My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

World Cup

Preparing myself for the World Cup 2010 .... the youngest gal to enter the World Cup !!! But hor, got to learn the rules first ... cannot use my hands to touch the ball, otherwse penalty .... Or should I aim to become the goal-keeper ...

Mummy said I was too noisy when I play with the ball .... isn't soccer supposed to be a rowdy game ???

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Finally, I weigh 10 kg !!! And my height is 79 cm. According to the chart for Asian babies, I am 'promoted' from the 25th percentile point to 50th percentile ..... Hooray !!! That means, I gained about 1.5 kg within 5 weeks ....

Err ... at this rate, will I become a fat gal and need to join the TAF club in future ???

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hat Craze

A hat for myself ...

A hat for Daddy (luckily, colour is not green ...)

And a hat for Mummy (how come Mummy is so afraid of the hat .... not a living creature wah)

Now, doesn't that hat look familiar ??? My shape-sorter .... ring a bell ???

Reading Newspaper

Now that I have started child care, my vocab and speech have improved ... reading the newspapers is so much fun, from the beginning to the end, and back to the beginning ...

Can pass off as professional news broadcaster or not ??

Monday, May 19, 2008

How to Use a Changing Mat

Let the little expert demonstrate how to use the changing mat correctly ....

Step 1 : Unfold the changing mat on the floor

Step 2 : Lie down on the changing mat, for nappy change (with my butt facing the ceiling ... how to change nappy like tat !!)

Step 3 : Fold back the changing mat after I am done

Step 4 : Pass back to Daddy to put back in its original location

Aren't I smart ??? Next time, I shall change my own diaper outside ....

Sing ABC

Finally Daddy and Mummy took out my birthday present that 舅母 bought for me and let me play with it. So I decided to sing along with the ABC song .... not only sing but also dance with the music

Can understand my singing ???

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah .... = A B C D E F G ....

Ha ha, that is my version of the ABC song

Sunday, May 18, 2008

ZOO - Part II

Then we walked past a bronze statue of an Orang Utan. Mummy told me that is built in memory of the famous Ah Meng who recently passed away. The actual grave is behind (where a lady was placing a bouquet of flowers for Ah Meng). It's really a very picturesque final resting place for the icon of the zoo.

Lunch time came ... so we went to KFC and Daddy fed me lunch there .... Not KFC fried chicken of cos, but meat patty, rice and soup (otherwise, 奶奶 will kill Daddy if I eat KFC chicken !!! Ha ha). After lunch, we went to see the elephants (how can go zoo nvr see elephants at all!!!). As I was watching the elephants eating food, see my 'stoned' face, while my eyelids became heavier .. and heavier ....

And 2 minutes later, I ended up in the stroller in dreamland ..... see how fast I can fall asleep when I am REALLY TIRED !!!

So Daddy, Mummy and 公公 went back to KFC and had their lunch in peace while I was sleeping.

After lunch, we went to explore the zoo more .... next comes the Pygmy Hippo. And then the white tigers .... Both Daddy and me were pointing to the white tigers across the water .... and then Daddy's funny expression came when his mouth went wide open to imitate the tiger roar .... wait till he hears the real tiger roar ....

Next came the Australian kangaroo ..... I look so small beside it ......

By that time, it was already about 3 pm in the afternoon .... so we decided to find our way home .... was so tired that after my dinner, I had a little rest, some Isomil, and then off to bed .... but I think either there was too much info overload to my little brain, or I dreamt of the little mousedeer chasing after me, tat I kept waking up initially in the night .....

Next time I must go to the Jurong Bird Park ... because when I was at the zoo, I kept looking at the birds around the animals instead !!!

Some pictures from the zoo adventure

ZOO - Part I

Today, Daddy, Mummy and 公公 brought me to the zoo for the 1st time! Initially Mummy didn't want to bring me cos I just recovered from fever last week and was still having slight running nose and cough, and the weather has been so hot these few days. But Daddy says since he has applied for the free corporate pass already, might as well go since my running nose and cough are very slight only.

Initially I was a bit apprehensive cos the place was so big with so many trees and people, so only wanted to be carried. But later I started to enjoy myself... but I still wanted to be carried cos I am too short to see the animals mah!!!

Mummy and me with the Flamingoes....

Inuka the polar bear..... One of my favourite animals in the zoo, cos he looks so much like my favourite winnie the pooh at home :) other than the color of the fur

Don't mess with me.... I'm the rhino-protector!!!

The highlight of the trip was the fragile forest, where visitors can come into close contact with small animals and insects of the rainforest. See these 2 beautiful butterflies?? Mummy says they are moth cos their wings spread out when they are resting, but Daddy insists that they are butterflies cos they are so beautiful... hmmm... these adults are so confusing.... so who is right huh?? Dun teach me the wrong thing leh...

In the fragile forest, I also saw the tiny mousedeer running about on the ground ... but I was too scared to go near it, even though it was much smaller than me .... but I managed to have Daddy carry me high up to look closer at the lemurs ... they were dangling from the tree branches .... as long as I dun have to go near them, I am OK ....

Hehehe... I'm quite wary of the animals as its the first time I come into close contact with animals (er... other than Auntie Esther's dogs lah!!) Hahaha... I feel safer with plants, even though they look like elephants... See how I dared to touch them when 公公 carried me

To be cont ....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Techno WhizzKid

Any idea what this is ???

I bet you have no clue .... That got Daddy scratching his head as well when he received this MMS from Mummy with a header :-( . Hehehehe....I took this picture using Mummy's handphone and sent it over to Daddy!! Don't you think I am clever?? Mummy was amazed that I can actually come up with this :-( symbol just by anyhow pressing the keys

Ha ha .... nowadays, I enjoy playing with Mummy's handphone while having my lunch / dinner, take pics and then send them out to anyone on Mummy's phone address book.... Wonder who shall be my next target next time ...
Hmmm Sony Ericsson should pay me to be their spokesperson.... its so userfriendly that a 16 month old toddler can operate!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Big Ego

Mummy concluded I have a big ego.

As you know, I never really like Isomil before I went to infant care. In fact, I hated it so much that I went on a hunger strike for 2 months when I was about 7 months old, when Mummy first gave me Isomil.

So when I went to infant care, my teacher, Ms Thye Tai, managed to get me to drink Isomil ... since all other kids drink milk of some sort .... and to encourage me, Ms Thye Tai got all my other friends in the infant care to clap and cheer me on whenever I finished my Isomil .... I felt so happy .... and one day, my ego got bigger and I pointed to the principal and the auntie (who cooks for us) and 'told' Ms Thye Tai that they also need to clap for me !!! Ms Thye Tai, the princpial and auntie almost 'fainted' .... ha ha

Hmm ... next time, I must get all the other teachers to clap for me also. hehehe... you should clap for me too!!

The First Words ....

After 4 weeks of going to infant care, Daddy and Mummy finally saw some changes in my 'language' ....

In the past, the only language that I know, other than "奶奶 (my fav milk milk)", is "ba-da-ga-gu-ki-...." all stringed together .... and that can only be understood by real genius (eg. Einstein, if he was still alive now) .... so how come Daddy and Mummy cannot understand me leh ???? Ooops, u mean they are NOT ....

So, one day, when Mummy went to pick me up from the infant care, she was suprised to see me point to my pink sandals and said "鞋子" !!!! Actually, pronunciation is not exactly accurate, but if you follow my finger and see the shoes, you will know I really said "鞋子" and meant MY SHOES !!!

Then before I left, I waved my hands and said "BYE BYE" to all the teachers and principal .... that sounds more accurate .... ha ha.

When I see buses on the roads, I get so excited and kept pointing to the bus .... so Daddy and Mummy taught me to say "BUS" ... and yes, I now know how to say "BUS" .... I will even wave to the bus when the bus goes away hahahaha....

Then comes the CLOCK ... I know there are 2 clocks in the living room so Daddy taught me to say "CLOCK" ... so that next time, punctuality becomes my core value ....

Of cos, my favourite MA-MA (for Mummy) and DA-DA (for Daddy). Many months back, when I first said PA-PA, Daddy was so happy cos I know how to call Daddy first, rather than Mummy .... until after some time, Daddy gave up on me .... reason is I kept saying PA-PA when I get excited or want attention .... I said PA-PA when I point to the birds, friendly auntie, friendly uncles .... so 公公 said 有胡须的男人都是爸爸 .... ha ha

My teacher, Ms Thye Tai, told Mummy that I also know how to say "PLEASE " (I was taught to say that when I want something in the infant care), "SLEEP" (I kept shaking my head, saying "SLEEP", meaning I DUN WAN TO SLEEP YET !!! That got Ms Thye Tai confused initially ... ha ha). Unfortunately, up till now Daddy and Mummy have not yet got the chance to hear me say those 2 words at home .... 本小姐是有性格的 .....

Now I also learnt how to keep my toys after I have played with them ... of cos after being reminded by others ....

Must increase my vocab more .... next word must be "TRAIN" or "BIRD" because I go crazy whenever I pass by a MRT station / MRT track / MRT train / birds !!!

hehehe... but for now.... I still speak in my OWN language most of the time hehehe....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to School Again

I am back at school again starting 12 May 08 after recovering from my fever .... but the school was so empty ... some of the kids fell sick so resting at home while some parents took their kids off school deliberately during this HFMD period ... and now my school has 3 cases of HFMD. Luckily, all 3 were not from my class ....

Daddy's colleagues said Daddy is smart ... when everyone stops bringing his kids to school (but still have to pay school fees), this is the best time for Daddy and Mummy to bring me to school .... no chance of infection (since no kids around) and school fees well spent !!! Ha ha ... like that also can !!!

Hope I dun fall sick again .... cos I WANT TO GO TO THE ZOO THIS WEEKEND !!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Tot my school can escape from this HFMD craze since there are less than 20 kids there.

Today, the principal told Mummy that they have their 1st case of HFMD !!! Immediately, they disinfected the entire school and the infected kid stayed at home ....

Starting Monday, I started having some low-grade fever again .... not sure whether this is linked to my teething (my bottom molar are starting to grow AGAIN) or onset of viral fever or related to HFMD ....

As a precaution, I stopped going to school on Wednesday .... hopefully, I dun get the HFMD and can resume school next week ....

I miss my teachers and friends .... *sob* *sob*

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Evening at Home

A typical evening at home after infant care :

Reach home at about 615-630 pm on weekdays ...

Start dinner at 630 pm. Usually finish dinner by 7 pm .... Mummy will prepare my porridge / rice early in the morning and use the thermal pot to keep it warm, ready to feed me once I reach home.

Daddy and Mummy play with me from 7 - 745 pm ....

a. Read books

b. Shape sorting

c. Hide and seek (Daddy hides and I seek lor .... the house is so small that now I know all Daddy's hiding places .... ha ha .... there was once Daddy thought of a new well-hidden location to hide, without realizing he exposed parts of his legs ... and I found him easily ... ha ha)

Start rubbing eyes and sayang Mummy (meaning I WANT TO SLEEP) at 745 pm

Daddy feed me Isomil from 745-755 pm ....

Clean up, change into pyjamas, ready for sweet dreams at 8-815 pm !!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Before .... and After .....

This week is my 3rd week at infant care (missed one week since I was down with flu) .... so what has changed ???

Before Infant Care

1. Take 2 naps (morning and afternoon, total 3-4 hrs) in the day
2. Refused to drink Isomil
3. Had mummy in the day to keep me entertained, otherwise I will mess up the whole house
4. Can watch my favourite Barney DVD
5. Occasional eating problems .... what's new ???
6. Sleep at about 930 - 1000 pm at night .... meaning can go gai-gai till 9 pm !!!
7. Daddy and Mummy have dinner at 7 pm, after my dinner
8. Daddy and Mummy have no private time of their own until I have slept = their bed-time

After Infant Care

1. Take only 1 nap in the afternoon, about 1-2 hrs
2. Finally drank Isomil (120-180 ml a day) ... with spoon feeding and distractions
3. No mummy in the day to keep me entertained, but have my teachers, friends and a lot of toys, fun activities (painting, art & craft that I don't get to do at home)
4. No TV / DVD to watch ... but who cares ....
5. Eat a lot more .... now have morning break (Isomil, fruits and bread/bun) and afternoon break (Isomil, leftover lunch, cookies)
6. Sleep at about 8 pm at night .... meaning NO MORE LATE GAI-GAI !!!
7. Daddy and Mummy have dinner at 830 pm ... after I have slept ...
8. More private time for Daddy an Mummy, also more time for them to finish up work at home

Daddy and Mummy concluded I should start infant care much earlier !!! Sigh !!!

My Favourite Noodles - Self Feed

Recently, I just love to self-feed myself .... whether be it cheerios, rice cracker, noodle, rice, porridge. YES !!! You read it correctly, PORRIDGE !!! Last week, I was teething again and rejected rice ... so Mummy took the gamble and gave me porridge (the thicker Cantonese style) cooked with cabbage and pork ribs ..... and surprisingly, I finished one and a half bowl !!!! Phew !!! Otherwise, Mummy will go crazy thinking what to feed me ...

Anyway, I was saying I loved to self-feed .... Daddy and Mummy think I learnt it from the infant care .... watching my other friends feeding themselves so I decided to follow suit ....

See how I enjoy the noodles ... after eating a whole bowl of porridge .... Not bad leh, self-feeding is pretty accurate !!! Ha ha

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Random Photo Shoots

Time to post some shots that Daddy has taken randomly the past few weeks ....

A treat from gu-gu when we went out on a family gathering .... my favourite cartoon characters : Barney, BJ and Baby Bob

Little Violet Riding Hood .... Freezing cold at IMM giant ??? Ya right !!!

Aspiring pianist at work ... Dun 'pray pray' ....