My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CNY Decorations At Home

To spice up the CNY mood at home, Daddy and Mummy bought some CNY decorations ... since the coming year is the Year of Rabbit, all the decorations are of Bugs Bunny theme

And the 2 bunnies on each side of the walkway to the rooms

A family of bunnies .... on the wall beside the dining table

Artificial 梅花 arranged by Mummy ...

Then Mummy and I started some artwork using angbaos ....

And I made the small fishes so that I can hang them on the twigs that I converted to look like 银柳
And Mummy made some bigger fishes to hang around in the house ...

And then the next step would be to complete groceries for the CNY feast !!! Cannot wait for CNY to come earlier. This year, since I have outgrown my allergies (other than peanuts which I have yet to go for a test again), I shall go around snacking on almost every food !!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Joel and Camille Came Over ...

Uncle Telang, Auntie Winnie, Joel and Camille came over to our place on Sat evening since the adults wanted to discuss some stuff. So that leaves Joel and me ample opportunity to entertain ourselves !!! I took out all my barang barang and started to play ball with Joel

And after dinner, we played the Princess VTech game. Joel was not very interested since the game was more for gals rather than boys ... haha. And then we went to entertain ourselves on Uncle Telang's iPhone !!!

As usual, we competed, but I always lost ... Joel has lots of practice beforehand.

And when I got bored to the iPhone game, I roped in Daddy to play 'cooking' game with me. Has been a long time since I last touched my little kitchen stove. So time to practise my cooking skills !!!

We had fun till 9 pm, before Joel and family had to go home. Because Camille missed her afternoon nap, she was so tired that she slept while we played. Even our loud laughter could not wake her up ....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner at Club For Paws

Since the weather was quite good (breezy and shady), we decided to check out the Club for Paws on Sunday evening near our place. This is a place for training and grooming dogs, and U-Magazine had recommended the cafe over there, since the food is value for money.

Saw a big swimming pool, for dogs !!! And there was a dog swimming inside when we were there

We ordered sliced fish hor fun, hong kong fried noodles, stir fried cabbage, soursop juice and mango smoothie. The food taste really good, with what Cantonese would have called "wok hei". Better than other zi char stalls. No service charge and GST at all

A view of the surroundings .... there is a pub inside which is opened from evening till 3 am

Bathing the dog after his exercise ...

And Daddy made fun of me ... by 'training' me to go through the obstacles meant for dogs !!! And I was like blur blur, followed Daddy's instructions

Next time, shall go for cycling and kite flying at the Park Connector, then proceed for dinner there again

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CNY Dance Preview

Doing the CNY dance preview for Daddy ... yet to learn the entire song and dance, that I will be performing in school as part of CNY celebration.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CNY 2011 Preparations

Doing some simple preparation for CNY ....this year, it comes earlier. I chose the pink decorations although Mummy would have preferred white. And I cut the decorations into short pieces and put them on the twigs ....

The end product .... beautiful 银柳 transformed from ordinary twigs. Just short of some ang baos ....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally Up In the Sky, But ...

Since the weather has been rather cooling these few days, Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me to West Coast park to cycle and fly kite again. The 2 kites that we had gave way the last time, so we bought a new kite at the park. This time Daddy took Nana's daddy's advice and bought a much bigger kite than before ... reason is, it is much easier to fly the kite up.

So I chose a kite shaped like a fish and gosh, it is really much bigger than the kites that we had before. Cost $20 after bargaining.

The wind was really strong in the morning, and within 30 seconds, the fish was UP in the sky !!! See Daddy was trying hard to manipulate the kite. I took over for a while and Daddy was so afraid that I will fly up the sky, along with the kite

And this time, we saw someone flying a parachute kite !!! Had to use both hands to control the strings and I bet the forces must be so big that controlling the kite would be really difficult

Mummy had a go at flying the fish kite as well.

After about 30 mins, suddenly Daddy did not feel any force at the end of the string and he went "oh gosh" .... the string gave way and the kite flew off !!! We saw the kite ended up in the waters, floating on top !!!

So much fun for $20 for the morning ... sigh. Looks like we got to invest in a really good string in future for a big kite. So in the afternoon, Daddy and Mummy brought me to Takashimaya to buy a small Disney Princess kite so that I can fly that by myself, while Daddy go and buy his hbig kite

Friday, January 14, 2011


Daddy is known to love chilli a lot ... and for the past 2 days, Daddy had been having chilli for his meals. So today while I was in the toilet, this conversation started like this :

Me : Daddy, you cannot eat so much chilli
Daddy : I did not eat a lot of chilli
Me : Yes. You eat chilli yesterday and juz now. 2 days already
Daddy : Why I cannot eat so much chilli ?
Me : Because you will get sick sick if you eat so much chilli
Daddy : No, I will not get sick sick
Me : Yes, you will. Cannot eat so much chilli, understand (Daddy and Mummy always use the word "understand" on me)
Daddy : No lar, Daddy will not get sick sick
Me : Wait I tell your Mummy
Daddy (looking surprised) : Who is my mummy ?
Me : Your mummy is 奶奶
Daddy laughed ...

When Daddy related this incident to Mummy, she also laughed out loud. And she said Daddy is destined to be controlled by women in his life : 奶奶, Mummy and now ME !!!! Now I shall take over 奶奶 and Mummy roles to control Daddy !!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Me at 4 years old

I am now officially 4 years old.

My vital statistics are:

Weight: 15.8kg (+/-500gm depending on whether its before or after food and milk) 60th percentile

Height: 106cm (approx) 88th percentile

Mental Development:

1) I am now super talkative..... Daddy and Mummy calls me Little Miss Chatterbox. I can talk non-stop for 1-2 hours ( I am not kidding!!) I will tell Mummy what happens in school everyday. I am also known as the Little Paparazzi in class..... can even tell Auntie Winnie whether Joel ate this vegetables in school or not!!!

2) I can express myself well in both Chinese and English.

3) I can recite 三字经(about 20%) and about 10 唐诗。 I can recognise many Chinese words and can read most of the words in a simple Chinese story book, with Mummy/Daddy filling in the difficult ones.

4) I can read/spell simple English word groups like *AT (e.g. CAT, HAT, BAT), *EN (HEN, BEN, TEN, etc), *OG (DOG, LOG, etc), *ET( NET, PET, etc)

5) I can do simple addition as long as each number is not more than 10

6) I still have no patience in colouring, although I CAN colour within the lines, I don't have the patience to colour nicely most of the time.

7) I can help Mummy with a lot of household chores now, e.g plucking vegetables, cutting mushrooms, cracking and beating eggs, water the plants, bringing the correct cutlery from the kitchen and distributing them on the table during dinner time.

8) I can go to the toilet all by myself.

9) I can change my own clothes after school.

10) I always want to offer my opinion on things, so now whatever Daddy and Mummy say, I will follow by " BUT I want......" or "BUT I don't want.....". Although my opinion is not always accepted by my parents, I still want to try and irritate them hee hee hee....

11) I am slowly becoming a vegetarian ... can eat lots of greens very fast, but when it comes to meat, I take a long time to chew

12) I can swim by myself using a float / board, need not have anyone support me at all

Overall, my development is still OK so far ... now that I am in K1, this means there will be more homework (serious stuff to learn), and less play ... Daddy and Mummy hope that I will continue to be enthusiastic in learning, and most importantly, continue to be the 快乐小宝宝 that I always have been...

Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Class and Teachers

This year, I am moving on to K1 class of Michelangelo !!! My class colour is orange and every kid will say the secret password "Empower" on the first day of school to get something special from my form teachers (err ... now no more secret anymore, since Daddy posted it for all to know. Who cares .... haha). 宋老师 will continue to be my Chinese teacher, and my English teacher will be Ms Jacqueline Liew ....

And last year 宋老师 told Mummy that I will have Ms Jacqueline to discipline me (and Daddy and Mummy have seen Ms Jacqueline in class before, and she can really be a good disciplinary master), since I grew too close to 宋老师 and sometimes refused to listen to 宋老师 ....

Daddy and Mummy both agree that I need some form of discipline in school .... haha.