My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shopping at IMM with Gong Gong

Mummy and I were so bored today.... had been staying at home for 2 days liao.... so mummy tried to ask Mandy jie jie and Philson gor gor to go out... but too bad their mummies were not free... just as Mummy decided to go lot 1 NTUC with me (AGAIN?!), Gong Gong called and ask if we want to go IMM... YEAH!

Gong Gong came to our house to fix the toilet seat cover, while Mummy fed me lunch, then we went Ichiban Sushi where Gong Gong and Mummy had their lunch. I wanted to sit next to Gong Gong... and I read the menu together with Gong Gong, giving him suggestions what to order... hee hee :)

And the conveyor belt sushi was sooooo interesting!!! I kept pointing at the plates... but Mummy don't want to let me eat :( Then Mummy took some of her plain jap rice to let me try. Gong Gong wanted to put his chicken floss into my rice, but mummy said cannot :( Sigh.... next time must go out with Gong Gong alone without Mummy, so that I can have all the yummy food that mummy don't allow me to eat, hehehe...Anyway, so I ate the plain jap rice. Oh it's YUMMY!!! I kept asking for more.... but Mummy only scooped out 1 tablespoon for me cos she thought I will just eat 1 mouthful and don't want anymore (well, I generally don't like food one mah...) but by the time she realised that I love the rice, both she and Gong Gong have already contaminated their rice with their adult food... so I can't have anymore jap rice. Boo-hoo!!! Daddy, when you're back, can you bring me to eat Jap rice again, please? Pretty please?
Gong Gong, I enjoyed myself so much today. Can you bring me out more often, especially when Daddy is overseas? If not mummy is so lazy... always bring me to Lot 1 NTUC only...

I ate the rice with so much enthusiasm, Mummy is seriously thinking of upgrading me to eating soft rice instead of porridge.... hmm... I also dunno if I'll like soft rice better than porridge leh.... but mummy is afraid that I can't digest or I'll get too tired of chewing if she let's me eat a full portion of rice... Mummy is still thinking... hmm... dunno if I'll get to eat soft rice soon??

Oh Daddy, I was saying earlier that I want to ride on those big animal rides at IMM level 2 right? Today I checked it out while mummy was not looking. It's only $2 per ride, much more worth it than the $1 ride that I took at vivocity.... Daddy can I go for the ride as my birthday gift?? Pretty please??

I was in such a happy mood that when I came home, I ate my dinner... well I still threw things all over lah... but at least I ate more... actually I would have finished the entire bowl, but I suddenly poo-ed.. and I poo-ed big time, cos I didn't poo where got mood to eat when I am sitting on my poo?? After mummy changed me, I got no more mood to eat liao... but anyway, I did better than yesterday lah... because I am in a good mood, but also it's my favourite spinach and pork with lentils porridge (ok lah.. i don't really like lentils, but with spinach and pork, I'll eat it lor...) compare the leftover with yesterday's?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Hairstyle Part II

Daddy is in US, so Mummy is ultra bored... and when she is ultra bored, she do funny things to me... I'm her barbie doll again today... Initially I felt so wierd about my new hairstyle, keep pulling my pony tail.......

Then after a while, I decided to be guai and give a nice pose with my new hairstyle.... but you notice the ponytails are already misaligned from my pulling?? :P

Eating Problem Part II

Ok, the last post on my eating problem was a summary of what happened during the last few months. This post is about my eating problem today. Actually Mummy don't really think it's a problem anymore.... it's become a norm for her.... well anyway, just to let everyone see the state of the dinning room after my 45min dinner...... and look at my sian face.... eating is such a chore, you know!!!

Well, actually I didn't do too badly lah... Mummy prepared a big bowl of porridge (1 small zucchini, pork and 1/2 carrot), it even went beyond the brim of the bowl!! Dunno why mummy thinks that my small stomach can finish all these!! This is what is leftover... I ate about 80% of it lah.... Mummy don't scold me hor... my stomach is really small mah....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Eating Problem ???

Tell you a secret hor .... mummy and daddy always have problem feeding me ... I started on cereal and mummy got to trick me into eating .... with one biscuit in one hand, an a spoon of cereal in the other, she got to trick me into opening my mouth with the biscuit, then shoved the spoon of cereal inside ... sometimes, instead of biscuit, mummy will trick me to open mouth to drink water, but instead push the cereal inside ....and sometimes, they have to make me laugh so that I can open my mouth and they quickly push the food in. See?

Sometimes, mummy succeeded ... then I got a bit smarter ... I bit the spoon and refused to let go, so that mummy cannot make me eat porridge anymore.... me smart right ....

Then I got smarter ... I refused to open my mouth and kept shaking my head ... so that mummy cannot be aim her spoon at my mouth properly ...
Now I have another eating habit ... when I eat, I must be entertained by toys. It can be empty tissue boxes, sweet wrappers, plastic drinking bottles, basically anything under the sky can be my toys ... and when I got bored with that toy, I just throw it onto the floor so as to let mummy / daddy know it is time to get me new toys to entertain me .... mummy and daddy are going crazy soon .... ha ha ... me a naughty gal right?? No lah... I just want to be a stick insect like Daddy :P

My First Car Ride (22 Sep 07)

Daddy and Mummy brought me to VivoCity for shopping on 22 Sep 07 ... do you know why ??? Because that was the day daddy and mummy got together as an item 6 years ago. I was so bored that day since they 'ignored' me ... so when we went past a toy ride, I 'asked' them to let me have a go .... Hooray, my first toy car ride .... daddy paid $1 for the ride ... but the ride was no fun at all ... just go up and down and lasted only less than 1 minute ... in fact, I was so bored that I slipped in the car .... wasted daddy's money .... next time dun want the ride anymore ... want the rides that daddy or mummy can also sit with me and drive around .... those that you see in IMM 2nd floor ... ha ha, more expensive ... me high class one OK !!!

Trying out my new party dress

Daddy bought me a new party dress months ago but I did not have an opportunity to wear it I got daddy to put it on for me so that I can start modelling around in the house, just to make sure I can still fit in it. Don't I look pretty ? I am going to Uncle Dunman and Auntie Lingru wedding on 02 Dec 07 with this new party dress. Unfortunately Daddy is in the States so Mummy is going to bring me there alone.

Will tell you more after I went to Uncle Dunman and Auntie Lingru's wedding next time

My First "Walk" using the Walkie Walkie

I first learnt how to "walk" when I went to Kate Jie Jie's house ... She was holding on to the walkie and cruising around the house ... How can I lose to her ??? So I snatched her walkie and showed her that I can do the same ... and Hooray, I managed to "walk" for the first time ....

When I went home, I asked Daddy and Mummy to let me walk with my own walkie ... and I really enjoyed it, walking from Daddy to Mummy, then back to Daddy, then Mummy, then Daddy.... Hee hee I can go on and on .... but then I got tired and started to play with my brand new potty .... luckily, no poo in that potty otherwise, I will stink like mad and nobody will want to play with me again .... Here is the evidence ...

First Excursion to Botanical Gardens (08 Nov 2007)

On 08 Nov, I went to the Botanical Gardens for the 1st time with Daddy, Mummy, Ye Ye, Ma Ma, Gu gu and Shu shu... although it was a Thursday, but everyone don't have to go to work, cos Mummy says it's Deepavali.

I saw so many different types of plants that I also go green ... Went to the new place just for kids (err ... forgot the name already ... small brain, how to remember so much) .... Daddy and Mummy can go in all because of me (the rule says that adults are refused entry unless they have kids under 12 with them), otherwise they can only look from outside .... who says babies cannot make contributions ??? Dun play play hor. But too bad I am too young to play with all the things in that place. I can only look at all the gor gor and jie jie play.... but I am already very happy... look at my big smile. :)

Cannot remember what I have seen (squirrel ? Monitor lizard ?) that I got a shock and used my hand to cover my mouth ... Botanical Gardens is full of strange creatures .... but I like :)

Daddy, Mummy, must bring me here again when I can walk and run.... then I can also go play like those gor gor and jie jie.... so fun!!

Learning to Walk

My favourite pastime now is learning to walk. I want people to hold my hands and walk around the house... hehehe... I know its extremely tiring for the adults, but I love it!!
Mummy bought me new walking shoes, so I also managed to walk when I am outside!! See, see.... I am shopping in OG, with the help of mummy and gu-gu

And you also see me walking in Gong Gong's house ...