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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cameron Highlands - Day 4 (Last Day)

On the last day, we arranged to meet for breakfast at 8 am at the hotel lobby, since we still had some meal credits left.

Daddy took a photo just outside our hotel apartment with the clouds descending ... scenery was really great

This time, Daddy drove down the winding road. And gosh, it was so curvy that Auntie Winnie was controlling herself to avoid vomitting. She took sour plums constantly and closed her eyes and tried to avoid any movement. Ha ha. I should not laugh at Auntie Winnie, since I also got giddy and went to sleep at about 10 am !!! Gosh, imagine waking up at 730 am and then sleep again at 10 am. In fact, I 'fainted' for a good 1.5 hrs due to the giddiness (same thing happened when I went for Genting trip the last time). So I managed to skip my afternoon nap. Ha ha

We stopped for toilet break along the highway and I took some photos of Daddy and Mummy.

We drove to Tesco at Selangor since from Selangor, that is only 40 mins drive to the KL airport. On the way, we got fined for speeding. As we drove, we saw oncoming cars on the other side of the road kept flashing their headlights ... so we knew there would be traffic police up ahead. However, as we kept driving (for quite a while), we did not see any police, so we might have sped up a little on the way. Only after quite a long distance, we saw road blocks and barriers were set up to have only a single lane in operation to check individual vehicles.

When it was our turn, the police officer signalled us to pull over by the road side. Then he flashed a piece of paper telling us that we exceeded speed limit and our vehicle number was recorded down. Then he asked to see our license, and then kept saying we exceeded speed limit ... obviously waiting for some under-table money. We gave him RM50 and after looking left and right, he quickly hid the dollar note under his card board and returned us the license (without even copying down details or looking at it. He was just fiddling with the license). Then he said, we can go .... sigh. We have heard of this corruption practice, but was still quite an experience to go through that, especially the part when the officer looked left and right .... haha. For the rest of the journey, we concluded we were safe (even though there were speed cameras) because that single road block operation should have given them quite some 'earnings' ....

When we finally reached Tesco (at about 1+ pm), we were pretty hungry and upon seeing Secret Recipe restaurant, we went in, instead of looking around for other restaurants .... anyway, it was $ for $ compared to Singapore ... so still considered cheap. Just that the food quality was not that fantastic

While waiting for lunch to be served, I got a little cheeky and decided to show Daddy my little 'baby' .... I called myself Mummy Wolf, pregnant with my little 'baby'

And yes, you might have guessed it correctly ... the little 'baby' a.k.a Baby Wolf, was my little orange care bear

After lunch, we shopped a while at Tesco and Daddy bought my Sebamed shower oil (cost only 50% compared to Singapore prices). Unfortunately, there was only one bottle left .... sigh

We drove to the airport and returned the rental car. Since we still had 2.5 hrs before boarding the plane, we wandered around in the airport

Again, the 3 musketeers united

Our plane was supposed to fly off at 620 pm, but at 6 pm, there was no sight of the plane at all. Apparently, there was a delay at Singapore end, so by the time the plane arrived at KL airport, it was one hour later.

Once we were on board the plane, we took our tidbits to eat ... and this is the first time I ate seaweed !!! Was a little spicy, but since it was so delicious, I could tolerate the spiciness !!!

And then, it was time to play "Guess what am I drawing" game .... Daddy and Mummy were pretty smart to decipher my drawings ... ha ha

爷爷 and 奶奶 came to pick us up at the airport and sent us home .... in the car, I was happily telling my adventure to 爷爷 and 奶奶 ...

Looking forward to my next holiday .... hmmm, dunno when it would be

Cameron Highlands - Day 3

The following day, we decided not to have breakfast at the hotel but to have scones for breakfast. Drove down to Tana Rata town at about 830 am ... but only to realize that the T. Cafe that we wanted to go to opened only at 10 am !!! So we decided to have our breakfast at the StarBucks Cafe.

While the adults orderd muffins and coffee, the kids indulged in animal biscuits that Mummy brought along for the trip. See how Joel and me kept comparing the biscuits to see what animals we have chosen

After a good breakfast, we set off for the Agricultural Centre at the Cameron Highlands. Was recommended by Uncle Chow (the owner of Uncle Chow's Cafe where we had lunch the previous day). And when we reached there, the place was really HUGE !!! Only the adults needed to pay entrance fee of RM 5 each. Considered really cheap for the experience.

Different kinds of flowers and plants everywhere in the nursery

The nice cooling weather really produced bright coloured flowers and huge flowers as well.

Not forgetting to take a photo at the cactus garden with Joel
And a family photo in the midst of the huge garden

Then came the fruits and vegetable section. Tomato, but not ripe

Zucchini .... and they had different colours : green, black, yellow
Huge cabbage, enough to last us for several days

Grapes hanging from the vines
And you guessed it right .... chilli padi

And see this interesting vegetable ??? Garden salad lettuce !!! Can just bring a bottle of Thousand Island sauce, put a bit on the lettuce and eat it on the spot !!! Ha ha

And trust your eyes ... a super huge winter melon weighing more than me!!! Daddy was so afraid that we will pull the winter melon off
Pumpkins on the ground. I was so excited to see the pumpkins.
Besides what was shown here, we also saw french beans, sweet peas, carrots, parsley, celery, asparagus, water cress, broccoli and cauliflower (still very small sprout), apples and pear trees (but the fruits were very small), capsicums, eggplants, and many more! Very educational for both adults and children since we don't have the chance to see all these in urban Singapore!
After all the educational flower and vegetable tour, we hit the children's playground in the garden

And yes, Camille was not afraid of the swing !!! See how she was enjoying herself ???

For lunch, we decided to go back to the T. Cafe at Tana Rata town since this was one of the recommended cafe on the Internet. Food was really cheap. A dish of fried rice is only RM 4.90. Daddy ordered pasta at only RM 9.90.

While waiting for food, Daddy went around the cafe and found out why the cafe was named T. Cafe ....

The T. Cafe was famous for their scones and apple pies. We ordered the scones and they were really nice. But was too full to have the apple pie (in fact, the apple pies were more famous than the scones)
After lunch, we drove back to Binchiang town and went to the Butterfly Farm. Each adult cost RM 5 and kids above 3 years old at RM2. But the place was really nice ... lots of butterfly free roaming in the compound

And lots of beautiful flowers .... and they were really BIG !!!

Besides butterfly, they also had other insects and reptiles on display. See the log-like frog

And scorpion on the Uncle's arm .... yucks !!!

Different kinds of snakes

And the most amazing insect must be this .... can you see where the real moving leaf insect was ???

Can you guess what the red palm weevil were doing ??? Mating !!!!

After the butterfly farm, we went to this strawberry farm, where we can pluck our own strawberries and then eat them. So Uncle Telang, Joel, Daddy and me paid RM20 (to pluck half a kg of strawberries) for the experience, while the rest waited outside for us (cos they were so particular, only limit 3 person if we only pay for 1/2 kg)
See all the strawberries hanging in the farm ....

And see how serious I was, when plucking strawberries. Daddy told me, I must only pluck those that were full red and big ... cos they will be real sweet. Joel did not want to pluck at all, so in the end Uncle Telang did it on his behalf

And the end result was a full plate of red strawberries !!!! This time, the strawberries were 100% sweet. Super yummy!! But I still only ate 1, cos I don't like strawberries....

Of course, the kids cannot resist all the attractive strawberry merchandise in the shop. All the 3 kids got a pair of red strawberry slippers .... and I was so eager that when I reached the hotel apartment, I insisted to try out my new slippers .... is that nice ???

We went back to our hotel apartment and played with bubbles before dinner. Since the balcony was so big, that was the ideal place for bubbles fun !!!

We had steamboat for dinner again (cos the cooling weather made it really good for steamboat) ... this time we tried another restaurant that was recommended on the Internet as well. Was better than the previous day. And the best part was disturbing Uncle Telang once Joel and me completed our dinner !!!

That night, I slept at about 10+ pm .... eager to look forward to the next day