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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Today is 舅舅 and 秀美姐姐 (in future must call 舅母 already) big day !!! Daddy was appointed to be the official bridal car chauffeur that day so he got to wake up real early for his duty. Mummy got to go to 公公 place in the morning to help out to get ready for the tea ceremony. So Mummy decided to put me at Auntie Esther's place early in the morning so that I will be under good care that day.

I was naughty during lunch and refused to eat rice and drink soup .... I was having a slight fever from the MMR injection that I had a week ago .... so was not feling well ... so Auntie Esther had to give me cookies, feed me Dream rice milk (and I actually drank it .... think I was too hungry by then so anything else is OK) and steam chicken drumstick for me. Managed to fill me up for lunch.

I had so many people to play with me ... Liling 姐姐 (cousin Collin's girlfriend) played the piano for me and it inspired me so much that I decided to sit beside her and "played" alongside her .... more like contributing to noise pollution more than everything ... ha ha. Auntie June was the most tired of all since she had to run after me around the house the whole day ..... Thank you, Auntie June.

Then I had my dinner early since we had to go to the hotel early. Had my afternoon nap in the car. I changed into my beautiful party dress at the hotel ... tada !!! Don't I look pretty like a doll ?? Ha ha, 我真是不要脸.
I almost could not recognise Daddy and Mummy because they look so different !!!

Some photos taken from an amateur :

Me kissing Daddy on the cheek and Daddy kissing me back .... so sweet

Favourite Auntie June carrying me

All my loved ones ....
The dinner ended about 1030 pm and Mummy changed me into my pyjamas before we went home in case I fell asleep in the car .... and true enough, I went into dreamland in the car ..... very tired from all the fun and excitement !!! No more fever at night !!! Hooray !!!

Once Daddy has the photos of the entire wedding ceremony / dinner from the professional photographer, will put them on a slide show ...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Love Guests

On Sunday, Auntie Peilin and Uncle Shucheng came to our house for dinner ... Auntie Peilin is so kind to bring me Disney clothings, shoes and a pinky piglet soft toy !!! Because they are both vegetarian, so Mummy cooked vegetarian dishes :

1. A pot of soup boiled with various beans, lotus root, corn, red dates and wolfberries
2. Beijing cabbage with assorted mushrooms
3. Omelette with preserved radish (Mummy said her first time serving omelette to her guests)
4. Braised tofu with 5-spices (bought from NTUC ... Auntie Peilin said tastes quite nice ... is it because Mummy did not cook this ??? Ha ha)

(First time in many months that Mummy cooked a spread for guests .... ever since I was born, I kept Mummy so busy that she did not have time to entertain guests in the house)

After dinner, Uncle Shucheng and Auntie Peilin entertained me while Daddy washed the dishes and Mummy cut the fruits. Uncle Shucheng decided to be a toddler and sat inside my play yard !! He was so funny ... see what he did in the picture on the left.

And when I shared all my toys with Auntie Peilin and refused to give any to Uncle Shucheng, he was so jealous .... of cos lar, Auntie Peilin brought me new clothes but not Uncle Shucheng .... on the account of Auntie Peilin, in the end, I took pity on Uncle Shucheng and shared some of my toys with him. Ha ha .... he was so happy !!!

I enjoyed myself so much tat nite and was so tired tat I fell asleep immediately after Mummy put me to bed. The following day, the moment I woke up, I was looking for Pinky Piglet and hugging it around ....

Some pictures taken on tat evening ...

A little wish : Can I have Auntie Peilin (and of cos, Uncle Shucheng so that he can entertain me with his leg behind his neck) come to our house everyday ? Then I can have free Disney clothes everyday.

The next day, the moment, I woke up, I rushed to my play-yard to hug my little pinky piglet .... see, isn't the piglet cute ??? Me included lar ... ha ha

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Want My TV !!!

Today, I just learnt a new thing ... how to switch on the TV and watch my favourite show .... no need ask Daddy and Mummy to do switch on for me !! Hooray !!

Mummy said too much TV is bad for my eyes and she and Daddy moved the coffee table in front of the TV to block my access .... she does not know I have L.....O......N......G hands !!! With just a bit of stretching, I can still switch on the TV myself !!! Dun 'pray pray' hor ...

所谓道高一尺,魔高一丈 (Ooop, did I say Mummy is .....). She shifted the table a bit .... now no more switching on the TV by myself .... *sigh* Got to find some other entertainment liao

Monday, March 24, 2008

Food Allergy Test - Part II

The lunch at KK Hospital was so dramatic !!!

Because the foodcourt was so crowded and Mummy did not want to eat MacDonalds, so they decided to have lunch at DeliFrance Bistro. Daddy ordered curry chicken rice while Mummy ordered a half roasted chicken meal, both are from the "Hot Meals" selection menu .... the staff told Daddy that they ran out of smashed potato for the chicken meal. So when Daddy asked what was the replacement, they just stared blankly at him and said not sure. So Daddy asked "There is no replacement for the smashed potato and you are going to charge me the same price" ??? The surprised staff then went to look for his supervisor and returned, saying they will replaced with baked potato .... goodness, what kind of training do they have for their staff ????

While waiting for the food, I saw a lady sitting at the next table of 4, apparently, waiting for 2 of her colleagues to buy the food, while she reserved the seats. Smart thing to do, since the place was so crowded. Then this "ang-moh" lady came along and then placed her tray of food on the table where the lady was sitting .... the lady then politely told the ang-moh that the seats are taken. And then the ang-moh screamed "Right now, I only see 3 empty seats and they are not taken. So I am getting my 2 gals to join me for lunch now". The lady told the ang-moh that 2 of her colleagues were with her and they went to get food, but the ang-moh refused to listen, insisted to place her food on the table and went off to get her gals ..... HOW CAN THERE BE SOMEONE SO UNREASONABLE !!!! The lady immediately called her colleagues back from the queue and got them to sit at the table before the ang-moh came back. When the ang-moh came back, she screamed at the 3 ladies and said they were unreasonable, not gracious .... blah blah blah .... fortunately, there happened to be another empty table around (apparently, someone just left) and the ang-moh shifted to the nearby table ... but she still kept on grumbling ....

That was really an eye-opener .... pity the 3 ladies, who had to endure the unreasonable ang-moh. Wonder what would have happened if there were no empty tables around .... more abuses and even fight ????

Then Daddy's and Mummy's food came. Curry chicken rice was so-so. The roasted half chicken was better .... Mummy decided to shred some of the chicken meat under the skin for me to eat after I have taken my rice. Mummy enjoyed the chicken until when she has eaten almost half of the chicken, she realised the meat tasted cold and hard to cut through .... only then she realized the inside of the chicken was frozen and not defrosted at all !!! OMG !!! So much for "Hot Meals" selection, only to find a frozen chicken !!! Imagine what would have happened if Mummy fed me the chicken meat .... I could have diarrhea again and now that Mummy has eaten half of the chicken, she could have diarrhea also.

Daddy was so angry that he took the frozen chicken to the supervisor and asked for an explanation. The supervisor was not apologetic, just said they did not roast it long enough and offered to prepare another one .... that's all. One sentence saying "they did not roast it long enough", with no apologies, what-so-ever. Did not even say they will give a refund !!! Daddy was so mad that he asked them who is going to be held responsible if Mummy has food poisoning ... the supervisor then said she can give a refund .... food poisoning and food refund ??? Answer does not match the question ?? A refund will deny DeliFrance all responsibility ?? Daddy insisted that DeliFrance wrote in black and white that they need to be held responsible for food poisoning and the supervisor said there was no such system available. She gave Daddy a feedback form and asked him to write down any feedback on the form. Daddy got so fed up, told the supervisor that he will not want the refund, wrote the feedback, including a clause on holding DeliFrance responsible for food poisoning and asked DeliFrance to make a carbon copy of the feedback form for him.

Highly disappointed with the quality and service of the staff at KK Hospital DeliFrance .... Even MacDonalds has better service than that, and does not even have to pay so much for a meal !!! Till now, there is no courtesy call from DeliFrance to ask about Mummy .... wonder if the feedback form went to the trash bin immediately after Daddy and Mummy left the restaurant.

Food Allergy Test - Part I

Today must be the only day that I cried so much in a day !!!!

I will be starting my infant / childcare soon so Mummy wanted to find out specifically what are my food allergy in case I eat the wrong thing in the childcare centre. So Daddy and Mummy brought me to KK Children's Clinic for an allergy test.

I reached there at about 10 am. The doctor (Dr Chiang) was a very nice lady (that was before I knew she was going to put me through a whole series of test !!!!) ... she took down my food history and eating habits, before she explained to Daddy and Mummy what the rest of the day entailed.

Pain No 1 (Skin prick test) :

I went into this lab with many sweet looking nurses (only later than I knew they were angels in 'disguise'). Daddy held onto me and took off my blouse .... then the nurse used a ballpoint pen and make 11 markings (each marking to denote one allergen test) on my back. It was so uncomfortable that I struggled and cried a bit. Then the actual test came. The nurse took a small needle-like thing (filled with each allergen) and pricked on my back. Then I really struggled and screamed the whole place down (even with toys, that was not enough to calm me down). I struggled so much that Daddy had difficulties holding onto me. His fingers accidentally touched part of the allergens on my back and the nurse had to repeat part of the prick test AGAIN !!! The whole process took about 15 mins (after so much struggling) and I need to wait for at least 20 mins to see the reaction of the test.

So Mummy fed me some milk to calm me down and I dozed off .... After 20 mins, Daddy brought me into the lab again so tat the nurse can measure the size of the bump. When the nurse brought the ruler near my back, I woke up again because it was painful / itchy .... Struggled and cried again so in the end, took another 10-15 mins before the measurements were done.

And the end results .... I am severely allergic to
1. Milk and dairy products
2. Eggs
3. Garlic
4. Peanuts and Tree Nuts (eg. gingko nuts, cashew nuts, hazel-nuts, chestnuts etc)
5. Dust mite

Dr Chiang said for items 1 and 2, 80% of the kids will outgrow when they are 3-4 yrs old. For item 3, she said it seems to be a local phenomenon and should not be a big issue. For item 4, only 20% of the kids will outgrow eventually. Sigh ....

Then Dr Chiang recommeneded a blood test for me .... BLOOD TEST ??!!???

It was near lunch time so Daddy and Mummy decided to feed me lunch before proceeding on ... the lunch experience is another thing to share later (Part 2) because it was the most dramatic lunch ever (at least to me) .....

I also saw a dietician before lunch to see if she can find out what is wrong with my diet, since I am underweight. The dietician was very sweet .... she let me play with her cupboards and plastic food while Daddy and Mummy talked to her .... in short, the dietician said my diet is complete in nutrients (rice, meat, vege, fruits) .... but Daddy and Mummy gave me too much soup to drink so I got bloated easily and therefore eat very little of the main course .... got to cut down on my soup intake :( The dietician said as long as I take the same portion of my meals regularly, I should be growing well .... *phew*

Pain No 2 (Blood Test) :

After lunch, we went to another lab and Daddy held onto me again .... this time, I suspected I will be in pain again and before the nurse could prepare her needles etc, I struggled to get out of Daddy's arms (I literally did that and the nurse was shocked that I could sense something was coming !!!!). Daddy was so worried because he has never seen blood taken out from a toddler before and was afraid that if I struggled too much, the needle might hurt me more ... luckily, the nurse was pretty experienced .... she used the smallest needle and poked into the top-side of my palm and then let the blood drip into the container .... I screamed the whole lab down AGAIN !!!! After 10 mins, the whole process was finally over and I struggled to get down and run away from the lab ...

Dr Chiang said I might as well take my MMR injection at KK since polyclinics always refer toddlers with egg allergy to KK anyway ... so you can guess what is coming up next ....

Pain No 3 (MMR injection) :

This time, Mummy held onto me while Daddy went to make payment ($400 for all my crying and struggling !!!) fast so that I can catch a long afternoon nap at home. Even though this time was Mummy holding me, I was too smart ... I knew pain was coming soon and I started to cry a bit and struggle. Daddy tot I had my injection tat fast and came over to the room .... ha ha. After another 10 mins, I was out of the room, with a plaster on my thighs and red eyes !!!!

I was so tired from all the crying and struggling that I fell asleep in the car while having milk ... tat day, I took almost a 3 hr afternoon nap !!!

At least no more prick and blood test, until 6 months later ....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Entertaining Myself

Today, I went to 公公 place for lunch again. Daddy and Mummy wanted to go through 舅舅 and 秀美姐姐 wedding preparations and plan for their big day on 30 Mar 08. 公公 was so tired from tidying the house after renovation that he was napping on the sofa .... So I decided to look for fun myself ....

Hugging garfield is my forte, but never know kissing garfield on the floor can be equally fun !!!

Then I went to play with my socks !!! Daddy saw that I was so bored so he decided to put me on 舅舅 bed so that he can watch me in the bedroom .... dun understand what the adults are talking about .... one moment, talk about 兄弟车,姐妹 sabo, then, first / second march-in .... got so bored again that I had Daddy to entertain me on bed !!!

When I reached home, Mummy decided to take out the party dress that she has bought for me 2 months back at Takashimaya and see if I can fit nicely for 舅舅 and 秀美姐姐 wedding. She bought a size bigger because she was afraid that I would grow taller by then and the party dress would then be too short for me. In fact, now I stand at 78 cm tall (about 50-75 percentile) but only weigh 8.6 kg (about 25 percentile). Looks a bit too big on the width but tot the length is OK ... Otherwise, I would have looked like a country bumpkin in short dress !!! Ha ha !!! I want to walk down the aisle as flower gal but Mummy is so afraid I will wander off somewhere .... Let you see my party dress next time .....

Err .... Will I go through this wedding thingy when I grow up ?? Blink blink

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Should I pursue a career in Bollywood ???

Actually, Daddy was so bored when we went to the Suntec City a month ago, that he decided to play hide-and-seek with me .... Daddy is so childish .... an adult already, still play this game .... ha ha. But I enjoyed it a lot .... kept alternating between pushing my stroller and seeking Daddy ....

Good training for my future Bollywood career .... if only that pillar was a coconut tree ???

Uncle Mingde and Auntie Cindy Baby

Congrats to Uncle Mingde and Auntie Cindy .... their baby boy has just arrived on 17 Mar 08 !!! Now, I got another little friend to play with next time .... Daddy, Mummy, bring me to visit my little friend soon ..... I got a little gift for him.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Where's Daddy???

I thought today is Sunday, but when I woke up, I didn't see Daddy. So I thought my small brain made a mistake and today is a weekday so Daddy is at work as usual. So I carried on with my day as usual. But I waited and waited.... but I still didn't hear the familiar sound of Daddy opening the door in the evening. At 8pm, I started to hold Mummy's hand and walked around the house to look for Daddy, but I still can't find him :( Mummy said Daddy has gone for a business trip in US and will only be back 12 days later. I don't understand the meaning of business trip, and I can only count till 10, so how long is 12 days???!!! WAILS!!! I WANT DADDY!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Outing at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden - Part II

奶奶 initially did not want to let me play with water, in case I catch a cold. But Daddy managed to convince her.

At first, I was a bit scared of the water and all the bigger kids around so Daddy got to hold my hands .... but later, I had so much fun that I just 'ran' about from one end to the other, without holding Daddy's hand .... u know what, I even saw a x-rated show !!! A gor-gor naked at the water fountain (think he does not have any change of clothes) .... Ha ha ....

After 5 minutes, it started to drizzle again so Mummy decided to stop my play and shower me. So 扫兴. Next time, I must ask Daddy and Mummy to bring me there again ...

Some videos (This time, Mummy is learning how to use Daddy's handphone) :

P.S : Can u see the naked gor-gor holding the green water can in the video ?

Outing at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden - Part I

Daddy and Mummy wanted to bring me to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at the Botanical Gardens yesterday morning but it rained so heavily .... today's weather looked better so they decided to try again before Daddy goes for business trip next week.

In the 'Fantastic Forest', there was this suspended bridge and I was so scared to walk across it when Daddy put me on the bridge (I literally clinged to Daddy's leg !!!). Then this very nice jie-jie came along with her mummy and showed me how to walk across it. After they reached the other end of the bridge, her mummy then encouraged me to go over to her ... in the end, I succeeded with Daddy and 爷爷 holding my hands (the bridge rocked like crazy when I walked across it)

We then went to the Tree House. Because I was the smallest among all the kids, Mummy refused to let me go on the slide. So in the end, I sat on the log chairs and 'climbed' the rope ...


More pictures in the slide show ....

Part II to come ....