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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Doraemon Show

This is the 4th show that I managed to catch in the shopping mall so far, during the festive season. And this time is at Lot 1 shopping mall, close to my house

Took photos with the displays prior to the performance

I managed to catch a good seating at the front. So while waiting for the show to start, the organizer had some lightings display, that managed to "WOW" all the kids, with our eyes chasing after the lightings.

And the show started at 7 pm. When Doraemon and his friends came on stage from the magical door one by one, we all clapped and cheered

Singing and dancing ...

The Doraemon theme song, and I think every kid can relate easily to the song, even when sung in Japanese

And the ever popular christmas song that everyone knows

Shall see if there are more kiddy performances that I can catch over the next few weeks

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