My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Friday, October 30, 2009


Daddy and Mummy think that I am really a chatterbox ... from the moment that I wake up in the morning, to the time I finally close my eyes and go to bed in the night, I will keep talking non-stop.

Even during the short journey in the car when Daddy picks me up from school to 奶奶 house ... I can chat non-stop with Daddy. Dun believe, click on the links to find out what went on in the car ...

Chatterbox 1

Chatterbox 2

Chatterbox 3

Chatterbox 4

Chatterbox 5

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Interesting Conversations

Some interesting conversation :

Me : Daddy, see, a big ball (pointing to a jie-jie playing with a big plastic ball in the field)
Daddy : Yes, really big ball (Daddy was driving in the car)
Me : Many colours, got yellow, blue, green .... (those type with different colour stripes)
Daddy : Yes, very colourful
Me : 五颜六色的球
Daddy : Wow, who taught you 五颜六色 ?
Me : 宋老师 !!!

Daddy was impressed that I can use Chinese idioms at this age, and use it correctly .... Dun think Daddy or Mummy knew that before 3 yrs old .... ha ha

In the study room, Daddy was working on his laptop to finish up some work.

Daddy : Ting, why do you come into the room ?
Ting : I want to work
Daddy : Work ? What work do you have ?
Ting : My work lor ... (then went to start typing on the old keyboard connected to a PC that no longer work. Look very serious indeed)
Mummy : Ting, come out and drink your milk first ... what do you want to watch while drinking milk ? Barney or Mickey Mouse ?
Ting : I finish my work first OK ?

Ya right, so young where got work ??? Wait till she goes to Primary school, then knows what work is

At the foodcourt

Daddy : You want to sit in baby chair or normal chair ?
Ting : Normal chair
Daddy : But you are not tall enough to see the food on the table. Better sit in baby chair
Ting : I am not a baby
Daddy : Yes, but still can sit in baby chair to eat by yourself. You eat more "yum yum", then can grow taller, then no need to sit in baby chair next time
Ting : I am tall already. In 公公 house, I no need stand on stool can wash my hands ... I big gal now

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School Work Revision

Since it has been a long time that I revised my school work, so Daddy decided to see if I do learn something in school. Last week was the week that we learnt the importance of brushing teeth and avoiding tooth decay .... so I recited my Chinese nursery about the little dog which refused to brush his teeth ... also sang the song of the importance of having healthy teeth ...

Daddy is glad that I truly enjoyed my time at school. Hope that will continue to be the same as I moved to primary school education ... nowadays primary school kids are really stressed out compared to the times when Daddy and Mummy were in primary school

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

搬弄是非 ???

Nowadays, I just like to engage in small talks with Daddy and Mummy after dinner ... can tell them what I am eating, what I had for lunch in school, what happened in school etc ... 不好听就是搬弄是非, ha ha, not really lar ... also converse with them like adults talking, fully understand .... 至少不是牛头不对马嘴 !!!

But Daddy and Mummy enjoyed listening to me telling them stories !!!

Disney Cartoon Stickers

Today is Peixuan and Xiaver birthday. Most of the time, I am typically not excited over the birthday gift packs since they normally contain sweets and cookies that I cannot eat (contains eggs, dairy ingredients). But today, I am excited over the birthday gift pack !!!

Because , there are 2 sheets of Disney cartoon stickers !!! And they were bought from the Hong Kong Disneyland !!! Just nice when I just came back from a holiday there !!!

Looks like I will continue to dream of my Hong Kong disneyland holiday for the next few days ...

Monday, October 19, 2009

After effects of the hong kong trip

It has been more than a week since we came back from Hong Kong........ These are the conversations that I had with Mummy and Daddy for the past week....

3 days after we came back from HK, I woke up at 5am...
Me: Mummy, I don't want to sleep already, I want to go Hong Kong now....
Mummy: (Faintz......) Go back to sleep!!! We're back in Singapore already!!!

One morning when Mummy was dressing me to go out
Me: Mummy, OK I can go take aeroplane now....

One morning, on the way to school with Mummy
Me: Mummy, can we go hotel ?

Daddy fetched me from school today....
Daddy: Ting, let's go home now...
Me: Go my home or Hong Kong home?

Daddy and Mummy feel that I have really grown up and know how to enjoy holidays now... as compared with last year when we went Sydney, I was still blur blur when I came back.....
Can't wait for my next holiday!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day 6 (Last Day)

The next day, we woke up early so that we will have ample time for breakfast .... and the reason is during breakfast, different disney cartoon characters will mingle with the guests and take photos ....

So before breakfast, we decided to explore the hotel since we did not have much time yesterday.
This room definitely belongs to me .... because I am the Little Princess (just as what the blog title says ... haha) !!!!

The Mickey Maze outside the hotel .... did not try the maze since too close to breakfast time .... what if I got lost in the maze and missed taking photos with my disney characters ???

Minnie Mouse figurine !!! See how happy Mummy and I were

Mummy's favourite ballroom ....

Doesn't it look like the ballroom that was featured in Beauty and the Beast ??? I meant the chandelier and the windows .... ha ha

At 8 am, we went into the breakfast lounge to be one of the first few guests .... And this is where I got so distracted by the disney cartoon characters that I ate my breakfast so slowly ..... kept searching high and low to see where my favourite characters went ....

See the disney cup, fork and spoon ... Daddy, can I buy one set back home ??? And of course Daddy said NO, so sad.

The beautiful place that served breakfast .... wide spread of food (international style) ... had the traditional congee and noodles and tim sum. They also had some Japanese food and Western sausages etc.

Pluto ..... his ears are so L...O....N....G

Daisy Duck .... isn't she beautiful ??? But her boyfriend was "on leave" during breakfast cos never saw him ... maybe they had a tiff the night before ????

My favourite Mickey Mouse !!! I want to kiss the mouth but ended up kissing the nose !!! See the auntie at the back laughing at me ....

Goofy ... he is really a funny and mischeivous character .... kept disturbing the table beside us ... think it is really in the personality of the person wearing the custome set

How come your ear is also long as that of Pluto's ???

Really had to admire those people in mascot costume sets. Really hot and stuffy inside, but luckily the place was air-conditioned. Imagine those in the streets of Disneyland, can really get heat stroke. Fortunately they do break for a rest every 30 minutes or so.

After breakfast, we continued our exploration at Disneyland to pick up from where we left off yesterday. First stop was the Animation Academy, showing how animation are made ....

The Toy Story Animation .....

Took a photo with Chip and Dale on the streets .... err, not my era leh ... I grow up watching Barney. How come they dun have Barney har ???? But nonetheless, I am still my normal affectionate self, running towards them and started to hug them hahahah :)

Went to AdventureLand again to take the raft across the river .... saw the story of Tarzan but not very interested .... cos the GORILLA that took care of Tarzan frightened me !!!!

Went to the auditorium to watch the story of Lion King .... the singing, music and lighting effects were fantastic, just that the sound system was too loud for me, so Mummy got to cover my ears throughout while I watched the performance.

Took my 45 mins nap after lunch and we went to the Mickey Golden Award show .... this is something similar to the Golden Horse Award ceremony where they presented trophies to various disney cartoon characters ... like best loving couple on screen, greatest hero on screen etc .... the entire concept was really well thought-out, showing scenes of various disney movies and live singing by the actors /actresses ..... again Daddy had to cover my ears throughout the show since the sound system was too fantastic

Excerpts from Beauty and the Beast, the classic

As it was getting late, we went back to the hotel to take a cab to the aiport to catch the return flight. Took dinner and then Daddy bathed me in the hotel lounge before we boarded the plane. The return flight was via United Airlines ... and it was really horrible service. Supposed to serve dinner on board (since the plane was at 8 pm) but they only gave cold sandwich, a packet of chips and one cookie, all placed inside a box. Really cut cost and also save the steward and stewardess trouble in serving the passengers .... and no individual TV screen to watch movie !!! Luckily, it was near my sleeping time, so I took my milk and went to sleep. Daddy and Mummy decided next time, no more UA flights !!!

I enjoyed my entire trip a lot, especially the highlight of the trip - Disneyland fun !!! Really suitable for kids of my age, since the rides are not too exciting, and the place is really small. But with a toddler in tow, Daddy and Mummy would not be able to finish covering a bigger place anyway....Would be a little boring for older kids and adults .... Poor Daddy, did not get to visit the haunted hotel or took the more adventurous rides .... ha ha. Next time lor.

More photos here ...

Hong Kong Trip - Day 5

Day 5 was the start of our Disneyland exploration. Early in the morning, we took the MTR to Disneyland. The train itself is uniquely designed with Mickey Mouse logos ....

Even the handles are in the shape of Mickey Mouse .....

The journey took about 3 minutes and we finally reached the Disneyland station. Even the station was designed with Mickey Mouse theme ... see Mickey magical hat as the pillar ....

We decided to check into Disneyland Hotel to offload our heavy luggage before we start our disney magical adventure ....
Going down Main Street, we headed for the FantasyLand as our first stop. Because it was Halloween festival, they had quite a number of Halloween related decorations and mascots

The famous Disney Castle. Mummy has been to Tokyo Disneyland, and they really had Cinderella inside the Castle there. But the Hong Kong one is so small, it really is just a prop for people to take pictures from outside.

To start me off, Daddy and Mummy chose the non-adventurous rides so that I can get used to such fun .... considering that I can get scared even watching cartoon movies.

Flying Dumbo ... exciting for me, but must be boring for Daddy

Spinning teacup .....

And the Carousel .... in fact, I was quite scared to go up there, until Daddy said I can choose my own horse to ride on .... so that managed to get rid of my fear

Then we proceeded with more adventurous rides ....

Going for a honey suckle ride in Winnie the Pooh story land. Since there was quite a queue, so we took some photos while waiting for our turn

Finally .... Hello Daddy !!

The ride was about the story of Winnie the Pooh and his friends .... in fact, the journey started OK at first until it came to a section of the ride which was pretty dark .... the story was about sky becoming dark since it was raining and flashing lightning and thunder .... then I got a little frightened and had to grab onto Mummy .... until the next section came when the sky cleared and the sun was out .... then I became my usual self again .... Daddy and Mummy thought the design of the ride was really good, and all the cartoon characters were really well-made

Next came the "It's a Small World" theme. For this ride, I enjoyed myself a lot. Throughout the ride, they kept playing "It's a Small Small World" song, but in different languages since we moved through different countries .... in fact, at the end of the ride, I could sing the chorus in English ....

Then we came upon photo taking sessions with all the Disney cartoon characters .... so of course I insisted on taking photos with each and every one there, even when the queue was pretty long for some popular characters ...

Gooffey ....

Then came Winnie the Pooh .... he is so much bigger than me !!!

And Mickey Mouse was the one that was very popular with a long queue .... but worth waiting for

Pluto came along later

And how can I miss Mickey's girlfriend, Minnie Mouse. In fact, her popularity was not far off from her boyfriend .... really 金童玉女 ???.

Definitely cannot miss out Donald Duck and Daisy Duck ... but they looked so different in their Halloween customes.

We were tired from all the walking (although the place is really small) decided to take the train that circles around Disneyland

From Fantasyland, we moved on to Tomorrowland. Dun think I am so skinny, I do have a lot of strength .... see my lifting the globe up with both hands .... tomorrow shall depend on the little princess, Jing Ting !!!

Dun believe me ??? Close up view on how I managed to lift the globe up.

Then we saw this very interesting robot ... it was a character from Muppet Show (err ... dunno his name already) .... he was doing an interactive show with a little boy from China ... and you know, Hong Kong people are not that good with Mandarin so the dialogue was really funny and hilarious ... in the end, he gave up and everyone had a good laugh, Watch the video and you can see how hilarious the Mandarin was

After my afternoon nap, we saw this High School Musical Dance performance on the street ... Daddy told me that this was really popular with the older teenagers ... the singing was really great although some of the performers were foreign talents (Filipino).

Towards the end of the performance, the performers started to get all the kids up on the performance "stage" and get them to follow the dance steps .... since I was sitting right in front, I was also "invited" up the "stage" .... Daddy and Mummy were surprised that I followed them ... see me in the middle of the video trying hard to follow the dance steps .... good or not ???

Next, we went to experience driving the car ... since I was below the height limit for a driver, I can only be a passenger beside Daddy .... while waiting for my turn, Daddy taught me a new song to prepare me for the driving experience ....

(Sing in the tune of "When you are happy")

We are driving in the car, in the car

We are driving in the car, in the car

We are driving in the car

We are driving in the car

We are driving in the car, in the car

Saw the street parade ....

After watching, we moved on to the last destination : AdventureLand. This is the place that I was most afraid of ... cos they featured tribal theme.
We took a river cruise in the boat .... something like the Safari, with elephants, zebras, alligators and monkeys...... they were so life-like!!!

See, even water sprouting out from a volcanic eruption .... I was quite scared and Daddy had to hug me very tightly.

On the streets of Disneyland, they have little carts selling souvenirs. See how I enjoy bursting the bubbles from the bubbles machine..... every time I walk pass them, I will stop to play with the bubbles for a while. Which explains why we couldn't cover all the sights in a single day although the place is really small.

Eating dinner by myself so that I can watch the Halloween parade later. We decided to visit this cafe as it was stated in the menu that they can cater to food allergies. So I managed to have a specially catered allergy- free kids meal!! YEAH!

Waiting for the Halloween night parade to start....

Finally started.... But I was scared...... partly because of the extremely loud music, and the scary Halloween characters. Mummy sort of regretted coming to Disney in Oct as they have the Halloween theme which I am scared of. Should have come in Dec for the Christmas theme?

The finale for the day ... FIREWORKS !!!! and guess what??? I AM SCARED OF THE FIREWORKS!!!! (Daddy and Mummy really don't understand why I am sooooo timid! Have to expose me to more things already....)

After the fireworks, we went back to the hotel for a good night's rest so that we can continue the next day.

More photos to enjoy ....