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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Annual NJCSB Xmas Gathering 2011

This year, the annual NJCSB christmas gathering was at our place. So instead of the usual christmas eve gathering, we pushed it back to boxing day instead, since it was a public holiday. Did lunch, instead of dinner.

Had quite a good turnout : Uncle Shucheng / Auntie Peiling and family, Uncle Shaolin / Auntie Siling, Uncle Mindge / Auntie Cindy and family, Uncle Jason /Auntie Huixing and family, Uncle Inn Chiang / Auntie Yanzhu and family and a special guest .... all in all, we had a total of 13 adults and 8 kids (including us). Unfortunately, Uncle Dunman / Auntie Lingru and family could not make it since their kids were down with flu, and Uncle Solomon had too much of a party to make his way. Uncle Qingrui had a vacation booked earlier on ....

Special guest of honour this year .... Uncle Weixuan (the guy behind Auntie Yanzhu). He is Daddy's junior. But he has really changed quite a bit .... too much good food as the culprit. Haha

Nevertheless, we had good fun, great opportunity to catch up.

See photos of the kids ... playing games of all sorts

We catered main lunch from Lee Wee Brothers .... satay, fishball, otah, vegetarian bee hoon, curry chicken and vegetarian spring rolls. For the kids, Mummy prepared white rice, salmon in dashi stock, and vegetables with mixed mushroom. Auntie Cindy also made grilled chicken wings and mini sausages, while Auntie Peiling brought chocolate macaroons from Bakerzin (yummy) !!! Auntie Yanzhu was in charge of fruits. Of course, different kind of wine contribution from Uncle Weixuan and Uncle Shaolin. Really a good spread of food, with again, too much left over as with previous years !!! So in the end, we had to have folks take some food back

See Uncle Shaolin and Lucian. On the job training for him .... because Uncle Shaolin and Auntie Siling will be having their first child on 23 Jan 2012 (CNY day) !!!!

And while Uncle Mindge was helping Lucian to change his diaper ....

Uncle Shaolin got another free lesson .... stressed !!!

Hooray !!! Job done .... looks easy wah

Next year, we will be looking forward to our 18th annual christmas gathering ... and definitely, the number count for the little ones will increase

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