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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2nd Birthday Bash - Finale (Opening Presents)

How can birthdays be without presents ??

So Daddy and Mummy let me open all my other 3 presents today, after my shower ... with the exception of 叔叔 present, which I already opened on 27 Dec.

Present 1 from 叔叔

The electronic keyboard, with microphone to sing Karaoke .... kept asking Daddy to play tunes on the keyboard and I sing along with the tune.

Shall upload the videos of me singing karaoke next time.

Present 2 from 宋老师

A baby care bear soft toy for me to cuddle in bed every night ...

Present 3 from Ms Thye Tai

It is a puzzle set, to match the various parts of the animals to each of the 10 animals to form a puzzle .... for 2.5 years and above ... so Daddy and Mummy decided to keep it aside first until when I am older to know how to play with it.

Present 4 from Daddy and Mummy

Eagerly opening the present from Daddy and Mummy .... Mummy bought my birthday gift from Shanghai during her business trip ...

Wonder what is inside the pink wooden box ....

Wow !!! Mother Garden picnic set - Complete set with cutlery and food , such as ice-cream, chocolates, lollipop etc ... There used to be a shop in Vivocity that sells this series and it was very expensive. But Mummy got it real cheap in China.

Finally, get to eat ice-cream .... but how come, so hard .... bite until teeth ache.

Cutting cake again .... have been cutting cakes for the past few days that I got a kick out of doing so.

Pretending to cut up the food and eat .... I can cut honeydew, orange, strawberry, swissroll, chocolate.... lots and lots of stuff.

Not forgetting my Beany, Care Bear and Pinky so that they can also join in the feast ....

Thank you everybody for all the wonderful presents !!!! Looking forward to my 3rd birthday ... ha ha, still a long way to go.

2nd Birthday Bash - Round 4 (Jurong Bird Park)

Yippee ... I am officially 2 years old today !!!

Daddy and Mummy took leave today to bring me to the Jurong Bird Park to celebrate my birthday ... Daddy managed to get free passes from his company, so no need to pay .... The last time Daddy and Mummy visited the bird park was almost 20 years ago!!

It was a hot and humid day.... I am all set, with a hat to explore the bird park.

Once we entered the bird park, we were greeted by this parrot mascot at the parrots enclosure. I simply love mascots, so definitely must take a photo with it.

Our first stop - Penguin enclosure. It was feeding time and I learnt so much about the penguins. They were so cute, everytime they flap their wings in the water, I'll go "bird fly fly!!" Mummy and Daddy kept trying to tell me they can't fly.... hmm... you mean not all birds can fly??

Next we went to the pool amphitheatre for the Birds and Buddies show.

Playing a fool with Daddy while waiting for the show to start.... with my signature pose for the camera.

The show finally started with the flamingoes ushering in the emcee.

2 parrots having a basketball match. Haiz.. the parrot representing our side lost...

2 parrots flying through the same hoop at the same time in opposite directions. They actually only managed to accomplish it on the 3rd try, really not easy ... and Daddy finally got this picture after some effort ...

Wow ... the meat-devouring vulture ....

The end of the show .... All the mascots appeared on stage ..... my favourite part, rather than seeing the birds, wierd right ??

After lunch, I changed into my swimming costume and headed straight to the water splashing playground ... unfortunately, Daddy did not bring change of clothes, otherwise can have water battle !!! To tell the truth, I was actually afraid of the water ... did not dare to go and explore all the water stations alone ....

Taking my afternoon tea break when I woke up from my nap. Since today is my birthday, must eat ee-fu noodle ....

Admiring the mandarin ducks .... and big koi fishes in my stroller .... too tired to even stand ... ha ha

The Jurong Bird Park just had the African Waterfall Aviary theme recently ... a group of African tribal people dancing along the way to the aviary entrance .

Big waterfall .... considering man-made .... but pale in comparison to the one at Blue Mountains ....

Cheeky smile ... with one hand in my pocket .... don't I look cute ???

Since we are at the Jurong Bird Park, Daddy must take photos of some of the birds ... otherwise do injustice to them ....

Enjoyed my birthday today .... another year older !!!! Daddy and Mummy said must behave myself already .... big gal now.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2nd Birthday Bash - Round 3

Had my birthday celebration in school for the first time .... so Mummy had to bake another cake for me .... poor Mummy, baked a chocolate cake the night before till past midnight .... but the chocolate cream was a bit too bitter (added too much cocoa) and she was afraid that the kids might not like it. So early the next morning, Mummy went to bake another cake ..... Mummy is the greatest !!!

The final product, with 2 smiling Elmos (made of icing sugar)

Started my birthday celebration at 10 am .... Wearing the birthday hat .... look a bit cartoon though

Giving out the birthday goodie bags to all my frens in school, starting with Gabriel. Doesn't Gabriel look cute .... he is close to 18 months old

All my friends gathering around the table, to sing the birthday song for me ... I was too shy to sing it, although I had been practising at home the past few days !!!

See, someone is eyeing the Elmo, just like me !!! (Actually EVERY kid was eyeing on the 2 Elmos.... hehehe)

Blowing out the candle, ready to cut the cake ... eyes still at the Elmo ....

One of my best frens, Keanne .... he is slightly older than me.... he also cannot take cow's milk and have to drink isomil (no wonder best fren) ....

Another of my best fren, Issac .... looks so cute

Another of my good friend - Yushi-jie jie. She's in the same class as me, but she's 10months older!!! So she's like my big sister.

Enjoying my birthday cake ... finally get to eat cakes in school, since all the previous birthday celebrations for my frens, I can only sing song but cannot eat the cake.

Invited my ex-teacher, Ms Thye Tai back for my birthday celebration. Ms Thye Tai took care of me when I was in infant class (together with Keanne) .... and then she left the school to do missionary work .... great to have Ms Thye Tai back for today !!!! She was missed by all the kids !!!