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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Blog

And since it is a new year plus I just turned 5 years old, Daddy and Mummy decided it is an appropriate time to start a new blog since the capacity on this blog is almost full already. So my new blog site will be at

Welcome to browse through my new blog

Birthday Celebration with Daddy and Mummy - Round 3

On my actual birthday, we went to celebrate my birthday at the Jurong Bird Park, together with Joel, Camille, Uncle Telang and Auntie Winnie !!! Wanted to go to the zoo, but the new waterplay station at the JBP was opened, so wanted to go and try out. Uncle Telang signed up for the zoo and bird park annual family passes and he included me as well (since he could sign up for up to 3 kids). So only Daddy and Mummy had to buy tickets (and Daddy managed to buy tickets via Deals for 30% discount).

We reached early at 9 am, in case the weather turned rainy in the afternoon. Fortunately, the weather forecast said the day was a partly cloudy day, and it was right .... sun was out, and was a perfect day for waterplay later.

We walked around the bird park enjoying the different exhibit areas for a while, before we went to have some fun at the dry playground. And then it was time to catch the King of the Skies show. We watched it the other time, and thought it was a repeat. But the show actually had new elements to it, and it was really better than the last version that we watched before. Liked the way they introduced the various species.

And the highlight of the trip had to be the newly opened waterplay stations !!! Joel, Camille and I immediately changed into our swimming costume and hit the waterplay stations.

Even Camille who was afraid of water, wanted to try the small slide. And she succeeded, with the help of Uncle Telang
See the 3 of us lazing around in the water

After the show, we went to more exhibits, before we settled for the second show at 11 am. And the highlight for the show was to wait for the parrot to sing "happy birthday" to me .... haha. And ths year, there were quite a number of people who went to the JBP to celebrate their birthday, unlike the previous time when we were there, it was only me !!!

We played for almost 1 hr, before we went to shower, change and drive to Hilltop for lunch. After we parked our cars, we looked up into the sky and saw quite many Kings of the Skies taking flight above the JBP .... amazing sight. Wonder if they were the same species that we have seen during the show.

The kids had Japanese cuisine, while the adults ordered Indonesian cuisine. Yummy !!! We all had quite a lot, before we went back home.

Thank you Joel and family to celebrate my birthday with me .... Happy New Year and may 2012 be a much better year for all.

Friday, December 30, 2011

First Dental Appointment

Mummy helped to book my first dental appointment at the Schoo Dental Clinic before the year ended. Since Daddy was on leave, he brought me there. But a few days back, Mummy has been trying to psycho me that the dental visit would not be scary at all, so as to prepare me for my first visit.

So once my number was called, I went into the clinic. My dentist was a young lady, who was pretty good with kids. She first commented on my red sweater, and my ponytails (tied by Daddy, haha), saying I looked like a princess. And that was it .... anyone can just call me a princess and I will be on cloud 9 ... who cares about any pain or discomfort. And the best thing is, the young dentist allowed me to choose my sunglasses, to complete my princess look.

And the experience began .... using a little metal "rod" to get rid of some of the black stains that I had on my teeth. The dentist said, this was common on all kids' teeth, and nothing to worry about. Will keep coming back, so must go to the dentist to remove the stains.

Next was the teeth polishing step, using a special toothbrush that can rotate. And the dentist allowed me to touch the toothbrush bistles before she used it on me. Good way to keep my fears away. And all throughout, the dentist kept praising me

All in all, quite a good experience with the dentist. I told Daddy that it was a little painful, but I did not cry or make any noise. And Daddy was so proud of me. And in fact, it was so coincidental that I met Uncle Lawrence, Auntie Peipei, Trisha and Tyra at the clinic. They also brought Trisha for her second dental appointment. Made my second appointment in Mar 2012, and hope to get back the same young dentist

After my dental appointment, since it was still too early for lunch, Daddy brought me to Ikea (again) to enjoy my play at SmaLand. Then we met up with 爷爷, 奶奶 and 叔叔 for lunch at Crystal Jade.

Took my afternoon nap at 爷爷, 奶奶 place.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fun Day with Daddy

Bonding time with Daddy since I skipped school to avoid catching the HFMD virus. So in the morning, Daddy brought me to Ikea to have breakfast. They serve pretty cheap and nutritious breakfast. I chose pancakes - 2 pieces with syrup for only $1 !!! Daddy chose the $2.90 set, which came with croissat, a slice of cheddar cheese, 2 mini chicken sausages a harshbrown and free flow of coffee !!! Cheaper than what you can get from hawker centres !!! So I 'stole' a mini sausage and a bit of harshbrown from Daddy, haha.

But the real reason Daddy brought me to Ikea was not for the breakfast, but for the free play at SmaLand !!! He knew I enjoyed that a lot, especially when I can make new friends there. So at 10 am, when it opened, I went in for an hour of play. And wthin a few minutes, I managed to make a few new friends (3 french boys, who can also speak a little English). And we played treasure hunt !!! So while I was having great fun, Daddy was happily sipping his free flow of coffee and meddling with his iPhone !!! Haha

Then we went over to Vivocity since Daddy had to settle some banking issues. And then it was my call to have more fun at Vivocity. We spent some time at the open air playground, before we went to Pets Lover Centre to take a look at the animals. And there was a Dog Spa where there were 3 dogs at the spa station, meaning jacuzzi !!! But no matter how I looked at the 3 dogs, they did not seem to enjoy the water jetting pool. All 3 appeared to be shivering .... so much for dog spa.

We went for lunch at Fig & Olive, since Daddy asked if I wanted to eat pasta. And see what I ordered

Even showed Daddy the correct way to eat pasta ... haha

I was enjoying my pasta until halfway, I told Daddy it was spicy ... haha. Daddy thought I would not have tasted the little black pepper that was sprinkled on my pasta .... so in the end, I ate about 1/3 of the pasta, and then followed by 4 tamago sushi once I stepped out of the restaurant. Yummy.

We went to 爷爷 and 奶奶 place to catch my afternoon nap and had dinner there. Great time with Daddy

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Preparing Dinner

First day with Daddy at home .... spent my morning doing and revising my CMA homework, before we went for lunch at Bukit Panjang Plaza. Told Daddy that I wanted to return my library books, and borrowed new books, especially the Usborne Reading Series.

After my library trip, we went back to catch my afternoon nap. Daddy was tired, so he caught a short nap as well (short because he was disturbed by me, haha).

Then it was dinner preparation time. Daddy had cooked herbal soup and stewed chicken in the morning, so in the evening, I helped Daddy to cut the vegetables (have been looking forward to this since morning). Easy feat for me since I have done it too many times.

And washed the rice ....

And then it was just waiting for Mummy to be back home before Daddy stir fry the vegetables !!

After dinner, I showed Mummy how my CMA revision went, and read some of the newly borrowed books with her, before I went to have my shower and prepare for bedtime.

One day gone, and Daddy was thinking of bringing me to IKEA tomorrow morning, before dropping by 爷爷 and 奶奶 place in the afternoon for my nap. Then Daddy can have his own free time ... haha (still have to check with 爷爷 and 奶奶 whether they are free or not).

Friday shall be my first dental appointment !!! Scary scary ...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day Trip to JB

Since Daddy and Mummy decided to keep me at home, and not attend school due to high number of cases of HMFD, we decided to make a day trip to JB to do some grocery shopping. And the most important item to buy is my steroid cream, in case my eczema gets worse again (JB does not need any doctor prescription while over in Singapore, need to see a doctor before we can buy it at the pharmacy ... which means more expensive !!!)

Went to this big shopping centre and saw some christmas decorations ...

Bought a red blouse for myself, and Daddy bought a pair of prescription swimming goggles (cheaper than those found in Singapore). Went to do some grocery shopping, at Tesco, before we headed home. On the way back, we wanted to drop by the newly opened KSL shopping mall, but somehow or rather, Daddy tried to follow the roadsign, but after a few rounds, did not manage to find it, so we gave up

Had dinner at Causeway Point, before we headed home .... since I skipped my afternoon nap again, I slept really early at 8 pm again.

Annual NJCSB Xmas Gathering 2011

This year, the annual NJCSB christmas gathering was at our place. So instead of the usual christmas eve gathering, we pushed it back to boxing day instead, since it was a public holiday. Did lunch, instead of dinner.

Had quite a good turnout : Uncle Shucheng / Auntie Peiling and family, Uncle Shaolin / Auntie Siling, Uncle Mindge / Auntie Cindy and family, Uncle Jason /Auntie Huixing and family, Uncle Inn Chiang / Auntie Yanzhu and family and a special guest .... all in all, we had a total of 13 adults and 8 kids (including us). Unfortunately, Uncle Dunman / Auntie Lingru and family could not make it since their kids were down with flu, and Uncle Solomon had too much of a party to make his way. Uncle Qingrui had a vacation booked earlier on ....

Special guest of honour this year .... Uncle Weixuan (the guy behind Auntie Yanzhu). He is Daddy's junior. But he has really changed quite a bit .... too much good food as the culprit. Haha

Nevertheless, we had good fun, great opportunity to catch up.

See photos of the kids ... playing games of all sorts

We catered main lunch from Lee Wee Brothers .... satay, fishball, otah, vegetarian bee hoon, curry chicken and vegetarian spring rolls. For the kids, Mummy prepared white rice, salmon in dashi stock, and vegetables with mixed mushroom. Auntie Cindy also made grilled chicken wings and mini sausages, while Auntie Peiling brought chocolate macaroons from Bakerzin (yummy) !!! Auntie Yanzhu was in charge of fruits. Of course, different kind of wine contribution from Uncle Weixuan and Uncle Shaolin. Really a good spread of food, with again, too much left over as with previous years !!! So in the end, we had to have folks take some food back

See Uncle Shaolin and Lucian. On the job training for him .... because Uncle Shaolin and Auntie Siling will be having their first child on 23 Jan 2012 (CNY day) !!!!

And while Uncle Mindge was helping Lucian to change his diaper ....

Uncle Shaolin got another free lesson .... stressed !!!

Hooray !!! Job done .... looks easy wah

Next year, we will be looking forward to our 18th annual christmas gathering ... and definitely, the number count for the little ones will increase

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Presents !!!

On boxing day, I opened the 2 christmas presents that I received.

The first one from Laura as part of my school's gift exchange. A 29 pcs 3D puzzle which I can assemble to make a princess bedroom set. Perfect way to spend my time at home next week since the HFMD in my school has worsened, and the school is encouraging parents to keep their kids at home, if possible (not yet mandated by MCYS). Just nice, when Daddy is clearing leave ... which means whatever plans he has made previously are now GONE !!! Haha

The second from Cho jie-jie, who helped to make our house spick and span every week. Disney princess story collection, which I have been asking Daddy and Mummy to read one chapter every night before I go to bed

And it is so coincidental that both the gifts are Disney Princess Collection !!! My friends really know me well .... just loved everything about Princess a lot

As for the rest of my birthday presents, I shall leave it to my actual birthday before I slowly open them

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Alvin and The Chipmunks Movie

On Christmas Day, we went to catch Alvin and The Chipmunks 3. Olivia (my classmate) went with her Daddy to watch and they said it was a nice movie, really suitable for kids. So after much deliberation, I decided to go watch it. The movie was given a classification of "G", so it must be safe for kids to watch (compared to Smurfs which had a classification of PG13).

So we went to watch at Yishun GV with free movie tickets from Daddy's company. Caught the morning show, so that I can come back to sleep in the afternoon. Was early so we went to Northpoint and saw the advertisement for Mr Moon. Missed that when they were here at Yew Tee Point

Anyway, when the movie started, I truly enjoyed it .... until the Uncle Ian appeared in his chicken mascot suit. I started to fidget a little, closing in on Mummy and Daddy .... still not too bad compared to The Smurfs movie when Gargamel appeared. Somehow or rather, I knew who the unfriendly guy was, even when I did not fully understand what was said.

But the breakpoint had to be the eruption of the active volcano, which sent splatters of molten lava all about ... and compounded with some other kids, which broke down and cried, I did the same ... really wailed !!! So Mummy had to carry me in her seat, and try to comfort me .... I turned to sobbing .... and occasionally wailing. Fortunately, the volcano eruption scene did not last too long, and chipmunks and gang manage to escape unharmed. Then I returned back to my normal state, and agreed to sit in my own seat.

Sigh ... is there a movie that is classified more benign than"G", like "C", meaning "Childish" or "Cartoonish" ???

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Birthday Celebration with My Family - Round 2

My second round of birthday celebration, this time with my close family members. As usual, we always go for a good meal, and for this year, the weekend before my actual birthday falls on Christmas Eve. So Mummy searched through the Internet and enquired a few hotels. In the end, she decided on the Concorde Hotel, at the Spices Cafe, after looking through their christmas menu and the price.

So on the day itself, I dressed myself in the birthday dress that Mummy bought for me from the States on one of her business trips. Simple, but yet elegant ... and it was pink in colour !!! And did you notice the little tiara on my head that 姑姑 bought for me sometime back.

Close-up of the little tiara.

And to complete the princess look, a new pair of Dora shoes ....

And a photo of the princess before we set off to the hotel

We reached the hotel a little earlier than the scheduled time, so I took some photos at the hotel lobby. There was this really BIG christmas tree, and you know what, it was a REAL christmas tree. Not the kind of plastic tree that you get from shopping centres. From far, you can even smell the tree

And I bet the carnation has to be real as well ... haha, of course lar

Then 公公, 舅舅, 舅母 and 表妹 arrived. See the 2 of us .... and at the rate that 表妹 grows, she will soon catch up with me on the height ....

Then 爷爷, 奶奶, 姑姑 and 叔叔 also came. So we happily went for the buffet table !!!

And needless to say, when it comes to food, 表妹 will really concentrate on eating, unlike me, who cares more about playtime than food

See how the both of us were enjoying our food .... especially when it comes to buffet, with lots of variety

And then it was present / gift receiving time .... angbaos !!!!

And 叔叔 bought me a little cute chain with a cute pendant on it

Planting a kiss on 叔叔's cheeks .... dun get jealous hor

Since I was rather full from the buffet, we went out for a little walk in the hote lobby

Photo taken by me .... a little blur, so more practice required

And see how happy 表妹 was, running in such big space

Just to confirm that the carnation was indeed real .... haha

And the 2 little princesses !!!

Pretending to read something .... don't we look like we were deep in thoughts ???

And the time for cake cutting. Daddy and Mummy bought a small cake (since everyone would be full from the buffet spread) from The Icing Room.

And with 5 candles, I am going to turn 5 soon !!!

Singing the birthday song ... and the hotel staff also joined in !!!

A family potrait !!!

And then poses with my family members

The Icing Room cake was indeed different from the cakes bought from other cake shops ... more moist and tasted really great ... and you can see that from the expressions on our faces

We stayed almost 3 hours at the cafe, before we called it quits. Haha. And before we went off, I got a little high, and ran around the christmas tree.

Next stop was to Vivocity so that Daddy and Mummy can buy my birthday present. Shall not disclose what the birthday present is, until my actual birthday. But we met Breanna and her parents at Toys R Us.... so coincidental. The adults chatted, while Breanna and me went to have our own little fun !!!

And we saw a dinosaur mascot walking around

Skipped my afternoon nap as usual, so on the way back, I took a power nap in the car, before I really knocked out in bed, after my shower.

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and gifts !!! Cannot wait to turn 5 soon ....