to cry". The 2nd time when joel and I went back, I hesitated for a very long time before everybody urged me to try again, although I was quite scared by my first experience. So I when I finally mustered up enough courage to try, I actually stretched out my hands mid-way down and held onto the edge of the slides and stoppped there. And I started to cry. Mummy was trying very hard to coax me down the slide but I just sat there and held onto the slide tightly and refused to let go. This really made Mummy panic cos she was too big sized to go through all the kids sized maze to go and rescue me, and I just refused to come down.

Fortunately, Auntie Winnie came to my rescue as she was petite enough to squeeze through the kid sized structures and rode down the slide with me. After that, Mummy carried me to the side and tried to console me, and explained to me that if I am scared, then don't go back to the slide, don't go there then refuse to come down. BUT, after I stopped crying, I requested Auntie Winnie to go down the slide with me AGAIN?!!! Aiyo Mummy was so paiseh cos although Auntie WInnie is petite, its still not easy to squeeze through kids sized structures to get up onto the slide. So Mummy made me promise that I can only go onto it one last time with Auntie Winnie. And if I wanted to go again, I have to go on my own. And I readily agreed, and went on to explore other parts of the playground and quickly forgot all about the crying incident.

Then we decided to explore the toddler area, and also to let Auntie Winnie take a rest, since Camille keeps wanting Auntie Winnie to accompany her inside the big playground. Here, she can play on her own.

"Flinstone" Cars and tricycles.

Smaller verson of the Playground.

Because this playground was so small, I had to find extra entertainment for myself. So I took something to form a barrier at the end of the slide and collected balls there, so that I can have a special effect slide!!! Weeeeee!!!!

We had lunch there. As their customers are mainly western expats, the cafe there only serves pasta, pizza, fried food and sandwiches. Mummy already knew this from the website, so on our way there in the morning, she already psycho-ed me that I cannot be picky like I normally do and i have to finish whatever Mummy ordered. If not, she'll bring me out for lunch, and we will not return to the playground.

Since I was having phlegm, so no fried food for me. And I simply hate pasta and pizza. So there left sandwiches. Mummy ordered an Egg Mayo Ciabatta for me. Although I obviously didn't like it, I still ate without complaining. Joel also didn't quite like the food, and was trying to negotiate with Auntie Winnie. I even told Joel "you better finish your food, if not your Mummy bring you out for lunch, you can't come back to play already!!". So we actually finished our food without much complains, food that I normally will not touch!!
Auntie Winnie was saying that the cafe can serve anything, and the kids will still eat!! Hahahah How true!!

After lunch we resumed our play. But I still didn't attempt the tall slide that I was scared of. However, when Mummy told me we are leaving soon, I actually went to try out the tall slide again and I loved it!! THen I went on it again, and again, and again for another 10 times. I even went to attempt this 3 storey high slide that I didn't dare to initially, and I loved it again!! And went for it another 5-6 times. So Mummy's "Leaving in 10 min" became nearly 40 min!!! But she is glad that I managed to overcome my phobia so she let me continue.

We played from 10 am and finally left at about 3.30pm. We really enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Was telling Daddy excitedly in the evening about it. I requested Daddy to bring me there again, but that's when I was told that place will be torn down in Feb 2012!!! AWWWW!!!!! But I am looking forward to my birthday party next month, when my classmates and I will be playing at another indoor playground!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Singapore 2012 Wishes

At the Millenia Walk, there was this counter where they were getting people to pen down their wishes for Singapore 2012 on a white ball. And on the last day of 2011 during the countdown, the organizer would then float all the balls on the water

So I decided to draw something on the ball, and wrote my name on it.

And then I thought why not do a second drawing ... and this time, can you guess what were the odd-looking shapes beside the butterfly ?? They are SUPER BIG raindrops .... and then I followed up with some really BLACK AND DARK clouds !!!

Oops ... I did not mean to wish Singapore to have more floods in 2012 .... Haha. But isn't that the norm for Singapore recently ???

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hi-5 and Dora Shows

It is the time of the year for me to 追星 across the whole Singapore. And today, it started with Hi-5 show at the Millena Walk.

And guessed who I met ?? Olivia, my classmate !!!! And her Daddy queued up really early, so he managed to get a sticker to let Olivia take photos with the cast after the performance.

Waiting for the show to start .... And I loved Hi5. Used to have a lot of their VCDs, and now I pass those along to 表妹. So now she is also their fan. Unfortunately, 表妹 was recovering from her fever, so she could not come with me

And the cast appeared at 1 pm !!! And I even know the guy from the left is called Tim. Forgot the rest of their names. Haha

Mummy did not go in with me, since only one parent is allowed to accompany me. So she watched me from far and took some videos of me dancing along with the cast

And after shopping for a while at Suntec City (we went to Toys R Us, where Daddy and Mummy were shopping for my birthday present .... hooray !!!), we drove over to Raffles City, for the 4 pm, Dora The Explorer show. Does it seem like I am one of those teenagers who would book a cab to go from one place to another to see their idols, except that Daddy is my chauffeur. Haha

Pre-performance warm-up .....

And Dora, Boots and Diego finally appeared !!!

And the naughty Swiper !!!

They even had animals on the stage !!!

And since I skipped my usual afternoon nap (only closed my eyes for 15 mins in Daddy's arms), I slept really early at 815 pm. And the following Monday, my school would be closed, so Mummy is going to bring me for an outing with Auntie Winnie, Joel and Camille (too bad, the Daddies got to work, haha).

If nothing goes wrong, next weekend shall be 小叮当. Hope 表妹 can join me

Friday, November 25, 2011

Scrabble Fun !!!

I learnt how to play Scrabble !!! And I showed Daddy the words that I made !!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As usual, Daddy was playing FM92.4 in the car while driving, and I was conducting behind ....

Then I started to conduct out of sync with the tempo, ie. when the music sounded fast, I wanted to conduct slowly and vice versa. So I told Daddy and Mummy :

慢就是快,快就是慢 (meaning if the tempo is fast, it means slow conducting)

Then this reminded Daddy of a familiar phrase that he often heard in drama serial. He said
"婧婷,你以为这是 空即是色,色即是空"

Mummy burst out laughing like crazy and could not stop .... and I was thinking what the adults were talking about .....

Hmm ..... have I moved on to the next level of enlightenment ??? Haha

Monday, November 21, 2011

My First 3D Puzzle

At the Takashimaya Toy Fair at B2, Mummy bought this 3D puzzle for me (real good deal, since it was originally $12.90, but selling now for only $4.90).

So once we reached home, I tried my hands at assembling the 3D puzzle. Mummy helped initially, but then I wanted to complete it by myself. So with a little help from Mummy, I spent a good 1 hr sitting down to piece the puzzle together.

I really have good concentration span. When I was just less than 2 years old, I can spend time to sit down and do 2D puzzles one after another .... so 1 hr is nothing to me. Haha. After much effort, this is the final product !!!

We are going back to Takashimaya to buy other designs the next weekend !!!! Hooray !!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Juz Photos ...

Charlie Brown and Snoopy

The Elephant series ....

Outside Marche, the Moo Moo Cow ....

I have grown to love the camera


We went to celebrate 姑姑 birthday with Daddy, Mummy, 爷爷, 奶奶 and 叔叔 at Kiseki Japanese restaurant. And needless to say, Japanese buffet is my favourite.

Drew a card for 姑姑. Tortoise symbolizes 长命百岁 lar, no other meaning, haha. I learnt how to draw that from the drawing book that Mummy bought for me

Tucking in to the buffet !!!

Daddy and 爷爷 favourite salmon fish head

And see what a mess I made eating my chocolate fondue

But the best part I liked about the restaurant was the playground and kid's corner. Simple slide, that was too small for me, but I made friends with other kids, and that became great fun for me !!!

Happy Birthday 姑姑 !!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

First CMA Certification

I just got my first CMA certification !!! Passed my examination !!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

RWS Stay - Day 3 (Last Day)

Last day of our RWS stay. And I insisted to go back to school !!! WHY ???

Reason was, there was an excursion to the Philatelic Musuem and I wanted to go with my friends to the museum. So in the end, Daddy and Mummy drove me to school, and they went back to Festive Hotel to relax since the check out time was at 12 pm. Daddy decided to explore the Hard Rock Hotel swimming pool, while Mummy chilled out in front of the TV, watching Mio channels. Because the pool was really shallow (not for serious swimming), Daddy gave up after 20 mins and rejoined Mummy.

Since it was couple time for Daddy and Mummy, they checked out, left their car at the hotel (since free parking) and took the MRT down to Orchard Road for lunch. Was really a lazy afternoon for them, since they "jalan jalan" a bit, sat down at Starsbuck Cafe for some tea, before they went to pick me up for school.

When we went back home, we got a BIG shock. All the electrical appliances in the home were not functioning at all. Rectified the junction box and realized the circuit breaker jumped. The first thing that Daddy did was to go to the refrigerator ... and all were gone. Basing on the condition of the freezer, the loss of electricity must have happened on Sunday afternoon (where there was a big thunderstorm). All the frozen food had to be thrown away and including Daddy's medicine and soy products .... sigh.

Anyway, I am now looking forward to my next holiday .... err, when har ???

Monday, November 14, 2011

RWS Stay - Day 2 (Part 2)

Lunch time came !!! I had my kiddy meal .... and in fact, it came in a very nice lunch box, containig chicken nuggets in the form of dinosaur, french fries and a packet of chocolate milk.

After lunch, I was full of energy again, so I to Sci-Fi City to take the Accelerator. Similar to the Spinning Cups. Mummy refused to take this, since she will get really giddy, so Daddy accompanied me

Saw Cleopatra in person ... haha. She looked so "dao" but doesn't Daddy look cool ???

And we saw a reptile !!! And I thought it was real.

We went to watch the Donkey LIVE interactive show. And it was really good. Had a lot of interactive fun, including forming a tutu train going round the theatre

And I insisted on carrying my lunch box myself from then on

Saw a princess model and of course a princess (ME !!!) must take a photo with the "princess"

Next stop was the Magic Potion Spin, aka ferris wheel. Really slow ....

And I saw the Wood Pecker ... the one printed on my lunch box !!!

More photo taking ...

We saw the street performance by a group of boys, and they were really GREAT dancers !!!

Hollywood zone ....

By then, the sky turned gloomy at about 5 pm, and it started to drizzle (really as per predicted by the NEA weather forecast). We had taken all the rides, and watched all the shows and performances, so we decided to call it a day.

Took the monorail to Vivocity for dinner. Daddy "interviewed" me on my Universal Studio experience. Haha

And dinner was my favourite Japanese food at Sushi Tei !!!!

By the time we reached back our hotel room, I was really dead tired. Took a shower, and know what, within 5 minutes, I was sleeping like a log .... even when Daddy and Mummy watched TV with the sound on, I did not even stir. Really had fun time that day

RWS Stay - Day 2 (Part 1)

Day 2 : Exploration of Universal Studio !!! We deliberately chose Monday (weekday) to go there to avoid long queues for the rides. Woke up early at 8+am, then we went for breakfast at Breadtalk. Since Universal Studio opened only at 10 am, we took photos outside.

Can you see me through the mist / fog ???? Simply liked the cooling feel

While waiting to enter, we saw Kungfu Panda !!!! All the kids were so excited !!!

And at 10 am, we went in and of course, we got to take photos with Kungfu Panda. See his round belly !!!

First stop that we went to was the Madagascar zone.

Took the "A Crate Adventure", which was a river boat ride with the 4 heroes of Madagascar. I enjoyed the ride so much that I went for a second round. Not supposed to take photos, but Daddy took anyway. Haha

Carousel ride !!!! And I chose Alex, my favourite character

Smelling the tail .... no smell leh

Next stop was the Far Far Away zone, ie. Shrek Castle !!!

We watched the Shrek 4D Adventure movie. It was superb. Daddy and Mummy expected the seats to rock and move, droplets of water tinkling on them, but they did not expect to have gust of wind blowing in the threatre (while Shrek rode through the forest at high speed). And the least expected was sensation around the legs when hoard of spiders crawled past them !!! It was indeed very real-life. I enjoyed the show a lot (tried to catch all the characters as they appeared close to me), but did not like the water tinkling on me.

We went to The Lost World. Most of the rides were too scary for us (yes, including Daddy and Mummy)

Except for the Dino-Soarin ride. We are timid folks. Haha

Saw Puss In Boots, so must take photo again

Ancient Egypt was the next destination

Mummy and I took the Treasure Hunters ride. And I thought I really drove the jeep, without knowing it was really controlled

Revenge of the Mummy ride proved to be too big a challenge for Daddy and Mummy, so we skipped that
Time for the Madagascar performance !!!!

And after the performance, we took more photos

Before lunch, we went to watch the Water World show, sponsored by Singtel. Lots of action, gunfire, fireworks and loud sounds. In fact, there were quite a many of death defying feats. Because I was partly hungry, and I do not like violence at all, I did not like the show. Wanted to get out ASAP. But the curiosity also had me peeping through Mummy's shoulder at times, to see what was happening. Haha