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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Is Coming !!!

Time to put up the christmas tree for 2012. So in the evening, after dinner, we took out the christmas tree that has been with us for 3 years and started to decorate it

Helping to "spread" out the leaves so that the christmas tree would look really "bushy" ....

Hanging all the decorations on the tree .... bells, balls, bears (all starting with the letter "b"), horns and also ribbons !!!

Once done, Daddy told me to make 3 poses in front of the christmas tree !!!

And to clear up the little rubbish that we created during the tree decoration, I gladly volunteered to do it.

With Christmas coming, that would mean my birthday is also coming !!! Hooray !!!

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