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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Philson's Birthday Party

Last Sat, we were invited to Philson gor-gor's birthday party at his place. Since Philson's mother used to do toy rental business, so Philson's house has quite a lot of toys ....

Every kid's favourite toy .... and I occupied the car for quite a while. Poor Nathan, he had to loiter around me while waiting for me to get out of the car .... but must say he is quite a gentleman .... never squeeze me out of the car ....

Then it is time for some cooking in the kitchen .... 2 chefs at work

I am cooking something really delicious ... dun disturb me, OK

Dun let the dog come into my kitchen !!!! Must close the door quickly

Finally, it was cake cutting time. See the big spiderman agar agar cake .... Philson's mother was so considerate that she ordered a normal cream cake and this agar agar cake so that those kids with allergies (me and Nathan) can also enjoy. Gave an idea to Mummy that she decided to make me an agar agar cake, instead of an egg-less cake this year

Blowing out the candles ... with lots of saliva on the cake as well ... ha ha

Taking a family photo

And then it is time for all the kids to join in the photo shoot as well !!!

Every kid was given a birthday party pack ... and my favourite is the 'whistle'

And then I realized, I am not alone .... the 'whistle' happened to be every kid's favourite !!! See how united we were in having fun with it !!!

Happy birthday Philson ... and definitely looking forward to mine in Dec !!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zoo - Can Never Get Sick Of It

Since Daddy's company has cheap zoo tickets again, he bought quite some many tickets so that I can go to the zoo multiple times (validity till 20 Jan 2010) .... So we started the first round on 28 Nov .....

The weather in the morning looks not very good while we were having breakfast at Yew Tee .... luckily it cleared up soon after so we decided to go ahead with the zoo trip.

Starting our adventure at the zoo ....

Oops, Daddy is supposed to include the otters in the photos ... but guess they are not as important as the 4 of us ....

I am flying !!! And I want to reach the monkey !!!

The jewel of the zoo, Ah Meng ..... although he is gone.

Missed the baboons the last time, so this time, must definitely see their red bums !!!

A big red bum for you ... compliments from Daddy !!!

I thought I could feed the giraffe again like the previous times but the giraffe enclosure was closed for upgrading. So no choice, take a photo with a fake giraffe
Luckily, I still have the kangaroos to feed.

Daddy bought the feed for $5 and I wasted no time at all .... 冲啊 !!!

Tropical crops area .... lots of variety of orchids planted ...

万兽之王, The Lion King !!! But for the past few times that I have been to the zoo, never saw the lion at all !!! And see, this lion really knows how to pose for people
爷爷 and 奶奶 taking a picture in front of the scenic lake ....

Very interesting fact about crocodiles .... no sex chromosomes !!! Temperature is the key .... so that means crocodiles can choose their gender of their offsprings so easily .... So for those couples who are thinking of going the North Pole or Sahara Desert to have a baby, forget about it !!!

The squirrel posing nicely for Daddy to take a photo ... really know how to 出风头

Posing with the largest frog .... doesn't it look scary ???

After I woke up from my brief nap, we went into the fragile forest. I think this is the best part of the zoo, cos you really get to see the animals up close and personal.
The lemur at his dinning table...
Can you see what is on Daddy and 爷爷's hands?
A super friendly and beautiful butterfly!! Daddy tried to pass it to me, but I ran away...
After we left the fragile rainforest, I went straight to the water play area and changed into my swimming costume... As a warm up, shoot other people first while I stay dry hiak hiak hiak

Then tried to stop the water from flowing out, which by then I am wet already :P But enjoying myself...

Last photo shoot at the zoo entrance before I relunctantly go home .... will definitely visit the zoo in Dec .... on my actual birthday !!!
More pictures in the album .....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I can carry 表妹 by myself !!!

I have decided that I can carry 表妹 by myself easily ....

Errr ... but how come 表妹 seemed to be in shock and in distress ....

Who cares ... as long as I am enjoying ... ha ha

Then Mummy decided to join in the fun ....

OK lar, sayang sayang .....

See, isn't that simple ??? Just more practice and I am sure 表妹's expression will be different ...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

姑姑's Birthday

Today we went to celebrate 姑姑 birthday (cannot reveal how old she is here .... otherwise 姑姑 will kill me). Decided to have Japanese food at Waraku since both 爷爷 and me love Japanese food a lot (ha ha, it's 姑姑 birthday but never see whether it is her favourite food or not ....)

Since we were early, we walked around at Marina Square and Suntec City areas. Saw the Japanese Anime event at the convention halls ... lots of people all dressed up for the event. Also saw mascots, so I decided to pose with them

We asked for a private room in Waraku so that we can talk a bit louder and I do not have to be restrained to my baby chair. But soon after, Mummy regretted .... because I kept running about in the room, never had my buttock stuck to the cushion for more than 5 seconds

Finished taking my picture ???

Exploring 姑姑's handphone .... did I see something that I should not see ???

Time to get off the cushion and start my running around activity

Oops, ventured too far, out of my room already ...

Then our food came .... we really ordered a lot of food.

姑姑's curry udon, mini size

叔叔's salmon rice set

This is Daddy's curry chicken udon, regular size. Look at the big bowl relative in size to the one beside ... and the bowl is really heavy

Sashimi set .... salmon and tuna

The japanese squid .... really very fresh and crunchy

My kids' set meal .... and comes with free toy, this time, is a pair of badminton racquets.

And many more food that 叔叔 did not take photos of .... Daddy had the VIP card which entitled him to 30% discount. So at the end, we only paid $105 for the dinner .... really worth it.

Then comes the cake cutting .... the staff at Waraku were very considerate. They put the cake on a plate, lit the candle, off the lights and brought the cake into the room. Also prepared a few small plates for us to eat from ....

Singing the birthday song .... Routine for me since I have birthday celebration in school almost every month

Cutting the cake ... I am eyeing the cake more than looking at the camera

Planting a kiss on 姑姑's cheeks.

Then it was time for me to "work" since I cannot eat the cake ... deliverying the cake to all the people in the room

Since it was still early after dinner and the evening was cooling, we decided to enjoy the christmas lightings along the streets .... thought the newspaper commented that Marine area lightings are nicer than Orchard area ... but so-so only leh

Popped over to the Esplanade so that I can drink my milk while enjoying the breeze and night view ....

The Merlion that has been repaired and now sprouting water into the river ....

And guess what is that ??? The place where all gamblers unite in future !!!!

I was so tired from all the running around that I fell asleep in the car on the way home .... fully dressed in my sleeping pyjamas

Happy Birthday 姑姑!!!