My First Blog

Hello everybody,

I am little princess Jing Ting ... finally have my own blog because Daddy was bored and home-sick when he was in the States ... so decided to create a blog for me ! HOORAY !!!

Come and read my blog as Daddy and Mummy update it as regularly as they can

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It Used To Be ...

It used to be ....

"I like Miss Kristy (my playgroup English teacher)"
"I like Miss Daphne (my nursery English teacher)"
"I like 宋老师 (my playgroup and nursery Chinese teacher)"
"I don't like Mr Imran (my music teacher)"

My music teacher used to be Miss Joanna. But she resigned so she was replaced by Mr Imran, the only male teacher in my school. Initially, I was afraid of him. Whenever he was at the door, taking temperature for the kids and inspecting the hands and feet, I will stick to Daddy or Mummy while Mr Imran inspected me. Then after inspection, I wil ask Daddy or Mummy to bring me to my classroom, instead of letting Mr Imran do so.

Actually, Mr Imran is a very nice teacher. He interacts with the kids very well, and actually "sings" when he greets the children .... but I was just afraid of guys, especially bigger size guys (Mr Imran is quite tall !!!). But one day, when Mr Imran was at the door, taking temperature, I actually sat on his laps and allowed him to inspect my hands and feet !!! Mummy was quite shocked .... looks like Mr Imran managed to win me over (not sure how though)

Now it is ....

"I like Miss Kristy (my playgroup English teacher)"
"I like Miss Daphne (my nursery English teacher)"
"I like 宋老师 (my playgroup and nursery Chinese teacher)"
"I like Mr Imran (my music teacher)"
"I don't like Bryan and Xander (my classmates)"

Why ? Because they pushed me !!!!

Sigh ... kids are kids ....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Learning Chinese

宋老师 has been teaching us to recognize Chinese characters .... so now, I am able to recognize simple characters such as


Hope my Chinese will slowly improve and by end of this year, recognize more characters and learn to write them as well

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Celebrate 公公 Birthday

We went to Amara Hotel to celebrate 公公 birthday since 舅母 has 50% discount for being a staff there.

Once inside the restaurant, I looked hard at the buffet spread .... spoilt for choice .... too much food to eat

What do you think I was doing ?? Scratching my armpit lor ... ha ha ha. Definitely not dancing
Wanting to play with 表妹 but she was too cranky that evening. Her teeth are starting to come out and hurting her gums ...

So I tried all means to entertain her, so as to distract her from her teething pain

I ate so much that evening, that my tummy almost burst ... I just loved buffet because I can have a variety of food .... and best way to finish the buffet is to eat a loaf of bread

Taking a photo with 公公

Happy birthday, 公公 !!!!

Daddy Dinosaur

Over the weekend, Mummy chanced upon some really cheap books for me in IMM Giant .... each cost only $1 !!! So Mummy bought 3.

First is a Chinese story book, second is an Maths / logical thinking enrichment book in Chinese and the third is a dinosaur sticker and colouring book. Since it was a lazy weekend afternoon, we started on this dinosaur book first.

And when Daddy asked me where was Daddy Dinosaur, I replied "Daddy Dinosaur went to work". Ha ha ... just like Daddy, going to work everyday !!!

A Morning at Sembawang Park

Since the morning was pretty sunny and clear, Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me to Sembawang Park for some morning adventure. Has been a long time since we went to the park / outdoor since I was down with HFMD and then flu. Time to get back some Vitamin D !!!

Started my morning adventure by cycling around the park

Lots of greenery with shade .... and lots of people pitching tents in the park. In fact, there was this big (think easily 50 people) muslim group having potluck there

Further down, we saw a nice playground which was adopted by the schools around the area

There were many slides of varying design and heights in the playground. The pink curvy one at mid height

The green, less curvy one at height slightly higher then the pink one

The lowest beige slide, meant for toddlers ....

And of course, there were the highest orange and green straight slides on the other side of the playground ... and guess which slide I went down on ??? Of course the shortest beige slide !!! Daddy almost fainted because I kept saying all the other slides were too high for me

Hardly do you see a playground with sand around in neighbourhood parks ... so we played with sand for a while. See my shoe print ... big right ????

But compared to Daddy's shoe print on the right, mine became so small !!! Must eat more to grow bigger and taller !!! No, just bigger, can already, since I am 75% in height

I tried the swing .... liked it initially

Then after a while, see how I was screaming to come down .....

Mummy rested on the bench, guarding our bicycle, and a home made kite (bought from Daiso). Mummy made that the night before so that we can fly the kite that morning.

See how Mummy designed the kite, with my name on it

I loved butterflies !!!

However, unfortunately, that morning, there was not too much wind, so we had to postpone the kite flying plan till the next time

We walked down and saw many people fishing under the hot sun .... Real passion for fishing

The Beaulien House Restaurant in the park.

Entrance of the restaurant .... colonial style building, pretty nice

Today's Special menu .... western food, does not seem too suitable for me

As we were about to leave the park, there was quite a breeze so we tried to fly the kite ... but failed. The wind was just not strong enough to lift the kite to the sky.

After Sembawang Park, we drove further and less than 5 mins, we arrived at the Bottle Tree Village. Really at the end of the road, with a restaurant in the village

A nice pond inside the village

And the famous Bottle Tree !!! There are 2, one on each side of the road

Other than that, the place is not too fantastic .... and not too many people. Wonder how long the restaurant can last
We went to Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC) for lunch since there is aircon. And then back home to bathe and take my afternoon nap .... slept for 2 full hours since I was too tired with all the manual activites !!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Reading at Times Book Store

Over the weekend, while we were going shopping, we chanced upon Times Book Store. So I wanted to go in and take a look.

Daddy and Mummy decided to use the big wall charts and let me read for free !!! Who cares about the onlookers .... haha

Next time, must go to book stores more often and read FOC.

Get the Colours Right

Simple version of the game ... just get all 4 colours right

Thursday, April 22, 2010


赵老师说昨天我们上课时扮演故事 - 《大灰狼和小白兔》。当赵老师问谁要扮演大灰狼的时候,我立刻举手。 赵老师便让我扮演大灰狼。演到一半的时候,有些小朋友不专心,一直讲话,被老师骂。我便说:“老师,我把他们给吃了!”

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lizard Story

On the way home, in the car, this was the conversation

Me : Daddy, I saw a lizard

Daddy : Where ?

Me : On the tree. I am scared of the lizard

Daddy : Why ?

Me : Because lizard lick me

Daddy : Are you bigger than the lizard ?

Me : Yes I am also taller than the lizard

Daddy : Then why are you scared of the lizard ?

Me : Because lizard got tongue, will lick lick me, like ice cream

Daddy : But you also have tongue, so you lick the lizard back

Me : No, lizard use tongue lick me


Owl Fun

My English teacher taught me how to be an owl ... and I tested everyone to see if they can do it as well as I did ...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All About My Name

While getting into the car, ready to go marketing, I was distracted by something else ...

Mummy :" Kaypoh Ting, get into the car seat then see"
Me :"No, I am not Kaypoh Ting"
Mummy :"Then who are you ?"
Me :"I am Kuan Jing Ting ... kaypoh"


Whenever Daddy drives into a carpark, I will always point to somewhere in the carpark and say "that is my name" and asks Daddy to park his car beside my name.

The first few times, Daddy and Mummy would scratch their heads and tried looking hard to see where my name was. But no matter how hard they looked, they still could not figure out what I was referring to. So when Daddy parked his car and we got off, I led them to the carpark wall and pointed out to them ... still puzzled .... and then I had to explicitly tell them what I meant and they laughed ....

So to see if anybody is smarter than Daddy and Mummy, I shall write here, what I pointed at, on the carpark wall, and see if you understand what I meant


Figured out my name ???

Huh ??? Need clues .... hmm ... DECK(uan Jing Ting) 3A .... got it ??? My name !!!!

So every carpark has my name on every level !!!! Isn't that great ??? But how come I never get any $$$ to allow them to use my name ???

Monday, April 5, 2010

Playdoh Time

Managed to finish my dinner pretty fast and early today, so Daddy and Mummy let me play with my Playdoh (which I have not played with for ages) !!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun with 表妹

This Sunday, 公公,舅舅,舅母, 表妹 and Earle Jie Jie came to our house for lunch. So I finished my lunch quickly, anticipating them to come and play with me. So when 表妹 and gang came, I brought out all my barang barang (ie. toys) for her.

See how excited and happy 表妹 was when she sat on this convertible car, with me pushing her from behind. In fact, when 表妹 saw me, she already got so excited because now she would associate me with play-time !!!

Kept disturbing 表妹 to play with me, such that 表妹 passed her nap time and got cranky. So while 舅母 isolated 表妹 inside the bedroom, I decided to get Earle Jie Jie to play with me ...

And when Earle Jie Jie was busy preparing 表妹's dinner, 舅舅 was not spared .... I dragged him to play 'cooking' with me also. Ha ha

So looking forward to 表妹 to grow up faster so that she can play with me all day

When I am Super Hungry

Yes, when I am super hungry, I can sit properly at the dining table, feed myself and finish my meal within 30 mins, without any help from Daddy or Mummy.

Otherwise, this is once in a blue moon thingy, unless when I am in school, with all my friends (peer pressure works perfectly) !!! So Mummy is now restricting Daddy from feeding me at all times, so that I can cultivate this good habit of self feeding, even when I am not super hungry

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It is all in the genes

Yes, it is all in the genes !!!

What do I mean ? See how I can roll my tongue ....

And see how Mummy and I can roll our tongues !!!

And then you see Daddy CANNOT !!! Ha ha, that means I have the genes of Mummy for this trait ...

Video showing proof clearly .... and see how Daddy tried his very best to 'roll his tongue' ... and that was cheating !!!

NJCSB Gathering - Uncle Qingrui

Uncle Qingrui was back in Singapore for 3 weeks to renew his Visa before going back to the States, so the NJCSB gang took this opportunity to have a gathering, since we have not seen him for quite some time !!!

Dinner was prepared by Mummy and Auntie Siling and the theme for the night was Thai cuisine !!! Pineapple rice, green curry chicken, fried bean curd with Thai chilli sauce and some finger food (spring roll, ebi) and a vegetable dish (mushroom + 小白菜). And claypot chicken for the kids.

While the 2 chefs were busy in the kitchen, the rest went for a stroll at the swimming pool downstairs .... Uncle Shaolin accompanied Yunsheng gor-gor for a swim, and so I asked Daddy to accompany me also. But once I hit the waters, I stuck to Daddy like a leech and refused to let go ... sigh, I am still not used to swimming yet

Dinner was served at about 7 pm. While the adults had their dinner at the huge table, the little ones had ours at the small table beside them

And Auntie Yanzhu started her childcare service for the group of 4 kids again .... with her around, all of us (kids) behaved ourselves and ate our dinner. As long as one of us started to play around, we will take turns to 打小报告 to Auntie Yanzhu, so that she can help "discipline" ... ha ha. And we enjoy doing that .... and the best part was the childcare service was FOC !!! No wonder Auntie Yanzhu told Daddy next time, she is going to ask for $$$$

After dinner, we ate watermelon. Mummy bought a whole watermelon from IMM Giant and it cost only $0.50 !!! And it was really sweet.

Then fun time began !!! Feeding Barney was our game for the night .... Yunsheng gor-gor and me took turns to feed Barney ... and poor Barney, he must be stuffed to the fullest (his green tummy was already very big to start off with) !!!

Some photos ....

Uncle Dunman and Auntie Lingru, with their 7 month old daughter, Wen Xuan

See the similarity .... mini Uncle Dunman !!! No one will believe you if you say they are not father and daughter

Uncle Shucheng and Auntie Peiling, with their 2 month old Zhiyun ... err, camera shy !!! Ha ha

Uncle Mingde and Auntie Cindy, with their 2- year old Aiden

Uncle Shaolin and Auntie Siling, no kids yet ... but with constant 'reminder and encouragement' from Uncle Shaolin, maybe there will be good news soon ???

And of course, Uncle Solomon (left)

And the star for the night, Uncle Qingrui (middle)

Not forgetting Auntie Yanzhu (left in above picture), Uncle Inn Chiang and their 4.5 years old Yunsheng gor-gor and 1.5 years old Yunrui di-di

Of course there was Daddy, Mummy and ME !!!!

See 2 happy 'newest' mothers, entertaining their little ones

Because of so much fun, I went to bed only at 10 pm !!! And before I went to bed, I told Mummy that I want Yunsheng gor-got to stay behind so that I can continue to play with him. And when Mummy asked me where is Yunsheng gor-gor going to sleep, I offered my bed so that we can sleep together .... Mummy faintz !!!

Uncle Qingrui, have a safe trip back to DC !!!