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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fun on My Actual Birthday

On my actual birthday, Daddy and Mummy brought me to the zoo, as promised. For the past few days, the weather was rather bad, with intermittent rain, but surprisingly on 31 Dec, the sky was clear and sometimes, cooling as well ... guess the song (Rain Rain Go Away) that I sang the night before helped to chase away the dark clouds ... ha ha

On early morning, after breakfast, we set off to the zoo ....

See how happy I was ....

How, do we look similar ??? I mean the mouth lar ...
New feeding experience ... Daddy wanted to buy the elephant food for me, but it was all sold out. So Mummy approached a Japanese tourist and asked for one banana so that I can try feeding the elephants ....
The giraffe enclosure is opened again so I get to feed the giraffe again !!!

See the difference in height and size .... looks like I got to eat more

At the Fragile Forest.

As usual, after lunch, I went to the water play stations for some water fun. This time, I am so familiar with the place that I wandered off without informing Daddy at times ..... went down the water slide many times without insisting Daddy to go down with me.

After the water fun, we went to the Splash Amphitheatre .... performance by the penguins, pelicans, manetees and sea lion. Unfortunately, the amphitheatre was so small and crowded that Daddy, Mummy and myself were standing at the back throughout the show (even though we arrived at the amphitheatre 15 minutes before show time)

Next time, must go really early and find a spot to sit down .... then can even volunteer to be part of the performance.

After the show, I took a photo with Carlos, the sea lion .... he planted a big kiss on my forehead !!!

By this time, I was already so tired that I fell asleep in the car, with half a cup of milk unfinished ... Daddy and Mummy decided to go to Tampines IKEA to take a rest while I slept since there is free parking. However, once I reached IKEA, I woke up and started my second round of fun .... at the SMALand !!! This time round, I am definitely above 90 cm and thus do not need any height verification by the staff ....

Was so tired that after dinner, I told Mummy that I am so tired .... imagine me saying I am tired, and true enough, I fell asleep in the car at 830 pm .....

I am now officially 3 years old and starting 04 Jan 2010, I will be celebrating 4th yr birthday for some of my friends in school ... ha ha

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Scrapbook 2009

My scrapbook of great experiences at Pat's Schoolhouse 2009 is finally ready !!!

This year onwards, I will be getting an annual scrapbook prepared by my teachers till I graduate from the school, ie. K2. Intent is to record all my great experiences in the school so that I can reflect upon them and remember them in future. Isn't this a great idea ???

My playgroup - Peter Rabbit. Can you find me ??? First row, third from right, with my signature "V" sign !!!

Both Ms Kristy and 宋老师 prepared their portions (English and Chinese lessons). Can see that they spent a lot of effort decorating the scrapbook so that I can have a great memory of my experiences.

Chinese Lessons with 宋老师

Looks like I got to improve on my drawing skills .... but at least I got the size concept correct. I am smaller than Daddy and Mummy

In fact, 宋老师 told Daddy that my definition of long hair for 宋老师 is to draw the hair longer in the upwards direction .... ha ha
My first lesson on brushing teeth in school ... and being a soldier. I preformed the little soldier song during National Day celebration

Making aeroplanes in school and testing them out in the open ....

I am the driver and I need to obey traffic rules !!!! In fact, there is a song associated with it and I kept singing that song when I first learnt it

Eating vegetables in school ... my favourite. Mummy always says I can become a vegetarian like Auntie Peiling and Uncle Shucheng .... minus the eggs

Fashion show in school .... how do I look ???

English Lessons with Ms Kristy

Cookery class ... cut sausages in small portions and tasting different types of sausages with my friends.

Fruits day .... mixing the fruits in the bowl, before adding mayonnasie ... of course, Ms Kristy reserved a bowl of fruits without mayo for me. I can just survive on fruits alone

Experiencing different kinds of materials and surfaces ... the sense of touch

Learning how to paint with a fork ....

Practising eye-hand coordination. See how serious I am at work !!!

The sorting game .... and the fishing game !!!!

Toying with eggs ... luckily, my allergy is not that bad tat I cannot touch eggs .... just cannot eat eggs only ... otherwise, I would have missed out all the fun

A big thank you to both my teachers in spending lots of effort and time in preparing the scrapbook ...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Birthday Celebration in School

Today I had a mini birthday celebration in school.

The preparations started yesterday. After breakfast, Daddy and Mummy brought me to a shop that sells baking ware as Mummy wanted to buy a special cake mould to make my birthday cake. Mummy asked me to choose between a Monkey, a ballerina bear and a fish. Guess which one I chose?

I answered without hesitation. MONKEY!!! And the reason why I picked monkey-shaped cake is because I have this monkey soft toy, who accompanies me to bed every night

So after we reached home. Mummy started getting busy. The orange cake, without any decoration ....

And the final finished product .... doesn't this look professionally made ??? Mummy is so pleased with herself as this was her 1st attempt at piping cream, not to mention such a big 3D cake. Mummy was taking a big risk at buying all the gadgets..... initially she thought she was being a bit over ambitious, but luckily she managed to pull it through..... Mummy can accept orders and make cakes for kids with egg and milk allergy liao hehehehe....

I also did my part for the preparation by packing the loot bags for my friends. Each bag contained a Mickey Mouse Pencil, a Mickey Mouse sharpener, a Mickey Mouse yo-yo, a small packet of raisins, a party hat and a whistle.

So this morning, I woke up early and pestered Daddy and Mummy to go to school for my party. We were a bit early and my friends were making hand and foot prints for my school scrap book. I put on my apron so that I won't dirty my pretty birthday dress and went to join them.

The 3 musketeers of my class - Kai kai, Xavier and Joel.

Then it was time to start the party.....

Singing the birthday song ....
Time to blow out the candles

And cut my cake !!!

And photo taking time .... Joel, Elise, Daddy, Mummy and Kai-Kai

Handing out birthday cakes to everyone !!!!

Finally, enjoying my birthday cake .... yummy. This time, Mummy added a bit of vanilla essence in the cake so dun have the baking soda taste .... although the texture is more like a muffin than a cake....but the orange flavored cake matches the chocolate cream ..... a lot of my friends asked for second and third helpings !!!

Photos with all my teachers ....
My former English teacher when I was an infant ... Ms Thye Tai. She came back specially for my birthday party.

My Chinese teacher, 宋老师. She has been my Chinese teacher for almost 2 years and will continue to be my Chinese teacher for next year.
吕老师, Chinese teacher for nursery class.

My English teacher, Ms Kristy

Miss Joanna, the music teacher ... and Baby Chelsea (Ms Kristy's daughter) beside her.

Have enjoyed my 3 celebrations to date. Can't wait for my actual birthday!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cycling at PCN

After a heavy shower in the afternoon, the sky cleared up and therefore Daddy decided to test my limit and bring me to cycle at Pang Sua Park Connector Network (PCN) at CCK.

Was happily singing along the way ....

Even learnt how to use my brakes when I go downslope .....

But somehow, I seemed to cycle real slow, that even people who were walking surpassed me !!! Faintz .... Towards the end, I told Daddy that I want to go home ... and the reason is, I was too tired .... Daddy tricked me into cycling almost 1.6 km !!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Christmas Lightings

Daddy and Mummy have been too busy that they did not bring me to see the christmas lightings at Orchard Road before 25 Dec ... so after my birthday celebration at the Line, it was the best time to enjoy the christmas lightings

The reindeer series along the streets of Orchard road .... taking photos from daytime to night-time ....

Since all the adults were full from the buffet, so only I ate during dinner at Shokudo at the Heerens ... really quiet place compared to other parts of Orchard (also meaning no business, so wonder how the place survive so far).

And I ate my dinner relatively fast, since I got to play with toys !!!

After dinner, continued to enjoy the lightings .... this time, christmas trees at Paragon and Ion Orchard.

The christmas tree outside Ion Orchard is really big, and we can 'enter' the tree and see what is inside ...

See the 'shine' around Mummy ... haha

Of course must take photos of the street christmas lightings

What is Christmas without Santa Claus ....

And Frosty the Snowman !!!

Weird coloured uncles ... but who cares

Time for milk in front of Prada ...

Was so tired that day, that I fell asleep in the car on the way home ..... dreaming of my birthday party !!!