My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lazy Day at Home

In the morning, we went to Woodlands Loop and Terrace to buy new year goodies from Bengawan Solo and seafood from Fassler ... all are wholesale centres ... cheaper than those at retail shops

Daddy and Mummy decided to let me have some good rest at home in the afternoon and evening. Slept almost 2 hrs in the afternoon.

After my afternoon milk, went downstairs with Daddy for a ride on my bike for 45 mins ....

After dinner, Daddy took out this book that he bought some time back when he was in the States for me to try .... perfect since I just turned 3 years old

See how serious I was at work .....

Hmm .... frowning hard .... what should I do next ???

Then it is playtime after dinner. Trying out my balancing act .....

And more fun ...

Sometimes, it can be fun to just stay at home and horse around with Daddy and Mummy ....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Earle Jie-Jie's Singing

Never know that Earle Jie-Jie (舅舅 and 舅母 domestic helper) can sing so well .... I simply just run and dance around her while she is singing ....

And see how much Jiaying 表妹 has grown ....

A Morning at West Coast Park

Sick of breakfast at Yew Tee, Daddy and Mummy decided to go elsewhere for breakfast and to fully utilize my newly bought bicycle. So we decided to have breakfast at Feng Seng (near NUS) before going to West Coast Park for a morning ride on my bike.

But as always, I get distracted by playgrounds .... so after a while on my bike, I went to play with the sand ...

And not to forget the obstacle course at the playground (I did it all by myself). I managed to look through the binoculars and saw things that were far away !!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Octopus Ting

Daddy was so amused during this conversation, when he was playing animal puzzle block with me in my play yard

Daddy : Ting, help Daddy take this puzzle block
Me : (one hand holding sippy cup, drinking milk, the other hand holding another puzzle block) Daddy, I am not an octopus, I only got 2 hands, cannot help you

Daddy laughed out loud and told Mummy what I said .... very funny meh ???

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Role Reversal

I am Little Miss Elephant .... doesn't this mask fit me perfectly ??? Got it from the zoo visit

So I insisted on wearing this elephant mask while Daddy and I revised my schoolwork together

Then I decided to have a role reversal with Daddy .... so I shall video cam Daddy while he revised my schoolwork.

Never knew that Daddy's chinese standard so low ... made so many mistakes that I have to correct him everytime .... sigh

Monday, January 18, 2010

Enrichment Classes

Starting this year, my school offers optional enrichment classes for those in nursery class. The enrichment classes include swimming lessons (at Arena Country Club swimming pool, directly below my school), music appreciation lessons and maths lessons conducted in Mandarin. Daddy and Mummy decided to enrol me in those enrichment classes since it is very convenient (right in school).

Daddy and Mummy bought a pair of goggles for me. They had to go to many shopping centres before they finally found one smallest size that can fit my tiny face. Ha ha. Since I already have my swimming outfit, I do not need to get one. The swimming school gave a free swimming cap to every student as well. In fact, the swimming instructors are early childhood trained to provide lessons to very young students, like myself. So far, I have attended 2 swimming lessons and enjoyed myself a lot. Just that, I am still afraid to have my entire body submerged in water. Think a few more times and I should be OK. Daddy, must bring me to Auntie Esther's place for swimming over the weekends !!!!

As for the maths lessons, the teacher told Daddy and Mummy that I am the first to complete the exercises everytime. The first lesson is about logic thinking, ie. looking at patterns and then picking out what comes next or looking at patterns and see which is the odd one out etc. Eager for my second lesson this week.

As for the keyboard lessons, Daddy and Mummy need to get some feedback from the music teacher first. Wonder if I can be the next Chopin or Glenn Gould

The only downside of the enrichment classes is that I only have 1 hr of nap time in the afternoon, while those who did not participate have another 1 hr more to sleep. But Daddy and Mummy feel that eventually I will have to get used to less nap in the afternoon as I grow up. So for those 3 days, they will make sure I sleep latest by 830 pm so that I can have close to 11 hrs of sleep at night. No problem for me to fall asleep early at night, especially on Mondays, which is swimming classes !!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Night Time Toilet Training

I started my night time toilet training about a week ago. Usually go to sleep at about 830 pm. Then at about 11 pm, Daddy or Mummy will bring me to the toilet to pee before I go back to sleep again .... but because I drink almost 200 ml of fluid (milk + water) before bedtime, my diapers are still wet the next morning ....

Either I cut down on my fluid intake before bedtime or I got to go to the toilet twice at night (poor Daddy and Mummy) ... hope I can be toilet trained at night before I turn 4. Then can help Daddy save on diapers money !!! Ha ha

1st Zoo Outing in 2010

We began our first zoo adventure in 2010 on Sunday ... since we have been to the zoo quite frequently for the past few months, this time, we focused on animals that we have not really seen before, or activities that we wanted to explore more ...

This time, we went to the elephant feeding area early so that Daddy can buy a full basket of food for me to feed the elephants ... never know that elephants also eat carrots !!!
By the way, do you know rabbits are not supposed to eat carrots everyday because carrots are too sweet for them !!!

After feeding the elephants, I was looking at the map to decide where I should go next .... really tough decision

The show at the Splash Amphitheatre intrigued us the last time, so this time, we went there almost 30 mins earlier than the start time to get seats (we had to stand all the way at the back the other time). Taking a photo with Mummy before the show starts

This time, the performing sea lion is Philip, not Carlos .... the show content is similar, with one additional performance ... Philip is supposed to resist eating the fish in front of him unless his trainer gives the signal (permission). And Philip really curbed his desire to eat the fish .... amazing

And this time, Mummy managed to catch a photo of Philip kissing me on my head

Daddy and Mummy wanted to watch the show "Rainforest Fights Back". But when I saw the sign and the amphitheatre, I refused to go in because I still remembered the bad uncle who wanted to cut down the rainforest and make $$$ by converting it into a commercial use. Daddy and Mummy tried very hard to convince me to watch the show and they succeeded in getting me to sit down in the amphitheatre ... but once the show started, I started cry and once again, we left the place within 2 min with me in tears ....

Then we went to the reptile and tortoise enclosure .... saw this pitiful tortoise which was upside down .... he was struggling to turn back, but failed ... Mummy was afraid that he might die because the upside tortoise cannot survive for long .... but Mummy figured the zookeeper will help it during the feeding time.

Then came the Komodo dragon

And I am not lying when I said it is really big .... and ugly !!!

The horned lizard (iguana) ... Daddy and Mummy wanted to visit the snakes...but I refused to go. Just pulled Daddy away

Everything has to be BIG .... see this giant tortoise (2nd largest in the world).

Must take a photo with the jewel of Singapore Zoo ....

Of course, the adventure has to end with some water fun in the Kidz World .... spent 45 mintues playing with water, before I finally agreed to go wash up.

Think it will be some time before I go back to the zoo .... until Daddy gets some cheap tickets from his company ....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

BIG Slipper Soft Toy

Auntie Esther bought me this BIG soft toy in the form of a slipper ....

And see how well my feet fit inside the slipper .... thank you Auntie Esther !!!

Animal Puzzle

I got another 48-piece puzzle !!! And this puzzle is about animals .... just in time for a refresher on animals for my next visit to the zoo ....

Managed to do half the puzzle by myself and Mummy did the other half ....

To The Market

On Friday, I stayed overnight at 爷爷 and 奶奶's place again. Insisted to sleep with 姑姑. Because I was rather tired, I slept before 0930 pm, which was considered early given that the last time, I stayed there, I slept after 10 pm .... behaved myself and did not wake up in the middle of the night

So the next morning, I woke up early at 730 am, took my milk and breakfast and went to the market with everyone .... see how happy I was pulling the trolley bag !!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Animal Resort Fun

Daddy and Mummy wanted to bring me to the Animal Resort in the morning to feed the animals before going to 公公 house for lunch. But we woke up late that day, so we ended up going there after my afternoon nap

This time, I fed the horse with carrot, instead of dried hay. When I stretched out my hand with the carrot, ready to feed the horse, this uncle immediately caught hold of my hand and pulled it back ... he was concerned that the horse would bite me. Ha ha ... I am a big gal now and was used to feeding animals (from previous experience) so Daddy told the uncle it was OK.

See how I enjoyed feeding the horse .... and everyone around me was so amazed that I was not at all afraid ..... when it comes to fun, fear goes away !!!

Then time to feed the rabbit. Think they were either too well fed in the morning, or the weather was too hot, most of the rabbits were sleeping.

Same goes to the ducks and geese. They were hiding under the shade, instead waddling in the pond, so no chance to feed them with bread crust.

Next time, I shall go early in the morning and be one of the first few to feed the animals ....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Fate of the Mosquito

Recently, on my trip to the zoo, I got 2 very big mosquito bites. Needless to say, mosquito is on my list of least liked creatures.
This morning, in the car, Mummy spotted a mosquito. She opened the window to shoo the mosquito out.

Me: 蚊子在路上, 车来了, POOOONG!!!!!! 没有蚊子了!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

GESS New Year Gathering

Time for GESS new year gathering in 2010. So Daddy and his closest secondary school classmates met up at Waraku Japanese restaurant .... has been almost 18 years of friendship and still going strong !!!!

Of course, I am equally excited to join the gathering, because Joel (my classmate) will be there as well !!! Joel's daddy is Uncle Telang and is also Daddy's classmate. So coincidental ... Uncle Telang and Daddy were classmates before and now, Joel and myself are classmates !!!

Uncle Raymond, Uncle Weiming and Uncle Shucheng (from left to right)

Auntie Peiling (beside Uncle Shucheng) will have a little gal on 7th day of Lunar New Year ....

Mummy concentrating on what she is going to order next ...

And Uncle Telang entertaining the kids with videos of his trip to HK Disneyland !!!

Joel and me posing for Daddy .... we were both in blue, definitely a coincidence (in fact Joel's sister, Camille was also in blue)

Strangling Joel ???
Creating havoc in the private room .... see how noisy we were throughout the dinner

Unfortunately we missed Auntie Jiawei, Uncle Wanhe, Uncle Wilson and Uncle Shuili since they were busy ..... anyway, hope we see them again soon, most probably at Uncle Shucheng and Auntie Peiling house warming gathering

Hope everyone have a great and wonderful 2010 ahead !!!

Day Out at East Coast Park

Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me to East Coast Park for a day out so that I can have some last minute fun before school terms starts officially.

Of course, must bring my new bike along and cycle with all the cyclists over there ....

After a while, I got sick of cycling and then moved on to playing with sand !!! Brought all my barang barang to build sandcastles .... of course 公公 was there to help me

See what I called fake durians ... shall use them to make durian sand cakes ....

See how serious I was at work

After almost an hr plus of of fun, we went for lunch at Old Airport road hawker .... yummy yummy food !!!