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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day Trip to JB

Since Daddy and Mummy decided to keep me at home, and not attend school due to high number of cases of HMFD, we decided to make a day trip to JB to do some grocery shopping. And the most important item to buy is my steroid cream, in case my eczema gets worse again (JB does not need any doctor prescription while over in Singapore, need to see a doctor before we can buy it at the pharmacy ... which means more expensive !!!)

Went to this big shopping centre and saw some christmas decorations ...

Bought a red blouse for myself, and Daddy bought a pair of prescription swimming goggles (cheaper than those found in Singapore). Went to do some grocery shopping, at Tesco, before we headed home. On the way back, we wanted to drop by the newly opened KSL shopping mall, but somehow or rather, Daddy tried to follow the roadsign, but after a few rounds, did not manage to find it, so we gave up

Had dinner at Causeway Point, before we headed home .... since I skipped my afternoon nap again, I slept really early at 8 pm again.

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