My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Interactive Game

I just love playing this interactive game in IMM .... Daddy and Mummy also like me playing it ... because I can stay there for hrs and hrs and Daddy and Mummy can take a rest while watching over me ....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Photos for Fun

At Centrepoint, trying out the space googles and space gun .... dun I look cool with this pose ???

Messing around at 爷爷,奶奶 place .....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trip to Science Centre

Daddy managed to get corporate passes to the Science Centre so we went there on Saturday afternoon. Been a long time that Daddy and Mummy last went to Science Centre ... think must be during early school days ....

Right in front of the Science Centre entrance is a BIG dinosaur ... and it can even move and roar soundly .... Mummy carried me and when the roar sounded, I was a little scared ....

In the end, still posed a photo with Mummy, imitating the loud roar !!!

Saw a kiddy buggy so Daddy rented it FOC for me ....

The place inside is pretty big, with lots of exhibit. But it was too 'cheem' for me to appreciate. So I just wandered around, looking for interesting things to see and play .... Daddy and Mummy did not see much as well, since they had to chase after me.

As soon as I saw balls, I ran to play with them ....

Next comes cars .... moving them around the road !!!

Trying my luck at the jackpot machine .... and obviously, I LOST !!! Based on statistics, winning Toto / 4D is more difficult that getting killed on the roads ....

Trying to record my voice imitating the frog's croak, and seeing how my imitation sound waves differ from the actual frogs croak.....

Ooops, where is the rest of my body ?!?! Daddy and Mummy have always been fascinated by the magic
And the explanation behind the magic ......
Water play station .... unfortunately, I just recovered from my illness (and did not bring any swimming costumes), so can only look and not play ..... Next time, Daddy wil get corporate passes just to let me play with water there .... a waste to the corporate passes hor ..... Ha ha

For now, think Science Centre does not suit me ..... I still prefer my Zoo !!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Gal Now

I am really a big gal now (at least that is what Daddy and Mummy think). Have a mind of my own and also tries to control / rule over Daddy and Mummy


1. When Daddy is driving with me behind (exact words from me) :

Me :"Daddy, cannot fast OK ... must be slow."

Me :"Daddy, red light must stop, green light can go, yellow light can go" (apparently, I learnt the traffic light song in school on when to stop and go). Sometimes, I wrongly scolded Daddy for moving off at the traffic light junction because the traffic light turned red on the other side of the road and green on Daddy's side while I only saw the red light. Ha ha

Me :"Daddy, use that one (pointing to the sun shade at the drvier's seat)"

Daddy :"But Daddy does not need that"

Me :" Must use. 太阳公公出来了 !!!"

Daddy :"Sigh" (putting sun shade down)

After a while in the evening, I said again ...

Me :"Later raining"

Mummy :"Ting, why later rain ?"

Me :"因为太阳公公睡觉了, 要下雨了"


2. When ready to go gai-gai after changing into my clothes :

Me :"Must wear pink shoes because I wear pink". Meaning I can only wear pink shoes because my dress or shorts are pink. That means I must wear socks (since the pink shoes are formal shoes) even if I only go downstairs to buy bread !!!


3. Keeping things at home at check :

Scenario : Mummy reading the newspaper on the sofa and I am watching kid's channel on MioTV. After the show, I will get off the sofa and switch off the TV. Then I go to switch off the fan.

Mummy :"Ting, Mummy still wants the fan"

Me :"No, must off fan (meaning no-one is on the sofa watching TV and so must switch off fan and not waste electricity)"

Mummy :"But Mummy is still here, still wants the fan"

Me :"No, cannot. Must off" ..... sigh


4. Having a mind of my own and asking for more soy-milk (or other stuff)


5. Mummy brought me to the ladies for me to pee.

Me :"This is not baby toilet. I must hold, if not fall down, no more Ting Ting"

Mummy laughing away .....

After a few hours

Me :"I wan go 嘘嘘"

Mummy :"OK, I bring you to toilet"

Me :"I dun wan. I wan Daddy bring"

Mummy :"But Daddy is a boy and you are a gal. Daddy cannot bring you to toilet"

Me :"No, I am boy. Follow Daddy" or sometimes

Me :"No, Daddy is gal. Follow Daddy"

Daddy and Mummy faint ....


Daddy and Mummy think these are the little things that I say / do that make them happy .... even though they can be annoying at times ... ha ha

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Like Daddy

See how I argue with Daddy sometimes .... can be rather head-strong ... takes after Daddy at times.... ha ha

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Story Telling Time in School

Sometimes, while waiting for the parents to come to fetch the kids, the teachers in school will tell stories and we will gather around to listen ....

So when Daddy came to fetch me back home one evening, I refused to move, until I have finished listening to Ms Michelle telling her story ....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Down with Viral Infection - Day at Home

Auntie Esther bought me a colouring book .... so I took it out to start colouring .... see my masterpiece ....

Daddy kept teaching me to colour within the lines but how to do so at my age ..... as long as I cover the animals with colours, OK lar !!!!

Daddy wanted to relive his childhood again so he coloured 2 pages from the book .... and guess what, he so "bo liao", graded himself A-star-star for the masterpiece .... ha ha

In the evening, Mummy did some art and craft with me .... took a tissue box and some papers and scotchtape to make a crocodile out of the box .....

With some toilet rolls, I transformed them into Daddy butterfly, Mummy butterfly and Jing Ting butterfly !!!!

What to do, I cannot go out for long gai-gai .....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Down with Viral Infection - Final Day in Hospital

Today, the doctor finally gave the approval for me to discharge from hospital ... even though when I woke up at 8 am, my temperature spiked to 38 degC but the faint rashes on my body disappeared. The entire day, I am free of fever .... so doctor said I can go home !!!! Still having a bit of running nose. So must continue to take the antibiotic and nasal drops. Follow-up appointment on Monday to make sure the antibiotic is working.

So before Mummy brought me home, we went back to the Play Centre to play with all the toys there. Appetite for lunch was OK because I ate Mummy's prawn guotiao, instead of the hospital food ... for a change. Ha ha.

I was so tired from the play time and medication that I fell asleep from 130 pm to 5 pm !!!! Really long afternoon nap. Daddy and Mummy thought night time would be problematic. After dinner (some fish noodle and 5 pieces of sushi), they played with me for a while ....

Surprisingly, I fell asleep before 10 pm, considering the time I woke up from my afternoon nap ... looks like I am still tired from the viral infection ....

Hope I get much better over the weekend .... and because of the illness, I have become less obedient ... ha ha. Mummy said once I get better, she will be firm with me .... oh no !! No more getting my way already !!!!

Thank you to all who prayed for me and sent good wishes to me .... I should be my usual self soon ....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down with Viral Infection - Day 2 in Hospital

Day 2 in hospital ... after 1 day of anti-biotic, I got a bit better ... fever highest at 38 degC, less running nose and eyes less puffy ..... but in mid-day, hands and legs have some pink rashes ... doctor took a look and said the rashes are OK if my fever does not go up again .... have to monitor and see .... if the rashes persist, would have to do blood test again and perhaps switch type of antibiotic ....

Since I was feeling better in the afternoon, Daddy took me to the Play Centre for kids so that I can enjoy myself (and Daddy can take a break from chasing after me or playing balloon with me) ....

See me learning how to fish

Trying out different toys in the centre ....

Although it was only for half an hr (since the centre closes at 5 pm), Daddy was sure glad to have a break .... ha ha.

Hope the doctor will discharge me tomorrow, otherwise I will have to spend another day in hospital .... and poor Mummy has to stay with me overnight again .....

Speedy recovery to Joel gor-gor as well so that we can go back to school next week !!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Down with Viral Infection - Day 1 in Hospital

I am down with viral infection since last Friday .... fever went up to 40.5 degC. Had to miss the Mummies' gathering on Friday and my school carnival on Saturday !!! Wanted to pass the carnival tickets to Joel gor-gor but when Daddy called Uncle Telang, he realised that Joel was down with high fever on the same day as well .... so coincidental.

So Mummy called Ms Kristy in school on Monday and told her that I will be out of school for the next few days .... and Ms Kristy said she only have a handful of students in class that week. All were sick .... so that confirmed that this viral fever thingy has affected my class.

Went to see the GP on Friday but did not get well over the weekend. So went down to KK Hospital A&E in the wee hours .... suspected viral fever, given medication and went back home .... still no improvement (Daddy checked with Joel gor-gor and he also has no improvement).

Since the high fever lasted 6 days, Daddy and Mummy admitted me to KK hospital for observations and checks .... found slight bronchitis and they started me on antibiotics. Hopefully I get well soon ..

So everyone came to visit me and kept me entertained ..... 公公, 爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑. I was a bit cranky and wanted someone to play with me .... and 姑姑 happened to be on half-day leave so I enjoyed myself in the afternoon, playing with her. In fact, Daddy had to have 姑姑 distract me so that I will drink my Isomil and have my lunch.

But because of the H1N1 virus, the hospital only allows 2 visitors each time during visiting hours and only 1 caregiver during non-visiting hours ... that means only Daddy or Mummy can be around but not both .... quite stupid rule especially for young sick children, who will get cranky if the parents are not around .... so Daddy or Mummy cannot go toilet alone ..... so in the end, Daddy and Mummy 'argued' with the security to have 2 caregivers around. Ha ha.

Hopefully I can get discharged on Friday when the fever subsides. I miss my friends in school and all the gai-gai !!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday

Today, we had a small birthday celebration (early celebration) for Daddy at 奶奶 place ..... 姑姑 bought a small Tirasumi cake for the occasion

Singing the birthday song .....

Helping Daddy to blow the candles ...

Cutting the cake ....

As usual, while the rest are having the Tiramisu cake, I had my pear as substitute .... ha ha. Happy Birthday Daddy !!!

No more for Daddy

I finished all the honey lemon drink (with Mummy) and never left anything for Daddy ...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Live In Concert - The Little Big Club

Today, Daddy and Mummy fetched me from school earlier than typical ... and the reason is WE ARE GOING TO THE LITTLE BIG CLUB - LIVE IN CONCERT at the Expo !!!

And a BIG THANK YOU to Uncle Shucheng and especially Auntie Peilin, who managed to get us FREE tickets to the concert !!!

The night before, I selected the dress that I would wear to meet my idol, and requested mummy to put into my schoolbag so that I can change into the nice dress to watch the show.

The concert starts at 730 pm so we reached there at about 710 pm. Every kid is waiting to take a photo at the poster, so I looked a bit lost with all the bigger kids around .... Is my dress nice??

So I got Mummy to carry me and take a photo together ... with my 'signature' posture (hand near my forehead) ....

The organizing committee was considerate enough to provide free booster seats for those who require them .... especially when they knew if the kids sat on normal chairs , they will be too short to see anything ....

So I got one and insisted on carrying it myself !!!

Stage looks simple ..... but BIG !!!

People streaming in before the show started .... does not look like full house for the night. We are seating in Section B1, seats A7 to A9

Mummy, what is that ???

Waiting eagerly for the concert to start ... so practising hand movements first

Getting a little bit restless ... why isn't anyone on stage yet ???

I want to watch Barney, Baby Bop and BJ !!!!

Daddy, when is the show starting ??? I am getting tired of waiting !!!!

Finally, Sam the Fireman kick-started the concert off .... I only heard of Fred the Fireman (cos I got a fireman soft toy at home) ..... who is this Sam ???

Next came Fifi, the Flowertots .... err, dunno who she is but anyway, as long as someone is on stage singing, I am satisfied !!!!

Singing the Itsy-Winsy spider song .... so I followed with actions !!!

Pin-Gu, the silly penguin kept coming out on stage to create havoc

Came Bob the Builder .... one of the kids' favourite cartoon character (but not mine)

Errr ... cannot remember what I was doing .... but Daddy thought my posture was funny, so took a photo ....

Four big balls were passed around in the hall so that the audience can work as a team and prevent the ball from falling onto the ground .... Teamwork !!! But none of the ball came to me leh .....

Insisted on standing up on my seat and clapping along with the songs .... even though I never heard the songs before ....

Angelina, the Ballerina .... err ... never hear of leh .... where is my Barney ???

The best time for Daddy and Mummy to get me to drink my milk .... before Barney and his friends got on stage ... I will do anything just to watch them later

Wanted to get off my seat for some exercise ....

FINALLY .... after almost 1.5 hrs, it was Barney and his friends' turn to get on stage .... and I get to see Riff (my Barney DVD/VCD does not feature Riff at all) live .... Think every kid was waiting for the Barney show instead of the other cartoon characters

They counted down the top 5 Barney songs before ending with a last song (one and favourite song of all) called "I Love You" .... I sang along with them !!!

I got so excited in the middle of the Barney show that I got off the seat and had Mummy to dance with me .....

Every cartoon character got on stage for the Finale .... with confettis everywhere !!! I got to see my favourite Barney, BJ, Baby Bop and Riff again

Slide show for some more pics ...

Enjoyed myself a lot during the concert .... Thank you Auntie Peilin again !!!