My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Little Soldier

Have learnt the chinese song "xiao xiao bing" in school .... so I was singing it at home and Mummy decided that art and craft tonight will be to make me a little helmet for me to wear, while I sing the song ....

How is it ??? I look like a blur sotong soldier ????

Monday, July 27, 2009

Never Sick of The Zoo !!!

Yes, yes, I have just been to the zoo 2 weeks ago, and now 2 weeks later, I am back to the zoo AGAIN !!!!

Since I have seen almost all the animals the last time, Daddy and Mummy decided to be selective this time and asked my opinion on my favourite animals ... and top of the list is of course, the GIRAFFE !!! So Daddy had to fork out $5 again for me to feed the giraffe

Finally, I get to see the cheetahs that I missed the last time (since they were hiding in their enclosure) .... this time, I even tailed the cheetah as it kept moving about .... a little silly activity but fun for a toddler of my age !!!

The Otter show .... smart little creatures ... just like me !!! Ha ha

Guess what is this tree ???

Give up ??? It is durian tree !!! But a pathetic one .... ha ha

My favourite corn

My weirdest taste-bud : Brinjal

The finale is of course WATER FUN !!!! Daddy is afraid that I might catch a cold if I spend too long at the water station so he limited my playtime. However, this time, I warmed up to the water fun a lot faster than before ....

And I even ventured to other play stations that I was afraid to go to the last time ....

However, I still have not overcome my fear of the BIG elephant bucket of water pouring over my head !!! Daddy tried to distract me but once I heard the tinkling sound, I knew I had to get away !!!

Going down the water slide .... but ended up the other way round

Looks like it will be a while before I go to the zoo again ....

My Thoughts

My thoughts have 'improved' .... able to link things together. Before long, I will be able to engage in an adult conversation !!!

Me : "Later raining"
Daddy : "Yes, going to rain later"
Me : "Later birds go home"
Daddy : "Why do the birds go home ?"
Me : "Because raining cannot fly"
Daddy was laughing away

At the zoo, looking at the flamingoes

Me : "Barney also has" (meaning Barney DVD also has flamingo featured)
Daddy : "Yes, that is a flamingo standing on one leg"
Me : "Liang Ying (my good friend in school) also stands on one leg and hop hop hop"
Daddy : "So is Liang Ying a flamingo ?"
Me : "Yes, but flamingo cannot hop hop hop"
Daddy burst out laughing again

At the dining table ....

Me : "Who bite ?" (referring to a half eaten bean cake that Daddy has eaten and left on the table)
Daddy : "Dunno leh"
Me : "Dunno ? Daddy bite"
Daddy : "No, not Daddy" (kept acting blur and denying .... he was thinking how can a toddler be so smart .... just keep denying)
Me : "Daddy bite"
Daddy : "Why you say Daddy bite ?"
Me :" There ..." (pointing to the crumbs at the corner of Daddy's mouth)
Daddy burst out laughing and surrended !!!
Gong-gong commented next time must destroy evidence .....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weirdest Taste-buds

Daddy and Mummy have always thought I am a weird toddler when it comes to food !!!

See me enjoying snowpeas ... not just one but at least 10 pieces ....

For the record, Daddy and Mummy think I have the weirdest taste-buds for a toddler ....

Old cucumber, Winter melon, Eu Yan Sang bitter medicine (when I am sick ... and I did not even struggle at all !!!), dragonfruit (which is bland and tasteless as a fruit), brinjals, green leafy vegetables and bean sprouts ....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Elephant Ting

Make a guess ... who am I ??? Err .... or what am I ????

Mummy made this elephant mask with me during one of my art and craft session after dinner .... and I painted the mask myself with green paint !!! Mummy helped me cut the ears and trunk and I helped to paste them onto the mask with glue .....
Art and craft sessions are getting more interesting !!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Impossible Three .... Not Yet

These few days, I have been in a SUPER GOOD MOOD !!!

Did not throw tantrums, allowed Daddy to listen to his songs in the car and not insisting on my kiddy songs, listened to Daddy and Mummy when they reasoned with me ....

And entertaining Daddy (yes, adults need some entertainment sometimes) with some pre-dinner fun .... of course Daddy would insist that he was entertaining me instead !!!

Daddy and Mummy hope this behaviour will carry on .... and that I do not exhibit the Impossible Three symptoms ....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun at VivoCity

Saturday weather was so hot and humid at home that Daddy and Mummy decided to get out of the house and go to an air-con place to cool down ....

So we decided to go to VivoCity where I can go and play at the outdoor playground on Level 2. Since I just recovered from a flu, so Daddy and Mummy did not allow me to go to the water area to play. Only played at the dry section. Although the playground was pretty small, I did manage to have a little fun, especially on the slide ....

Finally, I got to see the dummy black man up in the air, doing his little stunt !!!! And Daddy has always thought that was just a stupid black man, which will sway with the wind ....

Explored the suroundings for a while, and enjoying the light breeze .... See 奶奶 hair and you will know how was the breeze like .... and I did manage to show my Victory hand signal !!!!

Decided to have Japanese food (since I can definitely eat most of the food without any problem). Sushi Tei was forever having a super long queue so we decided to try out Shin Kushiya, specialized in Japanese grill (Mummy tried that some time back and found the grill very good). As usual, after I had my dinner and the rest were having their dinner, I started my little mischievous fun ....

Been a long time since I played Peek-A-Boo. Now you see me ....

Now you dun !!!

By the time I went home, it was so late, that I slept at 10 pm !!!! Record so far

Fun with 叔叔 Finally !!!

Finally, I get to see 叔叔 when I went down to 爷爷 and 奶奶 place for my weekly dinner ... so of course must make him play with me !!!

Interesting Conversation

One morning, with Mummy in the lift at our block, on the way to school.

Ting : "Mummy, where is Daddy ?"

Mummy : "Daddy went to work"

Ting : "Who drive the car ?"

Mummy : "Daddy drove the car to work"

Ting : "YEAH !!! No more car. Can take bus to school !!!!"

Mummy was laughing so badly and immediately sent a sms to Daddy .... I just loved taking the bus and MRT to school, rather than take Daddy's car.

Daddy, dun be sad hor, not that I dun like your driving, but just that it is more fun looking at things on the bus and MRT !!! Ha ha

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dancing Talent

I just want to show off my dancing talent .....

I Love Art and Craft

Mummy has been cracking her head on what to do to keep me occupied meaningfully during weekday evenings after school. I used to just laze around, read book, play with stickers, cut waste paper aimlessly.. since I was so happy doing art and craft the last time I was sick at home, Mummy decided to extend the art sessions to weekday evenings as well.....

Mummy's creations..... can you tell what they are?? Some of them were squashed by me when was playing with them...... but there are 2 animals there that were made entirely by me.... can you spot them???

Me intensely at work...

Elmo and Piglet?? Nah.... they're Mummy's creations....

The pretty yellow flowers that were squashed by me?? No lah.....
See the blue longish structure on the left? That's what I call "SNAKE'!!! And there is 1 more white one in the 1st picture....

Mummy let me choose the animals that I want ..... and also what colour I want them ..... orange giraffe... black Daddy elephant, green Mummy elephant and blue baby elephant.

I had great fun!!! Now I look forward to the art sessions in the evenings!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Badminton at Home

This is how I play badminton at home .... Daddy and Mummy bought this pair of rackets for me for only $2 from Daiso (together with a soft sponge ball). And I love them so much that I keep wanting to play with them every night

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indoor Fun at Safra Jurong

We often pass by the newly opened SAFRA Jurong cos its near my school, but never had the chance to go in. Today, we decided to go and take a look because it was advertised as a club which is kiddy friendly .....

Explored the surroundings at SAFRA Jurong, pretty nice scenery and design

A little cosy corner for resting, reading, relaxing etc .... and a place for drinking Isomil !!!

Water feature in the club

Kidz Amaze funland !!!

Initially, when I was looking from outside, I was a bit scared .... then after a while, I pestered Daddy and Mummy to bring me inside .... so Daddy decided to let me have some fun inside.

Held on to Daddy's hand once I went in, but when I saw so many balls lying on the floor, I got over my fear and started my little adventure inside.

Collecting my ammunition ...

Loading the gun with soft bullet balls ...
Ready to press the launch button ...

Launching mission completed ... see how happy I was ....

Taking a rest. Play can be rather tiring at times, especially when you have to climb up and down narrow passageways ..... and poor Daddy, had to manuveur with me through the passageways designed for kids ....

After the small gun, moved on to the real rocket launch !!!

Going down the roller slide .... who cares about being lady-like when it comes to play-time .... even when I exposed my tiny panties !!!

Then comes the real slide ....

Taking a drink in between ...
Comfy in a pool of colourful balls ....

Someone, help me up !!!!

After 1.5 hrs of fun, Daddy, Mummy and I went to the Ishimura Japanese-theme foodcourt inside the club for dinner

Food was mediocre... sushi, curry and bento sets were edible.... the yakitori and grilled salmon and mushroom was totally inedible... hard as rock..... but its food court price lah... so can't expect too much....

Had such great fun today... but Daddy is hesitating if he wants to bring me back... $18 for the both of us (should have asked 叔叔 along since he is a SAFRA member and we can have discount) ... plus it's so tiring for him...

Let's see ...