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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Day 2

Day 2, we went to 小人国, which is really a theme park, just that everything is in miniature form. Reached there early about 9+am.

Entrance of the 小人国 .... a small pond with nice landscaping

We bought feed for the fishes .... think the fishes were sick of the food since they did not really eat much ... too much feeding from the visitors, perhaps

The first miniature train that we saw

And the port as well ... the boats and ships looked like the real thing

But I was amazed by the railway station

And that has to be Joel's favourite ... he just loves trains and ships ...
See the interesting sign board at the exhibits ....

Did ExxonMobil pay advertisement fee ??? Daddy's company !!!

LPG spheres and crude storage !!! Lots of that in Daddy's company as well !!!

Singapore Airlines were featured as one of the models !!! But the only planes that moved were Eva Air and China Airlines ... the other planes were just stationary

Expressway in Taipei

Then we moved on to the buildings and structures ... from all over the world !!! Pretty much self-explanatory

Pandas from China !!! And the panda models were really life-like

万里长城, captured in a photo shot ... not that long after all ... haha

Then we proceeded to the Nile Adventure theme park.

The scariest ride was the boat that brought people all the way up to the top and then zoomed down at great speed .... people in the boat had to wear raincoat to avoid getting wet throughout ... and the spectators had to stand far away to avoid getting splashed as well. Of course, we refused to take that ride ... had height restrictions as well .... so we 3 kids were not qualified

We had a go at this ....

Poked through a a lucky hole
And we got prize No 24 !!!

Receiving my prize from the pretty 姐姐 and it turnd out to be 2 towels !!! One for me, and one for 表妹

Then we went to the Asian theme park ....

My favourite bumper car ride !!!

And the ever hot-time favourite : caroussel

We took a ride through the tunnel ... similar to the "It's a Small Small World" in Disneyland

Then we went outdoor for my strawberry ferris wheel ride ....

Then there was this ride, that you always see at fun fairs ... brings you all the up in the sky and then rocketed down suddenly at high speed ... this is the miniature version for KIDS !!! I told Daddy that I want to take the ride alone .... so brave of me ... haha. In the end, since there was a seat for one adult, Daddy took that seat. Since Daddy did not have the courage to try the real ride, he was satisfied with this miniature version. But Daddy decided, that was the "ultimate" height that he can handle ... haha

There was a Doraemon show .... with all the cartoon characters

Since we were at 小人国, I have to take a photo with my favourite 小叮当 and 大雄. To take a photo with the real characters (mascot) would require at least 1 hr of queueing up ... so we decided to give it a miss

When kids were bored from queueing up for a ride, this is what you get .... making funny faces to pass time !!!

And our turn finally came, after queueing up for 20 mins under the hot sun !!! This has to be our favourite ride, especially when the car went down a mini slope at a faster speed ...

Had lunch at the Ferri Wheel cafe in the theme park. Each set meal came with a 铜锣烧 - 小叮当 favourite snack. I did not like that, because of the red bean filling inside. Cannot get used to the "hi-class" japanese type red bean texture ... I still like my Jolli-bean red bean pancake .... Daddy and Mummy always say I am a weird gal ....

Then we continued to look at more buildings

Korea 佛国寺

Japan 七重塔

Then we went to Doraemon Story Land ...

Understanding why Doraemon is so smart !!!

This year happened to be Doraemon 40th anniversary, so there was a special exhibition. This is the last day of the exhibition and that explained why the theme park was packed with so many people

Hello .... is Doraemon there ???

Uncle Telang bought a BIG lollipop for me, Joel and Camille

Had so much fun at 小人国 till 4+ pm, that we decided to go back to our hotel to take a short rest, before we embarked on our night adverture

And night time, we decided to go to the nearby 中坜夜市 to take a look and have our dinner

See the different kinds of pastries that they sell

And all sorts of braised "weird" stuff ...

This has to be really cool ... making 蛋卷 via this machine .... high productivity and efficiency. And the 蛋卷 tasted really good .... not like those that tasted of preservatives only. We bought a few rolls to eat

How can we miss this !!! I scored 370 points and could choose 2 small rewards !!!

That brought us close to 830 pm and we went back to our hotel. My hair smelt of a rojak of food from the night market ... so after a good shower, I went to bed, ready for my next day adventure !!!