My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RotaVirus Part II

Today I am still having diarrhoea .... gave 奶奶 and 爷爷 a fright when they visited me. The diarrhoea just came all of a sudden and I dirtied the living room carpet .... All in all today, I think I "lao-sai" 6 times ... a lot better than yesterday whereby just one morning, I already "lao-sai" 6 times (total 12-13 times yesterday) ..... Dr Lee said I should get better slowly and once my "lao-sai" stops, then I should be OK ..... *sob* *sob*

Think I might have spread the virus to Daddy and Mummy because they are starting to feel unwell also .... what a time to prepare for CNY !!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Watching DVDs

I was still feeling sick from the Rotavirus so Daddy and Mummy decided not to let me walk around the house too much. They let me watched the 2 DVDs that I borrowed from the library.

See how I really enjoyed the DVDs, especially the one that explores various shapes. In fact, this is one of the very few DVDs that I can stay on the sofa watching it and dancing with the music ....

The other DVD that talks about various things that you can find on a farm is not as nice .... because there are hardly any farms in Singapore and when the DVD talked about barn, fields and hay, I could not relate to them. The only thing that I could relate to is when the song "Old MacDonald has a farm", then I danced with the music. Because Daddy and Mummy always sing that song to me last time ....

Once I feel better from the Rotavirus, will go borrow more DVDs to watch ... educational stuff mah.

Monday, January 28, 2008

RotaVirus Part I

Today, I went Auntie Esther's place again since Mummy had to go to work and Daddy had to go back reservist. I was supposed to go out with Auntie Esther and Uncle Johnson to a birthday party but in the end, I gave them a scare !!!

I refused to eat any bread, biscuit or cookie for breakfast .... Auntie Esther had to give me milk but after I finished the entire sippy cup, I vomitted everything out .... happened the same thing with water later on (poor Auntie June, had to clean up my vomit and wash my dirty shoes). I was feeling so terrible the whole morning that I just took my morning nap and refused to move around the house (normal days, you will see Little Hurricane at work). That shocked Auntie Esther and she had to call Mummy during lunch and send me to see a GP.

The GP, Dr Lee, was a very nice person. He told Mummy and Auntie Esther that I am having Rotaviral infection and this is pretty common for toddlers who are teething ... for the past 2 days, my gums had been feeling very sore and I kept using my fingers and thumb to rub my gums .... so Dr Lee said, some virus might have entered my tummy, causing this Rotaviral infection. Dr Lee gave me some anti-vomit medication and after taking it (with lots of struggling !!!), I felt a lot better ....

So in the afternoon, I was down to Little Hurricane at work. Auntie Esther felt so relieved that she allowed me to perform my little 'destruction' at her place !!! In fact, Joshua gor-gor entertained me by playing my favorite nursery rhymes on the piano. Managed to take some porridge as well .... However, I started to have a bit of diarrehea in the afternoon, so I had to go back to Dr Lee in the evening to get some Lacteol Fort medication for my diarrehea (the same thing that Daddy takes for his IBS).

Hope I will get better the next 2 days, otherwise, Auntie Esther is going to have another scare again when I go to her place on Thursday. No more gai-gai with Philson gor-gor nor Mandy jie-jie in case I spread the virus to them .....

Pink Panther Dance

Mummy always calls me a "cheongster" ... ha ha. I just loved music, especially catchy tunes and kiddy music .... whenever I hear that, I will activate all my dancing genes and DANCE !!!!

Today, Joshua gor-gor decided to play the "Pink Panther" tune and see how I react ... and there you go .....

Everyone laughed, especially when I sat on the floor and still danced (I saw that on TV when people do street dance, they sometimes sit down and move their legs mah) .... no wonder, Mummy is so afraid that I will go "cheong" pubs and disco when I grow up next time ....

Water Water Everywhere

Today, Daddy and Mummy brought me to Ma-Ma's place early in the morning so that I can have more time to play with everyone .... in the end, I got so stinky and smelly that Daddy decided to send me to the bathroom for a shower !!! But my bath tub is at Auntie Esther's place. So in the end, Ma-Ma and Daddy had to shower me standing up .... Yucks !!! With all the water down my hair and face, I was struggling to get out of the bathroom (I normally enjoyed my jacuzzi bath with my favourite toys) !!!! Next time go childcare, how har ????

Daddy said BO BIAN LOR !!! Argh !!!

(Gu-Gu took a video of me when I was bathing but Daddy decided not to publish it because the video quality was so bad and I was naked !!! Ha ha)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pre-CNY Shopping

Today, Daddy and Mummy brought me to Suntec City and Marina Square for some pre-CNY shopping before Daddy goes for his FIRST reservist training (then no more weekend gai-gai for me till Daddy comes back home). Mummy always says "Poor Daddy, so old then kenna call for reservist".

I just loved walking on Level 3 in Suntec City because there are fewer people walking around and I can walk to my heart's content (what to do, I am so small sized and with so many people, oxygen cannot reach me below !!!). Daddy and Mummy always say I walk as if I own the pathway, never look out for obstruction. Also, I keep pointing, but dunno what I am pointing at .... ha ha, that is my trademark OK !!! But this time, the reason I pointed is because of the many 大红灯笼高高挂. They looked like the red balloon I had before ... So I went to take a closer look ... WOW, everything looks so small when you look down at Level 1 ... for once, I thought I am not that tiny after-all.

Then I went to Kiddy Palace at Marina Square .... So I took the opportunity to try and "persuade" Daddy to buy me new toys by appearing very busy, moving the toys here and there (what to do, I still dunno how to talk. They say "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" !!! Ha ha)

But Daddy said I have too many toys at home (Auntie Esther just bought me some new toys) so in the end, I wasted all my energy !!! So sad ....

Never mind, I shall try that on someone else (maybe 爷爷 or 公公) next time and see if I succeed. So I decided to play on the slide (my first time) before I went home, tired of all the window-shopping .... (actually Daddy did buy me a new T-shirt today, so not really empty-handed)

Looking forward to going to Auntie Esther's place tomorrow .... will I have my Joshua gor-gor playing my favorite nursery rhymes on the piano ???? Hmm .....

Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Educational Adventure

Today, Daddy and Mummy brought me to Woodlands Regional Library after dinner ... Although Mummy has brought me to the Choa Chu Kang Community Library few days back, I enjoyed the library at Woodlands, because it is very very much bigger in size (regional, of course bigger than community lar !!!)

The moment I reached the children's level, I saw this very big tree in the middle .... mostly green leaves but some red ones, like those kinds you see in cold countries during Autumn ... There is even an owl inside the tree trunk !!! Then I start to wonder : How can they manage to grow a tree inside the building .... doesn't the tree need soil and nutrients to grow ??? I bet the next time I go back there, it will wither and die ....

Then I saw something that made my mouth go WIDE OPEN (even a housefly can go inside) !!!! There are 2 big mushrooms in front of the tree. Being curious, I went to touch and smell them ... look at the size of the mushrooms when I squatted down. They are ENORMOUS !!! How to eat them like that ? Need a monster-big mouth to put everything inside. But then again, I never have any interest in food, so why bother .... (by the way, how come got slippers in front of the mushrooms har ??? So unhygenic !!!)

Next comes this very big globe, with the title "Window to the World". Sounds so "cheem" to me ... like someone stays inside the globe and peeps out of the windows .... Daddy said, it means similar to that, ie. as a kid, I need to explore different parts of the world and different things in life, and slowly build up my knowledge, just like opening the windows to various parts of the world.

Having heard what Daddy said, I decided to start my little adventure around the book shelves to see what I can borrow .... and open the little "windows to the world" .... I found an interesting book and wanted to offer it to this Malay gor-gor, but he ignored me !!! So I decided to try my luck somewhere else (poor Daddy, he had to pick up my book and return to its original place, ha ha). I had this book in my hands and when I saw this Malay jie-jie. I wanted to make friends with her by exchanging my book with hers (more like I am snatching her book, instead, ha ha), then Mummy stopped me and laughed .... only after that, then I realised, I was holding on to the book called "Book of Bad Manners" !!! No wonder Mummy laughed and said I needed to read that book.

In the end, I decided on 2 DVDs : Baby Newton (discovering shapes) and Baby MacDonald (a day on the farm) ....

Next time, will ask Mummy to get Mandy jie-jie and Philson gor-gor to go library together !!! Then each of us can sit on the mushroom and see the world through the windows !!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Little Hurricane at Auntie Esther's Place

Since the beginning of 2008, 奶奶 is not feeling well so she can't take care of me anymore when Mummy goes to work ... sob sob....

Auntie Esther is so kind to volunteer to take care of me when Mummy goes to work .... so I have been going to her place every Monday and Thursday and bothering her family .... ha ha ... hope they dun mind the little hurricane Jing Ting messing up their place.

It is very fun at her place .... got Joshua gor-gor and Jonathan gor-gor to play with me as well .... and Uncle Johnson to buy me new toys !!! And there is Auntie June, who had to juggle between household chores and play with me .... In fact, I liked Joshua gor-gor so much that I used my saliva-filled hand to shake his finger ... and Joshua gor-gor almost puked !!! And I shared half of my saliva-coated biscuit with Jonathan gor-gor .... he almost fainted !!! Ha ha .... now they know what is it like to have the litle hurricane at home !!!!

Auntie Esther's place has this room that they converted to an entertainment room, which housed a drum set, many many guitars and they can even record their own music CDs !!! They also have a piano in the house. Since Daddy and Mummy play musical instruments (Daddy is a clarinetist while Mummy plays the french horn), Auntie Esther decided to see if I have the musical genes as well .... She put me on the drum set and .... WOW, see how I am enjoying myself !!!!

When Auntie Esther used her leg to press the pedal for the bass drum, I tried to follow suit ... but my legs are not long enough for that ... Auntie Esther laughed at me so loudly !!! See, I have evidence here ... But I really enjoyed myself in the room.

Besides fun, Auntie Esther also tried to give me different types of food .... Up till now, I have tasted lotus root soup, beef stew, pork and cabbage soup and even 2 whole drumsticks !!! I liked all of them, especially any soup mixed with plain rice .... Mummy said I am indeed a Cantonese gal, every meal must have soup, just like Daddy !!! But I refused to drink milk in the afternoon before my nap ... so in the end, Auntie Esther had to give me cookie and cereal biscuits to fill me up .... Heard Mummy's evil plot .... She is going to get Auntie Esther to feed me my most hated Isomil Formula and see if I like it .... OH NO !!!!!

Looking forward to going to Auntie Esther's place every Monday and Thursday ... until end Jan 08 ... cos Mummy will be breaking for her school holidays.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My First Overseas Trip

Today, Daddy and Mummy brought me to Johore with 公公, 舅舅 and 秀美姐姐 (my future 舅母). Daddy said if I travel out of Singapore, I need a passport. So when Daddy was on leave last year, he took many photos of me to make my passport .... That time, I was puzzled at why the camera light kept flashing at me so I kept walking to the camera ... if I knew that was for my passport photo, I would have put on my best smile .... so in the end, Daddy had to choose the "better" photos of all .... (姑姑 said if there are some numbers below me, I would look like some prisoner .... really that bad meh ???)

Since we set off early in the morning in 公公's car, I had to sleep in the car. Actually, it was not that bad since the car motion made me so sleepy .....

See.... my 1st "chop" on my brand new passport... hee hee :) Although it's only a day trip, but I'm happy enough. I overheard Daddy telling Mummy that may bring me to further overnight trips next time. YEAH!!!

A Typical Day ...

This is how I keep myself busy at home .... keep taking things from one place to another .... Daddy and Mummy kept saying "没事找事做" .... and mess up the whole house ....

Mummy got so fed up with clearing up after me....So in the end, Mummy decided to train me so that next time, I can put things back to their original places.... heehee see am I good girl ?

As long as I can practise my walking, who cares !!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Vroom Vroom !!!

Today, I finally got a chance to drive my own sports car !!!

Errr ... where do I insert the car key ....

Must be at the back .....

Here I come .... Vroom ! Vroom !

Then a kind sales lady offered me another sports car that actually moves !!! But how come when I steered right, the car went left instead har ? *scratch head*. Must be the difference between an expensive sports car and Daddy's cheap normal car lar.

Driving is so much better than walking !!! Daddy, can I have my own sports car ? A Lamborghini would be nice :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Backache !!!

Daddy, Mummy, I never know walking can be so tiring for my back !!! Should I go back to crawling instead ???

My Aspiration !!!

Daddy, one leg up ....

Mummy, both legs up .....

Now, can I become 大姐大 when I grow up ???