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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ang Moh Speaking Mandarin II

Daddy and Mummy just cannot figure out why I speak Mandarin like an Ang Moh ... when I have a China teacher to teach me Chinese in school ...

Just in case you could not figure out what I am blabbering about ....

Song #1 :

炒罗卜,炒罗卜, 切切切。

包饺子, 包饺子,捏捏捏。




Song #2 :






Friday, April 17, 2009

A Morning at the Seletar Farms

Today, Daddy, Mummy 公公 and brought me to the Seletar farms (actually nearer Jalan Kayu area) for a morning nature walk ....

1st Stop

A very big nursery with lots of flowers and plants .... 公公 wanted to buy organic fertilizers and some new plants for his house ...

So while 公公 is looking around, I also "looked around" by playing with the water fountain displays .... tried to stop the bamboo tube from turning the other way when it is filled with water .... if spoilt, then ask Daddy to buy back home ... ha ha

Stop 2

The Animal Resort .... admission is free and you only need to buy food to feed the animals ... so Daddy bought $4 worth of animal food for me ...

Feeding the goats with bread crust ... 2 goats in all, but the white goat is more greedy than the yellow one. In the end, the 2 fought against each other for food ..... since they are barricaded and cannot come out, I was not afraid of them even though they are of bigger size than me ....

Next comes the rabbits and guinea pigs .... Daddy brought this rabbit (illegally) out of its cage so that I can feed it easily .... instead of nibbling at the carrot, the rabbt actually bit off pieces of carrot very quickly .... can hear the crunchy sounds when the rabbit ate the carrot. When the rabbit was full, it started to hop about and out of its enclosure into wide open ... Daddy had to chase after the rabbit all around, trying to catch it back to its cage before it escaped too far away .....

And after that, I refused to feed any more rabbits that are not in their cages .... Mummy said I am so timid .... scared of hopping rabbits that are so harmless !!!

Feeding the ducks in the pond. Again bread crust .... easier to throw the food into the water and let the ducks eat them

Next is the koi pond .... the kois are smaller than those at Suntec City but more responsive .... when I threw the fish food into the water, all the kois rushed to the surface to eat .... can hear the water splashing sound loudly ... unlike those at Suntec City where they are all well-fed and "bo chap" me ... think over here, no one was interested to feed the fish except me !!!!

Feeding the parrots .... with bread crust again (universal food for all animals except for the rabbits) .... the parrot took the big bread crust using its curled beak and then moved elsewhere, transferred the crust to its feet and enjoyed the food slowly .... smart little creatures

Then this family of geese came over ..... since they are not barricaded, I hig behind Daddy and held tightly to 公公 and refused to feed them .... so in the end, had to make Daddy feed the geese while I looked .....

Next we went back to feeding the rabbits with the remainig carrots ... as long as the rabbits are enclosed, I dun mind feeding through the cage .....

There is also dog grooming, dog training and dog hotel in the Animal Resort.

Stop 3

The MycoFarm, selling fresh mushroom ... one of my favourite food !!!

Uncle (he has a doctorate, dun play play) demonstrating how to cook various types of mushrooms on the spot ... he only used salt and garlic as seasoning to stir fry the Shitake mushroom ...

I ate some Shitake mushroom from the sample .... YUMMY !!! Just plain seasoning brought out the natural flavour of the mushroom. See me blowing hard at the mushroom to cool it down faster.

Next, Uncle cooked the Coral mushroom (really looks like coral in the undersea) .... he added some bean sauce since the Coral mushroom taste a little bitter without stronger seasoning.

The place also sells BBQ shitake mushroom stalks (they took the shitake mushroom stalk,s marinated them in BBQ-honey sauce and grilled them .... taste like 美珍香 bak kwa) ..... In the end, Daddy and Mummy bought a whole variety of fresh mushroom back : Shitake, Abalone, Oyster and Coral mushrooms ....

After 1.5 hrs of nature fun, we went for lunch. I fell asleep in the car on the way back home .....

Never know Singapore also has its own little Animal Resort .... and the most important thing is, IT IS FREE ADMISSION !!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not By Memory ... But Logic

Daddy and Mummy have always thought that I do my jigsaw puzzles by memory ... so today they gave me a new Pooh Bear puzzle and see how I went about doing it ....

With some tips from them, like "start with corner pieces", "Is this piece here", "Look carefully", I managed to piece the puzzle together .... now Daddy and Mummy are convinced that I do use logic, rather than pure memory ..... Hooray !!!

P.S : The puzzle needs to be one of my favourite cartoon character before I show some interest ...

I Love My School

Daddy always has problem getting me to leave my school in the evening to go back home for dinner ....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Feeding Kois

Feeding kois at Suntec City Mall on Saturday morning .... so Daddy bought the koi food for $2 for me ....

Stupid Daddy, used the koi food to feed the sucker fish .... and so I followed suit ... ha ha .... see how the sucker fish overturned itself and tried to "suck" the food but failed ....

So Mummy's turn to feed the kois with me .... throwing the food as far as possible so that all the kois can eat

I just loved feeding ... whether fishes, animals or human beings !!!! Ha ha

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Improvise Entertainment

Since Mummy is busy in the kitchen cooking dinner and there is only Daddy left, so I had to improvise the London Bridge game to keep myself occupied .... so teddy bears, both big and small, became very useful !!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Lion King

We went shopping at Suntec City and saw the Lion King sponsored by Wyeth .... see how friendly I got, giving the lion a big hug !!!

Taking a photo with Daddy .... but I got distracted

See how short I am in comparison to the Lion King ... must eat more to grow taller

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Show Case School Work

Show-casing my school work to Daddy and Mummy at home ...

Bet my best friend Liang Ying will faint if she finds out that I drew such an ugly picture of her ...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Practising Chinese

I just love to shout out loud when I practise my Chinese .... so much so that even the other class teachers next door can hear me ....

Daddy still thinks I sound like ang moh saying Chinese ....

Feeding Rabbit

See the rabbit that I made in school .... complete with its food (carrot and leafy vegetable) .... there is also a song that goes along with the rabbit .....

See how I enjoy feeding the rabbit with food ...

Then I got Daddy to feed the rabbit as well ... while the rabbit is jumping around ... just like me sometimes when Daddy allowed me to move about during meal times ... and Daddy kenna scolded from Mummy for spoiling me ... ha ha.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Lazy Afternoon

Spent a lazy afternoon in a hotel room .... too lazy for many words ... mostly pictures


Jacob Ballas Children's Gardens - Here I Come Again

This morning, Daddy and Mummy brought me to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden again .... this time to play with sand and water ..... so I brought my little pail and scoop that Daddy and Mummy bought from IKEAso that I can build sandcastles ....

The weather was quite hot .... so I tried to hide in the shade while building sandcastles ....

Attempting to build my FIRST sandcastle alone ....

Building my second sandcastle with Daddy's help

A video of me playing with sand !!!

Using my plastic scoop to make some music ...

Next stop : The water play area

Realized the swimming suit that I have is getting too small for me .... I NEED A BIGGER ONE !!! Compared to a year back, I am less afraid of the water now ..... A year back, whenever the water sprang out from the nozzles, I ran away, as if the water can bite .... but today, I just stood there and let the water jet hit my back ..... feels like jaccuzzi, except I am standing up, instead of lying down ..... ha ha

Getting water from the syphon .... too heavy for me to handle alone so got to get Daddy to help me to push the lever down .....

Collecting water from the water jet .... more difficult to collect water compared to the syphon ... I had to 'chase' after the water jet

Daddy, how come the water jet disappeared ??? How to collect water then ???

Errr ... why is that boy lyng on the floor ??? Should I pour my pail of water over him ??? And his swimming suit is the same colour as mine !!!

A video of me playing with water happily

After all the outdoor fun, we went to 奶奶 and 爷爷 place to wash up and have lunch and have indoor fun with 姑姑

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happily Munching Pear

Mummy gave me a sugar pear today so that I can learn how to munch fruits, instead of eating diced fruits .... see how much I enjoyed munching !!! Almost finished the entire pear in the end ....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ang Moh Mandarin

Daddy and Mummy think when I speak Mandarin, I sound like an Ang Moh ....

Conversation #1

Conversation #2

Conversation #3

Is it really tat bad ???