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Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Inconsiderate or Just Plain Brainless

On Sunday evening, we went to Alexander Village Food Centre for our dinner. Daddy parked at a private lot in front of the shop and when we went back to the car, ready to go home, we have a shock. There was this stupid MPV (car plate number SJY5402R) who just parked perpendicular, in front of our car, preventing us from driving off (and should buy 4D / Toto, of all cars, this MPV only blocked our car). And even though there were double yellow lines saying that the driver cannot park there, either he/she was blind or forgot all that he/she had learnt in the driving school.

So Daddy pressed the horn loudly, hoping that the driver was nearby .... we waited and waited and waited, honked and honked and honked, but no one came. In fact, this caught everyone's attention and Daddy / Mummy were looking like fools, pressing the horn and looking out for the driver (someone who would rush to the MPV, looking apologetic)

And finally, a man came rushing .... and when Daddy was about to confront him, he indicated the MPV was not his, and he thought his car was blocking us .... So we waited and honked for almost 20 mins .... with me waiting to go back home for nap time. Daddy called the Traffic Police / LTA in the meantime, trying to get someone to toll the car away. And finally, this lady came towards the MPV. By this time, Daddy was pretty fed up and went up to the lady, telling her that she was blocking our car and that we have informed the TP / LTA, and asked for her licence. Thought she would at least apologize, but instead she said, you should not have parked there !!! Mummy heard that and told her that we parked at a proper private carpark lot, while she parked along a double yellow line road ... and worse still, blocked people from driving off ..... when she could park further up (still along double yellow line), but at least not blocking people's car The stupid driver still did not apologize .... and Daddy this time insisted on getting her particulars (IC, name etc) and called the TP to report this matter .... she waited impatiently (with her food left in the MPV), but who cares ....

And after the reporting, she just took back her driving licence and then drove off .... and no sign of regret or apology

Quoting Daddy : Some people can really be plain inconsiderate .... or should I say pig-brained ... or no brain at all .... if someone wants to illegal park and intends to get a summon, at least park slightly further away, not blocking any car and use his useless legs to walk a bit more to his destination !!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just Plain Fun

Caught the flu bug last week Mon evening .... told Daddy in the car that I have a bad sore throat, and Daddy thought I was joking .... he thought I learnt the words "bad sore throat" from the adults. And overnight, I had a fever and started to develop the usual flu symptoms .... Daddy and Mummy thought I have HFMD, but luckily the doctor confirmed that it was just the flu.

So on Wed, went down to 爷爷 and 奶奶 place since Daddy and Mummy could not take leave. Luckily, 姑姑 happened to be on leave and able to keep me entertained .... so this was what I did at their place

Fully recovered over 2 days, and I went back to school on Thurs ....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Breanna's Birthday Party

On Saturday, Breanna (Na-Na) invited the K1 class to her birthday party at Infinity Function Room. So the week before, I went with Daddy and Mummy to buy a present for Na-Na. I was the first to arrive, and the birthday gal, Na-Na was dressed in snow white !!! Slowly, my other classmates arrived ...
And Elise came as well !!! She went to another K1 this year, so it was nice to meet her again at Na-Na's birthday party .... we immediately played together, since in Pat's Schoolhouse previously, Elise and I 'argued' quite a lot in school ... The 3 musketeers enjoying our lunch, before we went to play Na-Na's Daddy tried catering from Mum's Kitchen. Food tasted great, especially the Laksa

And after our lunch, we went to bully Na-Na's Daddy with our noisy whistles

And can you guess this is ??? Of course, Jessie from Toy Story !!! How did Na-Na managed to invite Jessie to her birthday party ???

And what about this clown ???

Another of my good friend, Olivia

And the 4 of us played together !!! It was really noisy, with the whistle blowing fun

And the best part of the party arrived !!! The Magician !!!

And he brought with him, 100 balloons !!! The kids got crazy over the balloons !!!

And the Uncle Magician started showing his magic tricks .... with some magic words, he gathered all the colours and transferred them onto the colouring book

All the pages were beautifully coloured

But with some magic words again, the pages went blank !!! Everyone of us was really entertained by this magic trick

Elise was chosen to be Uncle Magician's helper

The birthday cake that every kid had been waiting for .... A Princess Cake from Bengawan Solo ... heard from Na-Na's Mummy that this is their latest addition to all the cake selection that they had

Na-Na ready to cut the cake, after singing the birthday song

And see all the hungry kids gathering around the table, eyeing the cake closely

A photo with all the kds .... serious pose

And funny faces !!!

After eating the cake, we went to explore and have fun at the playground !! Who cares about the heat from the sun

After a while, I got a bit tired (way past my usual afternoon nap time), and we went back home. It was really a fun birthday party that I went to

Happy Birthday Na-Na !!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Celebrate 爷爷 Birthday

We celebrated 爷爷 birthday at the Carlton Hotel Cafe Mosiac. They had a 1-for-1 buffet promotion so for 6 adults (I dined free), we paid about $200, which worked out to be about $35 each. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food. The variety was good and the quality was great. Daddy and Mummy did not have much impression of Carlton Hotel, other than the famous Cantonese Restaurant Wak Lok, which served very good Cantonese cuisine.

So Daddy picked me up from school slightly earlier than usual, in order not to be late.... but due to Fri traffic, we ended up still late by about 20 mins or so. In fact, I had a 45 min power nap in Daddy's car while we were stuck in the slow slow traffic. So by the time I reached there, I was hungry hippo !!!
Daddy brought change of clothes for me that day ... I am usually not that well dressed in school. Ha ha

And happy birthday to 爷爷. I also get an ang bao from 爷爷 .....

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Taking a victory photo with 姑姑
And this was what filled up 叔叔 plates many many times !!!

Because of the power nap, I managed to stay awake till 930 pm, and after that zzzz monster appeared and we left the buffet, feeling satisfied :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Doing Housework

I learnt to do another housework .... to fold plastic bags and store them away properly

Who says Singaporean gals do not know how to do housework ?? Key is to start from young !!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monopoly Junior

On Saturday evening, we went shopping for Nana's birthday present today. And we came across this Monopoly Junior board game. Since Daddy and Mummy saw that I enjoyed myself so much at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place playing an equivalent Monopoly game, so they decided to buy me this .... was on offer price.

So that night, we went home to play the game .... does not take long for me to learn the game at all .... instead of buying properties, this is a game for kids. We own game booths in an amusement park .... we can buy a game booth if it is available, and anyone who passes by the game booth have to pay the owner. As usual, there are "CHANCE" cards. Some chance cards allow a player to own a game booth FREE, by kicking the owners out !!!

And of course, this was the part that I LOVED !!! Kick owners out and own the game booth for free. And for obvious reasons (狼狈为奸 with Mummy), Daddy became the scapegoat .... so 2 against 1 !!!! Daddy owned quite some many high valued game booths, with high rental yields but over time, it was replaced by Mummy and me as the owners !!!

And for obvious reasons, the winner and loser were clearly defined .....

And during my daily bedtime story session, I told Mummy I had to show Daddy the Clifford storybook and tell him to be a good sport when it comes to playing games ... haha

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Star Wars !!!

Orchard OG was having some spring cleaning sales on Star Wars products ... and there were the 2 figurines standing very still .... Daddy and I thought they were some figurines, until one of them started to move and wave !!! Then we realized they were mascots instead

Err ... photo with the Darth Vader ??? (Daddy is not really a Star Wars fan at all)

Daddy managed to find out this is called the Stormtropper Commander

Err ... finally a long search in the internet, this robot is called R2-D2 !!!
Cool right ???

Friday, March 18, 2011

Coaching 爷爷 and 奶奶

Since 爷爷 does not know how to play the game, I had to be the coach and teach him .... 奶奶 joined in later and I had to do the explanation again ... but how come 奶奶 kept saying she did not understand even though I spoke in simple Mandarin ??? Hmm ....

Daddy was giggling at the side ....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mickey Mouse's Home

I am also following closely the news on 9.0 earthquake that took place in Japan .... all because I am worried about Mickey Mouse and all his friends !!

All started when the quake came and pictures of Tokyo Disneyland showed that the place has been flooded. And the conversation is along these lines (not word for word) ....

Me : What happened to Mickey Mouse's house ?
Mummy : The earthquake and tsunami flooded Disneyland
Me : Then where is Mickey Mouse going to stay ?
Mummy : He will have to move somewhere else now
Me : What about Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck and Daisy Duck and .... (list all friends)
Mummy : They also have to move elsewhere
Me : When can Mickey Mouse move back
Mummy : When Disneyland is ready
Me : How Mickey Mouse know
Mummy : Someone will tell Mickey Mouse
Me : Okie

So for the next few days, Daddy used the excuse that he has to tune in to FM938 during the morning and evening drive to know whether Mickey Mouse's house is ready .... so as long as the words "Japan" or "Tokyo" are mentioned, I will listen intensely and ask Daddy is Mickey Mouse's house ready ....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Went with 舅舅, 舅母 and 表妹 to NTUC Extra at NEX shopping centre. And for the first time, I managed to get to sit in the kiddy car .... stood at the back initially, as Earle jie-jie pushed the car

姑丈, are you taking a photo of me ??? I am sucking my finger .... so dun publish this photo online, otherwise, Mummy and Daddy would know !!!

Did someone just call for me ???

Then I decided to want to sit as well ... Poor 表妹, had to squeeze with me in the tiny seat .... but we had fun together ... so I am sure she did not mind (or did she mind ??? Her expression was somewhat funny). Haha

Cycling with 表妹

Last week, the adults promised me and 表妹 that we will cycle together. So this week when we went to 公公 place, we took our bike along.

Since 表妹 was still bathing, I decided to cycle by myself at the void deck, while waiting for 表妹 to come down and join me. The old housing estates still have huge void decks, unlike the newer estates now ....

舅舅 brought 表妹 down finally ... and when she saw my bike, she decided to ride my bike ... and I was happy to ride her new bike that Mummy bought for 表妹 2 weeks ago. Dun worry, I am stil light enough not to damage 表妹's bike

And when both of us got sick of cycling, fun would be to push 表妹 around the void deck ... and oops, I almost caused 表妹 to fall ... no wonder 表妹 insisted to get off the bike and ran off

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

What you can do on a lazy Saturday afternoon .... teaching Daddy how to play games with me

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Improvements

Looked at the pictures and tried to draw (copy) them on white pieces of paper ....

For the first 2, Daddy and Mummy thought they were quite close to the real picture (considering my age)

But for the last 2 .... hmmm ... I told them, the pictures were too "difficult". More like run out of patience ....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Day 7 (Home Sweet Home)

Last day of the trip .... we had a flight to catch at 6 pm, so would need to reach airport latest 3-4 pm. Since it was just half a day of free time, we decided to explore the Botanical Gardens, and do some sight seeing, like what typical tourists would do

Had breakfast in our hotel till 930 am, before we headed out

This is inside the Botanical Gardens ....

This museum used to be a courthouse ( 衙门)during the Qing dynasty.

No nails and screws, but equally strong to hold things together .... in the past, that was how buildings were constructed.

Chinese zodiac plants .... read on and you will figure out what that meant

Think you got the idea ???

I am born in the Year of the Dog ... woof woof

This is what the sign said ....

But which part of the tree look like some sort of meat ???

Idiom related plants ... what that meant was the name of the plant was used in an idiom .... see the sign for more explanation

Succulent plants ... meaning cactus kind of fleshy plants ...

Never know that catcus can also go dry .... see the freshy portion and the dried up portion together

Then we left the botanical gardens and walked towards 中正纪念堂。 On the way, there were a lot of goverment buildings, including the Presidential Palace, and a lot of ministries. Are there really gold bars inside the 国库局 (Treasury) .... want to try robbing the treasury? As long as you don't get caught.

The musical concert hall and the arts theatre

The famous 中正纪念堂 .... how can we miss that

Taking a picture with the guards ... tough job, to stand still for an hour without moving at all ... till the hourly change of parade.

Our flight back home was 6 pm, so we set off from the hotel via taxi .... taxi fare came up to NT$800, which is about S$35. Pretty reasonable to avoid all the hassle and for the kids to have a power nap in the taxi.

Since we were early, we headed for the children's playground in the airport

Joel came down the slide and pretended to fall ...

And Camille actually wanted to play, as long as Uncle Telang was holding on to her

And I posed with all the cartoon characters

On board the plane, the kids were given toys again, and this time, I have Powerpuff gal soft toy ... to be added to my collection of soft toys on the bed

With that, my vacation ended and I will be going back to school the following week .... time really flies so fast !!!

Daddy and Mummy said no more long distance trip for this year (quota has been met) ... maybe just short trips like a 1-2 days to JB / Desaru lor .... haha. Come to think of it, I have been going on at least one long trip per year since 2008

2008 - Sydney (could not remember much since I was slightly less than 2 years old)
2009 - Hong Kong (my favourite Disneyland)
2010 - Japan (Tokyo Disneyland became my favourite Disneyland)
2011 - Taiwan
2012 - ??? (have to wait and see)