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Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday Celebration with My Class - Round 1

This year, I wanted to celebrate my 5th birthday with my class, so I told my little wish to Daddy and Mummy. They agreed since going into K2, it would be hard for me to get my class together in Dec, when everyone would be busy preparing to go to P1. So Mummy scouted around to find a suitable birthday celebration venue for me. And after a few choices and recce, we decided on the Little O'Zone at the Orchid Country Club. And the date was 18 Dec (about 2 weeks before my actual birthday) so that we can still catch the majority of my class before they go on their vacation

Mummy decided to use her baking skills to made special cupcakes for my friends. Looked through many recipes and designs online, before she finally decided on ...

A Penguin Cupcake .... err, looks more like Owl right ??? Haha. But still special right ??? 独一无二. Had marshmellow (white) , M&M chocolate (red) and honey stars (yellow)

On the actual day, we reached a little earlier at 2 pm to set up the place for tea break.

And once we were done, we took a family photo. Family attire of Toy Story, in case you have not realised that ... just that Daddy Woody photo has been blocked by me. Can you see Mummy Jessie and Baby Jessie ???

Balloons and party packs for all my friends later

And Trisha was the first to arrive. So I had fun with Trisha, with Daddy pretending to be the bad guy to chase after me and Trisha.

Soon, the rest of my friends came. The most popular game station in the Little Ozone has to be this mini version of the megazip flyng fox. Once you get down and get off, the bar automatically retracted back to the starting point !!! So everyone queued up to have a go.

Even Chantell gave it a go, but she was a little too light for the gravity concept to work. Trisha had to give her a "pushing" hand from the back

And my little cousin enjoying herself in the pool of coloured balls

The cute little brother of Laura ... he is half French, hlaf nd Singaporean blood .... handsome right ?

We all played like crazy until the parents called us out to munch some food. Enjoying the tea break after hard work ... or rather fun. See Xavier's hair (the boy in yellow shirt). He looked like he just had a shower !!!

When 宋老师 came, everyone crowded around her and gave her a hug ... see how popular she has been with the K1 class. Unfortunately, Ms Kristy had a conflicting appointment, so she could not come

We played our first organized game of musical chairs alternate version. Instead of using chairs, we used coloured circles as chairs. Safer this way, so that when we got too excited and rushed for the coloured circles, no one will get hurt. See how all of us kept running when the music started

In the end, left Theodore and myself (Chantell was already disqualified, but she insisted on joining in. haha). Actually, I lost to Theodore, but since I was the birthday gal, so the organizers were pretty kind to me ... played the music longer, and made me the winner. Haha ... the power of the birthday gal !!! Anyway, the important thing is everyone had fun

Prize giving ceremony for who did not get to grab a coloured circle ....

The next game that we played was Treasure Hunt in the playground. We were divided into 2 groups of 4, so automatically, I gathered my close kakis : Laura, Breanna and Olivia to form the Power Gals team !!! While the boys form the other team. We were supposed to find a few items : 2 red balls, 2 blue balls, 2 green balls, one string and one flower card. I was the leader for the Power Gals team, while Wei Hong was the leader for his team. So once we got our instructions, we immediately rushed to the playground and started looking for our items. And needless to say, the Power Gals team had help from the organizer on where the items were, especially the little piece of string, which was hidden really well .... and the winner : The Power Gals team !!! Haha

After the 2 games, we carried on inside the playground on our own, running around and chasing one another.

Time to sing the birthday song and cut the cake. See the little penguin (or owl) cupcakes (that Mummy made for all the kids) around my square Angry Bird cake. Can see I was super happy when everyone sang the birthday song.

A whole bunch of pengiuns ... or is it owls, ready to be eaten

Family potrait with the birthday cake

The Santas team who went around, distributing sweets to the kids, and promoting the christmas celebration at the clubhouse lobby at 7 pm in the evening

Taking a photo with the ever popular 宋老师. Unfortunately, 宋老师 will not be teaching me as I move to K2 next year, but will be replaced by 周老师 (a new Chinese teacher). And yes, I still have my favourite Ms Kristy, who will follow me as my K2 English teacher.

Can you guess who is behind the mask ???

My little cousin !!!! Isn't she cute ???

Christmas trees well decorated with all the presents that I received during the party. A big thank you to all my friends who came to celebrate my birthday, and showered me with all the good wishes and blessings. Shall wait for my actual birthday to open the presents.

But I opened one present, which was the one that was given by Little Ozone .... of the choices given, I chose the basketball game

Looking forward to the birthday celebration with my close family on 24 Dec (christmas eve) !!! And that would be buffet - my favourite

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