My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Friday, April 25, 2008

越帮越忙 ???

Make a guess .... what am I doing ??

1. Looking for gold ?

2. Retrieving my toy ?

3. Storing food away so that I do not have to eat ?

To know the answer, watch the video !!!

Next time when I grow up, I shall help Daddy and Mummy do household chores .... but in my own unique ways .... eg. using umbrella to sweep the floor ....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sleeping while Eating

Sleeping while eating .... my new 'hobby' ....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sick This Week

This week, I am down with fever, running nose and cough .... Daddy and Mummy thought I might have HFMD since it is so prevalent these days .... Luckily, the PD said most likely it is the flu virus ....

So never go infant care this week .... Daddy had to take leave in the early part of the week to take care of me at home .... so I got the chance to watch my favourite Barney DVD (Daddy see I so 可怜 so let me watch TV) ....

See how I am enjoying myself ... trying to imitate their movements but they move so fast !!!

Daddy even recorded some of the Barney songs in his handphone so that he can play them on his handphone to keep me entertained during meal times .... ha ha. Like that also can.

No more Barney next week when I go back infant care ....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Err ... I Love Food ??

After one week at the infant care, Daddy and Mummy seem to think I love food better .... I applaused myself during breakfast time each time I took a bite at the multigrain 馒头, until I finished it completely ... in the past, they would have to 'beg' me to finish it. Daddy also managed to spoon feed me 180 ml isomil on Sat (of cos after much struggle).

Daddy and Mummy hope this is sustainable .... not just a passing phase .... I weighed myself before I went infant care .... 8.6 kg .... weighed myself again on Sat .... err ... close to 8.9 kg (with a height of 78 cm) !!! Never know infant care makes such a big difference ... or is it because of the 300g of heavy diapers ??? Ha ha

I miss interaction time with Daddy and Mummy and all my favourite toys in the house !!! Must enjoy all these before I go back to infant care next week. But I also miss all the toys, friends and teachers at the infant care !!! So confusing for my little brain ... how har ???

Friday, April 18, 2008

My First Week in Infant Care

I finally ended my first week in infant care !!!!

Every morning, once Mummy has changed me out of my pyjamas, I will go and look for my schoolbag myself .... ready to go to school !!!

In the early part of the week, I still could not get used to the environment ... struggled when 林老师 took my temperature in the morning, struggled when Ms Thye Tai gave me my shower and refused to drink my isomil (actually I also refused to drink isomil at home, so no difference ... ha ha). My nap pattern has condensed from twice a day to once a day after lunch. Other than the above, I am OK, took my breakfast, lunch and tea break with no problems (in fact Mummy said I ate more in the infant care centre than at home .... will I put on too much weight ???), played and 'interacted' with other kids / toddlers with ease ....

But in the later part of the week, I almost treated it as if I am at home .... I am OK with temperature taking, showering while playing with toys ... and took part in activities .... and the best part is ..... I DRANK MY ISOMIL after 8 months !!!! Started with 20 mls on Wednesday, progressed to 180 ml on Thursday and Friday (the teachers over there were very patient and spoon fed me the isomil because I refused to drink it from my sippy cup) !!! Mummy was so happy for me .... she said if she knew I will drink my isomil, she should have put me in infant care long ago !!! 奶奶 said I need someone to discipline me .... ha ha.

Lunch was good, except when the child care served porridge and kway teow soup. Since I dislike soft food, Mummy had to prepare rice for me on those days. This week's menu ... a lot of variety hor ....

Mon : Garlic rice with raised lean chicken strips and spinach and mushrooms, apples
Tues : Plain rice served with steamed eggs (eggs replaced with potato and chicken for me), stir fried cabbage and lotus root soup, honeydew
Wed : Kuey teow soup with fish cakes and leafy green vege (I ate rice cakes with the vege), watermelon
Thurs : Chicken porridge with lean chicken strips, carrot, sweet potato and spinach (took my rice with the chicken and vege), banana
Fri : Macaroni soup with prawns, mushrooms and carrot strips and leafy vege (replaced prawns with chicken), honeydew

Pat's schoolhouse also has this 'communication book' thingy. Every day, Ms Thye Tai (since Ms Thye Tai only works the morning shift and would not see Daddy / Mummy at the end of the day) would write in the book how I spent my day in the child care centre, including things that she would like Mummy to take note of. Then Mummy would response back on a similar note .... this helps to make sure I am well taken care of ....

Looking forward to next week .... and Mummy starting her first day of work on Monday !!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

1st day at Infant Care

Today, Mummy woke me up at 6.45am to feed me milk and change me to prepare me for my big day. 1st day at infant care!!

My first school bag !!! Actually it is a free gift redemption when 舅舅 and 舅母shopped at Marina Square some time back. Isn't it cute ??? But still looked too big on me. Ha ha

Why is the school bag so heavy ??? Argh .... Let me try again ..... FINALLY !!!

See how excited I was when I left the house !!! I insisted that I carried my own schoolbag

We reached the infant care at about 7.40am. 林老师 was there and she took my temperature. Then she showed us my cot and where to put my stuff etc. Then off I went to pull out all the toys to play. Then Ms Thye Tai came. She will be my main caregiver. After Daddy and Mummy briefed her on my routine and logistics issues, they decided to leave as I was already so engrossed in playing and totally ignored Daddy and Mummy hahaha.... When Daddy and Mummy said bye bye, I just waved to them and followed Ms Thye Tai around. I then had music and movement, followed by art and craft. Mummy returned at 11.30am. I was actually eating ok, but when I saw mummy I cried and wanted mummy to carry me. Then mummy carried me for a while and coaxed me back into the high chair and carried on feeding me my lunch. I had minced chicked with mushroom and cabbage rice. YUMMY!! I ate without playing with anything and actually asked for a 2nd helping. Ms Thye Tai said I should be very hungry cos I refused to drink isomil in the morning and refused my bread for breakfast cos I wanted the other children's bun (which I can't have due to my allergies). I also missed my morning nap as I was too excited.

Daddy came to visit me when I was about done for my lunch, and by that time, I was very tired so became a bit cranky. Ms Thye Tai then bathed me and put me to bed while Daddy and Mummy went to do their registration with the principal then left. I woke up after 50min and followed the principal around the centre to do inspection while the rest of the children were still sleeping hee hee hee... then I had rice again for tea break and I also had 5 cookies. It's their practice to feed the younger children rice for teabreak as a lot of parents can only feed them dinner very late. I fell asleep in the car on the way home. But once I reached home, I gobbled down my salmon+veg+rice dinner..... Mummy and Daddy are puzzled why I am so hungry?? Maybe because I don't get Mummy's milk that's why I'm so hungry....

I started to become cranky at 7+pm and fell asleep at 8+pm.... wah what a day.... looking forward to school again tomorow!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stacking Blocks

Got a new educational toy !!!!
Auntie Esther mentioned that there is this Lakeshore Learning shop that sells good educational and interactive toys .... so on Daddy's last trip to the States, he went to look for this Lakeshore Learning shop to see if there is something suitable for me.

The Lakeshore Learning shop is pretty big there ... sells very good educational stuffs from all ages, up to primary level (even has science books about setting up scientific experiments). Also sells art and crafts stuff, suitable for toddlers. Daddy bought the non-toxic crayons for me in Singapore for S$10, but over there, the exact same one sells only for US$2.99 !!!! In the end, Daddy bought me this 24 pieces "Shape Sorting and Puzzle Blocks" for 18 mths + .... After 10% discount, costs only US$ 16.99

Assemblying all 24 pieces together makes up a puzzle ..... Puzzle is a picture of many animals in the jungle. It is so "complicated" that Daddy and Mummy took quite a while to piece the puzzle together .... reason being, I kept destroying the puzzle before they could complete it ... ha ha .... hurricane Jing Ting at work again.

Total 4 colours for colour matching ..... In each block, there is a shape to be inserted in .....

Allows me to stack up the blocks ....

Have learnt how to stack up blocks and put the shapes into each block ... but yet to learn colour matching and putting the puzzle together ... I am not yet 18 mths old mah ... ha ha.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Going Infant Care Soon !!!

Monday (14 Apr 08) will be the day that I start my first day at Pat's Schoolhouse infant care !!! Mummy decided that it is time for her to get back into the manufacturing industry after 2+ years .... at the same time, Mummy is hoping that when I go to an infant care centre, I might slowly change my eating habits, ie. eat a bit more (especially drink Isomil or soy milk) when I see other toddlers doing like-wise !!!!

Daddy and Mummy brought me to Pat's Schoolhouse in Jan 08 before to look at the place ... the place is very nice, so are the teachers .... they had experience taking care of infants and toddlers with milk and egg allergies. Since I also have milk / egg (and others) allergies, Daddy and Mummy felt more assured that I will be taken care of over there ... but it costs twice as much as other infant care centres !!!! $1700 per month before government subsidy !!! Daddy is going to burn a hole in his pocket .... ha ha. Wat to do, me problematic kid ....

So Mandy Jie-Jie and Philson Gor-Gor decided to ask me out for a 'final' gathering before I go off to infant care (actually more of auntie-shopping and get-together for the mummies) ... since from Monday onwards, cannot meet them during weekdays already .... going to miss all my friends .... *sob* *sob*

We went to Causeway Point (favourite haunt) .... and Mandy Jie-Jie's Mummy was so kind to post our outing at her blog .... so here it is .... enjoy reading the story of "The Causeway Point Kids" !!!

Will tell more about my infant care days once I am over there ....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How come got sound ???

Today Daddy and Mummy said I was really innovative when it comes to play-time. Daddy was sitting on the sofa, reading the newspapers after work while Mummy was in the room doing some stuff. So there I was playing with my building blocks and other toys in the living room .... when I decided to explore something new, just to catch Daddy's attention .... and I succeeded !!!

I walked around the whole house (nothing new wah ....) with click-click sounds from my feet !!! Daddy looked up and wondered where the sound came from .... then he realized what I have done ... ha ha.

I put something (those soft aluminum foil thingy that is used to contain capsules / pills) underneath my feet and started walking with them ... so it created kind of click-click sounds as I walked around ....

Daddy and Mummy gave up on me and said, why I could not be more innovative when it comes to food .... because when it comes to new food, I really take quite a while to get used to it .... really picky !!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gai-gai Again

Sunday, went gai-gai again .... this time, at Suntec City .... AGAIN !!!

姑姑 brought me to the fountain at the new extension while the rest were having lunch ...

See my cheeky photos with 叔叔. 叔叔 must be so bored, playing with me. Ha ha

Then how I refused to eat .... (actually, I ate quite a lot, just pretending only) ....

Went to the Koi garden .... so many kois around .... but close to nap time, so who cares about the kois ... I miss my beauty sleep more than anything .... so Mummy changed my diaper IN PUBLIC before I go for my nap .... oh no, exposed !!! (how come I still look so happy ... ha ha)

Spent the whole afternoon there and parking bill came up to be $7+ !!! Next time, must find a place with either free parking or per entry parking already ....