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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Asian Civilisation Museum - Terracotta Warriors (Part 2)

Just at the entrance of the Terracotta Warriors exhibition gallery, the combination of ancient art with modern technology

Daddy and Mummy downloaded the ACM Apps so that they can experience 3D annimation while they explored the Terracotta Warriors Trail. When there are ancient characters, they just point their camera at the characters and the 3D images /animation will appear to tell a story

The many artefacts in the exhibition ...

Moving on to the Han Dynasty .... the expressions of the people are not that fierce

Civil officer and dancer from the Han Dynasty

We went outside the ACM and tried out how it felt like to be an archaeologist

Revealing the artefact

Then while waiting for the Mulan skit to start, I tried out the 3D puzzle

Asian Civilisation Museum - Mulan Adventure (Part 1)

Since 表妹 is still sick, so we did not go down to 公公 place on Sunday. Daddy and Mummy searched the internet and found out that ACM has a special exhibition on Terracotta Warriors, with Mulan Adventures (more for the kids). And the admission fees are 50% off. So we made Sunday our ACM day !!!!
We reached ACM at about 10 am, just the time when ACM opens for business. Managed to find a free parking lot along the VCH. Bought the admission tickets and then we went for the first session of the Mulan Adventure at 11 am. Since we had a bit of time, we went to the Terracotta Warriors exhibition (more in the next post : Part 2)

At 11 am, the ACM facilitators brought the kids to Mulan hometown, which told the story of Mulan.

At Mulan's house

Poultry ....

And trying to whip up a dish, based on the recipe

And Mulan's study where she learnt how to read and write. And I wrote the character 孝 !!! Not bad right ??? Daddy explained me to what that character meant

Then I "swam" inside the Yellow River ... and managed to catch some fishes as well
Preparing myself for war ... as like how Mulan prepared herself to take the place of her father to join the army

And learning to climb a wall

In the palace ...

Enjoyed myself in the place for almost 1 hour, before I took some more photos at the exit ....

Then we went to ACM basement to do some art and craft. Doing stencil art on an ancient fan
And making a small sword

We went for lunch around the area, so that we can come back to watch the skit on Mulan at 230 pm.

Passed by The Fullerton Hotel ... impressive

The Cavenagh Bridge ...

And after lunch, before the skit, I exchanged my coupon for a free ice-cream .... and I told Daddy and Mummy that I remembered doing the same the last time I went to ACM

Skit started at 230 pm .... Introducing Mulan, her younger brother and her aged father

Then the imperial decree for a man in Mulan's house to go and join the army to fight the enemies

While Mulan was upset over this, she was enlighted by a green dragon in her dreams to disguise herself as a man and take the place of her aged father. That was when I was scared by the dragon and refused to sit alone. Did not volunteer to participate in the skit

Mulan displayed her heroine self and became a General

Training a batch of soldiers

The Emperor was highly impressed with Mulan and wanted her to stay to help him. However, Mulan wanted to be reunited with her family. So the Emperor granted her wish

Mulan's comrades followed Mulan home

Only to be surprised to know that she was a lady

After the skit, I went to take a photo with the cast .... and the lady who acted Mulan is really pretty ... haha

After the skit, it was slightly after 3 pm, and we went off to our next destination .... Orchard ION !!! Because there is the Indoor Kite Festival