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Saturday, December 17, 2011

SSO Babies' Proms 2011

We waited for a long time, before the day finally arrived !!! The annual SSO Babies' Proms 2011 !!! Had to skip school in the morning to attend the 10 am session at The Esplanade. As with last year, we reached a little earlier about 915 am, to take photos outside the concert hall.

And then a jie-jie approached Daddy and Mummy and asked them if they wanted me to go on stage to conduct the orchestra. And of course, this was what I wanted as well, so they agreed. And in fact, this year is the second time I conducted the orchestra (first time was 2010 Babies' Proms).

Took quite a number of photos with the balloons decorations, similar to last year.

Waiting for my balloon sculptures. Had a sword and a flower ring

Then we went into the concert hall to attend the pre-concert activity.

And the concert started. Daddy and Mummy were quite disappointed with the orchestra when they played the first piece (just 1 min or so into the piece). The orchestra seemed like they did not really rehearse that well, since some mistakes were quite obvious .... sigh. Guess, since this concert was really catered for young kids, we should not be too critical.

Some pieces were the same as last year, but Uncle Peter Moore changed the theme a little to the theme of the pirates this year. I enjoyed the concert quite a lot, especially during the interactive portion, waving my hands up in the sky, clapping my hands according to the tempo etc. But what was frustrating was that an older girl was crying practically throughout the concert (sitting at my row, 5 seats away form me), and her grandmother just refused to get out of the concert hall, but kept stuffing her with fruit juices and snacks (and that was the only times that she stopped crying) !!! The girl obviously did not enjoy the concert, but her grandmother kept insisting her to stay inside the concert hall.

And the time came when I was supposed to go up on stage to conduct the orchestra !!! And this time, I fared a lot better than last year. Kept to the correct tempo (almost ... except towards the end, I slowed down a bit, looking lost ... and the orchestra was lost as well. Haha), did not accelerate towards the end like last year. Daddy and Mummy were so proud of me

And the last piece, the kids were allowed to go up on stage to be close to the orchestra.

After the concert, we had to leave immediately, to rush back to my school to join the christmas party / celebration.

Eagerly waiting to attend 2012 Babies' Proms

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