My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If Only ....

Daddy and Mummy keep hoping that I can eat like this everyday ... then that will be perfect !!!

Simple ... just make sure everyday is CNY lor .... ha ha.

Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY 2009

This year for CNY, Daddy and Mummy bought 2 sets of new clothes for me.

My new year dress #1 ... everyone said I looked bubbly in this attire .... suits my character !!!

My new year dress #2 ... supposed to look lady-like ... but somehow, my expression seems otherwise leh.

In preparation for CNY, the teachers in my school have been training me to say the following auspicious greetings :

"恭喜发财,新年快乐, Happy New Year !!!"

So greeted 姑姑 with those words and then kenna tricked by her instead !!!

姑姑 said must lift up my dress a little so that I look more demure ... in the end, I exposed myself ... Oops !!!

Guess what did Daddy feed me ???? 肉干!!!! Because I saw Mummy eating it and wanted to try .... loved it so much that I kept asking for more ....

Then saw another new year goodies, which seems delicious .... fish crackers. See how greedy I am, trying to open the entire bottle .

Yummy yummy, so 姑姑 trying to force me to drink more water after eating all the junk food.

Supposed to practise 拜年 using the little mandarin oranges so that I can be perfect in the afternoon when I go to 公公 house

In the end, this was what I have done !!! Facial using orange skin

初二算是开年,所以要吃丰盛的一餐。爸爸和妈妈请了每个人 (爷爷,奶奶,姑姑,叔叔,公公,舅舅,舅母)到家里来。奶奶带了她的拿手好菜海参闷冬菇。妈妈准备了鲍鱼菠菜,酸甜虾仁,炸虾球,黄豆汤,炒菇类,卤鸡加鸡蛋。爷爷从 Ikea 买了两份鱼生,一份才八块钱而已。

The moment that everyone is waiting for .... 捞鱼生,捞个风生水起。

大家新年快乐 !!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Daddy finally managed to upload a short video of me enjoying the keyboard that 叔叔 gave me as my birthday present. Comes with a microphone that I can sing karaoke while Daddy plays on the keyboard. But I wanted Daddy to sing rather than I sing ....

Weird Dance ???

A new dance taught by 叔叔 when he and I watched the entertainment show 舞林大道. Daddy found the dance weird though, nothing similar to the one in the show ....


谁要我做食品代言人,一定畅销 !!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Nowadays, I have grown to be quite a noisy gal, especially during play time ... when I chuckle out loudly, not just giggle softly.

Playing balloon with 叔公 ...

Playing train with 叔叔

Playing spinning game with 姑姑

公公常说我参加偶像尖叫会, 我只是一个快乐小宝宝罢了 !!!! 新年要到了,希望每个人都跟我一样,天天快乐 !!!

Joel Gor-Gor

Starting Feb 09, I will be classmates with Joel Gor-Gor in Pat's Schoolhouse !!!

The Gambling Queen

Training hard now, so that I can earn some more ang bao $$$ during the CNY period.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This year, I joined the Playgroup class in my school .... my form teachers are 宋老师 and Ms Kristy. 宋老师 has not seen my for quite some time (since I was sick) and when I returned back to school, she 'complained' to Mummy that I am acting like a 小管家 in school.

I would behave like a class monitor, making sure my other friends in the same class 'behave' themselves ... during play time, when we are supposed to be in the music room, and my friend wants to go out, I would stop them from doing so. Also, help the teachers to keep the classroom clean, by picking up rubbish on the floor and throwing in the bins, helping my friends keep their pillows etc after nap time ....

宋老师 said although I am the youngest in the class, I really act like a 小大人 .... and my friends who are older than me did not complain when I act like a "class monitor" .... ha ha .... but 宋老师 said I am pretty smart .... only dare to do it to my friends in the same class, but not K1/K2 classes .... of course lar, wait they beat me up, how ????

Even at home, Daddy and Mummy also noticed that I sometimes 'rule' over them ... like when they forgot to switch off the fan or lights and leave the room, I would remind them ... also help them switch off the TV if they are not watching ....

Aren't I smart ??? Daddy and Mummy feel I really grow up ...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Posts

Daddy and Mummy felt that they have not posted anything for the last few weeks since I was down with HMFD and then stomach flu .... so decided to do some random post

Don't I look like Sun Wukong ???

The new soft toy is given by my school when the kids start school on 02 Jan 09. A kind gesture from the teachers and principal, helps to make the kids happy at the start of the school term, especially for the new kids who join the school. Daddy was so unimaginative and gave the name of "Fireman" for my new soft toy .... so there goes his name ....

Can you figure out what I am trying to say to Fireman ???

I really meant "Fireman, what are you doing ?"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am well again

Came down with HFMD on 02 Jan. Was on liquid diet (Isomil and water) for 3 days, starting on very thin porridge on the 4th day, and finally moved on to typical diet, ie. rice, starting on 07 Jan .... so Daddy and Mummy brought me to see a GP on Sat ... and the doctor declared

"I AM BACK TO NORMAL !!!!" Hooray !!!

Since the GP is just opposite Auntie Esther's place, we dropped by her house after the GP visit ... have not seen Auntie Esther, Auntie June and Uncle Johnson for a long time .... unfortunately, both Joshua and Jonathan gor-gor were still sleeping so did not get to play with them .... Auntie Esther is taking Art Therapy module and so she decided to let me play with paint, crayons and colour pencils .... and I made a mess in the house ... ha ha. Then had lunch at Auntie Esther's place, before we went home ....

Thank you Auntie PeiPei, Auntie Sau Woon, Auntie Kei and everyone for your well wishes ... going back to school on Monday !!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I am down with HFMD !!!!

Started with a slight fever on Fri morning, but went to childcare because I still behaved normal (used to have slight fever in the morning sometimes and become OK later in the day) ... I was still OK in childcare until when Daddy and Mummy picked me up after school ... my fever went high (about 39 degC) and started to have some blisters in my mouth ....

Daddy and Mummy brought me to see the doctor and confirmed I have HFMD .... dunno where I got the virus from but should not be from the childcare. Luckily this was after my birthday.

The HFMD strain this time is milder than before so only blisters in the mouth, nothing on the hands and feet .... but that was already terrible. Cannot take solid food at all, cos very painful. So for the past 4 days, I have been living on just soy formula and water and nothing else ... not even agar-agar, water melon or porridge.

Have to isolate myself for 10 days before I can go back school .... hope by the 5th day (according to the doctor), the blisters will be gone and I can resume my normal diet .... never really liked soy formula actually .... Daddy and Mummy hope since I have not tasted real food for a long time, I will have no problem with food when I recover .... err .... dunno leh

姑姑 was down with fever yesterday ... saw 2 red spots in the mouth ... hopefully she did not get the virus from me ...

*sob* *sob*

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle

Finally managed to piece together a 6-piece jigsaw puzzle that Mummy bought from Shanghai ... moving on to my next 9-piece puzzle adventure soon ....

Bang Bang!

Dun mess with me, I've got guns with me .... my favourite game now. But somehow, I am always the slower one, always kenna shot by others