My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daddy's Company Charity Run

Daddy's company held the charity run at the Chinese Gardens .... was a good day since the weather was cool. The run was great as well, since the route was pretty scenic. Daddy knew he did his 5 km run within 30 mins .... still waiting for the official timing from the organizers.

Chinese Garden in the Mid Autumn Festival mood ....

Daddy taking a photo with his work group before they start their run .... all fresh and ready to go !!! And Daddy should not have stood beside Anthony (guy in blue with tag 5214) .... he is 1.9 m tall and made Daddy look so short .... haha

Doing the group warm up ... reminded Daddy of JC days where the school did mass dance / exercise in the school hall ....

A very big turnout on that day .... all supportive of the charity drive

After the run .... can still manage to smile for the camera

Free milo after the run ... to replenish energy !!! And there was a lot of food ... O Chang Kee, Jollibean, Marigold yoghurt, nonya kueh etc .... kudos to the organizers !!!

And there was a category called the "Kid's Dash" !!! Daddy did not know, otherwise, he would have registered me for this category

Auntie Yi Chinh and her daughter participated in the 5 km run and kid's dash respectively. In fact, she is a regular runner

This is the last run for Daddy for this year .... waiting to see what happens next year .... haha

Children's Day Outing

My school organized a children's day outing at West Coast Park on Wednesday .... Mummy did not know she could tag along, otherwise she would have joined in the celebration. Fortunately, Auntie Pei Pei went along and took some photos and videos.

So here is the link .... hope Auntie Pei Pei does not mind Daddy 'stealing' from her blog ....

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Can you decipher what I am reciting? Scroll down for answers

1) 唐朝诗人李绅 《悯农》。



人之初,性本善。性相近,习相远。苟不教,性乃迁。教之道,贵以专。昔孟母,择邻处。子不学,断机杼. ........ . ..........

To date I also know the following:

3)唐朝诗人 李白的《静夜思》

床前明月光,疑是地上霜。 举头望明月,低头思故乡。

4)唐朝诗人 孟浩然的 《春晓》


Initially, Mummy tried to teach me 春晓, but I ignored her. A few weeks later, I actually came back from school reciting it perfectly. You know how I learnt all these Chinese poems? By reciting after 宋老师 when she is showering us!!!! Mummy really don't know what to say..... think I am really a social learner........

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Little Miss Chatterbox

Recently, I have been borrowing the Mr XXX (eg. Mr Fussy, Mr Greedy etc) and Little Miss YYY (eg. Little Miss Tidy, Little Miss Shy etc) book series from the library (by Roger Harrgreaves)

Daddy and Mummy looked through the entire series of Little Miss YYY and felt there were quite a few that described me pretty well. But it got to be this, that was a perfect match for me ...

And the first page of this book explains everything (except the part about little brother and talking in my sleep). From the moment I wake up in the morning, my mouth keeps moving non-stop .... till I go for my afternoon nap. Then the cycle continues after my nap, till the time I go to bed at night. If only sleep is non-essential, how wonderful would that be ....

Sometimes, Daddy and Mummy wonder if they should just change my name from "Jing Ting" to "叽喳婆". Next time when I go to primary school, sure kenna punished by the teachers for talking non-stop during lessons !!!

Mummy's Little Helper

Mummy decided that since I am a big girl already, I can help her in the kitchen. Previously I tried plucking the vegetables, and Mummy found that I can actually do it very well, although I took 30min to do it.

First, Mummy washed the vegetable while I looked on..... Notice that I have my own apron? Cos previously I requested for it since Mummy also has an apron.

Then Mummy left me to finish plucking it on my own, while she prepares the rest of the meal. Mummy says she'll let me try other tasks as I get older. Yeah!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations

We decided to go have dinner at the Central and then enjoy the mid autumn festival at the riverside, with our lanterns !!!

Ready to go outside with our lanterns !!!

At the Central .... I insisted on carrying 表妹 lantern ....

The year of the Dragon ... for Daddy

The year of the Snake ... for Mummy

And the year of the Goat ... for 公公

But when it was 表妹's turn to take a photo with 公公, she cried !!!

Not even 舅舅 can pacify her. She just wanted 舅母

The year of the Rabbit ... not my year, just like Rabbit !!!

And you got this right .... taking a family photo in front of my year, the year of the Dog !!!

三国演义 lanterm float. You think I know what that was ??? Of course not lar ... just found the float pretty so must take a photo

Can you see what the greedy 猪八戒 is holding in his hand ???

肉干!!! Because this is sponsored by 香味 !!!

Very nice lantern decoration by the Sentosa Underwater World .... the ocean life

猜灯谜 - Daddy's favourite.

See grid C10 : 半耕半读 : 猜一字. Managed to guess the answer ???

The answer is 讲. Take away the left half of the word 耕 and the right half of the word 读 and join the remaining halves .... and you get 讲.

Photos ....

The day before, Daddy and Mummy brought me to Chinatown to soak in the mid autumn festive as well ... initially we wanted to go to the kite flying festival, but it was so crowded that we changed our mind and went to Chinatown.

All set to go, with my stylo-milo sunglasses .... took it from Mummy

Daytime view of Chinatown

And night time contrast ...

And we saw this very cute lantern that can blow bubbles !!! If I have not got a lantern already, I would have insisted Daddy to buy that for me

Lanterns, lanterns everywhere, with Japanese words on them (meaning Welcome to Singapore)

And we saw part of the road was closed to the traffic. People can carry their lanterns and parade down the roads ...

There wer even performances

Since it was quite late, we did not join in the parade (and also because I did not bring my lantern that night).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letter Game

Daddy bought this letter game for me quite some time ago (almost a year back), but did not let me play with it, since I was still too young to appreciate the game. Since recently, I have been exposed to words-forming activities in school, it is time for me to play the game

This is a 3-letter word game. The letters are kept in a container and the game is to form 3-letter words using the letters. Meant for 4 years and above ....

The word-rhyming game ... CAT, MAT, BAT, HAT, PAT ... the "AT" sound .... when Daddy and Mummy said CAT, I knew it starts with Clever Cat (C). MAT starts with Munchy Mike (M). HAT starts with Harry Hat Man (H). BAT starts with Bouncy Ben (B) and PAT starts with Petter Puppy (P). I learnt all those from Letterland in school !!! At least Daddy and Mummy knew I had been paying attention in class

姑姑 had taught me a few 3-letter words before ... so when Daddy tested me, I still remembered !!! ONE and BIG.

Then I learnt one 4-letter word : GOOD. When Daddy stretched me some more by testing a 5-letter word : NIGHT, I simply told Daddy

"I go get my pillow, OK"

Daddy and Mummy laughed out loud ... because I was smart enough to know that the words "Good Night" are sewn on my pillow case and the easiest way to spell NIGHT is to get my pillow out and spell the word accordingly ....

Tada !!! No mistake at all

Then Mummy told me to form my name ... in fact, I wrote my name on the teachers' day cards that I made previously so by right, I should know how to spell my name ... still missed some of the letters in my name (dunno whether it is because of mental block or not ... if kids do have mental block ... haha). Looks like I got to write my name more often. But the best part that I enjoyed most, is to draw letters from the container .... pull and push the handle and out came 2 letters !!!

Hope I will learn more words slowly by playing the game ....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fishing at Home

Over the weekend, we passed by Waraku .... and because of me (I kept telling Daddy and Mummy that I want to eat at Waraku), they had to eat at Waraku ... and of course I get a new free toy again ...

The next evening, after school, I played with my new toy .... Fishing Game !!!

Who says you need to go outdoors for fishing ???

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly

Yes, that is the story that I told Daddy and Mummy this morning in their bed. Woke up early and went into their bedroom while they were still in bed .... told them that I want to tell them a story ... so I went to my room and took the storybook (titled : The Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly) that Mummy borrowed for me from the library.

Daddy and Mummy have read this story to me previously so I am able to read the story by myself !!!

I love going to the library and borrowing books to read !!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Celebrating 叔叔 Birthday

Since 叔叔 will be travelling to Thailand during his birthday, so we decided to celebrate his birthday early, before he flies off over the weekend.

Daddy picked me up early from school on Fri so that we can go and get a place at Ichiban Sushi at IMM. While waiting for 爷爷,奶奶,姑姑,叔叔 and Mummy to come, I did some self-entertainment .... remembered the Humpty Thumpty nursery rhyme that I heard at the show at Jurong Point ? Sang that as I was waiting ....

And finally the rest came .... since 叔叔 and I are quite 'heaty', Daddy bought a mango cake, instead of chocolate cake ....

Happy Birthday 叔叔 and enjoy your trip !!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Daddy's SBR 2010

Yes, Daddy went for his second 10 km run for the year : The Singapore Bay Run (SBR) 2010 ... of all the 4 10km runs that he has participated, this has to be his best timing so far (54 mins 43 secs) ... compared to the SBR 2009, he did better by almost 5 mins

EVENT: 10km Men
DATE: Sunday, 12 September 2010
BIB/DIV: 62325 / Singapore OPEN
TIME: 55m:3s (gun) / 54m:43s (net)
POSITION : 369th place, with 13% finishers ahead of him

See details here.

With another 5 km run organized by his company 2 weeks later, that will be Daddy's last run for the year ... and he is going to take a break

Daddy decided in future, two 10 km runs per year will be the maximum .... since he is getting older ... haha. Joints starting to give away already

Sunday, September 12, 2010

BBQ Experience

Daddy and Mummy decided to have a BBQ with a small group of friends on Saturday, inviting only 3 other families along, to have some parenting talk ....

Uncle Telang, Auntie Winnie, Joel and Camille
Uncle Shucheng, Auntie Peiling and Amelia (Zhiyun)
Uncle Eng Kit, Auntie Jiawei and Kaiying

Uncle Eng Kit, Auntie Jiawei and Kaiying were the first to arrive at about 5 pm .... and then came Uncle Telang and family. While Mummy was busy preparing food for BBQ, Daddy and the rest went downstairs to set up the BBQ. But before that, Joel and I decided to change into our swimming costume to have some fun in the swimming pool. Auntie Jiawei initially wanted to have Kaiying join in the water fun, but decided not to, since it was a little late and too troublesome for Auntie Jiawei to change into her gear ...

See Kaiying comfortably sitting on the chair .... ready to fall asleep anytime. Kaiying has the same eating problem like me, when I was young. Refused to eat at times, and when she eats, only took very little. So now Kaiying has dropped out of the growth chart :(

So while Daddy and Uncle Telang (more of Uncle Telang actually) were setting up the BBQ fire, Joel and I played in the kiddy pool, with Auntie Winnie looking after us

Then Uncle Shucheng and family came.

We started the BBQ slightly before 7 pm ... finally. Had quite some food, contirbuted by all :

1. Chicken satay (Mummy bought chicken leg, cut them into small pieces and took Prima Deli satay mix to marinate before tat). Tasted quite well with the satay peanut sauce

2. Tiger prawns

3. Salmon stick

4. Chicken wings (unfortunately, the BBQ fire was not that strong, so Mummy grilled the chicken wings using an oven instead)

5. Bacon + cheese with asparagus wrap

6. Portabello mushroom (unfortunately, the BBQ fire was not that strong, so took too long to get the mushroom cooked)

7. Corn

8. Sweet potato

9. Some mock / vegetarian food (bought from a vegetarian stall)

10. Watermelon and packet drinks / coke

See Uncle Shucheng and Auntie Peiling feeding Zhiyun, before they have their own dinner ... reminded Daddy of the same routine when I was younger .... sigh ... the greatness of parents !!!

But as least Zhiyun looked like she enjoyed her food (easier to feed), compared to me, when I was the same age ....

After swimming, we changed out of our wet gear and tucked in

Kaiying took a bit of her own dinner ... before Auntie Jiawei gave some chicken wing to her .... Kaiying seemed to enjoy her chicken wing ... think this was much better than her own food ... looks like Auntie Jiawei got to prepare chicken wings everyday

And being kaypoh, I helped Uncle Telang to do some fanning, just for a short while

And since the playground was just nearby, of course, the kids had to play there. Uncle Telang bought some illuminated rings ... and we all had fun

Unfortunately, because Kaiying and Zhiyun are still small, Uncle Eng Kit, Auntie Jiawei, Uncle Shucheng, Auntie Peilin had to leave early. So Daddy and Mummy did not have a chance to really talk to them

So next time, potluck would be a better idea than BBQ ....