My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Simple Toys

Daddy and Mummy always say when they were young, they dun have the Tranformers and Barbie dolls as toys .... just improvising simple things around the house as toys ...

So I followed their styles .... and ended up clipping myself and cried !!! Ouch !!! I still prefer my Barney toys ...

Sunday, October 26, 2008



Smuggling Diapers ???

Helping Daddy and Mummy to pack the luggage for our Sydney trip .... and what can be more important than a whole luggage full of my diapers !!!!

Fun with Food

Mummy was finally back from her business trip..... I missed her very much, so I kept disturbing her when she was cooking my pasta lunch.... so Mummy let me take part in the cooking... well sort of.....Isn't it smart of people to come up with 'ABC' pasta that allows toddlers like me to play with food and eat them afterwards ???

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Have I Been Up To

Mummy, in case you are wondering in Shanghai what Daddy and I have been up to at home ...

I had been having porridge for dinner for the past 2 days and Daddy was afraid that I might get sick of porridge, so he cooked chicken stew as my dinner (actually Daddy did not want to have take-away food from the horrible coffee-shop downstairs so he decided to cook his own dinner) ...

See the good spread of food ... carrot, potato, chicken and my favorite corn !!!

See how greedy I am, eating 2 corns at one go !!!

Daddy's dinner .... By the way, I had 1/2 adult bowl of rice (mixed with stew gravy) before I start on the corn.

The finished product .... was too full to eat the entire chicken drumstick.

Lesson-time with Daddy

Calling 姑姑 and refusing to give the phone to Daddy .... dun 'pray' 'pray', judging from the way I look and respond, of course I understood what 姑姑 was trying to say.

I finished my 180 ml of milk before Daddy put me to bed at 845 pm ....

So Mummy, dun have to worry about Daddy and me .... Smuck Smuck ... and we see you back on Saturday .... Hooray !!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Counting is Fun !!!

Now that I can count in English from 1 to 10 (no missing numbers), I am still struggling to figure out in Mandarin what comes after 五 and before 八

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where is Mummy ???

Mummy is gone on a business trip to Shanghai so this is my first day with Daddy at home .... Must update Mummy what Daddy and I have been up to, in case she worries.

I ate my porridge in about 20 mins and after that, Daddy gave me 1/3 of an apple after dinner ... Daddy decided to revise my schoolwork with me, but I wanted to play with my new ball (a present from school fren) .... so Daddy gave up and let me play with my ball.

While Daddy was folding the clothes, I sneakily took 2 of Daddy's underwear and started to fool around with them .... Daddy was so amused by me, trying to put them on and walking around with them.

Mummy, I finished 180 ml of milk, of course watching my favourite 'bear bear' kiddy song ... while Daddy called 公公 and 姑姑.

Guess how many months pregnant my tummy looks like, after all the food and milk !!!

Daddy put me to bed at about 830 pm ... but I only fell asleep at about 9 pm ....

Mummy, I will dream of you tonight .... Daddy and I love you .... Dun worry about us and you must take care of yourself also ....

Sweet Dreams ....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

All Grown Up

Daddy and Mummy think I am now at the age where I am really fun to take care .... wat do I mean ???

Daddy and Mummy kind of can hold a 'conversation' with me ... like the time during the Dec 06 baby gathering, when I accidentally poured water onto myself and wet my pants ... so when Daddy came and fetch Mummy and me at the end of the gathering and saw me in my romper, he asked me why and you know wat, I immediately "rambled" on and on, with actions on how I poured water onto my pants ... and Daddy thought I was so hilarious ... he could actually understand what I was talking about ....

Everyday after school, Daddy and Mummy would ask me what I learnt in school .... sometimes, would just 'talk' and 'talk' as if they could understand what I was telling them .... or when I had a pen and accidentally drew on my hand, I would tell Daddy / Mummy, that my hand is 肮脏 and when asked who did it, I proudly told them "婧婷".

I would sometimes

1. Sing song to them

2. Tell them I am hungry and want food or milk

3. Help to do some household chores, like taking my folded clothes back and putting them in my cupboard

4. Pick up rubbish (what I called 肮脏 on the floor) and throw them in the dustbin

5. Highlight to Daddy and Mummy there are ANTS on the table / floor etc

6. Put my dirty laundry in the washing pail so that Daddy can wash them at night

and lots more ....

Daddy and Mummy think all of a sudden, I have grown up .... hopefully, the terrible two phase will be manageable .... ha ha

Cut Nails

Mummy used to cut my nails when she was latching me..... or when I was having my afternoon nap. But now that I go childcare (so no afternoon nap at home), and I have finally weaned off..... It's a great challenge to cut my nails cos I will insist on having the nail clippers and cut Daddy and Mummy's nails instead!!! Hahaha!! Mummy say its so dangerous!!! Erm.. what is dangerous??? This is fun (Mummy faintz......)

I conquered the stairs!!!!

I can climb stairs ALL BY MYSELF, without anyone guiding me !!! I climbed from ground floor to 3A of the carpark..... quite an achievement!! See how smart I am, wall has no support so I moved to holding the railings instead ....

If Daddy and Mummy were not rushing for time, I could have climbed even more and then maybe I can see the moon out in the sky .... ha ha !!!! In the end, Daddy said I walked more like a crab since I ended up climbing the stairs side-way.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Every weekend, you will see me doing this .... waiting at the door, hurrying Mummy (because she is always the last), eager to go gai-gai ....

Dark Vision

Daddy bought me a pair of sunglasses some time back when he was in Reading. Did not really like wearing them until today (Daddy and Mummy trying to condition me for my Sydney trip) ...

Trying them out at home first ...

Try them outside ... As you can see, a bit too big for my little face .. sunglasseses keeps dropping

But who cares ... as long as they look nice on me .... feel like little pop star .... so now my vision is darker then before everytime I go on my outings !!!!

Weekend Morning Exercise

Weekend morning, Daddy and Mummy will try to bring me downstairs for my morning exercise after drinking milk at home ....

Start with a morning slow stroll around the neighbourhood.

Then stopping at the playground ... watching all the big gor-gor playing basketball ....

Stopping at the roadside, watching my fav cars, buses and bikes driving past .... and counting them as they go by.....

And by the time I went back home, I am all sweaty and smelly ..... then, my next fav activity - bathing time (more of playing with water) !!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

PI Jing Ting

Mummy staring blankly ....

Daddy concentrating on driving ....

So where did these 2 pics come from ??? The doings of PI Jing Ting .... and Daddy and Mummy did not even know they were captured on photos .... was playing with Mummy's handphone in the car and took the pics sneakily .... Mummy was looking through her handphone at night and found out the pics ...
Looks like I can be a good PI in future ....

Dec '06 Babies Gathering at Waraku

Last Sunday, Mummy brought me to Waraku at Marina Square to meet my friends from the Singapore Motherhood Forum. This was supposed to be a farewell lunch Ewan gor gor who will be relocating to HongKong with his parents. We were in a private tatami room - which means we don't have to be confined to hi-chairs and free to roam around!! HURRAY!!

Me trying to act guai and sit next to Mummy

Me enjoying my saba fish and rice... happily feeding myself. I gobbled down 3/4 bowl of rice and half the saba fish and lots of wakame.. because it was 1 hr past my lunchtime!!! So mummy was left with no food... luckily Auntie Nancy ordered too much food so she gave Mummy her bowl of soba... if not Mummy got to order more food.... By the way, did you notice something different about me from the photo above?? No? Look harder?? I am not wearing the pretty gap blouse in the photo above!! WHY?? Because within 10min of arriving, I poured water on myself. Actually its not really my fault lah, cos I was too short when seated, so I toppled the cup of water accidentally (OOPS!!)

Everyone enjoying the lunch.....

Look at this HUGE BOWL!! Its really more like a basin. This is their REGULAR sized UDON... Everyone had a good laugh... Tell you hor... Ewan gor gor ate this hehehehe.... no lah he share it with his Mummy... but it was actually Auntie Catherine who ordered it, but she took the wrong food.... :P

Me wiping my mouth after the yummy lunch.... can you see my ROUND tummy?? Time for some exercise!
S.H.E at work.... Kate-Jie Jie trying to be a drummer, while Denise-Jie Jie and I dance around.... But I was distracted by a group of teenagers in the private room next door.

OK, feeling tired from all the dancing.... Have a break... have a kit kat... NO!! of course not kit kat... Have some CHEERIOS!!

Group photo time.... KPO me trying to look at Auntie Nancy and Auntie Sheron who are hiding behind. Didn't manage to take pics of Ewan cos they had to rush off. Ace and Isabelle came after we took the pics.

Front row: Pin Heng and Mummy, Cae , Ryan and Mummy
Back Row: ME and Mummy!!, Denise and Mummy

Mummy borrowed the Ergo from Auntie Sau Woon so that she/daddy can use it in Sydney to carry me around. Initially I didn't quite like it, but I soon fell in love with (and asleep in) it!!! Actually Auntie Sau Woon wanted to use the Ergo to carry Kate during the big walk, but she was so nice to lend it to Mummy cos she said big walk is only 2 hrs, Sydney trip is 1 whole week. Awwww! she's so nice!!! Big Thanks to Auntie Sau Woon!! And Auntie Connie also lent me Isabelle's down jacket just in case the weather at blue mountain turns cold. Thank you Auntie Connie!!

I had such a wonderful time. Having a private room tatami style was really a lot better than the past gatherings. All the mummies didn't have to keep us entertained on hi-chairs and they could just gather around to talk while we roam around. But not sure if they will welcome us back though. ... look at the mess we created... (this was after umpteenth time of clearing by the waitresses).... there were 3 spillage incidences throughout the whole lunch!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mastreo Jing Ting

Daddy and Mummy listening to orchestral music ... so whenever we are in the car, they will try to tune to Symphony 924 (I said "try" since I sometimes insist on listening to my kiddy songs). For example, Daddy loves piano music, by Chopin and Rachmaninov .... also violin concerto of Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Brahms, Beethoven and Mendelssohn.

Over time, I also like music .... especially symphonies (those with loud and fast movements) ... except for Baroque period ....

Look at Mastreo Karl Bohm conducting Beethoven Sym No. 5 (the famous Beethoven Symphony, other than No. 9)

Karl Bohm Video

Then, presenting Mastreo Jing Ting .... notice the similarity with Mastreo Karl Bohm ???

Revising School Work

On Friday, my school teachers passed to Daddy, an entire file of what I have learnt in school for the past 1 month. It consists of song sheets, art and craft etc.

Learning the alphbeths "G" and "S"

Learning about Shapes and Colours

Learning about Animals ... "Quack, Quack, the Duck"

So Daddy and Mummy decided to "test" me and see whether I can appreciate music lessons in school ....

Lesson I : Singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in Mandarin (just in case some of you have not figured out the song in my previous post)

Lesson II : Singing a Mandarin song called "招招手"

Obviously, of all the lyrics, I only know "招招手,小朋友好"

Lesson III : Counting in Mandarin before singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in Mandarin" AGAIN (my fav song) !!!

Daddy and Mummy are so proud of me !!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Singing By Myself

Anyone wants to make a guess what song am I singing ???

Clue ??? The English version below, with Daddy guiding me ....

Still not sure ??? Only conclusion is Daddy is a poor singer !!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Mummy calls me the Cheong-ster .... 我只是充满音乐细胞而已。

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I officially call myself a true breed Singaporean since I know how to speak Singlish !!!

For example :

"I 要" = I want
"I 要水" = I want water
"I 要 rice" = I want rice
"I 要 soup" = I want soup
" I 要 somemore" = I want somemore
"I want 花" = I want flower (recently know how to say "want" at times)
"Gai-Gai" = Go out
"Mum-Mum" = Eat
"I Pi-Pi" = I juz poo-ed

Since certain words are so difficult to pronouce in English, I took the easy way out and say in Chinese (and vice versa) !!! That is called INNOVATION !!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Children's Day Celebration II

On Children's Day itself, Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me to the Jacob Bellas Children's Garden for some morning fun .... we went to Bukit Timah Food Centre for breakfast before going to the Garden.

Inside 水帘洞 with Mummy

Looking lost ....

Daddy and me capturing photos by ourselves ... and I was the one who pressed the "Capture" button !!! Hooray !!!

Improvising my hat as a bag ....

Should I go down the slide ... or should I not ??? In the end, Daddy went down with me !!!

Stealing the Calabash fruits ???

Walking on my own leisurely ....

Mummy, are you waving to me ???

Since I looked a bit sleepy after some time, Daddy and Mummy decided to go to Orchard Road so that I can sleep in some air-con place before my lunch.

After lunch, see how Mummy was trying to train me to wear my jacket with hood now so that I can get used to wearing it on my Sydney trip in Nov

Children's Day Celebration I

On Monday, I declared myself officially recovered from my viral fever .... and the doctor was right, I started to have some faint red rashes onmy body (sign of 'fake' measles) but the next day, the rashes disappeared !!! And I regained my appetite again .... Daddy and Mummy were so happy.

On Tuesday (eve of Hari Raya public holiday, also happened to be Children's Day), the childcare was closed so 奶奶 and 爷爷 took care of me for the day. Went groceries shopping with them at NTUC in the morning, then in the late afternoon, after my nap, went to IMM to roam about .... an early celebration for Children's Day.

See how I enjoyed myself at the children's playground at IMM .... because the playground is really for children above 3 years old, so 姑姑 and 叔叔 had to watch over me while I roamed about the place.

Almost shaked the entire 'horse' down ...

Going giddy at the merry-go-round ... my first attempt

Then we went for dinner at Ichiban Sushi .... had my favourite rice with miso soup, saba fish and soba noodles !!! Yummy yummy ....

While the rest are having dinner, I decided to hold a mini 签名会 and distribute papers with my valuable signature to everyone .... sounds like some big star right ??? Dun play play hor, next time, when I become a superstar, you will regret not keeping the slips of paper that I have signed now ....

Happy Children's Day to all the kids and adults young at heart !!!